Wear Neck Brace

Essential information for motocross & off road riders

Wear Neck Brace

Why to wear?

Motocross neck braces have become very well-known with motocross racers and off road riders over the decade. In spite of the fact that there is by all accounts on and off stages, there is no denying that the need to wear neck brace for motocross has become a basic bit of pack for a great deal of riders.

As time has passed, neck defenders have advanced a considerable amount from the first neck props now days. They are lighter, sturdy and significantly more agreeable to ride on.

The possibility of a neck brace is to confine the riders head in case of an accident, viably restricting the augmentation of the neck, while at the same time diverting any heap put on a riders neck and dispersing this impact over a wide territory, while occupying conceivably unsafe vitality to different less basic portions of the riders body. Regardless of whether it’s onto the chest, bears, or down the back, which is all cultivated by an appropriately fitted neck brace working as one with a riders head protector to help forestall injury during a mishap, at last endeavoring to diminish any power set on the riders neck.

The individuals who don’t purchase or wear neck brace will highlight the absence of information to build up the degree of security supports can offer. What’s more, that is a reasonable point – no two mishaps will be equivalent and when building up a support you can scarcely ask riders to purposely crash with & without props and see which leaves them with more terrible wounds! For riders who have genuine neck wounds without props, at that point it’s truly clear that they would have wanted that their defensive gear had forestalled their wounds, and perhaps on the off chance that they could have worn extra security.


  • There is a controversy that wearing neck brace might break your collarbone.
  • You can’t look into a slope or hop while you are wearing one.
  • You can’t contend in a tournament wearing one of these.
  • They might cause nerve harm or paralysis.
  • They are awkward and look dumb.
  • None of them fits you appropriately.

Any dependable organization will offer neck support that places security as their No. 1 need. You will as a rule see mid-level, and top of the range models from a similar organization. That being stated, you truly get what you pay with respect to the solace. You might have the option to purchase a protected neck brace price efficiently, yet is nearly ensured that the more costly one will be a lot lighter, and agreeable to wear.

Best Neck Brace for Motocross and Off Road Riders

As changes over to the thought, we have a few supports in the pack sack. First of is Leatt GPX neck brace. It’s a basic two sort structure that clasps out along the edges, with the back and front carbon pieces customizable for stature and thus you can move your head easily. In spite of the fact that it accompanies a chest lash to hold set up, the GPX advantageously fits into the opening on a Thor – Sentinel CE Chest Guard giving whole chest area security in one unit. Other manufacturers to look out for are Atlas Air, Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support Tech Carbon, EVS R4K Race Collar.

You can compare these brands with respect to their prices from MotoSport or Amazon.

Alpinestar Neck Brace

Atlas Neck Brace

EVS Neck Brace

What do we recommend?

Leatt 6.5 GPX

Leatt has experienced a couple of ages of supports and keeping in mind that theirs is as yet an inflexible stage like the past ages, it’s experienced a lot of advancement. The variant, 6.5 GPX, is the highest point of-the-line model made of carbon with incorporated, infused froth cushioning along the two sides of the brace. Unlike the Velcro cushions, which were a torment to keep clean and put on straight. The most current version of Leatt still opens up from one side and rotates off the other, however with a substantially more straightforward single catch framework for opening.

Before the launch of Leatt Neck Brace, riders only knew about “Neck Donuts”, and these were commonly viewed as the best thing for a neck guard. Certainly through innovation the regular neck doughnut, or froth neckline have now been demonstrated to be an insufficient method for neck security, as neck doughnuts are for the most part developed from a delicate material.

Key Features

Weighing simply 600 grams, the Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon neck brace is the class chief.  The inflexible, and adaptable parts made of Carbon lattice can decrease your take of huge injury by up to 45%.

Intended to fit all riders serenely, the undercarriage is completely customizable while the structure stays exceptionally inflexible during an accident.

All Leatt neck braces are certified by European standards and confirmed as Personal Protective Equipment.

Should you buy neck braces?

Likewise with any defensive hardware, the decision about how far to go and what to wear is altogether with the rider. In Asia the main piece of defensive pack revered in law is the safety helmet, so everything else past that is altogether your decision. For off road riders, expanded security is generally part of the riding pack as we said initially, and mirrors the expanded danger of heading out on street with a dirt bike.

Excellent braces like this one have thoracic that have been built to break after a specific weight is concerned on them. This is done so that during an accident, your neck support won’t dive into your back and cause you injury. There are numerous sagas about neck braces that it breaks the neckline bone. Anyway there is no genuine proof that the brace causes this kind of injury. Great organizations that are fabricating neck brace are never assembling items that will squeeze your neckline bones during an accident. The effect is scattered over a bigger area that is more secure for the body.

Which Neck Brace & Body Armour combo is good?

In case you have a Leat Neck brace we recommend you to go with Leat Body armour taking into consideration the compatibility of the same manufacturer. Still we have few pros and cons from our experienced riding team that we are sharing below.

Alpinestars A10 Armour

Great: Fits well the prop goes under the covering and holds support down, great protection.

Awful: The shoulder defenders are cumbersome and PITA putting a rucksack on, need to wear separate elbow defenders and kidney belt.

Alpinestars Bionic Pressure Suit

Great: All in one unit, elbow, kidney belt, great security.

Awful: Brace goes over the suit and doesn’t plunk down also, hot and prohibitive.

Leatt Armor

Great: Good fit, support goes over the reinforcement yet plunks down well, little ties to snare over the ‘wings’ on the prop to hold it down, shoulder defenders are lower profile.

Awful: Does not seem, by all accounts, to be as a lot of assurance as the both Alpinestars, again need to wear separate elbow and kidney belt. 

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