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Welcome to Wild Triumph, your trusted partner in the thrilling world of motorsports. We are driven by a passionate desire to ignite the thrill of exploration, share our wealth of expertise in adventure touring, and provide comprehensive and honest dirt bike as well as motorcycle reviews.

We understand that the right gear plays a crucial role in enhancing your riding experience, and that’s why we also dedicate ourselves to testing and evaluating a wide range of products including dirt bike gear and motorcycle gear, ensuring that we provide our readers with trustworthy recommendations.

So, whether you’re an avid rider seeking expert gear recommendations or an enthusiast excited to explore the world of motorcycle touring, Wild Triumph is here to inspire and guide you on your two-wheeled adventures.

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With years of extensive exploration and meticulous research, Wild Triumph has emerged as a trusted authority in the realm of two-wheeled gear reviews.

From dirt bikes and motorcycles to helmets, gloves, boots, jackets, pants, or the myriad accessories that elevate your safety and comfort, we pride ourselves on providing honest and insightful recommendations to ensure your ride is nothing less than extraordinary. Whether you are seeking maintenance tips, how-to guides, or something in budget our honest assessments aim to guide you towards the best choices.

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Motorcycle Guide

Motorcycle Guide

Motorcycle Reviews, Comparison, Maintenance Guide and Riding Tips.

Dirt Bike Guide

Dirt Bike Guide

Dirt Bike Comparison, Reviews, Maintenance Guide, Suggestions and Tips.

Motorcycle & Dirt Bike Accessories


Motorcycle & Dirt Bike Accessories.

Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Jackets, Gloves, Helmets, Riding Boots, and more.

Dirt Bike Gear

Dirt Bike Gear

Motocross Boots, Gloves, Helmets, and more.

Our Motorcycle Tours

Himalayas of India (Motorcycle Tours Wild Triumph)

The Great Himalayas

Experience goosebumps while riding through extreme mountain passes & the road less traveled

India & Nepal Motorcycle Tour Banner

Extreme India & Nepal

On this motorcycle trip you will discover two fascinating countries: India and Nepal.

Rajasthan Thar Desert (Motorcycle Tours Wild Triumph)

Thar Desert

An unparalleled luxurious & cultural tour in the land of Maharajas & Taj Mahal

Mustang Valley Nepal (Motorcycle Tours Wild Triumph)

Mustang of Nepal

Unleash your adventure spirit while riding through the rough & extreme terrains of Nepal

Northern Thailand

Embark on an adventure into the heart of Buddhist traditions and ancient culture

Spice Route of India (Motorcycle Tours Wild Triumph)

Spices Route India

Travel to South India and discover the essence of a more idyllic & luxuriant India.

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