Best Youth Dirt Bike and Motocross Goggles

Best Youth Dirt Bike and Motocross Goggles

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Motocross is an exciting sport, characterized by sand, dirt and gravel constantly flying around the face from the dirt bikes speeding ahead. For this reason, it is extremely important to protect your kids from the flying debris and not leave anything to chance.

Motocross goggles come in handy in situations like these. Their purpose is to protect the rider’s face from debris of various kinds depending on the track on which they are. Moreover, they also protect from the harmful ultraviolet radiation and that excessive brightness that usually compromises the visibility.

There are many types of motocross goggles available in the market, and picking an ideal one is essential to make sure they deliver in terms of material strength, optical technology, and features (like tear-off system).

So, in today’s blog post, we will discuss some of the best youth dirt bike goggles and compare their features, characteristics and functionalities so that you can pick the most ideal one for your little kid. Let’s get started.

Best Youth Dirt Bike Goggles

100% Youth Strata 2

100% Youth Strata 2

Coming straight to the point, if you are tight on budget and still want to buy a decent pair of motocross goggles for your kid, there is nothing better than Strata 2 from 100%, which is priced well under $30 and still offers some of the best features available on much more expensive motocross goggles.

There are two main types of models available from 100% for the youth category. And although these two types differ in terms of characteristic features, but there is one thing that is common in both; there glasses are made from scratch resistant Lexon lens no matter which one you choose.

Strata 2 is an entry-level youth goggle in the 100% line-up and features a clear lens. Its frame is made of lightweight urethane, a material that is highly resistant to impact and shock. And although it’s built quality is still less premium than the Accuri 2, yet it averts any sort of slippage around the helmet.

It has a 40mm strap with small silicon beads on the inside. Moreover, its two-layer foam on the frame enhances comfort, while the Lexan lens provides excellent visibility without any kind of distortion.

Moreover, these lenses are significantly scratchproof and mist proof. But being a basic dirt bike goggle, your kid might experience a bit of looseness at times, and the same goes for the amount of ventilation offered.

Nevertheless, as with any good motocross goggle, this one also has an adjustable headband that ensures the best possible fitting over the face and helmet.

As such, if you do not want to invest a lot of money on your kid’s eyewear, you can definitely consider the Youth Strata 2. In fact, the price/performance ratio is one of the main reasons why many parents go with this model for their kids.

Price: $25


  • Clear anti-fog Lexan lens
  • Clear field of vision
  • 9-pin retention system for lens
  • 40mm wide strap with silicon beads
  • Interchangeable lens between 100% Youth goggles line-up
  • Thick double layered foam enhances comfort and absorbs sweat
  • Includes sublimated microfiber bag for storage
100% Youth Accuri 2

100% Youth Accuri 2

As you go up the line, you get the Accuri 2 from 100%. Now, the Accuri 2 will give you a blend of both comfort as well as safety compared to what you get on the Strata goggles. This is complemented by the high-impact Lexan lens with a fog-resistant coating that ensures increased visibility.

By far the biggest advantage you will notice over the Strata 2 is that its frame construction is significantly different. Plus, it offers more airflow due to its construction.

And unlike the dual density foam used in Strata, you get a triple density foam that provides maximum comfort while also sealing the elements across the face. Due to this, riders can use these goggles for a prolonged amount of time.

Added to this is a redesigned lens retention system (9-pin design), which is one of the most advanced in the motocross industry.

One of the things that has improved across the entire 100% line-up is the visibility. The field of vision has increased by about 17.5 percent in all the goggles and that is mainly due to the upgraded nose bridge.

The 45mm wide strap is heavily lined with silicone grippers to ensure a perfect fit. On top of that, you get a wide variety of color options to choose from that are usually upgraded every 12 months!

Speaking of comfort, the wearability is much more convenient than the previous generation, and the additional field of view you get on these goggles is certainly a plus. Most importantly it lets the rider breathe through their nose more comfortably while still fitting snugly.

And just like Strata, Accuri also shares the same replacement lenses and tear-off films. So, all things considered, for under $40, you get a perfect motocross goggle for your kid that offers all kinds of features you can imagine on a dirt bike goggle!

Price: $35


  • Clear anti-fog Lexan lens for wide field of vision
  • 9-pin retention system for lens
  • Three-layer foam for added comfort and fit
  • 45mm strap with silicon beads
  • Includes sublimated microfiber bag for storage
  • Interchangeable lens between all 100% Youth line-up
FMF Youth PowerBomb

FMF Youth PowerBomb

FMF is one of the biggest names in the motocross industry and the brand is constantly exploring new avenues to expand its name beyond muffler systems.

Back in 2021, FMF collaborated with 100% goggles brand to create their own line of goggles called FMF Vision.

Majority of motocross riders are pretty familiar with 100%, we personally are using their goggles while embarking on a wild adventure. And we certainly like the versatility and options that they have given us after their partnership with FMF, especially considering the economical price point.

Now, the PowerBomb is based on the Accuri version of 100% Goggles. You get an FMF logo embedded 45mm strap, which is a bit wider than standard dirt bike goggles strap, and of course you get silicon beads on the inside that contribute greatly in its overall stability and fitment.

It features a polycarbonate lens with anti-fog coating for clear vision, that is further secured by the 9-pin retention system similar to the one used by 100%.

Plus, there’s a triple-layer face foam that prevents moisture build-up and wicks away any kind of sweat. Moreover, this foam is very soft on the face and fits securely to different face shapes so that debris can’t get into your little one’s eyes.

Performance wise, the PowerBomb goggle is ultra-light in weight, very easy to remove and wear, and delivers a very comfortable feel with a snug fit that can be utilized all throughout the day by your kid.

Further, they offer a unique frame shape with a raised section at the top of the lens to give your kid a little more forward vision when he lowers the head. And although it might seem like a minor characteristic, but in fact, it coordinates perfectly with the squared nose bridge that helps with the occasional tree branches coming through the helmet.

You also get a bunch of different styles to choose from. You can either opt for black, blue, orange, or spark depending on the taste of your kid.

Price: $29


  • 45mm silicon coated strap
  • 9-pin retention system for lens
  • Interchangeable lens between all Youth FMF goggles
  • Triple-layered high density face foam
  • Provides clear vision
  • Removable nose guard
Fox Racing Youth Main Stray

Fox Racing Youth Main Stray

Another great entry level option, the Fox Racing Main Stray goggles, are designed to deliver excellent performance, while still ensuring the comfort and safety of riders.

In fact, these goggles are designed to withstand the rigors of weather and demanding terrains. Be it dirt, rock, or mud, none of the external elements can impair or limit your kid’s vision while riding.

Further, the viewport has been enhanced to one of the best in its class, offering top-notch field of vision for a wide array of scenarios.

Coming to the lens, it features a clear Lexan which is quite durable and impact resistant while allowing a clear undistorted field of view. Plus, the lens also protects from harmful UV rays with its built-in shielding.

The frame, with its 6-pin retention system, secures the lens in place but is flexible enough at the same time to allow quick replacement of lenses.

Furthermore, the frame includes a variable lens system, or VLS, which gives you the option of using standard or injection molded lenses on the same frame. As such, a number of lenses can be utilized to customize these goggles with different colors or tints depending on the requirements of your kid.

And when it comes to comfort, the Stray goggles sport a triple-layer foam that is thoroughly lined with fleece to provide a cushy feel against the face. Moreover, the front part of the frame has multiple perforations so as to ensure sufficient air flow from above the eyebrows to the cheeks.

The strap is made out of a 38mm wide elastic material that is extremely strong and is further backed by a flat strip of 12mm wide silicone strip. This design delivers a tight and comfortable fit while simultaneously preventing the goggles from sliding up or down the helmet.

Additionally, the Main Stray goggles are available in a wide range of stylish colors including black, pink, red, blue, and orange. This allows your kid to pick a pair that best complements his riding gear.

So, if you are looking for motocross goggles that can deliver great value in terms of functionality, protection, comfort, and durability then the Main Stray goggles are an incredible choice, that too at an affordable price!

Price: $29


  • Triple layered foam for added comfort
  • Variable Lens System (VLS) design
  • Silicone strap
  • Lexan lens
  • Large viewport for undistorted vision
  • UV protection included
Thor Youth Combat Racer

Thor Youth Combat Racer

Being an industry leader, Thor is committed towards creating the best riding gear for motocross riders. So, when it comes to their youth protective gear, they test all of their products in real-world situations using factory riders and testers to ensure that these products deliver the highest level of performance.

Same is true for their Combat Racer goggles; one short glimpse is enough to realize that it’s made for serious professional riding.

It features a nice high peak around the nose that is actually a bit different than the other goggles available in the market.

Its innovative aperture vent system ensures a lot of ventilation that keeps the face cool on a hot sunny day. Further, the frame is perforated from the inside allowing a lot of air to pass through.

And one of the biggest upsides with Thor Youth Combat Racer is that they are tested and certified according to the European standard EN 1938:2010.

Outfitted with an optically correct polycarbonate lens with anti-fog and anti-scratch properties, this Youth Combat goggle delivers a clear field of vision. In addition, riders also have an option to incorporate a dual post tear-off system and total vision system that is sold separately.

One other great thing about Thor is that they use their own closed cell foam construction. This single 12mm layer foam inlay creates a nice barrier between the rider’s face and the goggles to keep out dust and fine particles from entering through the vents.

At the back, you get an adjustable woven strap with silicone grips that ensure a secure fit.

On top of that, these goggles come in a variety of color combinations (white, black, pink, red, orange, etc.) to match with any kind of youth helmet.

Plus, it comes with a plush goggle bag for safe and secure storage.

Price: $29


  • Single layer 12mm face foam
  • Adjustable woven strap
  • UV shield
  • Scratch & fog resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Drilled frame ports for enhanced ventilation
  • CE Certified
Scott Youth Agent

Scott Youth Agent

Scott youth goggles are simply considered one of the best in youth protective gear segment due to their astonishing price/performance ratio. Besides, Scott is one of the few brands that offers an anti-fog coating on a pair of youth goggles for less than $20. Plus, they come in a variety of colors, so there is definitely a goggle to either match your kid’s gloves or his helmet. 

And even though the design is pretty basic, the foam is extremely absorbent and very soft. Further, the strap is designed to prevent it from moving around the helmet.

In fact, these are an incredibly lightweight protective eyewear that will keep your little one’s eyes really safe while he is on the dirt trails. It can be literally folded in any direction and they will still last a really long time.

Its beautiful elasticated strap has an adjuster that allows you to pull and adjust to the size of your kid’s helmet. Moreover, an incredibly soft hypoallergenic foam evenly distributes the pressure from the strap and keeps the face really comfortable.

And to ensure optimal comfort, there are air vents that continue throughout the top of the frame to help draw cool air while also preventing any kind of fog build-up.

All in all, Scott Youth Agent is a very straightforward pair of riding goggle that is ideal for kids between 3 and 6 years of age and is a really good bargain to get your kids through the riding season.

Price: $17


  • Silicone backed elastic strap
  • Lexan lens
  • NoFog™ lens treatment
  • UV protection
  • Super soft foam
  • Ideal for 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-year-old kids

Things to remember while shortlisting youth dirt bike goggle

  1. Straps: Cheap motocross goggles often come with simple rubber straps for fastening around the helmet. As such, these motocross goggles are no better than a simple sunglass and should be avoided. For the same reason you should never use ski goggles for dirt biking, as this could lead to a mishap in case the goggles suddenly block the field of vision. Proper dirt bike goggles from reputed brands have retaining straps, which are provided with silicone beads on the inside and thus ensure the necessary hold on the helmet.

  2. Lens: A clear lens should always be part of your kids riding gear. When the weather gets rough, or if it gets dark due to downpour, a clear lens helps to keep a clear vision on the trail.

  3. Retention system: In order to protect the goggle lens from scratches and dirt, you can equip your kid’s motocross goggles with Tear-Offs. The only prerequisite however is that the lens must be equipped with appropriate retaining pins. Basic goggles usually have two pins, while high-end goggles usually have more than four.

  4. Comfort: Another factor not to be overlooked is the comfort that goggles are supposed to offer, because they are worn on the face for several hours and must be gentle on the skin. Typically, good dirt bike goggles are equipped with moisture wicking foam inside the frame of the mask, so as to prevent sweat build-up and ensure maximum comfort.

  5. Ventilation: Staying on the subject of perspiration, some goggles have ventilation system that allows air to flow inside them, preventing the lens from fogging up. Many mid- and high-end goggles, in particular, combine ventilation and anti-fog system to deliver a comfortable as well as clear vision.

  6. Adjustability: The strap of the frame should be elastic, durable, and most importantly, adjustable to accommodate any kind of youth helmet.

  7. UV Protection: Most goggles provide some protection against sunlight, while going up in price and with a subsequent improvement in quality, you can get a lens that protects against full spectrum of UV rays.

  8. Brand: Although there are many less popular but good goggle brands out there, but choosing from the most renowned brands usually ensures greater longevity and safety. This is because, these models are tested for compliance and also incorporate many features based on the suggestions from factory riders.

Bottom line

So, these were some of the best recommended dirt bike goggles that you can choose for your kid. Before concluding, we would like to share our final takeaway here: Don’t be economical while buying a dirt bike goggle for your child, even the most premium ones are priced below $50. Likewise, always choose a branded goggle to make sure replacement parts are available. There is no point in getting cheap goggles if you can’t get replacement lenses or if they are outrageously expensive.

And if you are a biker yourself, do check out our article on professional dirt bike goggles for adults.

Hope you found this article insightful, do let us know in case you need any further information. And do not forget to share this article among friends and family.

Happy Shopping!