Best Motocross and Dirt Bike Goggles

Best Motocross and Dirt Bike Goggles

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As much as they are often under-estimated, dirt bike goggles are one of the most essential and vital piece of motocross gear, regardless of the track.

Often times we see riders investing only on a pair of motocross boots, helmets, or at the most on a pair of dirt bike gloves. But in reality, goggles play a key role in this discipline because they not only protect the rider’s eyes on a bright sunny day, but they also shield from flying debris that could potentially harm them.

However, depending on your riding style, there are different types of models available in the market. You might come across few goggles that feature a removable nose guard while others may not. Likewise, there are injection molded lenses that are optically correct, and there are others that come equipped with Lexan lens. Same goes for their built quality as well.

Furthermore, their comfort varies depending on the density of face foam as well as the amount of ventilation they provide.

In short, market is packed with endless models to choose from.

For this reason, we decided to handpick and review the best amongst them and highlight their key features that would allow you to choose as per your requirement (and budget).

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Best Dirt Bike Goggles

100% Armega

100% Armega

The first one on our list is probably one of the coolest goggles we have ever seen. Presenting the Armega series from 100%!

Now depending on the model, their prices will slightly vary. As such, the price is around $90 for the clear lens, around $100 for the mirrored lens, and around $120 for the HiPER lens. This price range is really fair considering the amount of bang you get for your buck.

The 48mm wide strap backed with silicone ensures that the goggle stays in place while riding at all times.

And although, the three-layer face foam is just like any other face foam you find in regular goggles. But beneath this foam are perforations that channel the sweat collected from face to pass through the sides of the goggle with the help of a drainage system.

You also get a double-injected frame, which is quite stiff and holds the glass in several places. This minimizes the risk of lens popping out if you get hit by a flying debris, which is quite common in dirt biking.

An additional interesting feature is that these goggles are equipped with outriggers. These outriggers are designed to provide a slightly better fit when you wear the goggles inside your helmet. So, instead of connecting the goggle strap directly to the frame, the strap is instead attached to the outriggers. As a result, the strap does not pull the frame away from the face.

At the bottom there are air inlets to increase air circulation and maximize humidity evacuation. You also get a removable nose guard for added protection from dirt and debris.

Further, the injection molded ULTRA HD lens provides unsurpassed optical clarity, and the great thing about these lenses is that they have six points of contact that retains them on the frame.

But the biggest advancement that these Armega goggles have to offer is the quick release system for the lenses. There are small tabs on each side that allows the lens to pop out in seconds. This allows the rider to swap lenses in the middle of a lap without any hassle.

Price: $100


  • ULTRA HD lens
  • 6-point locking tabs
  • Quick release system for lens
  • 48mm strap with silicone beads
  • Removable nose guard
  • 2mm impact resistant lens
  • Sweat drain system
100% Racecraft 2

100% Racecraft 2

Racecraft 2 is one of the premium goggles from 100%. And it is an extremely comfortable goggle, owing to its three-layer face foam which is further lined by a soft fleece. As a result, it feels very pleasant against the skin.

At the back, you get a 45mm wide strap, which is beaded with silicone grips all the way to keep the goggle in place.

To top it off, it has a ventilation system that pulls air through the foam and helps wick away excess moisture from the face.

Plus, these goggles include a nice storage bag and a set of tear-off strips. Furthermore, you get a removable nose guard as well. So, if you do not want to put it on, you can just pull it off from the frame.

One great thing about 100% is that it shares the same frame in Racecraft 2, Accuri 2 and Strata 2, so all the lenses in these models are interchangeable.

So, if you previously had the Accuri 2 or Strata 2 with a photochromic lens, you can take that lens out, and swap it on your Racecraft 2 goggles. However, do note that you cannot swap the lenses with the Armega goggles, as they have a completely different lens setup.

And just like the Armega goggles, the Racecraft models are equipped with outriggers. These outriggers provide a better fit on your face and prevent the goggles from slipping.

Coming to the lens, the Racecraft 2 features a 9-pin lens retention system and an anti-fog Lexan lens to ensure a flawless view.

In addition, all Racecraft 2 lenses are equipped with tear-off posts, as is customary with high-end dirt bike goggles. While the third tear-off post is located on the left temple instead of the goggle strap.

All in all, the Racecraft 2 is a great option whether you are a professional racer or the one who is just starting out on his beginner dirt bike. It’s something that will work pretty well on any rider.

Price: $65


  • Anti-fog Lexan lens
  • Triple layer foam with fleece lining
  • 9-pin lens retention system
  • Removable nose guard
  • Outriggers for snug fit
  • 45mm silicone backed strap
  • Patent pending venting technology
Oakley Airbrake

Oakley Airbrake

Oakley’s Airbrake is one of our personal favorites! These Airbrakes are time-tested goggles and have been in the market for quite a while now. And with time, they are continually upgraded with new features and functionalities to keep up with the growing demands of professional dirt bike riders.

As a matter of fact, Oakley was the first company to use injection-molded lenses. And for Airbrakes, heavy-duty Plutonite lens was utilized with F3 anti-fog coating. This allowed this lens to absorb a lot of impact, while still providing an excellent field of view.

And since the lenses are injection molded, they are also optically correct. So, unlike regular Lexan lenses, the Airbrake lenses are pre-curved to minimize any kind of distortion.

The only negative you might observe on this pair of goggles is their price. However, given the technology, advancement and performance it offers, this high price is aptly justified.

In terms of fit, the Airbrakes are probably one of the best goggles in the MX industry that offers such a comfortable and pleasant feel. From the moment you put it on, it wraps naturally around your face without the need to adjust it in any way.

The three-layer face foam lined with fleece makes it very comfortable to wear. You also get a 45mm wide strap which is lined with 3 strips of silicone from the inside to prevent slippage.

As for the frame, it is made of a strong and lightweight O-Matter by combining it with flexible urethane. Further, the frame is also equipped with outriggers that distribute pressure evenly over the rider’s face. This ensures a secure hold from all sides.

As for the tear-offs, there are tear-off posts over the lenses as well as over the outriggers.

Besides, you can choose from a variety of lenses that comes with the Airbrakes. You can opt for a clear lens, which is ideal for any type of ride. Or, you can choose the PRIZM lens that increases ambient contrast and offers better depth of field, similar to the HiPER lens utilized by Armega.

And last but not least, Oakley incorporates Switch-Lock lens technology that allows the rider to switch between lenses in seconds. And by seconds, we literally mean seconds!

Price: $180


  • PRIZM lens technology
  • Outrigger system
  • Injection molded construction
  • Heavy-duty O-Matter frame
  • Switch-Lock lens technology
  • Optically correct Plutonite lens
Leatt Velocity 6.5

Leatt Velocity 6.5

The Velocity 6.5 is a brand-new goggle from Leatt. If you are a beginner rider and this is the first time you have probably heard about this brand, make no mistake, Leatt is a leading manufacturer of safety gear for motocross riders.

As a matter of fact, Leatt was the first brand to highlight the importance of neck brace while riding. As such, Leatt offers some incredible safety gear to protect riders when they are out in the trails.

And with the Velocity 6.5, Leatt finally entered into the premium motocross eyewear segment.

There are several features that sets Velocity apart from the rest. First off, it has a very competitive price. So, whether you choose the clear or tinted lens, the price of the Velocity 6.5 will remain well under $100.

Most importantly, these are OTG goggles, so if you wear prescription glasses while riding, these 6.5’s can be worn over those glasses.

Moreover, Leatt claims that riders get up to 170° of vision, far more than any other goggle in the market.

And apart from the outriggers, these goggles are also equipped with tear-off posts, two on the lens and third on the left side of the outrigger. Plus, you get a removable nose guard that has a very simple pop-out mechanism.

Furthermore, Velocity 6.5 has a pretty unique system for changing the lenses. All you have to do is pull the outriggers outward by pushing against the lens. And once the outriggers are popped out, you just need to push the lens from the inside of the frame.

One of the most amazing features of the Velocity 6.5 is its BULLET PROOF lens. Yes, you read that right! Leatt’s Velocity lens actually meets the military standards for ballistic impact (see video demonstration here).

In addition, the lenses are injection molded, which makes them optically correct due to their pre-curved design.

Moreover, these goggles support roll-off system. So, you can attach a set of roll-offs to these 6.5s or you can purchase a dedicated goggle (Leatt Velocity 6.5 Roll-Off) that is retrofitted with a roll-off system (priced around $110).

We could go on and on about this amazing eyewear. Its features, characteristics, performance, comfort and safety attributes makes it one of the best goggles you can find in the market, that too at such an unbelievable price point.

Price: $89


  • Anti-fog Bullet proof lens
  • CE certified impact test
  • 170° wide vision
  • Over the glasses fit (OTG)
  • Outriggers
  • 50mm wide strap
  • Includes nose guard, tear-offs and storage bag
Scott Prospect

Scott Prospect

The Prospect goggle from Scott is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable goggles we have ever seen. They offer a great peripheral vision, an innovative design, and have one of the best tear-off system you will ever find in the market.

In fact, many professional riders including Justin Barcia prefer to ride with these Scott goggles.

As for the aesthetics, nothing substantial has been changed over the years. Recently, however, Scott has improved its Prospect goggles by introducing 3-layer molded face foam over the frame.

Apart from the face foam, Scott Prospect features a lot of high-end characteristics, and the most striking among them is the Lens Lock System.

This Lens Lock System is engineered to maximize the safety of the rider. As such, it has 4 lens lock positions, two at the top and two at the bottom. So, if you want to remove the lens, you just have to open all the four tabs and pull out the lens.

Owing to this locking mechanism, the lens stays in position no matter how much debris strikes your face.

In addition, the frame is equipped with outriggers that provide a snug fit on the face. And unlike any other goggle, there are tear-off posts on each side of the lens. This configuration holds the tear-offs more securely to the lens, providing more stability and better vision.

It features a 50mm wide strap with two lines of silicone beads to hold the goggle in place. And although the Prospect goggles include tinted lenses as standard, you get an additional clear lens at no extra cost.

As for ventilation, there are plenty of perforations on the top to ensure an optimal airflow around your face, keeping you comfortable at all times.

All in all, Prospect goggles offer all the top-of-the-line features and functionalities one can expect from a premium motocross goggle, while still being moderately priced.

Price: $99


  • Lens Lock System
  • NoSweat 3-layer molded face foam
  • NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment
  • 50mm wide strap with silicone beads
  • Removable nose guard
  • Pivoting outriggers
  • Unique tear-off system with 4 pins
  • Includes microfiber goggle bag, tinted and clear lens
Scott Fury

Scott Fury

While the Prospect goggles are a great pair of eyewear from the Scott line-up, but given their premium pricing, the company decided to develop an economically priced dirt bike goggle for the masses.

By introducing the Fury, Scott lived up to its promise.

Though not quite identical, Fury features same technology and costs around $65 with chrome lens (models with clear Lexan lens are much cheaper).

Moreover, there are plenty of cool color options you can choose from as well, including white, grey, orange, yellow, blue, green, and red.

You get the same 50mm wide strap as seen on the Prospect goggle, but with a single lining of silicone to keep the frame in place.

The triple-layer face foam on the inside of the goggle ensures excellent dissipation of sweat and provides optimal comfort to the skin. In addition, the goggle is equipped with a ventilation system at the top that counteracts fog and ensures even circulation of air around the face.

Another great feature is the Lens Lock Technology, which locks the lens in 4 positions (two up and two down). And if you want to replace the chrome lens with a regular Lexan lens, all you have to do is pull the four tabs and push the lens out of the frame.

With this secured closing system, you can enjoy an undistorted view even on the roughest of trails. In addition, this mechanism allows you to replace the lens in seconds.

However, unlike the Prospect goggles, there are no outriggers or nose bridge on Fury. So, keep this in mind while comparing the two goggles. You do, however, get a 4-pin tear-off system that holds the tear-offs firmly to the lens for a more stable and enhanced vision.

And while the Prospect goggles includes a storage bag, Fury only provides an additional clear lens if you opt for chrome-tinted goggles.

In a nutshell, Scott Fury offers almost all of the major features you get in Prospect goggles. And understandably, some of the attributes have been left out to make them affordable. Still, these are an excellent motocross goggle if you’re looking for something below $65.

Price: $62


  • Lens Lock System
  • 3-layer face foam
  • 50mm wide strap with silicone beads
  • Unique tear-off system with 4 pins
  • NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment
  • Includes clear Lexan lens
Klim Viper Pro Camo Off-Road Goggles

Klim Viper Pro Camo Off-Road

Viper Pro has completely revolutionized the trail experience of many off-road enthusiasts and has remained a popular motocross goggle for quite a while now. Currently, the Viper Pro model is available in two versions; one for dirt riding and the other for off-roading.

When it comes to their dirt bike goggle, they can literally be used in any type of motocross environment, but in case you prefer cold weather riding, we highly recommend you opt for this one.

Now, the Klim Viper Pro Camo features a 46mm wide strap that is backed with silicone grips to ensure a secure fit on the helmet. And with its excellent frame geometry, this goggle offers literally one of the best peripheral visions in the motocross industry.

Furthermore, the three-layer face foam provides plenty of comfort and helps with sweat management.

An additional unique feature of this goggle is the ventilation system, called the Air Force Induction System (AFI). This system uses air channels underneath the face foam to promote air circulation.

Besides, there is a removable nose guard as well as outriggers on the sides of the frame that ensure a snug fit on the face. Plus, you get two tear-off posts over the lens and a single tear-off post on the strap.

Viper Pro features a polycarbonate UV400 single lens with 100% UVA and UVB protection. To achieve this, Klim combined their PolyCarb premium lens with an extremely advanced polycarbonate outer lens to provide an even more durable and scratch-resistant experience.

And to provide a total package, Klim includes a nice storage bag for the goggle, a removable nose guard and laminated tear-offs as freebie.

All in all, Klim Viper Pro off-road goggle redefines the riding experience out on the trail. It is engineered to provide the best optical clarity, excellent field of vision, and great comfortable fit owing to its super thin frame design.

Price: $89


  • Polycarbonate UV400 single lens
  • 46mm wide strap with silicone backing
  • Tear-off system
  • Equipped with outriggers
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Includes removable nose guard, tear-offs and storage bag
Havoc Racing Infinity

Havoc Racing Infinity

If you are not familiar with the Infinity goggles, they are actually one of the most unique dirt bike goggles designed by Havoc.

Now, there are many reasons why we decided to include Infinity goggles in our list. But one of the primary reasons is because of their magnetic lens changing system (see video).

Havoc’s 10-point magnetic lens system allows riders to remove and replace their lenses in a flash.

All you have to do is simply pull out the lens with your hands. And if you’re one of those riders who likes things pretty straightforward, there’s no better goggle for you in the market that offers so much simplicity.

Furthermore, you get an adjustable, 3D embroidered anti-slip strap with silicone backing that ensures a secure fit over your helmet.

The padding is made from a three-layer, 20mm face foam that provides optimal comfort and aids in sweat absorption. In addition, there is a plastic mesh over the foam that filters out large particulates and dust, increasing the overall effectiveness of the face foam and thereby ensuring more air circulation.

Another unique feature of these glasses is the stainless-steel tear-off posts on the lens.

In addition, the lens is injection molded, which makes it optically correct and guarantees a wide field of vision on any type of track.

But that’s not all!

The anti-slip strap of these Infinity goggles can be removed from the frame (WOW!).

So, if you want to replace your goggle strap, you can visit the brand’s website. Plus, this feature comes in handy if you want to wash your mud-soaked strap to make them look new again.

These goggles are packed with features, few are common that are found in many premium goggles, while some are truly exceptional. All in all, a very good piece of eyewear.

Price: $80


  • Lens is fixed magnetically on the frame
  • Wide field of vision
  • 20mm thick triple layer foam
  • Anti-fog, Anti-scratch, Anti-UV lens
  • Detachable strap
  • Includes goggle bag

Bottom line

So, these were some of the best dirt bike goggles currently available in the market. Do note that the list we have shared above is ranked in a random order. Each and every pair of motocross goggle we have reviewed is ideal basis its price and performance. Thus, depending on your budget and your specific requirement, you are free to choose between any of them.

With this, we have come to an end of this editorial article. We hope you enjoyed reading and were able to pick one out. Feel free to write us back in case you need any further information or if you need us to review a particular dirt bike gear.

Lastly, special thanks to our tour leaders and mechanics who shared their wonderful insights while curating this list.

That is all for now. Have a great day!