Hikkim Village

Village of World's Highest Post Office

Hikkim Village

Hikkim village is a small settlement in Lahaul and Spiti area in the northern Indian territory of Himachal Pradesh at a height of 14,400 feet. It is around 18 km from Kaza, the closest town associated by street. It is one of the most elevated all year occupied areas in India. Most of the populace is Buddhist. Individuals use stones and wood broadly to manufacture houses and structures.
The place is famous for highest situated Post office in the world (Rinchen Chhering is the only post master since 1983). This village once bagged a record for world’s highest polling station. Main economy is dependent on Agriculture & Tourism.


Monasteries near Hikkim Village

Like different settlements in the valley, Hikkim too has a religious community which lies at the most distant finish of the town. You may not discover this religious community any different in the event that you have been to Ki, Tabo, or other antiquated cloisters in the vicinity. Notwithstanding, it merits a visit on the off chance that you are here to explore this village, culture and the locals.

Places to Stay

In Hikkim Village, houses are structured in a grouped manner, looking like white packs from a separation. What’s more, these are your lone choices to remain in the town. There is just a single formal homestay in this area commonly known as Tsedup’s House. The arrangement furnishes fundamental amenities with bed and washroom and three full supper, everything in a Spiti style. Spending a night in this village is a great way to further explore this village.

Send a Post Card from the Highest Post Office in the World

It is energizing to send a postcard to your friends and family from a mail station which is well known as the world’s most noteworthy and elevated post office in the world. The credit to setting up and running this mail station goes to Rinchen Cheering, the postmaster from the 80’s.

Hikkim Post Office


The mail station takes into account the bunch of 4-5 nearby settlements and furthermore fills in as Rinchen’s living quarters, which is a customary Spitian house. Be it the inhabitants of village Gette or priests from peak religious communities like Ki & Kiber, they all receive their post mails from Hikkim’s post office. The inefficient mobile network and web association makes the importance of conventional post mail exceptionally significant.

For certain individuals, this is the main method of correspondence with the remainder of the world. Rinchen, has been tirelessly carrying out this responsibility for as long as 29 years.


The average temperature is around 10-12 °C in day time and remains sub-zero during the night (Source: Accuweather). Local people are Tibetan descendants and prefer Tibetan cuisines with an Indian touch. Hikkim connects another nearby village; Komic which has the famous Tangyud Monastery.

Nearby Attractions

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