Hot Springs in India

Top 10 List of Nature’s hidden treasure

Hot Springs

Hot springs in India are a unique attribute of nature where heated water ascends from the earth in a gush. Indeed a nature’s miracle! In India too we have some beautifully placed hot springs that are visited frequently by explorers and pioneers.

Hot springs are nothing but the underground water rising geo-thermally from the Earth’s crust, looking like a pool of fountain at first glance. While a portion of these springs contain water that can be used for bathing and other household activities, there are some which rise from the Earth at an extremely high temperature.

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These flawless privileged insights of nature have sprung up in Indian folklore stories and are regularly safeguarded as strict legacy. A large number of them stream close to sanctuaries and some are said to have extraordinary therapeutic qualities because of the synthetic compounds found in them. In case you’re planning to revive and unwind in an interesting corner of the nation, look no further. Aside from being rich in minerals, these hot springs accompany a lot of health benefits.

Hot Springs in India | The Top 10 List

1. Chumathang Hot Water Spring; Ladakh

Chumathang hot spring

Chumathang Hot Springs will give you an exceptional experience as you will overlook the cold weather of Ladakh and feel the warmth of this natural aquifer. Like all the Hot Springs in India, Chumathang hot springs are also considered to have healing powers. This little spring of Chumathang is well known for its sulfur rich minerals and aids in the treatment of various skin ailments. There’s a guesthouse and Resort as well for you to relax and rejuvenate in the region.

2. Panamik; Nubra Valley Ladakh

Panamik Nubra_Valley

Settled unobtrusively in Nubra Valley, situated around 150 km from Leh, this hot spring in India is said to have restorative properties and individuals from the neighboring areas of Nubra village frequently visit the site to take a plunge all the time. There are pools for both gents and ladies with the facilities of changing room. Being situated in the northern-most India, Panamik is additionally a spot to rest for riders who go through this difficult territory on their course of Leh Ladakh bike trip.

3. Vashisht Hot Water Springs; Manali

The Vashisht Hot Water Spring is one of the popular attractions of Manali. The natural aquifers are accepted to have healing powers of different types of skin ailments. It is also believed to cure depression and helps your mind to go at ease. This little place is located on the banks of River Ravi is an idealistic spot for relaxation and rejuvenation.

4. Gaurikund Hot Spring; Uttarakhand

GauriKund Kailash Mansarovar

On the way to the blessed sanctum of Kedarnath, Gaurikund is a small spot arranged right around 6500 feet above sea level. It houses numerous natural hot springs that are well known among travelers as relaxing spots. It additionally fills in as a base camp from where devotees start their pilgrimage to Kedarnath temple after freshening up in this holy spring water.

5. Tapovan, Uttarakhand

Tapovan hot spring

This little hot spring of Tapovan is 14 kms from Joshimath. This is a well-known spot among travelers because of its staggering beauty. You will cross this hot spring on your way to Kuari Pass and Chitrakantha. One of the concealed natural hot water springs in India, Tapovan is a consecrated spot because of its vicinity to the Gangotri Glacier.

6. Yumthang; Sikkim

Yumthang hot spring

Situated near the banks of Lachung River; Yumthang Hot Spring are secured on all sides by transcending snow-clad mountains and picturesque landscapes. Like all the other hot springs in India, Yumthang hot spring contains a high level of sulfur that are considered good for the human body.

7. Dhuni Pani; Madhya Pradesh

Dhun Pani

Dhuni Pani, hot water spring situated in the thick jungle of Madhya Pradesh. Not known by many travelers yet this are an extremely interesting hot water spring in India. The way to this amazing hot spring leads from Amarkantak. This is a high temperature water spring which is of profound importance. It is accepted that taking a plunge in these natural aquifers can fix numerous maladies.

8. Tattapani; Himachal Pradesh

Situated on the banks of Satluj, this village of the Himalayas is well known for the hot sulfur springs that eject close to the bank. For quite a long time, locals have accepted that the water of these springs has wonderful properties and gives help from joint agonies, exhaustion and depression.

9. Reshi; Sikkim


This misjudged little place is gradually picking up foothold for its sulfur-rich underground aquifers which rejuvenates the traveler after taking a plunge in. One can camp here for the day, or even go through the night at a well-known cavern called the Kah-do Sang phu which is viewed as holy cave by local people.

10. Kheerganga Hot Spring; Himachal Pradesh

Kheerganga Hot Spring

Sightseers from all parts of the world love to drench themselves in this uncommon experience. This delightful hot spring in India guarantees the best revitalizing experience to the exhausted trekkers of Kheerganga.

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