Terms & Conditions

Unless otherwise stated, the tour operator or organizer herein stands for Wild Triumph and the tour participant (traveler) herein represents the Rider participating in the tour.

Cancellation / Rescheduling Terms

  1. The rider is entitled to revoke his/her booking at any given time. However, such cancellation should be requested formally through emails. An acknowledgement of cancellation will be sent to the rider once the request has been received by the company.
  2. In case of cancellation of tour by the rider, Wild Triumph has the right to charge a flat compensation, which is calculated according to the following rate:
    1. Cancellation done before 61 days of trip: 20% of the tour price will be deducted.
    2. Cancellation done before 45 days and less than 60 days prior to trip: 40% of the tour price will be deducted.
    3. Cancellation done before 30 days and less than 45 days prior to trip: 50% of the tour price will be deducted.
    4. Cancellation done before 15 days and less than 30 days prior to trip: 80% of the tour price will be deducted.
    5. No refunds will be made in case the rider cancels his reservation within 15 days of the trip.
  3. In case of cancellation, a handling fee of US$85.00 will be charged apart from cancellation charges we have mentioned above.
  4. For trips involving domestic air transfers, a handling fee of US$200 will be charged aside from the cancellation charges.
  5. In case of private group bookings, if the required minimum number of participants, for which Wild Triumph has offered a group discount, is not reached due to cancellation by individual riders, the company (Wild Triumph) is entitled to revoke the discounts and apply the relevant costs. In case the remaining participants are not able to pay the regular booking price, the company reserves the right to cancel the trip at any time.
  6. In case participant cancels his/her stay in a double room, the company reserves the right to demand an additional payment from the participant for the single room.
  7. If the rider wishes to rebook separate accommodation before the commencement of the trip, he/she will have to bear the additional costs.
  8. Wild Triumph is entitled to cancel any given tour in case the minimum number of participants for a guided motorcycle tour is not reached. In this case, a complete refund shall be made to the riders.
  9. If the participant does not deposit and/or pay the outstanding amount of the tour price in due time, the operator is entitled to cancel the booking after sending a reminder with a deadline. In this case, the tour operator is entitled to demand reimbursement of cancellation costs from the participant in accordance with cancellation fees.


By submitting the pre-booking registration form, the participant waives any claims for damages of any kind arising in connection with the event, specifically against the organizer (Wild Triumph), its owners, tour guides, group leaders, support staffs, medical staffs, and all the other stake holders connected with the organization, including third party agents.

Wild Triumph is not responsible for verifying adherence to the aforementioned terms and conditions. It is also assumed that the tour participants (riders) are in possession of the necessary documents, such as a valid motorcycle license, identification proof, passport, and visa.

The road traffic regulations in the country of travel as well as the legal regulations for riding the motorcycle are valid. The tour participant agrees to abide by the applicable traffic regulations and agrees to participate in the tour with proper motorcycle gear such as helmet, jacket, gloves and boots.

It is up to the participant to decide whether his/her individual abilities and riding skills are sufficient to complete the tour. However, should it become apparent during the tour that the riding skills are not sufficient, or it became evident that the rider provided false information about his/her riding skills, the tour guide is entitled to exclude him/her from the tour. No refunds shall be made in this case.

Travel and health insurance

Unless specifically stated otherwise, travel & health insurances are not included in the tour price. Wild Triumph recommends the arrangement of appropriate travel and health insurance packages, which also covers the cost of emergency air transport back to the home country in the event of acute illness or accident.

The insurance contract is exclusively between the participant and the insurer. Any claims arising can only be lodged directly with the insurer. Furthermore, the insurance premiums are not part of the tour price and are to be paid by the tour participant directly to the insurer.

Cancellation due to extraordinary circumstances (Acts of God)

If during the expedition it is observed that the trip is significantly hindered, compromised or endangered as a result of an act of God that could not be anticipated at the time the tour was booked, the tour operator or the tour participant may choose to cancel the trip.

In this case, both the tour operator and the participant will each bear half of the additional costs of return transportation to the base, along with the costs of accommodation and meals until the time the participant utilizes the tour operator’s services. However, the organizer is not obligated to bear any expenses incurred after the effective date of tour’s completion.


Wild Triumph is not liable for the misconduct of other group participants (excluding the group leader, guide and support staff).

The tour participant agrees, by completing the pre-booking registration form, that he/she is taking part in the tour at his/her own risk.

Riders are solely responsible for their own riding actions. They accept responsibility for all damages / harm caused by them under civil and criminal law.

The riders affirm by depositing their booking amount that they have taken note of this liability notice and that they have arranged for sufficient insurance coverage themselves.

Any claims against Wild Triumph, its owners, tour guides, support staff, and group leaders in connection with incident that occurred with the rider during the tour are waived.

All damages or costs arising from the non-compliance of the laws or regulations in effect, caused by the tour participant (rider), will be borne by the rider himself/herself.

The organizer is entitled to use the photos, testimonials and videos taken on the tour for marketing purposes. Participants cannot claim any of the images or videos taken during the tour as their intellectual property. However, a participant is free to approach the organizer if he/she wishes to exclude certain images/videos from advertising at any given time.

Itinerary changes

Wild Triumph reserves the right to deviate from the original itinerary if the decided route is not passable (traffic, construction sites, avalanches, landslides, snowfall or bad weather forecasts from the meteorological department). Necessary changes will be decided by the group leader or through the opinion of the tour participants.

Severability clause

In case certain terms of the agreement become invalid, this shall not entail the invalidity of the entire tour agreement.

By confirming the booking, either by filling the pre-booking registration form or by depositing token amount, the participant accepts these terms and conditions as binding for himself/herself and all accompanying riders listed in his/her booking form.

The tour operator reserves the right to rectify misprints and errors in this agreement.

Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for disputes arising from the agreement is India.