Yamaha YZ125X

Review, Pricing and specification

Yamaha YZ125X

Yamaha YZ125X is a Light weight tremendous machine. The 125cc liquid‑cooled 2‑stroke is the best thing you can have on two wheels is small segment motocross bikes.

We feel that any rider falling off an 85cc machine ought to invest some energy in a 125cc before he leaps on to the bigger engines. A rider who goes directly to a 250 or higher engine will battle with the abundance weight, expanded force and exceptional traits of a four-stroke. There is a high chance of possible catastrophe waiting to happen. Indeed, we realize that the 125cc machine can’t match against 250 four-stroke engines, yet it is a significant to learn and adapt with stepping stool. Price of Yamaha YZ125X starts from 6,600 USD.

Yamaha YZ125X

Yamaha YZ125X Specifications




2 Stroke 125cc

Fuel Delivery

Mikuni® TMX 38



Front Brakes


Rear Brakes




Fuel Capacity

7.9 Litres


6 Speed


35 Horse Power


96 Kilograms

Yamaha YZ125X Machine


At the core of the little Yamaha YZ125X is a 124 cc, oil cooled 2-stroke engine with reed valve and the standard force valve on the fumes port. The essential motor mechanism has got delicate changes every year since it’s underway.

From 2019 onwards, YZ125X’s chamber head has been modified along with the power valve to give an extensive opening to give a smoother spread of intensity over the fire up run. The CDI has likewise been balanced for the specific needs of forest riding as opposed to hard and fast motocross franticness.

There’s a six speed gearbox, fumes have been thinned down as well, both evenly and vertically to give the best leeway when the going gets super-tight, the radiators have enormous ability to shield that little engine from getting excessively worked up.


The wheel congregations and front fork suspension are upgraded, yielding extra weight cut. Aluminium surrounding the YZ125X’s is strikingly “light weight” and now and again this characteristic is viewed as a disadvantage since they will in general become increasingly hard to control on harsh surfaces. Although this under steer can be overcome by a slight modification in the setup by raising the forks in clamps.

This unbelievable dirt motorbike highlights ultra-responsive front and back suspension frameworks for nimble and quick cornering – and is currently fitted with a free race pack comprising of a Launch ace framework, V-Force 3 reed,  48T GYTR compound sprocket, advanced muffler & exhaust system.

Transmission & Fork

Six speed close proportion transmission advances gear proportions for most extreme execution. 48mm KYB fork damping power is constrained by cylinder speed and gives a smoother, powerful ride.

The Conclusion

Although we realize that the YZ125X isn’t particularly quick by the present gauges. Yet a few components make the YZ125X a crucial piece of the present motocross scene. Handling is just amazing since it has a fantastic suspension, light weight and unobtrusive force yield.  The engine has great low-end power and amazing features taking into account that its just 125 cc engine. Comparatively with the European standards its pinnacle yield, however, is around 10 percent less.

The coil spring fork by KYB SSS is as yet the best available, and the motorcycle weight is just 85 Kilograms without fuel. At the point when you include these variables, you have a definitive answer for young riders changing from mini to mid segment engines. With price starting from 6,600 US Dollars, it may at present be the cream of the crop. Hell, with regards to the sheer delight of riding, it may be the best in all of motocross.

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