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Himalayan Motorcycle Tours of India

The Himalayas with freezing streams, high passes, glorious valleys and gigantic lakes have had an enduring effect on the fortunate ones who had an opportunity to take up Himalayan motorcycle tour. Wide evergreen landscapes and snow-topped peaks, enchanting sanctuaries and the calmness of the surroundings, make a really terrific setting for a bike trip and is perhaps the best experience to have if you are a motorcycle enthusiast!

Considered to be one of the most extreme adventure, this motorcycle expedition takes you from the lower regions of the Himalayas to the high mountain peaks of Ladakh range. Crossing the extra ordinary mountain passes of Khardung La & Chang La (above 17,000 feet!) on your Royal Enfield is a once in a life time opportunity.

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    Ladakh Extreme Motorcycle Tour
    Ladakh Extreme Tour

    Ride across the most acclaimed passes of the world; Khardung La & Chang La

    Manali to Ladakh Himalayan motorcycle trip
    Manali & Leh Odyssey
    An incredible Himalayan motorcycle road trip from Manali to Ladakh
    Spiti and Ladakh Himalayan Motorcycle Tour
    Spiti & Ladakh Voyage

    Explore complete Himalayan range of India on this adventurous motorcycle trip


    Things to expect

    Our fully supported Himalayan motorcycle tours goes through the absolute amazing, challenging and stunning landscapes found on Earth. Covering the great lakes of Ladakh; Tso Moriri, Tso Kar and Pangong to the highest passes of the world. Be that as it may, it’s anything but an easy ride since most curves of the routes are at height of 10,000 feet or more! A fully supported guided tour is what we recommend strongly for any Himalayan adventure. Furthermore, the unpredictability of this region makes things more challenging. Our guided tours to the region are conducted by trained and experienced staff and group leaders. The support vehicle carries adequate amount of amenities to face any kind of challenge what so ever.

    Ideal for globe-trotters: our Himalayan motorcycle tour is designed with precision and skill. We keep in mind the safety of our riders yet we do not want anything to be missed out. The journey of this whimsical Himalayan bike trip is what makes this itinerary amazing. For over a decade we have built a character to provide the best motorcycle tours that leaves you with nothing but unforgettable memories. Not to brag but till date we do not have a negative review! And yet we are constantly improving ourselves. So, are you ready for this daredevil ride?

    Tour details

    Why Choose Us

    Tour Details

    You’re riding through the high mountains of Himalayas, twisting around steep mountain curves and ice cold river crossing. Your hands are grasping the handlebars, and an energetic breeze is blowing through your face. You can’t resist grinning and hollering “WOOHOOO!”

    This is how we do it. We at Wild Triumph are proud to convey the most mind blowing motorcycle experiences accessible all over the globe. Our experience, hard work and wisdom go into all of our motorbike rides to guarantee that you have an amazing experience. In addition to the fact that you ride on epic routes and trails through some staggering destinations, you are additionally drenched in the genuine culture of these places.

    A visit to Himalayas is one of the most cherished dreams among adventure enthusiasts. It is one of the well-known destinations among the expedition seekers and bike lovers. Testing routes together with the magnificence of mountains have pulled in travelers from everywhere around the globe. The one thing that makes this experience surreal and pumps your adrenaline is the unpredictable journey of Himalayas!

    Added to this challenging bike trip is the charm of Tibetan culture, religious monasteries and temples, modesty of the people around you, and the clear blue sky that transforms our Himalayan motorcycle tour into something mystical. You can explore various routes in this area to have an amazing encounter, be it Manali to Ladakh, Spiti to Ladakh or a Leh Ladakh route; we have all the options as per our riders demand.

    Culture and Tradition

    Traditions & Customs

    Culture of Himalayas

    Geographically, the upper Himalayas are one of the most remote corners of India with a unique and vibrant culture and tradition. The locals are friendly and really helpful, their faith in God, religious ceremonies, and festivals make this place vibrant and joyful.

    You can visit shops in Leh market that display crafts such as metalwork, painting, weaving, and carving. One of the most vivid and impressive cultural feature of upper Himalayas are its monasteries. Most of them are centuries old and contain unique Buddhist treasures. Many of them were built on rocks and this tradition is still alive. It is amongst the few places where Tibetan Buddhism is still practiced in its original form.

    Best places to visit

    Bucket List

    Places To Visit

    The monasteries of Alchi, Thikse and Hemis are the absolute must visit places in this tour. In addition to the religious highlights, there are numerous scenic spots, and surely must not be missed. Among these scenic places, Nubra valley and Zanskar are popular ones.

    Nubra Valley

    Located towards the northern part of Leh, Nubra Valley can only be reached via passes, all of which are higher than 5,000 meters (16,000 feet). It is surrounded by the Karakoram Mountains, Shyok and Nubra River. Nubra is a fascinating valley mostly covered with desert. The villages are heart-warming where you can often find two humped camels. You can find both tented accommodation as well as hotels here and it is highly recommended to at-least stay for one night in this magical land of Himalayas.


    Zanskar is an ancient kingdom and a part of Ladakh separated by Zanskar mountain range. The difficult accessibility of Zanskar both fascinates and amazes most of the riders. It takes at least two days to reach Padum, the capital of Zanskar. If you love hiking, Zanskar valley has a lot to offer.

    In order to reach Zanskar by motorcycle, you will need to cross Kargil via Suru valley. You will ride across the majestic mountains of Nun & Kun situated at an elevation of 7,077 meters (23,218 feet) and finally reach Pensi La situated at 4,400 meters (14,436 feet), which is also known as the gateway to Zanskar.

    Enroute you have the opportunity to visit Alchi Monastery, Lamayuru Monastery and the gigantic statue of Maitreya Buddha.

    Three lakes of Himalayas

    Salt Lakes

    The Three Lakes

    The three lakes of Ladakh; Pangong, Tsomoriri and Tsokar are all located in the Changthang plateau, which is a part of the Tibetan high plateau in the east of Ladakh and home to several nomads. The three salt lakes are very popular among tourists and are considered to be the mystical lakes of the Himalayas.

    Like any other lake of Himalayas, these three lakes are absolutely clean, fresh, and depending on the sun, change their color from blue to green.

    The small village of Spangmik, located close to the Pangong, is a delight for travellers. In order to reach this place you will have to cross the mighty Chang La pass which is at an elevation of 5,300 meters (17,688 feet). The ride towards Pangong from Leh is long and it will take at least 5 hours to reach your destination.

    Tso Moriri Lake is farthest from Leh. You have to put up with a seven hour long ride to reach there. One of the few permanent settlements in Changthang and the only one in Tso Moriri is Korzok. You will come across many international riders here. Depending on the season, this place may get slightly crowded due to its popularity. But the lake itself is so beautiful and so captivating that one can overlook minor flaws.

    Tsokar Lake may look less impressive in front of Pangong Tso & Tso Moriri, but is a paradise for bird watchers. Black-necked cranes, kyangs (wild ass of Tibet), wolves, foxes, and gazelles can be found here. Tsokar is about five hours from Tso Moriri and Leh, so in case you are planning to visit Tso Moriri from Leh (or vice versa) it is quite feasible to include a stoppage at TsoKar.

    Tip: In case you need to choose the best among the three lakes; we recommend you choose Pangong Tso. It gives you the best of both worlds!

    Food in Himalayas

    Delicacies of Himalayas


    Food in the Himalayas is completely diverse and unique. It has a mix of Indian spices that makes it purely delicious. Himalayan food brings its own remarkable taste which resembles a slobbering blend of Chinese, Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan culture. Momos are found everywhere and so is the bowl of instant noodles. These regions serve some authentic dishes made from kidney beans and rice. Chicken curry and rice is found in almost all the food joints here. If you are in the main cities of Himachal or Ladakh you can find almost anything ranging from Continental to American in the menu of a good restaurant. And yes, the restaurants and cafes are totally clean and hygienic, and so is the serving staff. Besides, they treat you as a part of their family. What’s more to ask?

    Coming to beverages, you can purchase vivid varieties of wines and alcohol from main market of Manali & Ladakh. These are the primary locations where you get a lot of premium and imported varieties to choose from. The other regions of Himalayas have limited options available when it comes to beer and scotch (Budweiser, Tuborg are available everywhere in the Himalayan region).

    Not to worry, we arrange everything before you reach your destination.

    Best time to travel

    Things to know

    Best time to travel

    The best time to commence a motorcycle tour of Himalayas starts from May and remains till the first week of October. Month of June and September are considered particularly ideal since the temperature is pleasant and tourists are few.

    The climate is usually dry with chilly winds. Rainfall is rare but it may come unexpected. However, these come in the form of light drizzle.

    If you are traveling in the month of July and August, you have to cope with large differences in temperature. During the day it can get over 25° C, and in the night it can drop to 5°C. It is best to carry a motorcycle jacket with multiple layers. If you are a novice, you can read our guide on beginner motorcycle gear.

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    To enter India you need a visa, which must be applied in advance. We recommend doing this around 5 weeks before departure, to avoid last minute rescheduling.

    Please note that you are not allowed to re-enter India for 2 months (60 days) from the date of departure from India. This regulation applies to all Indian tourist visas, regardless of whether they were issued for single or multiple entries. Tourist visas are issued for a maximum period of 6 months (in exceptional cases for a maximum of 1 year).


    In parts of Himalayas (Ladakh) there are restricted areas that tourists can only enter with an approved permit. These permits are called Inner Line Permits. Only registered travel agencies (like us) can apply for these permits.


    Every long distance trip needs to be planned in advance; this includes your physical fitness as well. Unfamiliar climate, different cuisines, and the altitude are some of the primary factors that can quickly dampen the joy of adventure.

    Although no special vaccinations are required for entry into India. However, it is recommended to get vaccinated against hepatitis (A + B), diphtheria, tetanus, and typhoid.


    Upper Himalayas are not particularly known for crime. There are hardly any thefts, and you hardly ever hear of robberies, or break-ins. On the contrary: if you accidently leave your wallet in a home stay, they will keep it safe or inform the local authorities.

    Nevertheless, just like any tourist destination, it is wise to take care of your belongings.


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