Wild Triumph Disclaimer

Wild Triumph is one of the established and trusted websites for all the dirt bike and motorcycle enthusiasts out there.

Which is why we are often asked by people as to how we are able to provide so many recommendations and product guides for free? And how do we make money through these recommendations?

So, on this page we decided to answer these queries and specifically why it’s all important for you to know!

Why do we recommend and review products?

Be it novice, intermediate or an advanced rider, it is not necessary that you have a large reserve of cash available at your disposal to buy as many gear or accessories you desire. So, you may want something that is well within your budget as well as worth every investment you make.

We started our editorial recommendations by keeping this in mind. As such, we review and recommend only the most ideal piece of equipment by giving due consideration to its price/performance ratio.

Our goal is to help all our beloved riders or any other person associated with this industry to get the desired information completely free of cost.

In short, we want to give riders what we wanted when we first started riding as a beginner.

How are we funded?

We have always believed in being upfront & unambiguous with our readers. As we see it, this is the only way to build a lasting relationship.

But operating a website like Wild Triumph, which helps thousands of readers every single month, requires a significant investment: We need to keep it up and running from technical point of view while simultaneously working at the front-end to produce informative content. As such, we do need to make money or we would have to close down our operations. So, the following are the two main sources that help us keep our website running.

Motorcycle Touring

Being a motorcycle touring expert, we have designed several award-winning tours across various destinations in Asia.

So, by embarking on an adventure tour with us, you help us stay in business. And we value every rider in the motorcycling community who has showed faith by choosing us.

Referral fees

We receive referral fees when you purchase products from brands we recommend. But do note, we only recommend products that we believe will be of value to our audience.

In fact, all the products we recommend are thoroughly tested either by us or by our riders who participate in our adventure tours. In short, the opinions and suggestions we provide are entirely our own and we do not accept payments for posting positive recommendations.

And once you buy the product by clicking on our recommended link, we earn commission ranging from $1 to $20.

Does purchase made through our site's reference link cost you more money?

If you are wondering if purchasing any product from our referral links will cost you more money, the answer is no. You pay exactly the same amount or sometimes less depending on the offer we receive from the brand, but you won’t be paying more than the listed price on the referring website.

The commission we get is received directly from the brand or the referral website from their own profit margins. Almost all the major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, RevZilla, etc. have affiliate programs, so we get commission from them after a successful purchase.

What information do we collect in case you make a purchase?

Wild Triumph does not collect any information like name, age, gender, email, address, credit card details, etc.

How can you help us?

There are so many “expert opinions” available on the web that are generally biased or are influenced directly by brands.

You may also come across several websites recommending products without actually testing them in order to earn quick referral fee.

Being rider owned and operated, Wild Triumph is a rider-centric company that puts the rider’s interests at the top. All of our recommendations, how to guides and reviews are supported by facts and figures since our mission is to provide the best possible information to our readers.

In return, all we want is a good word of mouth. So, if you have found our content helpful, we hope you will support us and remain a part of our valued reader base so that we can continue to work towards fulfilling our mission.

Thank you for your support.


Founder & Director of Wild Triumph