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The Motorbike KTM 250 EXC TPI  has gradually developed after some time , with significant jumps kept to a base. KTM moved from the unbelievably helpful straightforward tank to an orange form in the mid-2000s for all models, a move that beguiled and aggravated most purchasers. They exacerbated it even more after a couple of years when they went for a dark tank. It wasn’t until 2011 when the much-adored translucent tank returned, and was joined by a six-speed gearbox and electric starter kit.

About Latest KTM 250 EXC TPI

The new age KTM 250 EXC TPI is a definitive blend of intensity and rideability. It has been totally improved for 2020 and sets an unmistakable paradigm for instinctive dealing with, interesting style and top execution. On account of its Transport Port Injection, this outrageous machine keeps on arriving at new statures, obviously exhibiting KTM’s tenacious promise to 2-stroke advancement. Other than the prestigious advantages of great eco-friendliness & clean fumes emanations, the new KTM 250 EXC TPI highlights another dynamic, lightweight casing. It was created with input from riders who were working under the manufacturing department of the unit which resulted in an undisputed machine of the enduro world.

KTM 250 EXC TPI 2020 Specifications


249 cc


2 Stroke, Single Cylinder

Front & Rear Brake

Brembo Twin Piston Disc & Single Piston Respectively




6 Speed


Multi Disc wet clutch


9 Litre


104 Kilograms

Front Suspension

WP-USD Xplor 48

Rear Suspension

WP-PDS Monoshock


KTM sets the paradigm in innovation with its tremendous award winning dirt bike competitions in the 2-stroke segment. Two years after the presentation of the world’s initial 2-stroke electronically controlled fuel infused eduro models, the example of overcoming adversity proceeds with totally modified, new age rough terrain motorcycle, all contoured with the progressive TPI framework. This further exhibits KTM’s tenacious efforts to 2-stroke engines. Other than tremendous upgrades in eco-friendliness and fumes emanations, the framework additionally evacuates the requirement for pre-blending of 2T oil, implying that with less exertion, the motor consistently runs easily with low maintenance.

The two-stroke 250 cc motor is basically incredible, fuelling over the slopes like a rocket. This bike has amazing degrees of torque especially crafted by the force valve, which perfectly alters the exhaust system to convey the correct force at the correct revving of engine. Be that as it may, it is anything but an unyielding machine – the motorcycle accompanies three distinct springs – yellow, red, and green, which convey hard and delicate force attributes by changing the time taken for the valve to open. The 250cc 2-stroke motor has exceptional force and torque, yet stays light enough for riders on their way through the hardest deterrents. Because of best in class technology, creative 2-stroke engine and progressive TPI fuel infused innovation, the 2020 KTM 250 EXC is more refined than any bike in recent times. The conservative and lightweight 2-stroke is the best decision for enduro riders who need torque that is prepared to overcome in the most outrageous steppes. With European emission norms being followed, it keeps the nature as well as the competitors green!

With regards to improved force conveyance and execution, the key job for the exhaust is to the deliver a sudden force on a difficult terrain. The KTM 250 cc highlights new Heavy Duty exhaust pipes made by utilizing a creative three dimensional stepping process which delivers a tore surface completion. This makes the channel a lot more grounded, better handling against rocks, while likewise reducing the noise coming out of it. The silencer has a new look with lightweight, welded mounting sections. Moreover, the new shape gives slimmer ergonomics and more ground freedom. This indicates drastic decrease in weight yet amazing thrust to the engine. Win Win for everybody!


The contribution by PANKL RACING SYSTEMS has made the transmission of KTM 250 EXC TPI more advanced and incredibly smooth. The gearing proportions were persisted from the forerunner, however is currently made of a more grounded material, guaranteeing the most elevated strength and unwavering quality level. Another feature of the 250 EXC TPI; the guarantee regardless of what the conditions are, dirt will not alter the gear shift pattern.


All EXC models include new innovative steel chassis that are really light weight. This incorporates hydro-shaped components delivered by best in class robot welding. They hold their race-demonstrated geometries, yet by re-planning certain zones; the solidness has been streamlined, bringing about better experience for the pilot. The association between chamber, head and edge are made of aluminium, decreasing quivering and further adding to cornering.


Manufactured by NEKEN, all KTM EXC models are outfitted with a similar high-quality aluminium handlebar. The handlebar considers four distinct positions. Also, all models can be furnished with a discretionary handlebar destination select button, which permits to choose between a standard and propelled power bend.

Intended for a complete amicability amongst the riders and their motorcycle, KTM has utilized their knowledge to make ideal ergonomics on the KTM 250 EXC TPI. Most extreme comfort of rider was the main development criteria.


KTM EXC 250cc TPI models highlight the most present day motor arrangement of any 2-stroke enduro bikes. By perusing different sensor information inputs, for example, consumption and encompassing pneumatic force, throttle valve position and water temperature, the control unit upgrades start timing and the measure of fuel to infuse at all heights and conditions.

All motors are fitted with the demonstrated electric starter, which is a significant advantage for any rough terrain enduro race. It is controlled by lightweight 2 ampere hour lithium battery which gives a effort less ignition. A revamped wiring saddle and modified bundling has made most of the electrical components to move beneath the seat, making them progressively safer with an ease of accessibility at the time of fault.


With contribution from KTM’s riders together with Research and Development department, the new bodywork of the KTM 250 EXC TPI pushes the limits considerably further. The outcome is an engine that accomplishes total congruity among rider and motorcycle. The primary objective was to give the ideal contact focuses that permit a rider greatest experience while handling and riding. The front and back bumpers highlight a smart I-pillar configuration, ensuring most extreme strength with the least conceivable weight.

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Enduro Bikes are not very comfortable, yet the new KTM 250 EXC stands tall in this department. It is so far the most comfortable dirt bike our expert riders have seen. With its proven technology and an experience in the racing industry there does no doubt in believing that EXC is a bullet proof bike! The bike comes back really well even after a terrible crash. Be that as it may, with the bike having such amazing specifications it is difficult to digest the fact that it looks so incredible.

The jaw dropping look of the new KTM 250 will make your heart skip a beat. If you still want to know what we feel about this bike, it is the best enduro bike ever to have been built by anybody!

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