Tso Kar Lake

A Blissful Himalayan lake

Tso Kar Lake

Tso Kar Lake, known for its picturesque excellence and untamed animal life it continues, is one of the three high elevated snow-capped lakes in the Southern territory of Ladakh in the Indian region. Tso Kar is additionally alluded to as “White Lake” due to the white salt deposit discovered everywhere throughout the shores of the lake.

The roaming settlements of Thugje and Gursan are gatekeepers of the lake and its encompassing region.

It is ideal to head out to Tso Moriri & Tso Kar on a same stretch. The lakes are best observed out traveling to Leh. Start ahead of schedule from Leh and subsequently after visiting Tsomoriri, approach Tso Kar Lake for tranquillity and animal gazing. From that point, return the taxi to Leh once more.

Attractions of Tso Kar Lake

The marshlands encompassing the lake bolsters an entrancing exhibit of fowl life; thus, making it very well known with feathered creature watchers. Brahmni ducks, Bar-headed geese, and peaked grebe are some of the creatures flourishing in the area. Be that as it may, the lake’s primary fascination is the dark necked crane. The dark necked cranes, celebrated for their constancy, come to TsoKar Lake to lay eggs.

Kiangs, which are the biggest of the wild asses are also common in this region. The wild vertebrate lives in huge gatherings and can’t be subdued. It’s anything but an exaggeration to express that the best spot to see Kiangs is at Lake Tso Kar. The mountains and slopes around the lake are additionally home to Snow panthers & Ibex.

How to reach Tso Kar Lake

Accessed from two different routes: Through Leh-Manali route or Pangong Lake route. You can get neighborhood taxis from Leh to reach Tso Kar Lake through the Changtang locale covering absolute excursion of 250 kilometers from Leh.

The wanderers, ordinarily known as Khampas, possess the Tso Kar zone, and they bring home the salt gathered from the banks of Tso Kar Lake and trade with the areas close by. The best occasions to visit Lake Tso Kar are the long periods of May, June, July, and August. For travelers thinking about paying a visit; TsoKar is no less interesting compared with Tso Moriri and Pangong Tso.

Things to do

TsoKar Lake is the most quiet and secluded of all the other two lakes of Ladakh. There are just a couple of yak sheds, a cloister and a few traveling families in the encompassing. A short-term outdoor campaign is suggested as the experience is above ordinary for travelers.

Where to stay?

It is smarter to make a booking in Leh as a sanity check for the fact that the quantity of tents isn’t enormous in the region. There are various lodgings to suit pretty much every pocket however it is advised to take a day outing to the lake.


Choices for nourishment at the lake are constrained and fundamental and don’t convey any noteworthy nourishment culture or claim to fame aside from well known neighborhood arrangement. One may discover essential nourishment at the tents set up here, however there aren’t any appropriate diners. It is ideal to convey your own nourishment for an excursion to the lakes.

General Tips

  • Convey an extra Jerry can with fuel on the grounds that the closest fuel station toward any path is in Leh or Keylong.
  • On the off chance that you intend to remain in one of the tents, at that point ensure you wear warm garments and convey an additional pair. It can get extremely cold and furthermore breezy in the open meadows.
  • There are no cash dispensing machines in the vicinity, be prepared beforehand.

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