Best Dirt Bike Boot Brands

Best Dirt Bike Boot Brands

Get ready to zoom past your competitors, because we’re about to dive into the top five dirt bike boot brands that will have you riding in style and safety.

As the saying goes, “Good shoes take you good places,” and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to dirt bike boots.

And while there may be more good brands out there, we have narrowed down the list to the gold standards of dirt bike boots – the ones that will protect your feet and keep you comfortable no matter what!

So, let’s dive in and see which brands made it to the top, and why they are the ones that will keep you riding high.

Top 5 Brands for Dirt Bike Boots



When it comes to dirt bike boots, there is one brand that stands out above the rest: Alpinestars. Founded in Northern Italy in 1963 by Sante Mazzarolo, Alpinestars has been developing top-of-the-line motocross boots for nearly 60 years.

But what makes Alpinestars “numero uno” in this competitive market?

It all started with their dedication to product development. Alpinestars is a product company at heart, constantly innovating and improving its offerings to meet the needs of its customers.

You can see this dedication in the Tech 10 boots – the most advanced motocross boots available today in the market. In fact, these boots were in a constant state of development for around a decade, ensuring that they remained the most successful and sought-after boots in the industry.

But it’s not just about the technology either. The brand places great emphasis on making handmade boots. This allowed them to work with the highest quality materials, which can become a challenge with a machine.

Another factor that sets Alpinestars apart is their dedication to the sport. The current president and CEO, Gabriele Mazzarolo, is entirely driven by motorsport and is highly passionate about motorcycles and dirt bikes. He even personally tests new products, riding thousands of miles from California to Alaska with several different new products to test along the way.

This dedication to the sport and the products they create is also reflected in their sponsorship (over 450 international riders) and presence at all the major championship races around the world.

And if you still don’t believe us: Professional motocross rider Jeremy Van Horebeek, who represented Belgium for the Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Team (2014-2018), has been using Alpinestars boots for many years and attests to their quality. So, it’s no surprise that Alpinestars has maintained its position as the top brand in this fiercely competitive market and will be doing so for many more years to come!



Gaerne, which is known for its unmatched durability, holds the second spot on our list, right behind the number one position. But despite being ranked number two, don’t be fooled – Gaerne is just as exceptional as Alpinestars.

In fact, Gaerne has been a favorite among motocross riders for years, with a reputation for quality, performance, and style.

Several renowned riders have endorsed the brand, including Romain Febvre, a French professional motocross racer who won the 2015 FIM Motocross World Championship in the MXGP class. Other notable riders such as Calvin Vlaanderen, Shaun Simpson, Nicolas Lapucci, Hakon Osterhagen, and Malcolm Stewart are also avid fans of Gaerne’s MX boots.

One of many things that sets Gaerne apart from other motocross boot brands is their attention to detail. All Gaerne boots are designed in Italy’s Veneto region, where the brand benefits from a profound collaboration with master shoemakers. Their decades of experience carry through each step, infusing the entire production process with an artisan touch.

And this dedication to quality is evident in their products. The brand currently offers a range of models, including SG-12, SG-10, Fastback Endurance, GX1 EVO, GX1 Enduro, GX1 Goodyear, GXJ, and SGJ. Each boot is designed to meet the specific needs of riders, whether they are competing in professional races or just riding for fun. You can even find some of the widest dirt bike boots in their line-up to cater the needs of someone who has a massive toe.

The SG-12, in particular, has been a favorite among riders for almost a decade. And lately, it has been reimagined, refined, and rebooted as the latest iteration of the Gaerne lineup – the SG-22. And beyond the sharp lines and updated styling of this boot you can sense a tremendous amount of research and development improving it in every aspect possible.

But what we personally love most about Gaerne is that, unlike many brands that claim to be Italian but manufacture most of their products in China, this brand runs its manufacturing only in Italy, nowhere else. So, you know the boots will surely be the best among others as they are produced in the home factory rather than an outsourced one to keep up with profits.

All we can say is that this Italian brand took craftsmanship to the next level by combining it with cutting-edge materials to provide the most sophisticated dirt bike boot. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best in the industry!



Sidi, a legendary brand in the motocross boots industry, takes up the third spot on our list.

After a glorious run of over six decades, it’s no surprise that the company stands tall among the industry leaders. It all started with the brilliant mind of Italian shoemaker Dino Signori, who ventured into the shoe industry as a young 10-year-old apprentice at a local shoe manufacturer in the Veneto region of Italy.

By the time Signori turned 25, he had already designed his line of ski and climbing shoes, which quickly gained popularity and flew off the shelves of local stores.

Word quickly got around & the demand started increasing, but the big hit was still a long way off. Then, Rudy Barbazza stepped in and along with Signori they both decided to dip their toes into the world of motocross. Even though they had zero experience, they had more than enough determination and fresh ideas to develop a groundbreaking motocross boot with a revolutionary 6-buckle closure system that quickly became a fan favorite.

Signori and Barbaza became a dynamic duo, with Signori handling the designs and Barbaza leading the charge on marketing. By sponsoring Joël Robert and Giacomo Agostini, two titans in the world of motocross, the brand exploded in popularity and cemented its place as a household name.

Fast forward 60 years later – what started as a local business blossomed into a global company. And despite its massive success, the brand has remained true to its roots and kept all of its manufacturing operations exclusively in Europe.

Walking through the halls of the company today is like taking a trip down memory lane for any motorsport enthusiast. Adorning the walls are portraits of the biggest names in motorsport who have trusted Sidi to provide them with the best MX gear. It’s a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to producing only the highest quality dirt bike boots that are both stylish and functional – something that sets Sidi apart from the rest.

Fox Racing

Fox Racing

Moving on to the next brand on our list – You must be familiar with Ricky Carmichael, Mark Barnett, and James Stewart Jr. These professional MX riders share a common trust in the American brand Fox Racing for their dirt bike gear, particularly their boots.

But what makes Fox Racing the best in this segment? Let’s dive in.

It all started with Geoff Fox, a college student who was fed up with academics and wanted to devote his time to motocross. In 1974, he left the university and started a small business selling European motocross parts and accessories. Soon after, Fox realized that he wanted to do something bigger, so he decided to train his own privately financed professional motocross team in addition to the sales business. Thus, the professional team Moto-X Fox was born.

Over time, the riders of the professional team not only distinguished themselves through their triumphs but also met with enthusiasm from the public and even their competitors because of their brightly colored outfits. Seeing a new horizon, the brand then completely reorganized and focused their attention on specially designed clothing.

The fact that Fox had the right instinct with its decision to restructure is shown by the fact that the brand is world-famous for its distinctive Fox-Head logo. And not just motocross, Fox Racing is even one of the best-selling brands in the MTB world!

But what about their dirt bike boots, you may ask? Fox Racing is known for its commitment to producing high-quality, performance-driven boots that can withstand the highest physical demands of dirt biking. The brand has a wide range of products catering to every rider, from beginners to pros. You can even find some of the finest kids’ dirt bike boots offered by this brand. How cool is that!

All of their boots are designed to offer maximum protection, support, and comfort for the rider’s feet and ankles, ensuring that they can ride without any discomfort or fear of injury. The boots also have excellent grip, making them ideal for any terrain, from dirt to sand to mud.

But what indeed makes Fox Racing’s dirt bike boots best is their continuous research and development for further improvement. The team works closely with their in-house professional riders to get feedback and optimize the boots’ design for better performance, protection, and freedom of movement.

Fox Racing has come a long way from its humble beginnings to become one of the most trusted and recognized brands in the dirt bike industry – definitely worthy to be in our list.



Last on our list but definitely not least is Leatt – a powerhouse brand in the world of motocross and mountain biking. Their innovative protective gear and neck braces have been game-changers in the industry, but what sets Leatt apart is their trailblazing approach to safety.

It was in 2001 when the founder and South African neurosurgeon, Dr. Christopher Leatt, witnessed the tragic death of his friend and fellow rider, Mr. Alan Selby, and was moved to find a solution to the all-too-common problem of neck injuries in motocross. This led him to develop the first neck brace, and he has since continued to push the boundaries of safety with his cutting-edge gear (Dr. Leatt was the first to highlight the importance of a motocross neck brace).

In 2004, Dr. Leatt sold the first neck brace in South Africa, and the following year, the company was established. In 2006, BMW and Leatt collaborated to develop a new test method for measuring neck forces on an unrestrained torso, which was an improvement on the existing test methods at that time. This helped to establish Leatt as a leading company in the field of neck protection.

The year 2007 was a significant one for Leatt, as the company appeared on the cover of Racer X magazine and was awarded brand of the year. In 2008, the world-renowned Leatt Lab was founded, and in 2009, the brand received five awards from various global Moto and MTB print and digital media publications.

But it was in 2019, following years of research and development, that the 5.5 FlexLock boot was introduced. And this boot featured a FlexLock system with an adjustable flex mechanism guaranteeing up to 37% reduction of ankle forces and a 35% reduction of forces to the knee! So, although the brand was pretty new to the boots category, it quickly gained popularity.

And apart from safety and protection, Leatt’s MX boots are a real head-turner when it comes to looks and style!

Even today, Leatt continues to lead the way with not just boots but with entire protective gear line-up in MX industry. And this commitment to innovation and safety has made it a trusted brand among riders worldwide.

Bottom Line

So, there you have it – the top five dirt bike boot brands that are a cut above the rest! From the advanced technology of Alpinestars to the artisanal craftsmanship of Gaerne and the legendary reputation of Sidi, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. And let’s not forget the edgy and stylish options from Fox Racing and the cutting-edge innovations of Leatt. With these brands at your feet, you’ll not only ride in style but also stay safe and protected on the track or trail.

And while Alpinestars is the clear winner with its focus on product development and dedication to the sport, Gaerne comes in at a close second with its attention to detail and Italian craftsmanship. Sidi, Fox Racing, and Leatt also have unique features and qualities that make them great choices for dirt bike boots. So ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preferences and budget. Good luck!

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