Best Motorcycle Racing Gloves

Best Motorcycle Racing Gloves

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Are you the type of biker who likes to touch his/her knee down while cornering on a track? Or someone who intends to do so but needs to gather all the necessary resources first? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

So now that you have decided which motorcycle glove is right for you, it’s about time you plunged into the world of racing gloves and shortlist one. And while this may look like a huge task, we will be here to guide you through the process.

Truth be told, we have come across so many folks who have ended up replacing their first gloves without even using them. And there is nothing more disheartening than seeing a glove that has not lived up to their expectations. This is why it is so important that you do your research and make sure that you pick the right one.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with the best buying guide that will help you choose the right pair of racing gloves, ranging from the best performing to the most economical, in order to cater all the lovely riders out there.

Best Racing Gloves

Dainese Full Metal 6 Gloves

Dainese Full Metal 6 Gloves

Founded in 1968 by Lino Dainese, this Italian brand offers a wide range of protective gear for motorcyclists. When it comes to motorcycle gloves, Dainese offers a wide range of models to choose from. Design, color, protection, fabric, etc., there are gloves for all tastes and all needs.

Speaking of Dainese’s Full Metal 6 Gloves, this Italian manufacturer demonstrates its expertise in both performance as well as protection.

The first strong point of these motorcycle gloves is their ultra-modern and trendy look. In addition, there are 4 colors to choose from. And of course, these gloves offer great performance, with many protective elements that ensure safety of motorcyclists.

They are made from goat leather which ensures both resistance and flexibility of the glove. You get thermoplastic resin inserts on the side of the pinky finger (external inserts), aramid fiber reinforcements on the phalanges and palm, and polyurethane insert on the palms. Additionally, you also get titanium and carbon fiber reinforcements on the knuckles as well as on the back side of the glove.

Furthermore, Full Metal 6 is very comfortable and flexible. Thanks to its elastic inserts, your fingers can move freely inside the glove. Yet, its construction ensures that it is abrasion resistant as well. Secondly, the cuff is practical and the fit of the wrist is extremely secure. Lastly, the CE approval on this pair further confirms the quality of this glove.

Price: $459


  • Premium track glove / performance glove
  • Preformed and pre-curved cuffs
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Quad elastication
  • Hard knuckles (carbon fiber & titanium)
  • Reinforced leather
  • CE certified
REV'IT! Jerez 3 Gloves

REV'IT! Jerez 3 Gloves

You can recognize this brand through its innovative, stylish, and high-performance clothing, which is often worn by riders competing in the MotoGP class. In fact, it earned its first title in 2019, equipping Lorenzo Dalla Porta in the Moto3 category.

This pair of racing gloves from REV’IT are easily distinguished by their sporty and distinctive look. Moreover, they come in 4 colors (black, yellow, red, and white) to suit all kinds of tastes and preferences. This particular model is also constructed using several high-quality soft leathers. Thus, making it durable, robust and extremely lightweight.

On the safety side, this premium pair of glove is an excellent choice: In addition to its long cuff, it features ultra-efficient guards, sliders, and inserts to protect your hand. Plus, it’s a fairly new product in REV’IT’s lineup, and that too with CE certification.

The fact that these gloves are very responsive to the controls around the handlebars is much appreciated by riders as well. You won’t find anything more technical and protective than this third generation of Jerez gloves with its kangaroo leather, hard TPU protector, and harmonica construction.

Indeed, this is one of the most expensive motorcycle gloves on the market, but its price is fairly reasonable when matched with its performance.

Price: $449


  • Made from Pittards® Armortan goat leather
  • Blend of cowhide and kangaroo leather
  • Hard TPU knuckles
  • Ventilated & breathable technology
  • Outer stitched
  • 3D air mesh
  • Performance centric glove with MotoGP technology
Held Phantom II Gloves

Held Phantom II Gloves

For years, Phantom has accompanied track racers with their phenomenal performance and reliability, and has never failed to impress. And with the launch of Phantom II, Held has succeeded in creating a glove that not only looks good, but also exudes sheer competence.

Although the glove seems a bit more performance-oriented than more vivid alternatives from Alpinestars and the like, yet, all the seams, the choice of fabrics and, of course, the cut, looks splendid.

And with this subtle look, the Phantom II offers an incredible comfort due to the lack of plastic knickknacks. Besides, the palm, which is made from a single piece of material, ensures that nothing pinches or constricts while riding.

Engineered with high abrasion resistant kangaroo leather and rayskin, you can expect a genuine impact protection thanks to the special titanium knuckle shell and absorbent foam. Moreover, a special step seam eliminates pressure points and improves the comfort of the palm. Not to forget the GFK protectors covered with Superfabric material on the edges of the hand that further reduces the risk of injury.

Price: $399


  • Premium Kangaroo leather
  • Visor wiper
  • SUPERFABRIC reinforcements
  • Unlined outer shell
  • GFK protectors
  • Kevlar protected back
  • Titanium knuckle reinforcements
Alpinestars Supertech Gloves

Alpinestars Supertech Gloves

With Supertech, Alpinestars guarantees comfort, quality, safety and a high level of satisfaction. These gloves are more than enough in comparison to other gloves available in the market.

Alpinestars has combined both performance as well as protection by designing a pair of gloves made from goatskin and kangaroo leather, offering great flexibility, durability and resistance. They also feature Carbon X fabric inserts with a high resistance to heat as well as abrasion, which further allows them to withstand the most adverse circumstances.

Thanks to the Schoeller-Keprotec reinforcements on the palm, back, thumb, forefingers, as well as the last knuckle of each of the first three fingers, these gloves offer unsurpassed resistance against abrasion.

These Racing Gloves are engineered to maximize rider protection with 3D injected TPU finger sliders, ergonomic Arshield reinforcements, and aramid fiber inner linings. In addition, these are CE certified (CE EN13594, level 2).

All in all, these Supertech racing gloves are of impeccable quality. The riders can feel safe and secure without actually bulking their hands with thick padding. And the finish on these gloves looks great as well, so does the stitching on the top which is unlike any other track glove.

Price: $399


  • Constructed from kangaroo and cow leather
  • DFS (Dynamic Friction Shield) knuckle protectors
  • Velcro® closures
  • Pre-shaped fingers and thumb
  • Outer lining made from DuPont™ Kevlar®
  • Air intake & exhaust vents around knuckles
  • Stretchable palm
  • CE certified (level 2)
Knox Handroid MK4 Gloves

Knox Handroid MK4 Gloves

“Gloves that came straight out of a Marvel movie”, is the first impression most riders give when they look at the Handroid MK4.

While this particular look is not new and has already been tried and tested on the Handroid MK3 version that is priced around $150, the 4th edition is the most advanced version. The MK4 features a whole new range of technology designed to offer maximum protection and comfort.

Some noteworthy features include; Scaphoid Protection System on the palm that is supported by an additional inner cuff slider, genuine kangaroo leather construction, cowhide leather around the cuffs, and the exoskeletal flexible finger spines that protects the thumb, knuckles, and fingers while simultaneously ensuring complete agility.

An aggressive and distinctive look of this glove does not leave one unmoved. And while for some, it is an advantage with its strong visual identity, but for others, it is a problem as it is too type-specific or too manly. Regardless, this is a sporty glove with very high standards of protection with no compromise on comfort!

And for the ones who would like to be as protected and stylish on the road without having that big, race-oriented cuff, the MK4 exists in a short version as well: the Handroid Pod MK4, which shares the same features but with a shorter cuff.

Price: $299


  • 8mm thick kangaroo leather
  • Dialed-in BOA closure mechanism
  • Exoskeletal protection
  • Soft cow leather around cuffs
  • CE certified (EN 13594- 2015)
Alpinestars GP Pro R3 Gloves

Alpinestars GP Pro R3 Gloves

Since its inception in 1963, the Italian brand Alpinestars has earned international recognition primarily for its motorcycle boots. Lately, they have been offering a wide range of protective clothing and equipment including gloves, jackets, overalls, etc. Speaking of motorcycle gloves, Alpinestars has combined practicality and simplicity. Its glove line entirely reflects expertise and know-how.

With the GP Pro, this Italian manufacturer has provided racing bikers the best possible access to its top-quality production line that guarantees optimal protection. And this particular model reflects the brands extreme commitment towards quality, fineness, and detailing.

Going down the construction, it has a goatskin primary construction with kangaroo skin around the palm blended with cowhide leather. So, you have a real leather glove with three different types of skin that comes into play.

Moreover, they added an accordion stretch all along the back of the palm which also covers the back of the fingers. The outer seam palm construction protects the hand from stitching that may cause discomfort inside the glove when you are operating your controls.

Further, the proprietary finger bridge from Alpinestars, helps minimize injury to the pinky during a lowside situation. And a tough palm slider and rock-solid protection on the gauntlet prevents the glove from scraping the road during a slip.

Price: $269


  • Three types of leather used in construction
  • Finger bridge with TPU protection
  • Long cuffs
  • Thumb, pinky, and palm reinforcements
  • Outer seam construction
  • CE certified (level 2)
Scorpion EXO SG3 MK II Gloves

Scorpion EXO SG3 MK II Gloves

At a time when gloves are becoming more and more expensive and are giving less value for money, we praise Scorpion for leading the way in making more affordable race gloves. With the new Scorpion EXO SG3 MK II, riders can now enjoy the same amount of performance and safety that comes with a track glove, without burning a hole in their pocket.

Amongst our favorite features is the ergonomically padded and more flexible knuckles made from carbon fiber, unlike the TPR’s that were used in previous models. You also get much improved flexibility on the back of the hand, plus, by changing their Kevlar stitching into regular stitching the durability is further increased by several folds.

Another thing that is striking in SG3 is their upgraded cuff design, which is now featuring a large TPR with a wide closure. Furthermore, a kangaroo leather palm has been abandoned in favor of goatskin, making them more abrasion resistant and extremely strong and durable.

To conclude; EXO SG3 MK II are an amazing pair of racing gloves, which will truly inspire you and give you confidence whether you are into sport riding, sport touring, or just practicing on the track. You can use these pair across a wide range of scenarios!

Price: $89


  • Carbon fiber knuckle protectors
  • TPU finger protectors
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Perforated goat skin
  • SPS palm sliders
  • Ideal for beginner track bikers
Alpinestars SP-8 V3 Gloves

Alpinestars SP-8 V3 Gloves

Featuring sporty characteristics, the SP-8 V3 has been designed and developed from premium goatskin leather and durable synthetic material using SP dual-density knuckle protection, which draws its inspiration from MotoGP.

Came as a replacement for the SP-8 V2, it is characterized by a pre-shaped finger frame, Velcro closure, and a completely new profiled grip insert on palm and thumb, making it ideal for track.

The cuff of the glove acts as a soft foam protector to protect the back of the hand and an accordion stretch panel allows the glove to bend. Whereas, on the knuckles, you have a standard TPU protector with two small ventilation holes to ensure air circulation.

Also included in the glove is a high-quality synthetic suede palm reinforcement to intensify grip, handling and durability. You are also offered with special Arshield reinforcement on the palm that increases its resistance to abrasion, and a bridge at the third and fourth finger patented by Alpinestars that protects the fingers from stretching too much in case you slip.

It also features a microfiber and PU insert located on the palm and thumb to accommodate movement and responsiveness.

Price: $99


  • Full-grain goat leather construction
  • MotoGP-derived SP knuckle protector
  • Touch screen compatible finger & thumb
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Arshield reinforcement
  • Bridge across third & fourth finger
  • Race inspired premium gloves
Dainese MIG C2 Gloves

Dainese MIG C2 Gloves

Not just performance, Dainese also devotes a lot of attention to the look of its products, especially when it comes to its motorcycle gloves, which is clearly evident with its MIG C2.

The MIG C2 reflects the craftsmanship and competence of Dainese. These summer track gloves are perfect for riding safely and comfortably without compromising on style.

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For starters, these pair of gloves feature a sporty design which makes them an excellent choice, especially for the style-conscious bikers. However, these racing gloves are also ideal if you wish to keep your hands ventilated and comfortable on a sunny day. This is because the MIG C2 features a combination of high-quality cowhide and mesh inserts.

Furthermore, these gloves ensure a high level of resistance to abrasion and provide a good overall performance thanks to the quality of the materials used.  When it comes to fit, the Velcro wrist strap and an adjustable cuff closure ensures a perfect fit. Moreover, these motorcycle gloves are incredibly flexible thanks to the pre-curved design around the fingers.

With regard to safety, there is absolutely nothing to worry about as well. In addition to being equipped with protective shells, these gloves are also CE certified to meet the level 1 standard. In short, the Dainese MIG C2 offers a very good price/performance ratio.

Price: $99


  • Race-inspired performance gloves
  • Featuring short-cuffs
  • Polyurethane knuckle inserts
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Mesh fabric for breathability
  • CE certified (level 1)
Alpinestars SP-5 Gloves

Alpinestars SP-5 Gloves

Yet another sporty racing glove that came straight out of the Marvel movie is the new Alpinestars SP-5. Featuring Touch Tech fingers as well as a blend of cowhide and goatskin construction, these are an ideal pair of racing gloves for hot weather.

And one of the new things Alpinestars has come up with in recent years is the additional protection around thumb flex or “Thenar Webspace”. In other words, you get this large stretch panel that helps in protecting your delicate thumb muscle if you slip, yet offering more room while you are riding.

Other noteworthy features include; leatherette lining on the back of the cuff, shock absorbing EVA foam padding on the fingers, and a bridge between the third and fourth fingers for additional protection to the pinky.

In addition, you get two ventilation holes on the knuckles, which are covered with over-molded polymers, Velcro® wrist adjusters and wide closures on the cuff that ensure a secure and snug fit, and a microfiber and PU grip insert positioned prominently in key locations on the palm and thumb for additional resistance against abrasion.

Price: $94


  • Ideal for sports riders
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Palm and fingers padded with EVA foam
  • Velcro® closures
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Third and fourth finger bridge
  • Polymer knuckle protectors

Bottom Line

Just like any other product available in the market, gloves feature both economical as well as high performance range. This being said, even the less expensive ones we have listed here are brilliant when it comes to safety as well as comfort.

To conclude, we would like to say one thing: Always compare the gloves basis their safety, performance, and price. The aesthetics of any gloves should be the last thing to consider.

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Hope you enjoyed this article, let us know in case you need additional information. Godspeed!