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Himalayas of India (Motorcycle Tours Wild Triumph)

The Great Himalayas

Experience goosebumps while riding through extreme mountain passes & the road less traveled

Rajasthan Thar Desert (Motorcycle Tours Wild Triumph)

Thar Desert

An unparalleled luxurious & cultural tour in the land of Maharajas & Taj Mahal

Spice Route of India (Motorcycle Tours Wild Triumph)

Spices Route India

Travel to South India and discover the essence of a more idyllic & luxuriant India.

India & Nepal Motorcycle Tour Banner

Extreme India & Nepal

On this motorcycle trip you will discover two fascinating countries: India and Nepal.

Mustang Valley Nepal (Motorcycle Tours Wild Triumph)

Mustang of Nepal

Unleash your adventure spirit while riding through the rough & extreme terrains of Nepal

Bhutan Motorcycle Tour (Motorcycle Tours Wild Triumph)

Last Kingdom of Bhutan

Visit monasteries, dzongs & landscapes that range from subtropics to steep mountains. 

Northern Thailand

Embark on an adventure into the heart of Buddhist traditions and ancient culture

Mongolia Motorcycle Tour (Motorcycle Tours Wild Triumph)

Lost Land of Mongolia

A  land of infinite wilderness, Mongolia; where nature has taken control over man

Tibet Motorcycle Tour (Motorcycle Tours Wild Triumph)

Tibetan Plateau

At the heart of the small villages and majestic roads, discover some of the highest peaks in the world

Motorcycle Tours BMW

Our Concept

Rider Owned Company

Originally from New Delhi in India, we set out on our long awaited 28 days of adventure tour into the Himalayas on our Royal Enfield. We soon felt that this unbelievable landscape and culture in places like Ladakh, Thimpu and Kathmandu should be witnessed by all.

This realization later pushed us to turn into a reputed bike tour specialists we are today. We have an expertise and perseverance in holding a great amount of information to comprehensively configure an immaculate motorbike adventure that is beyond imagination. Be it the United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe or Australia; our dedicated and experienced staff members are appraised by all our clients for their knowledge, wisdom and for the insights they provide during the journey. 

Travelling on the off beat routes with Wild Triumph will undoubtedly provide new experiences and unforgettable panoramas. Our wide range of motorcycle tours will let you to discover virgin nature: the Mongolian Steppes, the Himalayan Peaks, the Golden Triangle and many more! Right from the start you’ll be astounded by the stunning landscapes that pass during your ride.

One thing is certain: you’ll return home with plenty of long-lasting memories that will be cherished forever!

Royal Enfield motorcycle tours in India

Why Choose Us

About Wild Triumph

Planning a Motorcycle tour but not sure which destination to choose? Well you have come to the right place to decide. Wild Triumph® has built a character over the years to help you plan a perfect adventure with a mix of adrenaline, culture, luxury, and ramble.

Ideal for globe-trotters, our packages are beautifully customized, yet despite everything have scope for unanticipated occasions. High altitude territories, extreme forces of nature and the remoteness of the locale can generally present difficulties. The route is all about adventure: solidarity, rough terrain experience and an inspirational disposition toward unexpected circumstances. Campsites at a completely remote location add to a genuine feeling of experience.

Name any bike sport and we have a perfect answer for you. We understand that it is difficult to investigate parts of the world that might be hard to reach all by yourself; we’re here to make it possible. We have chosen destinations and designed itineraries after years of exploration, planning and research. We are the real riders who have driven through these routes, faced challenges, improvised and created a more ideal tour!

Our routes, accommodation and bikes are hand-picked to give you the best experience in a short span of time. Rest assured you can just relax and pick any destination you like from our portfolio. What’s more? We have a specialist for each trip you choose. An experienced group leader and a dedicated team to cater all your requirements. You can read more about our concept here.

Motorcycle Tours Royal Enfield

Group Tours

Guided Motorcycle Tours

Our guided motorcycle tours are designed to provide the best riding experience along with security and assurance of backup, in case things turn awry.

You need not worry about your luggage, routes or your accommodation since everything will be taken care of by our support team. You came to ride and enjoy, we make sure you do just that!

How we do that? Our guides, mechanics and advisers follow right behind you in the backup vehicle where all your luggage and stuff is kept securely. The group leader leads the way, yet you are free to ride at your own pace.

By leading the group, we ensure that the group leader keeps a track and leads the way but not interfere in any way. We believe in a free style ride to give you freedom yet we make sure you are safe.

Right from picking you up from the Airport, we make sure that you have a wonderful experience. Be it the bike, accommodation, food, beverages or your shopping related concerns. We are at your service.

Motorcycle Tours of Ladakh

Private Tours

Customized Itinerary

Regardless of whether you are looking to change the current itinerary or looking for custom tours, we are here to help. With our unique packages we have got you covered. You can plan a date and gather your group for this exclusive private adventure; all our routes will be designed to begin on any date to suit you.

You also have an authority to add multi day stoppages on a particular destination as per your interests. We can customize your visit as per your budget and requirement. The routes and itineraries aren’t simply restricted with our broad menu of tours mentioned on the site, we frequently arrange private bike tours to the destinations that we do not offer on open menu.

So on the off chance that the adventure you are looking for is not listed on our portal, do share it with us along with the details and we’ll wrap it up for you.

What’s more? We care for you. Ask anybody in the motorcycle community or check the reviews online! We are known for our expertise, reliability and service. We work on the details while planning a tour. Not a single concern is overlooked.

Riders who have driven with us often come back again, they are our friends, and they stay in touch. So what are you waiting for? Come and join Wild Triumph family today!

motorcycle tours in Asia

Journey of lifetime

Motorcycle Touring in Asia

The panoramic beauty and magnificence of Asian continent resulted in a persistent ascent of motorcycle touring in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand and Mongolia.

The enjoyment of touring on a motorbike is remarkable and unique. The view observed from the curve of the road provides you the best treat of your life. You get the chance to take a snapshot of picturesque landscape on places all around, you have the freedom to roam around the villages, you take as many stoppages as you want, and this is only possible on trips like these.

Your love for photography and your desire to explore the off-beat destinations is made easy. All you have to do is simply park the bike and go for a stroll around.

Motorcycle Touring is one of the most ideal adventure that a person can undertake. It brings into impact the genuine pith of voyaging and gives you the absolute best experience that will detox your soul, energize your mind and unmistakably stun you with the adventures. Moreover, these expeditions are pre-planned, so everything is executed to perfection.

On certain visits, you are given the choice between motorcycles, while on the others we recommend you the bikes taking into consideration the route and destination. But there is one thing you will find common in all our tours; you will experience places, that are exceptionally beautiful and loaded with rich legacy.


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Bike Trip of Asia

Well It goes without saying that the scenery is absolutely breathtaking and choosing Wild Triumph for my bike trip was the right decision..
Taylor (UK)

Motorcycle Tour India

I had so much fun on this motorcycle tour, made some great friends and will have these experiences with me forever, hope to get back.
Dave (USA)

Motorbike Trip of India

The beauty of India you just can’t describe in words. The atmosphere is like you are in some other planet far away from earth, it was a perfect motorbike trip of India.
Charles (USA)

Adventure Tour

An adventurous Motorcycle tour beyond my imagination. It was super amazing, Wild Triumph’s staff is professional and fun loving. Never had a single problem…
Erica (Australia)

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