Comparison of honda CRF250x & honda crf250L

Honda CRF250X

Off road riding is on a trend lately since almost all the leading brands of motorcycles have launched dirt bikes. From headlights to the gearing mechanism everything looks astounding. Let us learn why among all these dirt bikes the Honda is the best choice. The range of off road 250cc four strokes appears to have flooded in the last decade, which is incredible news in the event that you are looking for one of these off road bikes. Among these bikes, the Honda engine is the least changed of all, yet the CRF250X is as yet an enjoyable, reliable motorbike with heaps of potential.


The CRF line was propelled in 2000 as a successor to the Honda XR series. These pro motocross rides are outfitted with oil cooled, single chamber four-stroke motors that are accessible from 150 cc to 450 cc. The Honda CRF450R was the first in the series, trailed by the CRF250R in 2004. Later, the CRF450X and CRF250X were produced, both intended for off road ride. They are considered among the best MX bikes of their group since then.

Honda’s entrance into the four-stroke enduro showcase was bound to happen yet the holdup demonstrated beneficial. Honda’s CRF250X was presented in 2004-05 and has consistently improved from that point forward. The most recent model has more grips between the legs than the previous launches and flaunts new bars, overhauled rotors, chain that Honda guarantees has life up to 5 folds than its previous versions and with more advanced secured finger protections in case of crash.

The conservative 250cc four-stroke engine has fabulous base end drive. Regardless of the fact that cylinder and crankshaft together weigh pretty much, the CRF250X is astoundingly yielding and demonstrates amazingly impervious performance.


  • CRF-F Variants: CRF 50F, CRF 70F, CRF 80F, CRF 100F, CRF 110F, CRF 125F, CRF 125FB, CRF 150F, CRF 230F, and CRF 250F
  • CRF-R Variants: CRF 150R, CRF 450R, and CRF 250R
  • CRF-RX Variants: CRF 250RX, and CRF 450RX
  • CRF-X Variants: Honda CRF250X, and CRF 450X
  • CRF-L Variants:  CRF 150L, CRF 250L, CRF 450L and CRF 1000L Africa Twin.

Honda CRF250X Review

Honda CRF250X conveys a spot on equalization of light weight, commendable riding comfort and yielding four-stroke force. On account of its convenient size, weight and brilliant deft capabilities, this altogether proficient rough terrain bike levels out the standard for 250-class execution among off road motorcycles. Regardless of whether you’re into off road competition or you simply appreciate relaxed adventure through the forest, the CRF250X is an incredible machine!

Ease of Operation

The Honda CRF250x is controlled by a Unicam ® motor which makes it dexterous, when the going gets extremely intense. Incredible 4-stroke 250 cc oil cooled four-valve motor is intended to create power over a wide rpm band for ease. Light weight and ideal ignition chamber Unicam® valve provides greatest force at all motor rpm.


Although this machine is built to kill the competing manufacturers in the same segment, it very well may be utilized as a recreational motorcycle for off road adventure rides. It has numerous advancements and will take riders closer to what genuinely feels like being an MX Rider!


While the world is getting inclined towards electric fueling system, the Honda with its emphatically antiquated Keihin 37mm carburetor does not want to change its legacy. Honda believes in technology that will never let you down even if the battery is dead. It comes with a choke, fuel reserve switch rather than a complex dashboard.

The Top speed varies between 110-140 kilometers per hour. This is subject to the wind direction, road condition and the rider. The fuel efficiency varies somewhere between 10-12 Kilometers per liter.

Suspension & Frame

The Honda CRF250X comes with a great 47mm USD coil suspension. A lot of riders have stated that, “It’s probably the best STOCK suspension among road legal bikes”

Like most of the advanced motorcycles, the suspension for CRF 250X is customizable too.

With a wheelbase of 1481 mm, CRF250X is nearly equivalent to MX Motorbikes. Ground leeway is 348 mm, 958 mm tall measured from seats and 115 kilo grams in weight; quite satisfactory for off road.

Honda CRF250X The Final Verdict

With the specifications all recorded, it’s time to know how the Honda CRF 250X really rides.

As you throttle up the race, the CRF just feels upbeat and willing to climb any inclination. There’s surely no wild abundance of intensity, yet by one way or another you don’t notice or care. The engine just roars perfectly. There’s no resetting required, no airbox alteration required. 

The gearbox compensates for the heaviness of the clutch with super-smooth shifts. 

The rear pull is actually very amazing for a 250cc four-stroke engine with a solid torque between the corners. The precise movement of the bike is attained due to its geometry and make; however the weight in general makes it a bit less agile than the comparable motocross model.

Coming to the brakes, we had zero grievances. Nissin calipers offer dynamic activities with a lot of feel and force on the steep downhill– exactly what was hoped for. The riding position is great and the seat is comfortable.

Comfort: 9/10

Durability: 9/10

Value: 8/10

Appearance: 7/10

The Honda CRF250X is all about smooth and hassle free riding and accordingly, the Honda has just created it to give what you deserve. 


The wearing out of valves has led Honda into a series of controversies. Often times you may have heard to replace the original valves with stainless steel one, however, this can result in another issue as the steel valves harm the chamber head.

The best dealt way to come out of this challenge is to check your engine regularly for any obstacles in air pipe.

There are two brakes in CRF 250X. The brake that most of us prefer is the right hand brake; however we do not recommend you to utilize this brake at all initially. Hand brakes are “grabby.” If you aren’t used to the vibe of a hand brake, you’ll be flying over the handlebars even at a low speed.

The suspension is ideal for the 250’s objective riding. It’s comfortable and comfortable enough over any terrain. On trails, you can push the CRF as hard as you need and it will never occur to you like you’re not in control.

The main disadvantage is the appearance, and this is on the grounds that it has passed numerous years with little change. 

Safety Tip

The most important part is to pick a motorcycle you’re OK with. Few riders favor lighter bikes, while others are in favor of heavier one. You can effectively learn to ride with either choice.

In case you are still in doubt, take a test ride and let your heart speak for you. 

Motorcycle accessories are as essential as the bike itself. A basic riding suit, neck brace, gloves, full face helmets that can offer extra protection against abrasions are some of the important accessories that needs to be purchased along with the dirt bikes. 

Overall Rating

Honda CRF250X

Excellent 7.8 / 10

Given that this motorbike could without much of a stretch outlast any other bike in this segment, the Honda manages this class with full marks; it is modest enough to begin with at just shy of $11,000 and will convey long stretches of issue free riding.

Comparisons of specifications CRF 250X vs. CRF 250L

Furthermore, to make things even more justified, we are comparing a similar bike to make you understand better why Honda CRF 250X is the best bike available in this segment.


CRF 250L (2019)

CRF 250X (2019)








250 cc (249.60)

250 cc (249.00)


4 Stroke, Single Cylinder

4 Stroke, Single Cylinder


23 Horse Power

29 Horse Power

Fuel system

Fuel Injected Liquid Cooled

Keihin Carburettor




Cooling Technology

Oil Cooled

Oil Cooled


6 Speed Transmission

5 Speed Transmission

Fuel Tank

7.9 Litres

7.2 Litres

Rear Brakes

Single Disc

Single Disc

Front Brakes

Single Disc

Single Disc


1,194 Millimetres

1260 Millimetres

Ground Clearance

255 Millimetres

344 Millimetres



Electric & Kick


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