Best Motorcycles For Women Riders

Best Motorcycles For Women Riders

There are some distinctions between male and female motorcyclists with respect to the stature. By and large women are smaller than male motorcyclists when it comes to height, inseam, weight and all related things that play a role in your comfort level with the bike.

The decision to purchase a motorcycle without considering your inseam length, especially if you’re a beginner female rider can be quite unsatisfactory. You obviously want a flat foot to be able to handle the bike as it’ll just take away a little bit more anxiety if you know that you can ride that bike and not have to worry about making contact with ground. So the decision of choosing a motorcycle should always be considered while keeping your stature in mind.

Similarly, the distance from palm to reaching the levers might become really uncomfortable if you have smaller hands. It’s also true that it’s easier to handle a lighter weight bike, to pick it up if you tip it over and to build up confidence on it. If you’re somewhat lacking in that it’s always an adjustment period to get accustomed to your bike.

And then of course, whole women tend to weigh less than men too. So it is best to choose a bike that is apt for your built which will eventually make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

The world of motorcycles is predominantly male, so bikes are designed with male anatomy and physiology. But the good news is; lately many established motorcycle brands have started working around to support this emerging community as well. Let’s take a look at some of these best motorcycles for women riders.

Honda CB300R for women riders

Honda CB300R

Number one our list is the affordable and lovable Honda CB300R. There are a lot of cruiser bikes out there that are marketed to beginner female riders so the Honda CB300R is certainly refreshing the entire list. It is nimble and looks like it belongs on a track so if you’re looking for a sporty look it’s definitely the bike for you. It’s fully customizable and has tons of aftermarket support, comes with ABS and its priced just around $5,000 MSRP for a brand new base model.

One of the things that makes the Honda CB300R stand out for women riders is the narrow design. It’s not as bulky to straddle which means it’s easier to plant your feet because that single cylinder engine has got more control.

With its six speed transmission and stupendous handling, CB300R is a perfect fit for short heighted riders.

Yamaha V Star 250 for ladies

Yamaha V Star 250

The V Star 250 is a small displacement bike among beginner motorcycles. This is typically made for a completely new rider who is looking to learn and become a pro. Many riders have started their journey of being a motorcyclist from V Star.  The brand has managed to defy all the odds and have all the prerequisites in one single motorcycle engine. It weighs around 326 pounds, so well within a manageable range. The seat position makes it one of the easiest bikes to scoot around on when you need to walk beside a bike.

It is the hard truth that women just do not have the same muscle mass or upper body strength as their male counterparts, so a bike that’s light such as the V Star 250 is the ideal and perfect match. On the highway the power builds out smoothly, thanks to v-twin engine. The handlebars are positioned way better than the previous models and is priced around $4,499 for the base variant.

The Kawasaki Ninja 300

The Kawasaki Ninja 300

The Ninja 300 actually started out as a 250 model but like most manufacturers it ended up doing a flat 300. Lately, it produces a 400cc as well.  It looks just like the Super Sport version and weighs in at 380 pounds. Even though it’s more expensive than the Honda CBR it’s still pretty decently priced. So if you are not centric about buying a cheap motorcycle as a beginner, the Ninja 300 can be the most ideal option for you.

The Ninja line is pretty light across the board and the aerodynamics actually make the posturing a solid fit for women. If you never got a chance to sit on one before, we highly recommend trying it out today. This is a complete package of big bike performance in a completely manageable set of wheels. So if the aggressive posture of sport bikes isn’t your thing or if you don’t like the feeling of riding high up, check out this bike today. The Non ABS variant is retailed around $5,199 whereas the ABS variant is retailed around $5,599.

Yamaha V Star 650

Yamaha V Star 650

On the number four spot we have the V Star 650. It makes an appearance as a classic or a custom and is universally known as the 650. Yamaha has kept it in production for more than two decades because it’s a fan favorite, it’s got a low seat height, low center of gravity and a powerful engine comfort with a pretty easy maneuverability.

The bikes was launched after a long market research, hence you can find every single desirable quality in this single motorcycle. Even though it has a 650cc engine, a lot of women riders buy this as their starter bike. So both new and experienced riders can enjoy this one. The base price starts around $6,990 MSRP for the base variant.



Number five on the list is the BMW G310R, a new bike that has been launched recently. The first thing you will notice about the G310R is its styling that adds a much needed dose of freshness to the motorcycle’s appearance. It’s very lightweight, easy to maneuver, and you can just push it around the corners without any difficulties.

As with so many things in life, one of the things that you can take for granted from BMW is the quality. Be it the finish of triple clamp or the quality of switch gear or the overall body paint; The G310R is a motorcycle that has been really put together.  

It is a good beginner bike that comes along with a 313cc engine and a seat height of 30.9 inches. Its single cylinder engine makes it ultra-smooth on highways. With a max speed of 145 Km/hour the bike is retailed for around $5,250 MSRP.

Top 5 Motorcycles For Beginner Women Riders

The first thing you want to do is you want to get a good bike. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a used motorcycle or a brand new one, provided you have done your due diligence before purchasing. In this article we will discuss about the top 5 new motorcycles that are great starter bikes for women.

Honda Rebel For Beginner Women Riders

Honda Rebel

So the first motorcycle on our list is the infamous Honda Rebel and not the little 250 that you learn on in the classes. Honda recently came out with their newest edition of the Honda Rebel 300 cc and 500 cc versions. They look staggering and fit the aesthetics of almost all the average built female riders. So if you’re looking for a great starter bike within affordable range, Honda Rebel is the answer. Rebel comes with a seat height of around 27.5 inches and it weighs less than 400 pounds, making it an absolutely astounding cruiser that works pretty well as a beginner bike.

Don’t let the displacement size scare you as it is very easy to handle even while riding at low speeds. The base MSRP for Honda Rebel 300 is around $4,599 and the base MSRP for Honda Rebel 500 is around $6,299.

Harley Davidson Street

Harley Davidson Street

The second really great introductory brand new motorcycle that you can walk into a dealership and buy is the Harley Davidson Street series (500cc & 750cc). These bikes are specifically designed for smaller newer lightweight women riders. Obviously they’re not specific to ladies but since its launch it has been quite popular among this group of motorcyclists.  

Harley Davidson Street motorcycle is the entry gateway into the flagship monster series. They start out at a 500cc and a 750 cc model and are surprisingly lower than you would have imagine. The seat height comes in right around 25.7 inches with an overall weight distribution of 489 pounds. So if you’re short woman rider and your body physique is slim; Harley Street can prove to be a fantastic starter bike for you. With the base MSRP of $9,995 (Street 500cc), this machine is absolutely stunning and a perfect answer for your bike hunt.

Harley Iron 883

Harley Iron 883

The Harley Iron 883 is the king of the beginner motorcycle segment. This bike is one of the most customizable Harley’s that you can see on the freeway. Cruising down the interstate wrapping around the cities along with friends, this bike is the most versatile you will ever see. The seat height is exactly the same as the Street series coming in at 25.7 inches. Weighing just around 562 pounds it’s going to feel like a Harley Davidson while you’re riding yet perfectly uncomplicated and trouble free for new riders. This beautiful cult classic bike comes in right at $9,499 MSRP for the base variant.

Honda Grom

Honda Grom

The Honda Grom is roughly around 125 cc and is proven to be the most ideal beginner motorcycle for passionate women riders.  They are very affordable, economical and quite easy to maintain. Obviously you are not going to be hauling down the freeway doing 80 miles/hour, but honestly you won’t ever think of anything else once you have Honda Grom parked in your garage.

The seat height is 30 inches making it ideal for women riders with long legs. Yet again like any beginner lightweight motorcycle, Grom weighs just 225 pounds. Besides, they are easy to customize and you can literally get a body panel in every single color you desire.

Not only are they just so much fun, but they’re pretty easy on the wallet as well. The base price for Honda Grom starts from $3,399 MSRP. So what are you waiting for? Bring on the Gromance!

Honda Shadow

Honda Shadow

Last but certainly not least on our list of best beginners motorcycle for woman is the Honda Shadow Series. The Shadow Aero, Shadow Phantom, and Shadow Spirit they all come with a 750 cc powerful engine that allows you to do literally anything you want with these bikes. You can customize them like daggers, or chop them down like bobbers; you can even turn them into café racers if you are willing to go full on chopper.

The shadow series are meant for big girl that require a large leg space to ride. With the seat height of around 29.4 inches, you probably are not going to need a bigger bike any time sooner. The ride is super comfortable with its 750 cc engine. It weighs around 550 pounds so you’re not going to blow out off the highway when a gust of wind hits you!

It’s just the perfect beginner bike and priced roughly around $7,899 MSRP for the base variant.

Best Motorcycles For Short Woman Rider

Kawasaki Vulcan For Short Woman Rider

Kawasaki Vulcan S

Our first choice for short woman riders is the Kawasaki Vulcan S. Priced at $7,099 MSRP; Vulcan is a 4-stroke two-cylinder liquid cooled engine with a 649 cc engine. It is a six-speed motorcycle having a seat height of around 27.8 inches. So if you are a 5 foot tall rider, you can get along with this bike pretty easily. Moreover, you also get adjustable foot pegs and levers to make the ride more comfortable.

The wheel base is pretty long (62 inches) that gives a very stable handling. The curb weight is 498 pounds and has 3.7 gallon tank, so you’re going to get a lot of weight with that. But due to the low seat height and a very low center of gravity, you will not face any problems with respect to its handling. So if you are a new rider fancying a nice stylish motorcycle or even if you are an experienced rider looking for a daily commute bike; Vulcan S will definitely fit the bill.

Suzuki Boulevard S40

Suzuki Boulevard S40

Priced at around $5,699; the new Suzuki Boulevard S40 is a 652 cc 4-stroke air-cooled single cylinder engine with an electric starter and five-speed transmission. It is belt driven so no chain maintenance on this one is required. The bike weighs around 381 pounds so it is actually much lighter than its peers. The seat height is 27.6 inches and has a ground clearance of 5.3 inches.

The Boulevard is a low maintenance motorcycle capable of doing freeway speeds pretty comfortably. Similar to the Suzuki VL250, S40 is a go-to bike for shorter riders. Due to its light weight and low set height, this bike is very accommodating to new riders who might be chasing the cruiser look in a larger capacity but not necessarily wanting the burden of weight usually associated with cruiser style bikes. The Suzuki S40 has a tear drop 10 liter fuel tank and a flat narrow handle bar design to complement its sporty styling.

Triumph Street Twin

Triumph Street Twin

Mixing the sporty nature of Thruxton R and the laid-back riding stance of the Bonneville, the Triumph Street Twin gives you the best of both worlds. With a 900cc powerful engine, parallel twin motor and 80Nm of torque, Street Twin is made to set the tarmac on fire.

With a seat height of 30.1 inches, it gives you a ride which is controlled, engaging and comfortable. The sweet raspy soundtrack from the twin exhaust pipes ensures that you smile while riding. So if you are looking for a bike to commute in the traffic or for a long distance motorcycle tour; this bike is ready to perform equally well in all scenarios.

One thing that you will not experience in any other bike is the way you feel around the engine while riding it. It has its own character and life bringing in an all new riding encounter. You can find this bike in your nearest dealership showroom at a price around $9,300 MSRP.

Harley Davidson Low Rider S

Harley Davidson Low Rider S

The Low Rider S is drop-dead gorgeous and effortlessly powerful. It is the kind of machine you want to live with. Powered by 1868 cc engine, it’s a full-sized American motorcycle. It has 19-inch front wheel dual rotors which are nice and sporty, and a 114 cubic inch engine as opposed to the 107 which is in the standard low rider shotgun exhaust. There’s a shock and swing arm meant to line up with frame line, so it sort of looks like a hardtail.

With a seat height of 26.5 inches and a wide handle bar, the riding position feels very California cool for small height riders. Also known as the ‘Quintessential Badass American Cruiser’ you can tweak the settings of bars, pegs and even the seat to help you adjust more as per your height. With such a massive capacity engine priced at around $17,999, this motorcycle is a ‘Titan’ among dogs.

Yamaha YZF R3

Yamaha YZF-R3

YZF R3 is a solid proof that the true blue Yamaha DNA is alive and kicking. The look is completely sporty and the dynamics are totally ready for race. There is an air intake between the split headlamps and the fairings are aerodynamic as well as beautiful. Besides, this bike is not as high as the R15. With a seat height of 30.7 inches, the bike is low enough for shorter riders and is generously padded as well.

The R3 has a well-balanced design that looks way more advanced than the R15 (although it is not technically). On the track the 321cc parallel twin cylinder liquid cooled and fuel injected engine is thoroughly enjoyable. Priced at $5,299 MSRP, the most impressive thing about this bike is the overall usability of the engine with a low and a mid-range torque.

Essential Tips for Short Riders

We have compiled a list of things are required to help keep bikes upright. While some riders might say that you need to run out and buy platform shoes to ride a motorcycle, but in reality they hinder the pleasure of riding a motorcycle. Today we are going to discuss about some basic riding tips for short riders that will make you look like a pro.

Tip 1: Put your left foot down at stops, one thing that we see a lot of riders struggle with and not just short riders is to keep their bike balanced. Putting both feet down at a stop makes you feel super confident, but if you are a shorter rider and your bike has a taller inseam you might be reaching with the very tips of your toes to balance the bike. The easier solution is to just put your left foot on the ground and lean the bike over in that direction. Relatively speaking, motorcycles are weightless when it’s upright because all the weight are on the tires which is why people want to put two feet down and as you lean you need to hold it up with your leg. However, unless you are too small you do not require leaning the bike too low.

Tip 2: Avoid lowering your motorcycle suspension. It is obvious why some riders want to lower their suspension, especially on dual sports and adventure bikes where seat height is considerably tall. But the fact is, lowering your rear suspension compromises the handling of the bike. Installing lowering links in your rear suspension creates a massive change to the overall geometry of the motorcycle. So as a rule if you are lowering the rear suspension of your motorcycle, you need to make a matching change to the front as well.

Tip 3: Opt-in for a manufacturer recommended reach seat. A great way to modify the seat height without altering your suspension geometry is by installing the reach seat. Not only will you be able to select the style you want but you might be able to work with them to tailor your fit and make it a bit more comfortable.

Tip 4: Once you are riding the motorcycle it really doesn’t matter how tall you are, because the skill sets remain the same and the bike balances itself. Understanding that the bike isn’t as heavy as it appears to be is the first step, so the more you relax; the easier it is to handle the bike.

Tip 5: As long as you are worried or stressed about the bike tipping over, everything else is going to be difficult. Master this basic skill set and everything else comes into line.