Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Adults

Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Adults

Electrically powered dirt bikes are still rare in America’s dirt tracks, with many riders hesitating to switch to an electric one because of the limited range. However, many manufacturers are putting their trust in this sector and are further developing the electric engine to revamp the pre-existing dirt bike segment. U.S. manufacturer Zero, for instance, now has a large number of electric dirt bikes in the market.

The range of electric dirt bikes were relatively less a decade ago, lately the number has started growing and this segment is steadily emerging from its niche.

So, even if some hardcore petrol heads are skeptical about these noiseless two-wheelers, the current range of models (and the upcoming ones) clearly indicate that this perception will soon be superseded. Besides, even long-standing motorcycle companies like KTM have at least one electric version in the market.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and best electric dirt bikes that are currently available in the market.

Top 10 Electric Dirt Bikes For Adults

KTM Freeride E-XC

KTM Freeride E-XC

The Freeride has been in KTM’s line-up since 2014. The latest version of this extreme electric off-road bike is called the Freeride E-XC. It features an electric motor with 18 kW/24.5 HP of power and three different riding modes: Economy, Enduro, and Cross. One battery charge is enough for 90 minutes of fun riding even in difficult terrains.

Not only does the Freeride offer advantages in terms of the environment but the cost of maintaining this bike is reduced when compared to an equivalent motorcycle powered by combustion engine. For example, the cost to fully charge the E-XC is less than 0.9 dollars. This cost would be approximately 4-5 times higher in case of a petrol engine.

When operating at full throttle, the electric Freeride can reach a top speed of up to 80 km/h in mode 3 (max. 18 kW; mode 2 up to 16 kW), while in mode 1 it even performs energy conservation. Its wider handlebars, beefed-up suspension, and redesigned forks significantly improve directional stability, handling, and control.

Coupled with its impressive running time, the Freeride E-XC is an outstanding dirt bike for everyday practice without causing noise-sensitive neighbors to run amok.

PS: With this new electric dirt bike comes KTM’s long-term commitment to e-mobility, which started 10 years ago in KTM’s R&D department in Mattighofen, Austria. Upcoming plans for this Austrian brand include a range of bikes such as e-minis and e-scooters, and a strengthening of the partnership with Pexco to offer new possibilities in crossover segment.

Price: USD 10,499

Kuberg Ranger

Kuberg Ranger

The Czech-based company Kuberg has introduced its electric-powered dirt bike Kuberg Ranger, which astonishes enthusiasts with a number of features. One of them includes an air-suspended seat mechanism that folds down when not in use.

In terms of power, the Kuberg Ranger is driven by an 8 kW/14 kW electric motor, with a maximum speed of 80 km/h, depending on the model. Its twin battery is designed to allow a range of 100 kilometers with a combined capacity of 2.3 kWh in Eco mode.

When in Race mode, the battery lasts around 75 minutes. And with the reserve from second battery, it lasts up to 120 minutes at full power. When not running at full throttle all the time, you get a range of 30 kilometers in race mode, and around 60 kilometers with secondary battery.

At the front a fully adjustable Manitou Dorado fork with 180 mm travel provides decent shock absorption. In addition, the Tektro Orion 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes ensure a decent stopping power, which is also responsible for energy regeneration from the braking.

There are no gears to change, as the Kuberg Ranger does not use a clutch or transmission. Above all, the top model comes with a small trailer that can be hitched to the rear wheel. While only 30 kg can be transported, that is still more than what you can fit in your backpack.

Price: USD 8,799

Kuberg Freerider

Kuberg Freerider

The Freerider, as the name suggests, is meant for anybody looking to wander into the woods or in the trails. This is a pretty unique electric bike, that falls somewhere in between the mountain bike and an off-road dirt bike. Featuring an electric motor, the Kuberg Freerider is capable of around 55 km/h with its 8-kW output, so not only are they build to go over anything, they are also built to get there really quickly!

Apart from the 8kW motor, this electric dirt bike is offered in 12kW & 14kW output as well. The top speed for these premium models can go up to 85km/h!

With 180 millimeters, the suspension travel is quite decent and will run over all sorts of terrain with ease. In addition, the brakes are made of special rubber, to prevent overheating and thus prolong the durability. There is also a W-LAN connection on board to share the best lap times out with the riding community, which is also controllable through any smart phone.

One of the most versatile bikes in the electric market, the Freerider is a lightweight, incredibly powerful, ultra-fast, and yet easy to ride dirt bike. So, whether you are looking for something fun to ride, to cruise with the kids, to commute, or to take along your camper, look no further than the Freerider.

Price: USD 4,999

Zero FX ZF 7.2

Zero FX ZF 7.2

With a weight of 131 kilograms, the Zero FX ZF7.2 is the easiest of all electric dirt bikes to maneuver and control on any kind of dirt track. At take-off, the acceleration is both smooth and responsive, thanks to the brushless motor.

Japanese rubber tires from IRC mounted on the narrow-spoked wheels delivers ample amount of traction. And the rear wheel brakes are very responsive as well. Moreover, this e-bike imparts full confidence to the rider even around the curves and while drifting.

The FX Zero corners quite precisely on dirt due to its narrow tires. In addition, thanks to its wide handlebars, shorter wheelbase, and fairly sharp turning radius (64 degrees), the handling is also very good. The 41 mm inverted cartridge forks from Showa exhibit a decent performance and handle even the roughest and deepest bumps quite efficiently.

Performance wise, its 46 HP (34 kW) motor is capable of going up to a maximum speed of 137 km/h. Other noteworthy features include; a clutch less direct drive transmission system, Bosch Gen 9 ABS, Pirelli Scorpion tires, and a single Z-Force® Li-Ion battery that can last up to 146 kilometers on highway and around 63 kilometers off-road.

Price: USD 11,595

Electric Motion Escape

Electric Motion Escape

Are you looking for a soul mate? Well, look no further than Electric Motion’s Escape.

Agreed, a dirt bike may not be an ideal replacement when it comes to cuddling or holding hands. But you won’t have to invite it to dinner either!

On a serious note, you may be wondering what exactly are we talking about? A French-based manufacturer in 2010 came up with its first electric dirt bike. And with years of research and redesign, they finally came up with Escape, which is a more refined, agile, and performance centric e-bike.

Riders can even purchase a model with an option to make it road legal (lights, license plate holder, indicators, mirrors).

It comes equipped with a permanent magnet motor with a rated power of 6 kW and a maximum power of 11 kW. It has a 50.4 V lithium-ion battery with a top speed of 75 km/h and a riding range of 61 kilometers.

Battery charging time is approximately 4 hours with a 15A charger, whereas with a 25A charger the charging time is approximately 2 hours. It has a steel frame, telescopic fork with 175 mm travel, rear central shock absorber with 170 mm travel, adjustable suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and ground clearance of 320 mm.

Price: USD 10,299

Sur-Ron X Bike

Sur-Ron X Bike

With global environmental issues, many car and motorcycle brands have had to resort to alternatives to develop energy efficient products. Even bicycle brands have started to develop innovative products to compete in this segment. With the introduction of Sur Ron, the first lightweight electric off-road bike, with a modern and cross-country look, things got more interesting.

Its power unit is similar to a 110cc motorbike, making it ideal for day-to-day commute as well as weekend off-road activities. The tires, suspension, and brakes are all built in accordance with off-roading standards.

With its ultra-light weight (50 kilograms), it significantly lowered the barrier to enter into the off-roading segment for riders!

What’s more? The Sur-Ron has developed a new way to play with off-road motorcycles and has become a great companion in exploring and discovering new roads, making off-roading and adventure easy for everyone.

The Sur-Ron has a massive 60V 32Ah battery pack which is almost 2000-watt hours! It also comes equipped with an electric motor that has a maximum power of 6kW, moreover, this amount of power is packed into a lightweight and well-engineered frame that easily handles heavy off-road jumps.

Thanks to a substantial reduction in RPMs between the engine and the rear wheel, the requirement for battery booster is reduced, thus the engine also runs more economically.

Price: USD 4,200

Segway Dirt eBike X260

Segway Dirt eBike X260

Segway’s dirt bike is based on the Sur-Ron X electric bike. Since Segway is a major shareholder in Sur-Ron, the electric dirt bike presumably is a joint development of both. As a result, Segway is very much similar to the Sur-Ron X.

The biggest difference, however, is the Segway Ninebot app which connects to the e-bike via Bluetooth and allows the rider to select different speed modes and tune the power.

The app also has a torque boost feature that allows you to adjust the motorcycle’s throttle response. Regenerative braking power is another feature in the app that allows you to customize the charging of battery via braking.

Two models of the Segway Dirt eBike are currently available in the market: X260 and X160. These two models differ primarily in terms of performance, size, and weight.

The more powerful and bigger model is the X260, which is intended to reach a maximum speed of 75 km/h. Thanks to a 32Ah lithium battery, which can be fully recharged in 4 hours, a maximum riding distance of 120 kilometers is possible. In addition, the electric motor delivers around 6.7 HP of power at its peak.

Up front, you also get a 19-inch tire specifically built for off-road use. Along with this, a long and fully adjustable upside-down fork is also included. When it comes to weight, Segway flaunts a feather-light figure of just 55 kilograms.

Price: USD 4,999

Segway Dirt eBike X160

Segway Dirt eBike X160

The X160 is slightly smaller and lighter version of its sibling X260. It is therefore primarily designed to be used in terrain where low weight of the bike is preferred over high engine power.

A lightweight aluminum frame is used in the construction of X160. Furthermore, its wheelbase is slightly smaller than that of X260, measuring 1,250 mm compared to 1,265 mm for the X260. In addition, the seat height has been lowered from 810 mm to 760 mm.

Segway has installed a 20Ah lithium battery in the smaller version, which can also be recharged in 4 hours which further allows a maximum riding range of 65 kilometers.

In addition, the motor only has 5 HP of maximum output, which means that the maximum speed, is also reduced to around 50 km/h. Segway also equips the X160 with a 17-inch front wheel. However, the X160, due to its tremendous weight reduction now weighs in at just 47 kilograms. The headlamp has also been removed, consequently, potential buyers will have to forgo off-road rides in the dark.

Other noteworthy features include; adjustable frame to support riders of all sizes, multiple color options, world-wide shipping, and Bluetooth connectivity that lets you connect with Segway Ninebot app.

Price: USD 3,499

Bultaco Brinco R

Bultaco Brinco R

This caught us by surprise, and yet it has come at the perfect time. We are talking about the new Bultaco Brinco! The brand has stated a top speed of 60 km/h, a weight of 39 kilograms, and an approximate riding distance of 100 kilometers.

Surely there are others out there who, like us, do not feel the need to name everything. But when it comes to a vehicle, it is essential to define exactly what it is and to name it correctly so that it is bound by one set of rules and not others.

In this case, we are talking about a two-wheeled vehicle with pedals and a small electric motor. However, not only does it exceed the 25km/h limit to remain as a hybrid bicycle, but it also goes beyond the 45km/h maximum speed limit applicable to a moped. Thus, making it an electric dirt bike!

Thanks to the conventional bicycle frame, the compact dimensions are retained for this dirt bike. The only exception, however, is the presence of a motor that is mounted underneath. This 1 kW electric motor is attached to the main frame and has a small capacity lithium-ion battery. Charging the battery takes just a couple of hours from a regular socket.

There are three different modes in which the dirt bike can be used: Sport, Tour, and Economy.

Eco mode does not give any independence to the rider, all the engine does in Eco mode is assist you in pedalling. The rider has the option to exert less effort and thereby cover farther distances. Using Eco mode, you can keep the engine running for about 100km.

Likewise, tour mode allows you a riding distance of around 75 kilometers. And when in sports mode, all you need to do is ride your bicycle like an e-bike with the help of electric motor and this will give you a maximum riding distance of 60 kilometers.

Price: USD 5,400

Oset 24.0 Racing

Oset 24.0 Racing

Often times, you come across certain things in the market you didn’t knew you wanted, till that particular time. Oset 24.0 Racing is one such electric dirt bike model, that you can’t stop yourself from putting your hands on; A completely electric off road dirt bike meant specifically for big boys and girls.

At 46 kilograms, Oset 24.0 is a lightweight unit that’s easy to carry, and offers a completely maintenance free operation, making it economical in all aspects.

Powering the 24.0 is a 20Ah Li-Ion battery from Sony. The power output of the motor measures around 1.4 kW on average. In addition, its maximum power is stated at 8 kW (i.e., 10.4 HP). Depending on the weight of rider, battery runtimes can vary massively. For instance, a rider with 90 kilograms of weight can ride this electric dirt bike for approximately 45 minutes on off road trails.

The battery status is always displayed on the monitor, and while recharging, it may take at least 4.5 hours to get close to a 100% level.

All in all, the Oset 24.0 is not the most common dirt bike, however, its handling is certainly something to behold. Due to its ultra-light weight and compact design, it can be transported into a car to your nearest dirt bike park. And since it’s an electric model, you can ride it in your backyard and still cause no nuance to the neighbours.

Price: USD 4,399

Cake Kalk OR Electric Bike

Cake Kalk OR

Cake, a Swedish manufacturer of light electric off-road motorcycles, recently introduced Kalk OR. The Kalk OR is really light in weight making it an ideal off-road electric bike.

The blend of enduro, trail, and electric bike is intended for both adventurous explorations across rugged terrain as well as to commute daily through the city.

Since, the development has been inspired by off-road and enduro mountain bikes, this e-bike has a streamlined design and minimalist features.

Appearance wise, it looks like an outfit styled for a very hip, sporty, college student. Yet, in comparison to similar brands who are still struggling to overcome sparkles, it looks surprisingly sophisticated and a step ahead from its peers.

Furthermore, an impressive 910 mm seat height, places the Kalk OR in the category of entry-level enduros such as the KTM Freeride!

And then, before we even start riding, we are provided with 3 different riding modes; a top speed of 45 km/h on Explore mode with 3-4 hours of riding time, a top speed of 70km/h for 1 to 2 hours of touring in Excite mode, and full throttle (+90km/h) in Excel mode with a riding time of 1 hour where all you care about is power and performance!

Price: USD 13,000

Our Verdict: Best Electric Dirt Bike of 2022

Representing the latest generation of electric bikes, 2022 KTM Freeride E-XC is in our opinion the best electric dirt bike that is currently available in the market basis performance, maintenance, operability, price, and brand value.

KTM’s Freeride is a hell lot of fun and surprisingly uncomplicated to operate. With its three different power levels, everyone from beginners to professionals have something to look forward to. What’s amazing is how smoothly you can start off with the Freeride even in difficult terrains with the help of electric motor that has a characteristically high torque.

Naturally, the cutting-edge technology costs more money and you would also need a second battery in case you are planning for a longer practice session. But nonetheless, if you feel like conquering a mountain, Freeride E-XC is the right choice for you.