900 Kandi

A Little Secret of Wayanad

900 Kandi | The Majestic Thollayiram

Want to know a little secret about Wayanad? We are about to tell you all about Thollayiram or ‘900 Kandi’ as it is informally called by the locals. The green sanctum with the pleasant green slopes in the background will leave you spell bound!


In the eastern part of Malabar, a little north-east from Kerala is a beautiful district of Wayanad (Vayal Naadu in Malayalam). Surrounded by Western Ghats, the highest peak of the mountain can reach upto 7000 feet. Why is this place beautiful? About 900 Square Kilometers of the area of this district is covered under forest! Wayanad is a spot that offers enchanting for travelers and nature lovers. The huge forest cover, the smooth breeze, the rich green slopes and the cloudy mountains are few of the things that makes this trip worthwhile. It is a superb destination that offers interminable experience. You can trek through the forest of Wayanad to see the delightful view of nature.

Despite the fact that sightseers visit Wayanad, there are numerous delightful places in Wayanad that are as yet obscure. 900 Kandi is among these places, yet to be discovered by travelers. Numerous sightseers travel to Wayanad looking for this mysterious and beautiful spot. Little reach to this spot as it requires a lot of toil by foot through the forests of Wayanad to reach 900 Kandi.

The Journey

The journey to this beautiful and amazing place is as pleasant as it sounds, however the trip needs to be covered on foot in the immense dense forest covered by aromatic cardamom and coffee plantations. Chirruping of birds, waterfalls, landscapes and river streams are few of the delights you will witness on this trek. 900 Kandi can be portrayed as the magnificence of Wayanad. The route from Meppadi to Soochipara Falls is 10 kilometers and arrives at 900 Kandi (23 kilometers from Wayanad). This is where elephants wander freely around evening. This is where nature lives!

“Stroll up the path studded by leaf and edged by backwoods on one side and cardamom fields on the opposite side to arrive at this flawless stretch”

The View

The moment you start your journey, the picturesque path that is loaded up with green of all shades all around fills your heart with emotions. On the off chance that you are going during the season of winter, you’ll see coffee being pluck by the farmers of the area. When you finally at the top, you will realize all the toil and pain you took to climb the hill did not go in vain.

When you arrive at the summit of the mountain, you can appreciate the stunning spot. Every single sight is unbelievably wonderful. Often times there are chances that travelers who drove to Wayanad have not seen 900 Kandi. The real joy upon reaching the destination can only be achieved by foot or on a motorcycle tour!

About Wayanad

The district of Wayanad lies in Kerala, a tropical region which is subjected to wet and humid climate due to most of the rain forests in the areas. Most of the area is encroached by the Western Ghats that includes; High Mountains, Gorges and deep Valleys.


Nearby Places of attraction in Wayanad

Stacked with beguiling cascades, caverns, resorts, and hotels, this unmistakable town is eminent for its zing farms and simple lifestyle. Among the prettiest districts of Kerala, Wayanad has countless choices for its visitors. Having discussed all about 900 Kandi, it is time to let you know all other places in the nearby areas that are worth going to.

Banasura Sagar Dam: Considered to be the biggest dam of India, this dam is situated in the foothills of Banasura and a delight to the eyes.

Pookode Lake: Settled between green thick woods and Western Ghats, the lake one of the most favored vacationer goals in Wayanad. While coming to this perfect lake, you will encounter a quiet and serene atmosphere that acts as a tranquilizer for travelers.

Thirunelli Temple: An ancient temple of Lord Vishnu, situated on the foot hills of Brahmagiri.

Chembra Peak: Just 8 Kilometers south of Kalpetta is a natural and astonishing peak of Chembra. This peak is merged with Nilgiri hills & Vallarimala in Tamil Nadu and Kozhikode respectively.

Kuruva Island: Spread on over more than 5 Square Kilometers of land of land, Kuruva Island is thickly populated with rich verdure. The topographical idiosyncrasy of this island makes this spot evergreen with a quiet climate.

Edakkal Cave: Sole destination in India with Stone Age carvings on the wall! This place is of great importance to the history and is known for its archaeological significance. Various literatures in Tamil and Brahmi can also be observed.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary: The backwoods of Muthanga is honored with assortments of trees and different plants. You can locate here karimaruthi, maruthi, venteak, rosewood and lot more. Get energized to witness wild creatures like Tiger, Elephant, Wild Canines! The forest is additionally honored with its unending populace of winged animals like cuckoos, peacocks, owls, babblers and so on.

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