Best Motorcycle Road Trips in India

A motorcycle road trip is a perfect amalgamation of excitement and adventure. It provides an ecstatic feeling filled with the joy of riding along with the cool winds that gush past your hair.

No distance feels too long on these tours. Even the newly discovered detours can lead to lost villages and undiscovered places no other mode of travel can offer. You easily gel with the crowd and get to know the local places.

In addition to adventure, Motorcycle tours is also about exploring new places and witnessing vivid cultures. In India, you can experience this while riding along the valleys, plateaus, deserts, and woods. You understand the rich legacy of the cultural heritage as well as appreciate the panoramic beauty alongside.

Besides, not all the routes are monotonous. Few destinations include a paved route, whereas the others will be rocky that require your riding skills, all in all making it a thrilling experience.

Road trip in India is filled with challenges that require your endurance and a little optimism towards any unforeseen situations. If this is something you are passionate about or want to try for the first time, keep reading further.

In this article we have enlisted 5 best Motorcycle road trip destinations in India for all types of riding skills. Let’s take a look.


A motorcycle ride to the ancient Buddhist kingdom, Ladakh is considered most famous. It is among the first-place that comes in mind while planning a motorcycle road trip due to its inaccessibility and scarce populace. The valleys and views in this cold desert are worth every effort. The ride on the gravels and off road tracks provides a very rugged riding adventure.

Ladakh, the land of high passes, is always accompanied with Leh, its capital. Located in the most northern state of Jammu and Kashmir high in the Himalayan mountain ranges, Ladakh is at an altitude of 9000-25000ft above sea level. You get to cover major spots like Nubra Valley, Three Lakes of Ladakh, and Buddhist Temples or Monasteries.

Riding towards Ladakh on a motorcycle gives you a sense of calmness and tranquility as you feel on top of the world riding at an immense height. This place is a visual gift for your eyes as it is loaded with monasteries, fluttering colorful prayer flags, vast plains, high mountains, swift winds, snow clad regions, rivers and streams, blue lakes, villages, and the modesty of the locals.

The entire bike trip will boast about the passes and steep curves that are adventurous and astonishing. You also get a chance to undertake activities like white water rafting, mountaineering, and trekking.

Mid-June is a good time to arrive here as the snow has melted making it easy to ride. But it could get cold. So, it is essential to carry jackets and thermal wear. In a nutshell, riding on a motorcycle to Ladakh will allow you to visit the land where the earth meets the sky, a ride you will never experience anywhere else. It is an ideal destination for any motorcycle enthusiast looking to hone his riding skills and experience the adrenaline pumping through the veins. If it is not included in your motorcycle touring bucket list, make sure to include it now!

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The most visited state in India welcomes bike riders all through the year. Rajasthan literally means ‘land of kings’. Riding on a motorcycle to Rajasthan allows you to explore the Thar Desert and Aravalli mountain ranges. This motorcycle tour takes you through the state of Rajasthan as you pass through tiny villages and indulge in the local cuisine. You also witness the gigantic Forts and astounding Palaces of the Kings along the way.

Be it jungle safari through Ranthambore Tiger reserve or the rich legacy of Jaipur and  the golden city of Jaisalmer, there are plenty of experiences for riders to take back home. When it comes to the stupendous Thar Desert; there are many amazing sightseeing activities that you can indulge yourself. The beauty of the palaces, forts, and the arid desert regions leaves the rider mesmerized and spell bound.

Every city in this vibrant state has its own character and color to showcase. Moreover, you get to see and learn about the history and rich culture of the Nawabs and Rajputs, the main descendants who make up the population of this sandy yet enriched in culture state who have left a legacy.

Many activities like camel and elephant rides in the sand dunes are famous along with puppet shows and fairs/festivals. You can also get to witness village folk performing their arts and talents.

Known as the royal desert state, it gives you a different sort of excitement to ride on these rustic roads alongside bullock and camel carts which are the main modes of transport here. Since it is a dry and hot place, the ideal months to arrive here are November to February as the cold is yet bearable here.

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Travel along the narrow and pristine routes in this exotic destination that rejuvenates and alleviates your mind and body. The mystifying views of the Western Ghats, beguiling ocean and the zesty curves along the way will give you a thrilling experience.

Filled with steep roads that pass through the villages and towns, Goa is colorfully lined with a blend of cultures and a Portuguese legacy. You can stop at the beautiful Portuguese churches and forts to marvel at. Panjim, Hampi, Badami are some famous places to stop at along the way.

Although the Northern and Southern parts of Goa are equally filled with beaches and tourist destinations, however the latter is more favorable spot for riders.

The coastal route from Panaji to Palolem has never-ending forest woods and mountain ranges that stretch for miles and miles and appear to approach towards you once you begin your journey. On some occasions you may even require a ferry ride to reach the other end of the shore. As you reach South Goa, the beaches and lined coconut trees will be ready to greet you.

Every itinerary should also include the ever-famous Portuguese fort, Cabo de Rama, located on a cliff surrounded completely by wilderness. This is a good spot to look out onto the coast and immerse yourself in the beauty of it all. Let yourself loose in the gentle breeze as you watch the sunset on the Konkan coast.

October to February is the best time to visit Goa on a motorbike.


The best way to travel through God’s own country is on a motorcycle. Why? Because there is no better way to get close to nature and experience the culture here. This evergreen state lies between the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats in Southwestern India.

Starting from Cochin, you will be riding along the Arabian coastline towards the hilly regions filled with lush greenery. You can visit some of the celebrated destinations like Munnar, Thekkady, Kovalam as you ride through this heavenly place filled with culture, history and character. On your way you cross the rich tea and coffee plantations along with the backwaters and beaches enriching your bike expedition.

There are plenty of hill stations that you will visit with each passing mile. You will also cross churches, temples, palaces, national parks, beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries on your way. You can also watch cultural Kathakali show whilst you are there.

A typical day in Kerala starts with a joyous ride through the evergreen plantations while it is ended on a relaxing note as you watch the sun settling in the backwaters. Kerala is the best option for riders looking for an intimate affair with nature! Given the choice, you can choose your accommodation between a hotel and a houseboat, the latter giving you a true sense of your presence in Kerala.

Summers of March, April and May are the best seasons to indulge in a motorcycle road trip through this tropical region.

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Himachal Pradesh

A mountainous state in the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is truly a paradise on earth with snow-capped mountain peaks, lakes, thick vegetation, streams, meadows, valleys, and never-ending landscapes. It is the most beautiful winter destination of India. Taking a bike trip through such natural beauty allows you to explore the colorful villages, mystic sceneries, and stunning mountain ranges. Added to this are the strong religious sentiments of the locals attached with the Himalayas that make this place holy and extraordinary.

It is in this Indian state that you will meet the world’s highest mountain ranges. Unlike other destinations, Himachal Pradesh gives riders the opportunity to ride on extreme zigzag roads and curves.

You can visit sites like Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Dharamshala, Dalhousie and more. You also get an opportunity to indulge in activities like paragliding, snowboarding, zorbing, and skiing.

With this motorcycle trip, you can easily get the taste of the unique diversity found in the culture and landscapes of this serene Himalayan region. The Tibetan monasteries and Hindu temples have a century old traditional touch to them.

Although riders can visit Himachal Pradesh any part of the year, but the best time to visit these foothills of Himalayas is from March to November.

With each state having its own sense of cultural and natural diversity, there is a lot in store to explore.

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How to plan your motorcycle road trip

Although we have mentioned that a motorcycle tour is all perfect and exciting, let us also honestly make you aware that there are certain risks when you go touring on a bike. If you are riding for the first time, you need to be more cautious. At times, the weather can turn awry or you can be a victim to any natural calamity. It is important to plan your motorcycle road trip wisely with thorough planning.

While creating a road trip itinerary, ensure that every detail has been planned meticulously. Routes should be chosen in a way that blends with your overall riding experience. Besides, they should not be too tiring and monotonous.

To get the best out of your road trip, make sure there are no repetitions in historical sites and places. Also ensure that the route you choose is filled with scenic beauty along with an apt riding condition.

When it comes to riding time, the recommended travel distance varies from 200kms-650kms per day. But that depends on the tour and the destination. At times, you might have to take the ferry (to cross rivers) or may indulge in activities that will take up your riding time. Never tax yourself with too much of riding on a single day.

Riding in a group is generally more economical as you can share the costs with your fellow riders in like expenses incurred in accommodation, food, drinks, etc. Always customize and design your own route plan depending upon your time availability and riding skills. Do not forget to include basic necessities like clothes, medicines, identification proof, and gears in your checklist.

A motorcycle can take you on physical, mental, and spiritual journey that will last with you for a lifetime. The best part about going on a motorcycle tour is that you have the advantage of taking a break as and when required. This allows you to take a walk and snap the panoramic sights around you. You get an up-close view of the landscapes thus allowing this journey you are undertaking to be completely unique and memorable. Such motorcycle rides are meant for those who want to live in the moment. So, set out on an unforgettable motorcycle trip today as you sense freedom while you explore the culture and heritage of Incredible India!

Best Motorcycle for Touring in India

It is true when they say that a motorcycle tour is the best way to explore India. After having selected the tour, the next question that arises is, ‘which is the best motorcycle to go on tour?’

The answer to that is – Royal Enfield. This is the perfect classic motorbike to set out on your journey. There is no need of purchasing one. We give you a wide choice of 650cc, 500cc , 411cc and 350cc models to choose from. By hoping onto a Royal Enfield, your riding journey is filled with a mixture of a retro style combined with pleasurable riding.

Our bikes are equipped with accessories like crash-bars and saddlebags. Not everyone can be a part of something as adventurous as this. It is exactly why such motorcycle tours take a completely different path in comparison to other tourist modes of exploration.

It does not matter if you have never ridden a Royal Enfield before. If you have a permanent driving license and are familiar to ride any kind of bike, we are here to help you. We shall help you adapt to the new bike and surroundings along with the guidance required to ride in different environments.

Things to keep in mind

It is compulsory to wear a helmet throughout your motorcycle road trip. Riding without a helmet in India is illegal and punishable offence under Motor Vehicle Act.

Most of the remote villages and mountainous areas do not have any viable mobile network or internet connection. You will get access to it only in towns, cities and nearby places.

While planning a motorcycle trip in India, climatic condition is the most important factor to keep in mind. Weather in India can play truant. So, the best months would be the season between September and April. Around this time, the climate is quite dry making it easier to ride.

Why choose us ?

The main reasons why you should choose from our fleet of motorbikes is they are specially designed to keep you safe, comfortable with soft and relaxing seats, proper positioned handlebars, utility and storage for swift maneuverability.

We ensure safety and take care of every aspect of your trip. In case of bad weather or unforeseen situations, an alternate route is taken as per the tour head’s instructions. This is not only for safety reasons but also for enjoying the landscape that passes by.

There will be an English-speaking guide along with a mechanic accompanying you on all tours. They are thoroughly aware about the road rules and itineraries. There will also be a support vehicle traveling along that will carry your luggage and spare parts if any mechanical issues arise. Our expert tour staff is always available to cater to any of your needs.


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