Best Supermoto Bikes

Best Supermoto Bikes

There is one particular type of motorcycle that blends together the characteristics of off-road (cross and enduro) and street bike. Supermoto or Super-Motos were officially born in the ’90s, in response to growing number of fans and motorcyclists committed to this sport.

From a sporting and racing tradition, in a short period of time, owing to its popularity, manufacturers turned to mass production of Supermoto’s intended for road use, while the racing events related to this segment continued to expand.

What is a Supermoto?

Supermoto’s or SMs are the ultimate performance machines. They either are an outcome of a successful modification or are designed by the manufacturer with a strong dedication. In any case they are directly derived from off-road machines and enjoy all their flexibility and potential. Although there is no precise definition, but technically speaking, a Supermoto is basically a single-cylinder cross-country, enduro or trail bike, with beefed-up suspension, 17-inch wheels, and relatively less knobby tires.

Because of their size and geometry, Supermotos are excellent for wheelies and slides. They might not have the same aura as that of sport bikes and their engines might not necessarily be as good as a Japanese 4-cylinder one, but on road, they are much more convenient and practical. Their riding style is a bit like that of motocross, with some specific distinction of course; the most particular one is certainly the drift, which involves the sliding of the rear wheel and not complete blocking.

And when it comes to the best Supermotos out there, we have listed some of the models that have left their mark.

10 Best Supermoto Bikes

Husqvarna FS 450

Husqvarna FS 450

Husqvarna’s FS 450, a Supermoto capable of delivering 63 Horse Power from its 450cc motor!

Some significant new features have been introduced on the recent version; new hydraulic system of the WP XACT fork with AER technology, a new central valve that ensures uniform damping characteristics, improved front wheel axle of 22 mm, and a reduced fork offset to improve cornering and optimize agility. In addition, WP XACT Mono-shock absorber’s low-friction seals improve responsiveness and enhance suspension.

The single camshaft engine is a perfect example of Husqvarna’s advanced engineering, delivering a maximum output of 63 HP. Weight distribution plays a key role in the design philosophy of this engine, which greatly improving handling and riding precision. In addition, the use of carbon fiber has resulted in the overall rear frame to weigh around 1.4 kilograms less.

It features Brembo brakes with radially mounted 4-piston calipers together with a 310mm brake disc. This ensures outstanding braking performance. For the rear wheel, a single-piston caliper with a 220mm brake disc is used. It’s perfectly positioned levers allow optimal feel and balance in extreme conditions.

Currently available in 16.5″ front and 17″ rear sizes, these Alpina black spoked wheels are lightweight and durable. Besides, these are covered with slick Bridgestone 125/80 R420 and 165/65 R420 to guarantee the highest level of grip, traction, and maneuverability.

Price: 11,499.00 USD

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto

The 701 Supermoto is not just a motorcycle, on the contrary, it is a Supermoto that aims to bring the world of drifting closer to the average motorcyclist. In technical terms, the engineers at Husqvarna have made a few sensible changes and designed a customized concept.

Among other things, the chassis is made from a tubular trellis frame and the fuel tank of 13-litre is made from a thermoplastic material that also serves as a seat frame.

The KTM derived single cylinder engine is a single-shaft 4-valve extremely compact and powerful unit. The latest version includes several characteristic features: +3 mm bore, -4.5 mm stroke, 697.2 cc displacement, and among other things, the ride-by-wire technology & twin crankshafts to reduce vibrations.

Other modifications include an additional 6 HP of power making it more powerful with its 74 HP engine (available @ 8,000RPM). Completely adjustable suspensions, and minimalistic use of electronic features.

Indeed, Supermotos do not compromise. They know how to bring out the best in any kind of situation. With a weight of just 158 kilograms on full tank and relatively short gear ratio, the 701 Supermoto creates an explosive mix, especially during high revs.

The thrust at high revs is aggressive, powerful, with the front tire lifting from the ground in most cases. Both fork and Monoshock are well damped and supported, a feature that allows you to force the bike into and out of corners without struggling with annoying load transfers.

Then there is braking; powerful at the front, moderate at the back. And yes, it comes equipped with an ABS. What more can you ask from a Supermoto?

Price: 11,999.00 USD



After a long wait, KTM finally decided to make a comeback with this model, which in no time, has already won the admiration of many motorcycle enthusiasts all over the globe. Introducing the 450 SMR, a Supermoto from KTM that truly represents the “Ready to Race” spirit.

The 450cc engine that has made the KTM 450 SX-F the queen of motocross and supercross is used in 450 SMR as well. With the latest 4-stroke technology developed by KTM, it is capable of producing no less than 63 HP.

The riders of Supermoto can expect outstanding handling and a great sense of feeling when riding on the asphalt, and for this reason, the engine has been cleverly positioned on the 450 SMR to optimize its center of gravity.

Beneath the SOHC cylinder head is a lightweight aluminum cylinder (95 mm bore) powered by a single piston responsible for delivering enormous torque. Additionally, the crankshaft has been strategically positioned to enhance the bike’s handling. A highly sophisticated connecting rod completes the package.

The chassis of the bike is made out of chromium-molybdenum tubular steel, which has been fabricated by automated welders to ensure the highest levels of precision and quality. The tensile strength and the rigidity of the frame has been specially engineered that allows the 450 SMR to perform at its best.

When it comes to braking, the 450 SMR relies on a Brembo M50 4-piston brake caliper with a PR16 master cylinder at the front as well as a 310 mm floating disc at the front and 220 mm at the rear. This perfectly balanced and ultra-reliable brake system guarantees long, stress-free drifting sessions.

Price: 11,299.00 USD

Kawasaki KLX 300SM

Kawasaki KLX 300SM

Introducing the KLX 300SM, a true, small-stroke Supermoto from Kawasaki for the riders of North America.

By converting to 17-inch rims, the KLX 300 became a Supermoto. The heart of the engine is 292 cm³ liquid-cooled four-stroke single that produces a peak power of 33 HP and a peak torque of 28.4 NM. Up front, a 110/70 road tire is fitted, and at the rear a 130/70 tire. The suspension travel is also reduced to 230 millimeters at the front and 205 at the rear. The brake disc diameter at the front wheel has been increased to 300 mm, while a disc of 240 mm is provided at the rear.

Performance-wise, the KLX300SM differs from the enduro version with different tires, a more powerful front brake (300mm petal disc), and more road-friendly settings (sharp fork angle, reduced ground clearance).

Thanks to the modern fuel injection system, it offers convenient electric start-up and a sharp, responsive throttle response. It can confidently conquer asphalt roads, and thanks to the higher gear ratio (14 teeth in front and 37 in back) it is easier to maintain a fast speed, the maximum reaching about 130 km/h.

All in all, Kawasaki KLX 300SM is an ideal Supermoto for beginners and intermediate riders. It is completely road legal and offers many Supermoto enthusiasts an everyday option which is also suitable for track, race, and adventure rides out of town. In the United States, the Kawasaki KLX 300 SM is available in Lime Green and Oriental Blue color combination.

Price: 5,999.00 USD



In 2019, KTM finally returned to the otherwise ailing Supermoto sector and revived the traditional LC4 single-cylinder engine for the cross-riders.

The all-new 690 SMC R is a light, easy-to-handle, dynamic Supermoto that is ideal for short and medium-length tours, after-work track sessions, and for everyday commute. At the heart of this extremely lively SMC R concept is a 690cc LC4 engine that outputs a maximum of 74 Horses of power and 74 NM of peak torque.

In addition, there is also a fascinating, radially mounted Brembo braking system, thanks to which one can really decelerate with brute force even at the very last moment.

Because of the factory-tuned WP suspension and excellent Bridgestone S21 tires, the 690 weaves its way through all kinds of bends at incredible speed and precision.

This new version of the SMC R is upgraded to be mechanically at par with the engine of its sister model, the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto. For instance, the reduced stroke and increased bore are designed to minimize vibrations that were still noticeable in the previous model (2017).

The thoroughly redesigned SMC R also features two riding modes (Street and Supermoto), cornering ABS with Supermoto mode (only active on the front wheel), and a traction control system that is linked to the lean angle. Needless to say, you can deactivate all the assist features in order to use the bike on the racetrack.

However, it is no longer necessary to deactivate the features, because the electronics have now been revamped for experienced riders. This means that in Sport mode, despite traction control, you can still pull off wheelies and perform stunts! And even the ABS will allow you to perform spectacular stoppie.

Price: 11,699.00 USD

Hypermotard 950 SP

Hypermotard 950 SP

Ducati has added numerous new features to its Hypermotard 950 SP model this year. Besides the aesthetics that are immediately noticeable, there have been upgrades in terms of ergonomics, chassis, and electronics. The engine has also been slightly tweaked; the water-cooled 937cc Testastretta 11° L-twin-cylinder, now develops 114 HP @9,000 RPM and 96 NM of peak torque @7,250 RPM.

In comparison to its predecessor, the new exhaust is probably one of the biggest innovations by Ducati. The 950 SP is equipped with an under-seat exhaust system and these Desmo twins now have thicker manifolds and a silencer below the swingarm pivot to comply with European regulations.

For the Supermoto, Ducati has introduced a new seat, new handlebars, and a streamlined chassis. Furthermore, there is a slight change in the length and it now measures 2,135 mm. However, the seat height is still 870 mm.

Compared to the old Hypermotard, the Ducati 950 SP now weighs just 178 kilograms (dry weight). The engine alone is designed to be lighter than the previous model’s power unit. In addition, the Marzocchi fork has also become somewhat lighter in comparison, resulting in a total curb weight of just 200 kilograms.

A number of features have also been added to the latest version of this Supermoto; ABS Bosch Cornering, Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO, Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO, Power Modes, and Day Time Running Lights (DRL). And also new is the 4.3-inch TFT display, that can be connected to your smartphone. In addition, an optional Quickshifter is also available, which comes as a standard.

Price: 16,999.00 USD

Suzuki DR-Z400SM

Suzuki DR-Z400SM

With its legendary, indestructible, and everlasting Supermoto DRZ 400SM, Suzuki continues to produce its iconic, off-road motorcycle. This bike is still street oriented and combines on-road and slightly off-road qualities. Being equipped with everything you need to be comfortable and legal in the city, it has all the necessary features and enhancements. Its 398cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine has plenty of low-end torque and is quite responsive when you open the throttle.

DR-Z is an ultra-slim motorcycle and has a weight of just 146 kilograms (ready to ride) coupled with a narrow 140mm rear tire. These Dunlop D 208 tires, with the SM abbreviation and 17-inch rims, literally claw their way into the asphalt even when the weather is cold, thus offering a very good cornering experience.

Cornering angle is apparently limitless! This is hardly surprising, since the chassis has been taken from the DR-Z 400 S off-roader.

There is little room for design as the focus is not on looks, but on power, reliability, and the ability to traverse through the terrain. Designers at Suzuki embrace these beliefs, so the DR-Z 400 SM’s exterior is virtually indistinguishable from other off-road enduros. But these bikes are loved not for their looks, but for their riding abilities.

In spite of the usual steel frame instead of light-alloy frame, the Japanese managed to build a Supermoto that is light in terms of class (The DR-Z400SM has a dry weight of only 135kg).

Price: 7,499.00 USD

Yamaha YZF450

Yamaha YZF450

This year, Yamaha’s engineers decided to further refine the model with the goal of improving performance, control, feel, and rideability. The result is the all-new Yamaha YZ450F, which comes with a host of tweaks that will only delight its countless fan base.

Starting with the engine; the much-appreciated 450cc, 4-valve, DOHC, liquid-cooled engine is now equipped with a new Launch Control System (LCS) and new camshafts, guaranteeing smoother and more aggressive starts.

The drivetrain has also been refined with a new slipper clutch and a redesigned gearshift lever with a spring load that is 20% more effective, ensuring quicker gear changes even when the transmission is subjected to significant stress.

In addition, the YZ450F is equipped with a wireless set-up for tuning the engine ECU. By using the “Power Tuner” app, which is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, users can adjust engine performance according to their riding style. The application allows you to change the mappings of the engine ECU in a simple and fast way by uploading them using Wi-Fi. Riders can save their preferences regarding location, conditions, and bike settings in order to store the information on different riding modes.

And speaking about its styling; the new YZ450F flaunts blue rims, emphasizing its brand’s DNA!

Price: 9,399.00 USD

Honda CRF450R

Honda CRF450R

The Honda CRF450R has been completely renewed for this year. Thanks to the experience gained from the world championship, the performance has been further improved in all areas. Its new frame and swingarm, as well as changes to both geometry and suspension, are weight saving and are expected to significantly improve cornering performance.

For the engine, the intake and exhaust manifolds have been optimized with a new decompression unit and single tailpipe.

The engine takes advantage of the expertise gained from HRC (Honda Racing Corporation); the revamped engine provides improved riding characteristics even at low rpm, while the new hydraulic clutch and new electronics ensure that the ergonomics of the new bike make it easier for the rider to go consistently faster.

The 449.7 cc four-valve Unicam engine on the new CRF450R remains unchanged with the exception of ECU mapping. This allows the bike to deliver more responsive throttle control and improved performance. The improved maximum power above 5,000 RPM is complemented by stronger torque at low RPM’s.

The angle of the injector is increased from 30° to 60° that allows turbo fuel flow to be sprayed back to the throttle body to improve intake efficiency and cooling, thereby increasing the throttle sensitivity.

A shorter, lighter seat has been added, and the rear is lowered by 10 mm to support the mobility of the rider. Servicing has been simplified as the number of 8mm bolts securing the bodywork has been reduced from 6 to 4 per side. In addition, the new machine is 70 mm slimmer (50 mm on the left side, 20 mm on the exhaust side) and the plastic parts are thinner.

With a curb weight of 110 kg, it is 2 kilograms lighter than the predecessor model.

Price: 9,599.00 USD

Yamaha WR450F

Yamaha WR450F

Introducing the all-new version of the WR450F that pays its respects to the 4-stroke Enduro series that Yamaha started 20 years ago. The new 450cc model is now lighter, more streamlined, more powerful, and more agile.

In addition, it still retains all the features that made it the world’s most popular bike. Unmatched strength, exceptional reliability, and impressive high-speed capabilities are some of the key attributes that made the WR450F one of the most popular models among both racers and professional riders.

Since its introduction in 1998, there have been significant improvements in the WR-F series of engines that went from 400 cc to 426 cc, and the latest generation of the upside-down engine has a whopping 450 cc displacement.

As a matter of fact, the new version features a number of technical optimizations. With air intake, exhaust systems, injection pump, and pre-ignition tuning specifically developed for enduro riding, the new 450 cc 4-valve engine delivers high torque combined with linear and wide operating power.

Thanks to its excellent traction, it delivers improved performance, allowing the WR450F to post superior lap times in racing events.

Adopted from the design used on the latest YZ450F, the aluminum twin-chassis features a sophisticated front and rear suspension system that delivers light and agile riding performance. To deliver improved comfort levels and a more grounded feel, the engine mounts are made from a 6mm thick steel plate, 2mm less than on the YZ450F.

With a wide range of original accessories covering all off-road models, Yamaha offers everything from tools and parts to slip-on mufflers, as well as in-house modifications to brake lever guards and engine cases. The range is continuously evolving, with many new items being added for current and existing models.

Price: 9,699.00 USD

Our Verdict: Hypermotard 950 SP

The Hypermotard 950SP is without doubt the most advanced Supermoto in existence. And possibly the most desirable motorcycle as well! The recent version continues to beat the drum when it comes to looks and rideability. As you’ve read in the technical description we mentioned above, there are plenty of new features and they cover almost everything including the engine, riding position, suspension, and design.

The riding position is more natural with more freedom for riders. The seat width is more compact to facilitate rider-bike connection, which also makes it easier to place your feet on the ground. However, the rider is seated high up and rather forward towards the front wheel, a requirement that is quite essential in Supermotos.

You thus have in your hands a little bully, which provides you with satisfaction even when riding on the curbs, with a mix of fun and efficient handling that you will truly appreciate. And, if you are used to naked, sport, or enduro bikes, you will thoroughly enjoy riding a Supermoto like 950SP that is both quick and agile!

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