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The founders of Wild Triumph have been working in the market of adventure travel for over 10 years. As of today, the company is offering more than 40 routes throughout Asia. Over the years, Wild Triumph has built its own standard of travel principles and philosophies;

“How you travel your path is more important than reaching your ultimate destination”

This differentiates us from our other fellow tour specialists.

Route Selection

Route Selection

The design of each route is the result of long reflections on the idea of ​​travel and a careful analysis of each itinerary in order to not just focus on final spots, but to experience the best while riding through a particular geographic location. We travel at the best time and at the most suitable pace, we stay overnight in the most comfortable handpicked resorts and campsites that have the most magnificent views and modest people from around the villages. Be it the trails or a selection of café parlor for stoppages, we choose our spots that are far away from urban chaos. 

Variety and comfort

Variety & Comfort

All our trips involve challenges, adventure, culture and recreation. Some tours also accompany extreme sports such as hiking, trekking, off-road raiding, and safaris. On the route, participants are provided with all the necessary equipment and gears. All tours have different categories of difficulty from 1 to 5. Our specialists will answer all your tour related queries and advise which of the trips is most suitable for your level of physical fitness.

No matter how remote the place of travel is from civilization, we organize a comfortable tour. Even in cases where the trip takes place in very harsh places and includes camping, we provide maximum homely comforts. In the Himalayas, each camp is equipped with a restroom, shower, furniture, lights and is tented near the large dining area of the campsite. You even get your morning bed tea, and the chef never ceases to amaze with local delicacies. The choice of hotels is based on the characteristics of the host country. In Nepal, for example, we prefer to stay in small and cozy private hotels and guesthouses, where the personal care of the hosts for the guest is evident in everything. In India, these are a mix of luxury resorts in urban cities, to lodges and campsites surrounded by wildlife. We try to make you feel the ambience of the country as much as possible, while not experiencing the slightest discomfort.

Small group


Our tour leaders and local travel support teams always take special care of every aspect of travel; from preventing the onset of mountain sickness to ensuring hygiene while preparing the food in tented camps. While accidents are extremely rare, traveling with an experienced company like Wild Triumph adds a strong element of reliability and safety to all your travel plans.

Who rides with us? Friends, couples, singles, basically anyone who is an enthusiast, full of life, and is willing to share their curiosity of knowing the world with others; those who love long rides, who enjoy traveling, and are keen on experiencing new cultures. Most of our riders have a prior experience of long distance traveling and are accustomed to challenges. And in case you prefer to travel with your own company, we gladly create a customized itinerary.

Pre tour assistance

Pre Tour Assistance

We help you in choosing the right tour as per your time availability and physical ability. The group leaders have extensive knowledge of the regions and peculiarities of travel. A detailed description of the tour on a day to day basis provides you the information you may need in preparation. We are also happy to share the contacts of people who have already participated in the programs of interest, so that you can learn about their experience. When you sign up for a tour, the group leader becomes your personal travel preparation consultant, helping you choose the right air flight, travel options, and providing information on everything from a list of things and equipment to visa rules and necessary vaccinations. We also provide a list of literature and films that are worth watching before the trip to whet your appetite.

Experienced group leader

Experienced Group Leaders

Wild Triumph is a rider owned company. Do we need to say more? We have built strong partnerships among adventure professionals and in every region where the expeditions of the Wild Triumph go, we have dedicated staffs and mechanics who are selflessly devoted to their work.

We always pay special attention to the selection of our own English speaking tour leaders who accompany the group along the entire route. Whatever their basic education is, they all have enthusiasm, great personal knowledge about the region where the trip takes place, and are devoted to make your ride unforgettable!

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