Enduro Himalayan Motorbike Adventure Tour

The legendary mountains of Himalayas in the northernmost part of India are one of the most isolated regions of the world. So, on this enduro adventure motorbike tour you get a chance to travel along the most acclaimed cliff-hanger routes of the Great Himalayas.

And while you pass through these mighty snow-capped Himalayan giants and deep river gorges, you will get a feeling that a small part of Tibet is still living in these regions. For here you will witness some of the most beautiful monasteries and a vibrant Buddhist culture.

In fact, this cold desert landscape of India is a place of great magnificence and splendor. Which is why, it is listed in the tentative list of UNESCO’s natural heritage with outstanding universal value. And since this area is quite difficult to access, it has preserved its distinctiveness.

This enduro adventure tour will take you through the dynamic landscapes, across the Pangong Lake, past the majestic mountain pass of Khardung La, around the dense forests, all the way to the remote regions of upper Himalayas. And besides the challenging ride, numerous activities such as camping, hiking, as well as cultural sightseeing are part of this tour. So, if you are interested, keep on reading further to get a more detailed insight.

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    What To Expect On This Enduro Himalayan Motorbike Tour

    Discover the extreme Himalayan region on this enduro tour that offers both unforgettable views as well as jaw-dropping challenges.

    Himalayas are an absolute paradise for bikers who wish to indulge and experience something out of the ordinary. Our all-inclusive and fully guided motorbike tour on the Royal Enfield is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to ride through breath-taking landscapes and across the majestic mountain passes.

    The ultimate objective of this enduro tour is to investigate the undiscovered regions of the Himalayas while traversing through forests, cold desert, rocky terrain, gigantic plateaus, and passes all over 15,000 feet high!

    And although this tour is categorized under extreme sports that can prove daunting even to the most experienced rider, but it is adventure such as these that become lifelong memories.

    Some of the key highlights of this enduro trip include:

    • Ride towards Khardung La (17,582 ft) – one of the highest motorable passes in the world.
    • Camping near the shores of Lake Pangong Tso (13,862 ft) and Tso Moriri (14,836 ft).
    • Overnight stay in the wild forests of Hunder.
    • Breath-taking ride around the Ladakh range of the Great Himalayas.
    • Meandering roads that lead to some of the most popular heritage sites and Buddhist monasteries.
    • Visit to the confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers.
    • Riding a Bactrian camel & an ATV on the cold desert region of Nubra.

    What To Pack For This Tour?

    The weather in the Himalayas is very unpredictable and changes a lot from time to time. So, it is important to pack wisely and include everything for every possible circumstance.

    Our detailed checklist will give you an idea of what to pack on this trip. But keep in mind that depending on your personal requirements as well as the duration of the tour, you may have to modify this checklist to some extent.

    Packing checklist
    Packing checklist for riders

    Tour Specifications


    The Himalayan region is in an uncharted territory. And if you are traveling alone, you would be too busy using the maps and navigation systems rather than enjoying the actual adventure. Which is why, all our motorbike expeditions are fully guided and supported.

    Throughout this trip, our experienced group leaders and support staff will be by your side to ensure that you focus on the beautiful aspects of off-road riding. Plus, the weather in these treacherous regions is unpredictable. A smart and experienced tour operator keeps this in mind and always has a contingency plan in case things go south.

    This Himalayan enduro tour includes a support vehicle that carries all the spare parts that might be needed during the trip with enough storage space to accommodate the luggage of fellow riders. Rest assured, you can easily store all your luggage and other utilities in the support vehicle. Furthermore, the support vehicle follows the group which allows you to access your belongings at any given time during the tour.

    The type of support vehicle is determined by the number of participants in the expedition. For this reason, we request you to pack only essentials and carry a maximum of 2 large bags (per rider) on this trip.

    The maximum number of riders that can join any group is limited to 12. Setting this small group size allows us to successfully carry out our planning. Typically, there are two group leaders for every 12 riders, so the ratio of riders to group leaders is 12:2 or 6:1.

    However, if yours is an exclusive private group of like-minded riders that wishes to increase this limit, the maximum number of riders allowed to participate in this case is 16.

    In order to execute this trip successfully, we require certain bare minimum number of participants.

    And if the tour has not reached this minimum prerequisite, we will inform all riders who have reserved a place on this tour and offer the following options as alternative:

    1. Cancel the tour and refund booking fee.
    2. Reschedule the reservation to another date.
    3. Run the tour as exclusive private (with additional surcharge).

    Owing to the treacherous, rugged landscape typical of the Himalayas, all remote villages around this region have either limited or no internet connectivity. These remote regions include: Kakstet, Pangong Tso, Hunder, Turtuk and Tsomoriri. At the base camp (Leh city), however, you will have a good network connection, so you can easily connect with the outside world as per your convenience.

    That said, if you plan to buy a dedicated SIM card upon arriving in India, keep in mind that both local or international service providers will work just as same.

    Regarded as an ideal adventure destination for bikers, we deliberately try to diversify the accommodations on this tour to highlight the cultural and traditional characteristics of the region.

    In the capital city of Leh, you will stay in premium 4- and 5-star hotels, while in the remote regions you will have the opportunity to experience both boutique accommodations and deluxe lakeside camps.

    Since the majority of people in the Indian Himalayas believe in Buddhism, vegetarian dishes are often on the menu. The locals go to great lengths to cater to the palates of their visitors. And while breakfast, lunch and dinner are often very similar for locals, as a tourist you can expect a variety of meals, including European, American, Italian, Chinese and authentic Indian.

    In the morning, travelers are usually served with bread, butter and tea, as well as eggs, cornflakes, milk and fruits. You can also enjoy authentic Indian dishes such as Aaloo Poori and Parantha, a typical breakfast enjoyed by Indian travelers.

    Anyone who wishes to participate in this Enduro Himalayan tour is required to have a valid driver’s license authorizing the participant to ride a two-wheeled motorbike. Beyond this legal requirement, there is no minimum age requirement to participate in this expedition.

    However, it is highly recommended to have at least 5 years of experience riding a two-wheeler before embarking on this extreme enduro adventure.

    This route includes both paved and unpaved roads. While most of the roads around the capital city are paved, the remote regions, however, are rugged due to the vagaries of the weather.

    Do keep in mind that conditions in these parts can deteriorate overnight owing to the possibility of landslides and avalanches. In short, you will experience a mix of everything from asphalt to harsh rocky trails.

    Each biker is different from the other and has different priorities or preferences while riding. Unfortunately, sometimes this can be problematic if you are not used to riding with an unfamiliar group. For this reason, we offer the possibility to customize all our Himalayas motorcycle tours, provided you come along with a group of at least 6 riders.

    As a private group you can change the destination, duration, terrain as well as the make of your motorbike.

    Motorbiking in the mountains of the Himalayas is and will always remain an adventurous sport that can at times be unsafe for the novice riders. For this reason, we advise you to exercise caution and wear all the essential safety gear that will protect you in case of a mishap. Rest assured, by following the standard safety precautions advised by our team, you will have a wonderful time.

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