Motorcycle Boots for Short Riders

Motorcycle Boots For Short Riders

Biker boots are extremely important, assuming you want to protect your feet and ankles. They should fit well and must provide protection from exhaust pipes, extreme weather conditions and road debris. And most importantly, they should protect against foot and ankle injuries in case of an accident.

In our previous article we discussed about motorcycle boots for women and buying guide for beginner motorcycle boots. However, as you may have noticed, it is quite difficult to find a boot for short riders. When riding a motorcycle, driving safety, convenience and comfort have high priority. However, stability while stopping or parking your bike is equally important. Often times, riders have to tiptoe on the ground to maintain their balance or slide towards one end of the saddle to reach the ground.

While there are a lot of motorcycles that are ideal for short riders, but wearing a compatible shoe can help you add few more inches to your height. These boots have a slightly thicker sole, that assists you in reaching the ground more easily. Additionally, you can stand more securely over your bike and you can support its weight more conveniently.

High heel motorcycle boots allows you to add few more inches to your height. This gives you the opportunity to get along with your bike more confidently. So without any further ado, lets take a look.

10 Best Motorcycle Boots for Short Riders

Max Sports GTX motorcycle boots for short riders

Max Sports GTX

Daytona boots are premium apex predators in a multi seasoned touring boot line. Max Sports GTX is the most popular motorcycle boot from Daytona especially made for short riders.

Its leather covered Cork heel extension gives you a much more secure stance while sitting on the motorcycle. A 2.36 inch of sole makes it much easier to reach the ground while you are stopping.

This premium boot scores in every nook and cranny with its safety features. It is completely waterproof, the ankles and shins are reinforced, and the sole offers maximum stability and is still comfortable while walking. You also get a non-slip rubber sole at the bottom for better traction.

Made from cowhide, the boot is completely breathable thanks to its Gore-Tex membrane. The inner sole is reinforced with plastic and hot-dip galvanized steel inserts. You get an abrasion resistant gear shift cushion, and a 3M-Scotchlite heel reflector for added safety.

The shaft height of the boot is approximately 20 cm and is tested to the most recent version of European standard (EN 13634:17).

The current price for Daytona Max Sports GTX is $369.

Daytona M-Star GTX

Daytona M-Star GTX

If you are familiar with the Daytona family, then you probably know why we are talking about the M-Star GTX. Fully handmade and premium motorcycle boots made in Bavaria; the Daytona M-Star GTX are waterproof riding boots for men that are completely breathable thanks to its Gore Tex membrane (hence the name GTX). Often times short riders tip toe their motorcycles while stopping, with an integrated 2.5cm high insole, this problem will surely fade away.

Special cowhide leather is used for making this boot, the textile lining is 80% polyamide and 20% polyester, the outer sole is made of rubber that is robust and specially made for this type of touring boot. Additionally, you get an ankle protection on both the sides, zippers and Velcro closures for snug fit, reinforced gear shift cushion, and a 3M-Scotchlite heel reflector.

All in all you get a mixture of high quality components that is made by hand for multi-year and multi season use.

Priced around $449, the shaft height of M-Star is approximately 25 cm and is tested to the most recent version of European standard (EN 13634:2017).

Daytona Lady Star GTX

Daytona Lady Star GTX

Daytona Lady Star is counted amongst one of the premium motorcycle boots for women that is currently available in the market. Its features and characteristics are almost similar to M-Star GTX; however, unlike M-Star which serves the men’s category, this model is crafted for short women riders.

The motorcycle boots are made of special cowhide leather with a breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane that ensures total comfort on and off the bike.

One of the most important features of Lady Star is that it comes with a removable insert which adds an additional 2.5 centimeters to the boots (which increases the total boot height up to 6 centimeters). So you have the option to wear your boots with or without the inserts depending on your inseam length. This may save you from lowering the motorcycle at stoppages.

Additional features include; shin protection with inner padding, reinforced ankle protection on both the sides, plastic-reinforced inner sole with hot-dip galvanized steel inlay, Velcro closures to fit all calf sizes, two side zippers for ease in wearing, and an abrasion-resistant gear shift reinforcement near the toes.

Priced around $449, the shaft height of Lady Star is approximately 24 cm and is CE certified (EN 13634:2017).

Daytona Lady Pilot GTX

Daytona Lady Pilot GTX

If the Lady Star is the Mercedes among motorcycle boots, then Lady Pilot is no less than a BMW! An outcome of creative research, the Lady Pilot GTX boots are stylish yet comprehensive enough to include all the essential safety features.

The 2.5 inch of heel helps bridge the gap for a short inseam and allows you to place your complete foot on the road. Lady Pilot also offers you the convenience and comfort that you get from normal touring boots, thanks to the high-quality Gore-Tex membrane that offers good ventilation and protection.

It is made from special cowhide leather and is completely waterproof. The textile lining is 80% polyamide & 20% polyester, you also get 3M Scotchlite reflectors at the base, a PU foam midsole, reinforced gear shift protectors, shin protectors, ankle protectors and inner sole reinforced with plastic just like Lady Star. The shaft height is approximately 24 cm and the boot is CE certified according to EN 13634:2017.

Even though Lady Pilots are considered to be among premium motorcycle boots, but still when it comes to their pricing, they are quite affordable. You can buy a fresh pair of motorcycle boot from RevZilla for around $349!

Sidi Vertigo 2

Sidi Vertigo 2

The Italian company Sidi has been producing high quality motorcycle boots at fair prices since the 1970s. Vertigo 2 is an upgrade of the very popular original Vertigo 1 boot, and is quite popular among both men and women riders (featured in our section “best motorcycle boots for women”).

Unlike other high heel riding boots we have discussed so far, the Vertigo 2 does not provide an additional raised inner sole; however, it is still ideal for short riders due to its advanced traction. The reinforced rubber bottom provides necessary grip to short riders while tip toeing that may not be easier otherwise. All thanks to its composite microfiber (Technomicro), it is durable, flexible, easy to maintain and water resistant. Moreover, they are much lighter in weight when compared to leather riding boots.

Vertigo 2 has all the features, reinforcements and protective inserts that are essential for a rider’s safety. You also get a robust rear leg guard that protects the ankle from twisting and is completely adjustable for snug fit. The replaceable, adjustable and aerodynamic toe sliders protect your feet very well from scratches!

Additional features include; DuPont® polymer gear shift pad, zipper and Velcro closures, air vents for extra comfort, double stitching for extra durability, ankle support brace, and reflective heel panel.

Priced around $319, the boot complies with 89/686/EEC standard.

TCX Drifter WP Boots

TCX Drifter WP Boots

Do you want a motorcycle boot in a classic dual sport design but with all the important technical features that are popular today? Look no further, the all new Drifter boots from TCX offers protection from water as well as from any kind of impact in case you indulge in off road riding. Unlike motocross boots, TCX Drifter offers complete protection without being fully armored and gnarly. This makes them versatile for riding as well as walking around.

Made from brushed leather to give them a real vintage look, TCX drifters are perfect for any kind of adventure tour. The anatomically shaped shoe sole reduces the stress on the feet on long journeys and can easily accommodate a slightly raised sole to give you some extra inches!

Front and rear portions are padded with microfibers to increase the comfort. The CFS technology enables riders to wear it for prolonged time without any discomfort.

Other noteworthy features include; three ergonomically shaped aluminum buckles for snug fit, removable shin plates, gear shift reinforcement at the front, and protective guards around the ankles, toes, and heels.

The shaft height is approximately 34cm and the boot is CE certified (EN 13634:17). You can get these boots for around $299.

Chippewa Logger boots

Chippewa Logger Boots

Chippewa has become a true symbol of the American shoe industry. The history of the brand is a vivid example of the desire to provide people with the highest quality footwear, in any working condition.

Although their boots were not initially designed solely for motorcyclists, yet their safety features and performance characteristics do make them ideal for riding. Back in the old days Chippewa was known to produce perfect safety boot that were designed to facilitate the difficult and dangerous work of American lumberjacks. As of today, the company’s product line extends much further than the ancestor boots and includes; motorcycle boots, cowboys, urban wears, unisex shoes, etc. Besides, these boots are high heeled with a thick sole that increases the height up to 6 centimeters.

The upper portion of these Logger boots is made from cow leather, the outsoles are made using Vibram technology, which eliminates any possibility of skid. The inner paddings are breathable and the inserts have antibacterial properties.

The stitching is durable (Goodyear stitching technology) and is completely waterproof. The Dri-Lex lining with Chip-A-Tex membrane ensures quick drying and breathability.

The price range of Chippewa Logger boots starts from $150 and may go up to $300 depending on the designs and features.

Daytona Lady SL Pilot GTX Boots

Daytona Lady SL Pilot GTX Boots

A short-shaft version of Lady Pilot GTX boots was launched to cater women riders with very low inseam length. This boot ensures maximum comfort around the ankle and the calf area and doesn’t look odd even if you are less than 5 feet. The characteristic features and performance are similar to Lady Pilot, except that SL Pilot offers a reduced shaft height of 20 centimeters.

The product advantages include high-quality, waterproof workmanship, which at the same time enables a good feeling for footrests and levers. The 6 cm raised sole makes you feel comfortable and allows you to easily reach the ground.

A Velcro fastener allows flexible adjustment around the calf and offers extra comfort thanks to the inner padding. Moreover, the boot leaves enough space for wider feet that ensures maximum comfort on long journeys.

The boots are CE certified (EN 13634:2017) and priced around $329.

Modeka Nicoletta Lady

Modeka Nicoletta Lady

Another brilliant motorcycle boot for short women rider is from Modeka; a renowned German motorcycle garment company. Nicoletta Lady has a raised heel of 6 centimeters that is perfect for women with short legs. The outer heel is around 4 centimeters in height and the insole is further increased by 2 centimeters around the heel area (the insole is removable if 4 cm is sufficient).

It has a shaft height of 23 cm at the back and 25.5 cm at the front. Thanks to the Hipora® membrane (waterproof film with polyurethane coating); the boot is 100% waterproof and breathable.

The upper material is made from 100% cow leather, the inserts are padded for extra comfort, and you get reinforcements around shin, toe, heel, and ankle. The boot is CE certified (EN 13634:2017) and is priced around $180. If you are living in the United States, you can buy these from eBay.

Lady Evoque GTX

Lady Evoque GTX

The last pair of boots in our top 10 list is Lady Evoque GTX from Daytona. At first glance, these boots may look like any other motorcycle boot since the 6 centimeter high heel is almost unnoticeable due to its overall design. Besides, the three reflective strips above the heel give it a very sleek look.

It is made from 100% cowhide leather that makes it durable for many seasons. The double shaft cuff ensures that your feet remain dry even in the dampest weather. The boot is closed with a side zipper and a Velcro fastener that adjusts around your calf snugly.

The side of the boot is embroidered with “Daytona” and “Gore Tex” is written on the 30 cm high shaft. The inner workings of the boot are also well thought out; the boot is padded with latex foam in the front and thus offers good shin protection. The special feature of this shoe is the 1.5 cm integrated cork sole elevation on the heel and 7 mm on the tip, which is covered with leather.

It is completely waterproof and breathable thanks to Gore-Tex climate membrane, the textile lining is 80% polyamide and 20% polyester, and the bottom sole is made from non-slip rubber for extra traction. The boot is priced around $420 and is CE certified (EN 13634:2017).

Bottom Line

As a short person, riding a bike gets somewhat difficult no matter how experienced you are. Frequently stopping and parking the bike is often a nightmare. Motorcycle boots with high heels or thick insoles might ease this problem a bit.

We have often heard “experts” recommending riders to buy thick insoles to increase height. However, adding an external insole to increase the height might make your toes numb due to reduced breathing space. It is best to purchase dedicated boots that are manufactured for short riders.

This article was researched and analyzed by our team of touring experts after carefully considering all the options available in the market for short riders. Feel free to write us back in case we missed anything or you need any further information related to the products.