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Sarchu or Sir Bhum Chun is a transitory settlement with many rose camps and widely famous among travelers as a major halting destination on their way to Ladakh or Manali. At a height of 14,500 feet between the Himalayas, this spot is of extraordinary essentialness because of its long nights and the prevailing fear of acute mountain sickness.

Being settled among the snow-clad circumference of Himalayan mountain tops, Sarchu offers a chance to investigate the tough and harsh landscapes of Himalayas. Thus, it is a top most loved goal for high elevation climbers and trekkers. It is an encapsulation of excellence that baits countless trekking aficionados from around the nation.


Earlier know for its significant deal point of the old Silk Route. It is as yet a top most loved destination for trade dealers of Himalayas, itinerant clans and experience seekers.

Key Features

It is the point for Zanskar Trek. The trek is very testing as it includes exploring through remote crevasses, crossing high passes and waterways. You can appreciate dazzling perspectives on the snow-loaded pinnacles and witness the nature at every step of the way of your trekking venture. Other than seeing the normal magnificence along the path, the climbing visit likewise offers some hair-raising difficulties like intersection with chilled waters of river, moving your way through soak edges, navigating through restricted canyons and so on. In the event that you are searching for comfort in the midst of mountains, the desolate excellence of Sarchu will definitely allure you.

Challenges faced in Sarchu

An expedition to Sarchu has its own arrangement of difficulties. Height affliction is among the fundamental difficulties. Voyagers normally stop at Keylong or Jispa before heading out up to Sarchu. The chances of mountain sickness are uneven and depend on person to person and their present health conditions, although the possibility of getting hit by AMS cannot be ruled out completely.

Travelers are advised to drink adequate amount of water to keep their body hydrated at all times. Consumption of liquor may prove fatal if you are already experiencing symptoms of acute mountain syndrome.

High calorie diet with garlic is a common practice adopted by the locals and nomads of Sarchu to avoid any kind of mountain afflictions.

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Nearby Attractions

  • Jispa
  • Tsokar
  • Keylong
  • Zing Zing Bar or ZZ Bar

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