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The accomplishment of the KTM EXC 350F has positively caused a ripple in the business. A surge of acknowledgment on its appearance in 2012 made it the top of the line 4-stroke model ever because of its 250-like nimbleness and 450-like force. Since the time from that point, and most eminently for 2020, the 350 EXC-F has picked up essentially in terms of presentation and torque. This new model conveys power significantly more like a 450, while getting nearer and nearer to the deftness of a 250 – thus, the essential thought of this motorbike is anything but difficult to see, and has been a formula for progress since the beginning.

About KTM EXC 350F 2020

KTM proceeds with its development of the game of enduro with another scope of competitive 4-stroke motors. The dominating execution of KTM’s experts has sifted through to these ground-breaking new engines. The revamped motors are the most competitive, conservative and light motors available, setting the benchmark in Enduro targeted execution, rideabilty and unwavering quality. This implies they are equipped for winning in every motor class, from novice level to the quickest experts.

KTM EXC 350F Specifications


349 cc


4-Stroke, Single Cylinder

Front & Rear Brake

Brembo Twin-Piston Disc & Single-Piston Disc respectively




6 Speed


DDS Multi Disc Wet Clutch


9.2 Litres


104 Kilograms

Front Suspension

WP USD Xplor

Rear Suspension

WP Xplor PDS


12,000* USD


Reduced size with an unimaginable force yield, the KTM EXC 350F offers the best force-to-weight proportion thanks to is fuel-injected DOHC motor. The latest and advanced camshafts, exhaust framework and fine-tuned electronic fuel infusion provide the best possible experience to the rider. The weight of the engine is further decreased to 28 kilograms, making it nearly as light as a 250cc, while offering force and torque more like a 450 cc. What’s more? It is following the European standards for emission norms!

The KTM EXC 350F has a modified chamber head structure which is 200 grams lighter and yet comparable with the engineering of the past models. Remarkable enduro racing attributes are attained thanks to the two new overhead camshafts. Lightweight valves produce an extensively high motor speed, a vital factor in the 350’s unique exhibition. The new head likewise includes another chamber head cover, gasket, and an improved spark plug!

The crankshaft of KTM EXC 350F is located in a perfect position near the focal point of gravity, adding to its simplicity. A large (base) end holding on for two power fitted bearing shells runs legitimately on the wrench pin. The motor’s pressurized oil framework gives the vital oil feed to this bearing. This structure has an immediate advantage for the crankshaft with less frequent maintenance checks. So simply throttle it, throughout the day.

An improved motor case further reducing the weight by 300 grams incorporates advanced shaft arrangement, making the motor exceptionally short and conservative, while adding an effective centralization of mass. Moreover, the motor spreads include a structure which diminishes wear brought about by the rider’s boots, keeping them looking as new as the day you purchased it.


KTM engineers pay attention to weight reduction. Thus, they have created the 2020 KTM EXC-F models to be the ultra-lightest and most agile enduro motorcycles accessible. What’s more, it comes with an electric starter switch.

Cooling Technology

The advanced cooling technology maintains the ideal motor temperature and steady torque all through the ride. The KTM 350 EXC-F includes improved radiators which are mounted 12 mm lower than the forerunners, bringing down the focal point of gravity, coordinating the structure of the new covers flawlessly and giving immaculate efficiency. The Computational Fluid Dynamics guarantees ideal motor temperature for the best in all aspects. Most importantly, a revamped delta routing channel helps the coolant to stream from the chamber head to the radiators all the more proficiently. The radiators have extraordinary defenders that shield from flying rocks while additionally going about as a support to scatter vitality around the radiators in case of a crash.

Wild Triumph’s KTM 350 EXC-F Review

On the off chance that you are in the market to purchase a dual purpose motorcycle, you are in luck. There is an assortment of motorcycles from a couple of various producers and few more to be launched this year as per the information we have received.

If we were to decide the absolute best for most of the riders, paying little heed to expertise and age, taking into consideration that you will generally ride on trails, the KTM 350 EXC-F should be your number 1 priority.

It has all the potential on the planet, backing from KTM race family yet is as yet sensible for even the amateur. Frequently KTMs are not even on the radar for section level riders or fledgling level since they are seen as “race motorcycles.” Yet the idea of this EXC in stock structure is manageable, quiet and gathered at the end of the day truly ride-able.

What’s more? This bike has huge potential in case you are competing and we promise it won’t keep you down the slightest bit.

The 350cc engine is a phenomenal advancement from its predecessors yet the weight has not increased considerably. This fair sized motor bike falls into being the most well-known four-stroke motor size KTM fabricates. It is a trade-off that awards rough terrain riders. With little to gripe about on this exceptional bike, we can say we recommend it to all 4-stroke lovers seeking adventure in wilderness!

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