Motorcycle boots for wide feet

Best Motorcycle boots for wide feet

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Not only the correct boot length, but also the correct boot width determines the safety of your leg. Besides, for an optimal comfort, it is important for every rider to pay attention to the boot width.

The width of the motorcycle boot is of particular importance for riders who either have wide feet or suffer from some kind of deformities or pain. If the boot width is incorrect, your foot may get exposed to unwanted pressure on sensitive areas.

Apart from the fact that pressure on the toes is generally painful, boots that are too tight can cause foot deformities. Thus, while choosing your motorcycle boots, riders should ensure that they choose boots with the appropriate width.

Finding a wide pair of boot can be a nightmare, fortunately, there are few manufacturers who have finally come up to our rescue. In today’s editorial article, we will discuss some of the best motorcycle boots that are offering a slightly wider base to accommodate a broad feet. Let’s check them out.

For beginners, we recommend to first go through our comprehensive guide to beginner motorcycle boots which will help you decide the type of motorcycle boot you should opt for depending on your riding style.

10 Best Motorcycle Boots For Wide Feet

Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots

Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots

The first in our line-up of wide motorcycle boots is Alpinestars Toucan boots. These boots combine the advantages of an all-terrain boot and a street boot. Usable in any season and in any weather, they are extremely versatile, rugged and protective. As comfortable for walking as for long distance touring, the Toucan boots are probably the best pair of boots for adventure tourers at the moment.

A little less tall than a motocross boot, the Toucan has many plastic reinforcements in critical areas for added protection. In addition, it offers the advantage of being an all-season boot thanks to its waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane. Its wide sole ensures optimal comfort when riding or while standing on the toes.

This Italian boot has not skimped on quality and safety. The metal buckles are robust and very easy to handle even with the gloves on. Fitting wise, it is completely suitable for American riders, and is not overly European. Available from sizes 7 to 13 (US), the price for Aplinestars Toucan boots starts from $499 only.


  • CE Certified
  • Lateral side vents
  • 100% waterproof
  • Advanced TPU protection
  • 2 metal buckles and Velcro fasteners
  • Wide foot bed to accommodate large feet
Daytona TransTourMan GTX Boots

Daytona TransTourMan GTX Boots

TransTourMan GTX as per Daytona is enduro boots with cross-genes, and this hits the nail pretty much on the head. These bulky-looking boots are extremely comfortable for riders with particularly large feet. Compared to some stiff cross boots, getting used to these boots is pretty easy. In addition, the long zipper ensures a wide-opening shaft which eases the toil of wearing and removing. Even with the buckle completely pushed together, the closed boot sits very loosely to accommodate wide toes.

Of course, these characteristics add to the comfort while you are on a multi-day tour thereby offering a pleasant experience while standing on the foot pegs.

Besides, a solid shin protector, a plastic-reinforced heel, gear lever reinforcement, and ankle protection add to its safety features. Available in sizes ranging from 7 to 12.5 (US), these premium motorcycle boots are priced around $599.


  • Textile lining (80% polyamide, 20% polyester)
  • PU foam midsole
  • Anatomically shaped to accommodate large feet
  • Torsion-resistant thanks to plastic-reinforced insole and hot-dip galvanized steel insert
  • CE certified to EN 13634:2017
Forma Adventure Motorcycle Boots

Forma Adventure Motorcycle Boots

The most innovative boot in our opinion when it comes to accommodating a wide foot is Forma Adventure series. The shape of the upper area is similar to that of a hiking shoe; wide around the toes to allow the movement of the fingers. The protection around the toe and heel is reinforced, in addition, the edge of the sole is long which assists in gear shifts and does not hinder the lateral movements, inevitable in off-road riding. The upper area which assists in gear shifts is made of hard rubber with a very pronounced reinforcement.

The rubber sole has a lot of treads that guarantees good grip on all terrains. The groove between the sole and heel ensures a firm grip on the footpegs, yet there is enough space for the foot to move in order to control the pedals.

The full-grain leather exterior is waterproof and inside layer is protected with Drytex membrane. Talking about its aesthetics; the Forma Adventure motorcycle boots make their appearance both in terms design and the materials used. Especially the brown color, which becomes more appealing and cowboyish when dirty!

Priced around $299, these boots are available in almost all the sizes; 4 to 15 (US).


  • Full-grain leather exterior
  • CE rated
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Anti-slip rubber sole for adventure touring
  • Removable footbeds

Tour Master Solution 2.0 Air Boots

The solution 2.0 air boots are a great option for touring riders out there and commuters alike with particularly huge feet. The 2.0 have breathable membrane and mesh panels to remove warm air and keep the feet cool. If you are looking for a waterproof version there is the solution 3.0 which has pretty much the same features but includes water resistant layer.

The area around the toe is a little bit on the wider side of the spectrum. They also offer ladies versions as well in addition to a wide version of this boot, so for the women riders out there looking for something that has both touring as well as breathable capabilities; these could be a great option!

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The outer layer is made of synthetic leather and has reinforcements around the toes as well as around the heels for that added impact protection. It has TecnoGI thermoplastic molded heel cup and toe cap as well as dual density molded and contoured ankle protectors. In fact, in comparison to the older generation, the 2.0 is much more flexible and comfortable for long distance touring, thanks to its simple 3D mesh lining.

Priced at just $139, these touring boots are available in sizes ranging from US 7 to US 15.


  • Breathable mesh liner
  • Removable insole
  • TPU shifter guard
  • Orthopedic insole for extra comfort to wide toes
  • Made from Italian microfiber
Gaerne SG-10

Gaerne SG-10

The Gaerne SG 10 is a motorcycle boot that is particularly suitable for dirt bike riders since the Vibram soles with interchangeable sliders on the heels and between the toes and the arches allow typical enduro riding style.

Plastic protectors on the ankle, heel and shin together with a very stable construction, allow adequate protection without being excessively stiff or heavy.

Additionally, the SG-10 provides adequate freedom to the toes, with a convincing sense of security at the same time. The boot has a soft padding around the ankles for extra comfort, and an additional hard padding around the shaft to stop any kind of force exerted by the robust and adjustable aluminum buckles. Priced between $449 and $479, the workmanship and quality of SG 10 is impressive and the boot is top notch. Currently the sizes available vary from 7 to 13 (US).


  • The footbed is replaceable and is also available separately
  • The sole has a steel insert and is oil resistant
  • The tip of the boot is protected with a steel cap
  • Non-slip, double-stitched Vibram supermoto sole
  • Buckles, sliders, soles and steel caps are available separately
  • Made from high-quality cowhide leather
Gaerne SG-12

Gaerne SG-12

The SG-12 is the highest quality off-road motorcycle boot from Gaerne. Based on the SG-10, it offers a lot of innovations compared to its predecessor. In addition, the protective zones around the shins, ankles, heels and toes have been reinforced. Thanks to the ingenious double joint system, the boot offers excellent freedom of movement. Dual Stage Pivot System is a new technology patented and used exclusively by Gaerne. This technology ensures that the boots offer a stable grip as well as mobility during shifting and braking.

The new design has a slimmer shape around the toe for a better feel of the shift lever. The entire area is made with a new plastic material that is lighter and provides more comfort and feel of the motorcycle. The sole has a new look, but still uses the anti-shock “Dual Composite” rubber, which makes this brand famous worldwide. Priced between $549 and $599, the sizes currently available range from 7 to 14 (US).


  • Double Stage Pivot System
  • Easy adjustable buckles
  • Re-designed and reinforced toecap
  • Heat resistant padding
  • Anatomically shaped for a perfect fit
Daytona Road Star GTX (Wide XL Fit)

Daytona Road Star GTX (Wide XL Fit)

The Road Star GTX has long been a legend. It is the most popular motorcycle boot and has already won many awards in quality tests. The ankles and shins are protected, the sole offers maximum stability and is still comfortable when walking, a non-slip rubber profile provides grip at the bottom, and the additional reflectors add to its safety. Of course, the Road Star GTX is waterproof and breathable thanks to the Goretex membrane. The outer layer is made of special cowhide leather which is also treated to become water-repellent.

It has two zippers, large Velcro fasteners, double cuffs, abrasion-resistant PU gearshift reinforcement, a PU foam midsole, and an anatomically shaped climatic insole. And the best part is, in addition to the normal version, these boots are also available for narrow, extra-narrow, wide and extra-wide feet. So, all our riders with particularly big feet can end their hunt for motorcycle boots. Sizes currently available range from US 7 to US 14 and is priced at $449.


  • Waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane
  • Two zippers for ease in wearing
  • Calf adjustment with Velcro fasteners
  • Abrasion-resistant PU gearshift reinforcement
  • PU foam midsole
  • 3M-Scotchlite heel reflectors
  • Non-slip rubber sole
Alpinestars Tech 10 Motocross Boots

Alpinestars Tech 10 Motocross Boots

If you are looking for a top of the line premium dirt boot then look no further. The Tech 10 Alpinestars is considered to be a hard-core enduro boot that can be used for adventure touring as well. The new version of Tech 10 has come up with some real significant changes but the price has not changed at all. You get a dual hinge system on sides and an advanced shock absorbing technology that maximises the comfort as well as safety for day in, day out riding.

While testing out the new Tech 10’s, what we realized is that this boot is much more comfortable than the Tech 7’s since they allow movement of your toes. You also have a DHCP system (dual heel compression protection) that can absorb any level of impact, which is generally frequent among enduro riders. But what’s great is that it’s replaceable just like the inner paddings of the helmets. It has a very rigid motocross sole, yet, it offers flexibility around the toes and a relaxed feel while braking and shifting between gears. Priced at $619, the boot is available in sizes ranging from US 7 to US 14.


  • Light weight motocross boots
  • Wider toe area to allow movement
  • Easy to operate aluminum buckles
  • Streamlined outsole
  • Ultimate feel, comfort and safety
O'Neal Rider Boots

O'Neal Rider Boots

The O’Neal MX Rider is the ideal motorcycle boot for those who like off road trails and adventures. Being an entry level boot, the brand has set a very affordable price. It is equipped with advanced safety features and just like any other good motocross boots; it is high, with the upper part of the shaft being very soft. This ensures a comfortable fit and effectively prevents the foot from twists or bends.

The frontal area is equipped with an integrated toe protection made of metal. A heel protection is attached in the rear. Furthermore, molded plastic inserts protect the leg from any kind of impact.

Normally, comfort is not necessarily a quality feature of a motocross boot, as protection is absolutely paramount; however, the boot is equipped with three buckles that are very easy to adjust, the interior is covered with air mesh and a padded insole. This means that the foot will remain well ventilated even after prolonged riding hours.

In our opinion, the O’Neal Rider MX boots are highly functional. They not only offer good wearing comfort for wide feet, but they also have a high utility value. Priced at just $139, the sizes vary from US 7 to US 15.


  • Metal toe guard
  • Injection molded plastic protective plates
  • Goodyear welt sole
  • Air mesh interior for extra comfort and breathability
TCX Sport Women's Boots

TCX Sport Women's Boots

TCX has always placed special emphasis on analysing the needs of its target audience and thus adapted to the needs of rapidly changing market. The TCX Lady Sport have a more relaxed and sporty style, without giving up elegance, comfort and safety. These motorcycle boots are ideal for those who ride motorcycle on a daily basis and are looking for comfortable shoes to wear throughout the day. Unlike other TCX boots, the sports version has a slightly wider toe area to accommodate larger feet.

With reinforcements around the toecap, heel and instep, these short boots are adjustable through a mixed system of laces and Velcro strap on the top that makes them easy to wear yet dependable. The upper part of the boot is made of high-quality suede with microfiber inserts, and is well padded to wrap your ankle for maximum comfort. The inner lining consists of an air mesh, which allows the foot to breathe optimally. When it comes to pricing, these boots are really affordable and are priced at just $119. Currently the sizes available vary from US 4 to US 9.5.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Wider toe area to accommodate big feet
  • Lace and Velcro closures
  • CE certified

Bottom Line

Choosing the right motorcycle boot is an important factor for a safe ride. You should feel comfortable in your boot to be in 100% control in any kind of situation. Accordingly, the boot must accommodate your entire foot completely. Starting from the toes, ankles and calves, the entire boot should wrap around your foot completely for best protection. The fitting should not be too tight, as long riding hours can become torturous, neither they should be too loose; else they might fall in case of an impact.

The width of the left and the right foot generally varies from person to person. In general, right-handed people have their right feet a little wider (and vice versa). The wider foot always determines your ideal shoe width. However, it should be noted that shoe widths can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. So, despite correctly calculated shoe width, it can happen that a selected shoe model is too big or too small for you. It is best to look at the size chart of the individual brand before shortlisting one. Good luck!