Best Motorcycle Jeans For Summers

Best motorcycle jeans for summers

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Tired of wearing leather suits or synthetic protective clothing that always resembles a motocross rider? Just like summer riding jackets & summer gloves, we have a wide range of cool motorcycle jeans that will make you look good and casual on and off your bike.

Instead of sweating in tight-fitting leather pants in summer and enduring the sticky feeling, you can enjoy your ride in a comfortable and breathable motorcycle jeans. In addition to breathability, the protectors on the hips and knees offer sufficient protection for daily commute.

But do the casual motorcycle jeans really provide the same protection whilst being comfortable on a hot sunny day? We have compared various motorcycle jeans with one another so that you can choose the right properties for your ride. Read our detailed guide below for more information.

Best motorcycle jeans for summer

REV'IT! Philly 3 Jeans

REV'IT! Philly 3 Jeans

REV’IT Philly 3 motorcycle jeans is crafted from ultra-lightweight 12.5oz Coolmax Cordura denim. The two-layer PWR material (developed by REV’IT’s research wing that protects from tear, cut, and abrasion) around the knees and buttocks, and triple reinforced seams provide extra durability. The lining is made of poly/cotton twill. The model is equipped with reflective inserts and Seesmart CE-level 1 knee protectors.

REV’IT Philly 3 is ideal for those who prefer wide-cut jeans to be able to ride the bike in utmost comfort and safety. Currently offered in 2 different colors, it comes with an optional hip protector for additional safety.

Thanks to the versatile character of this Cordura® denim / PWR, the REV’IT Philly 3 jeans is ready to be used in your daily commute or on a weekend getaway in summers.

Price: $229


  • Removable Seesmart™ CE-level 1 knee protectors
  • Double layer shield around seat and knees
  • 50% Cotton, 30% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
  • Loose fit
  • Front zip closure
  • Triple stitching and extra comfortable with mechanical elasticity
  • Moisture wicking properties
  • 5 pockets
Scorpion EXO Covert Ultra Jeans

Scorpion EXO Covert Ultra Jeans

If you are looking for a relaxed-fit riding jeans that allows a lot of breathability in order to embark a comfortable journey in hot weather, the EXO Covert Ultra Jeans from Scorpion is a great option.

This single layered denim will feel no different from a regular pair of jeans, making it completely ideal for office goers or college students. In fact these regular fit jeans will look pretty cool on big guys who wear wide motorcycle boots.

Priced around $200, these covert jeans can incorporate armor and impact protectors on all the important areas (it has dedicated pockets around hip as well as knee).

It is abrasion resistant and comes with an optional Sas-Tec knee armor which is very thin, lightweight, and you can barely feel it while you’re using it.

This single layer riding pant is a mix of corduroy denim and about 30% Kevlar. It is a bit less bulky than a two layer denim and has a DWR coating which helps to wipe away the dirt from the surface.

Price: $199


  • 3M reflective patch
  • Moisture resistant
  • 5 pocket design
  • Abrasion resistant up to 7x times in comparison to regular denims
  • Optional extra impact protectors around knees and hip
Rokker RokkerTech Rider Jeans

Rokker RokkerTech Rider Jeans

For the first time we are seeing a premium styled denim under $300 price point from Rokkers. The Rokkertech is a classic 5-pocket pant that is visually indistinguishable from regular blue jeans. Thanks to a certain amount of stretch-ability, these pants are comfortable to wear on a hot sunny day despite being slim. Besides, these are significantly less expensive than what we’ve seen from Rokker in the past.

It has a relatively high melting point, so if you accidentally put your legs around the exhaust, you don’t have to worry about burns. The jeans are specifically made for the US market and so the sizes range from 29 to 42 for the waist with both 32 and 34 inch inseams available.

Talking about the features; Rokkers are taking more of that premium style from designer jeans and incorporating into their riding pants. You have double seams, tear-resistant fabric, and optional knee protectors and hip protectors for added safety.

Price: $279


  • Looks like a regular casual jeans
  • Single layer for maximum breathability
  • Additional pockets around hips and knees for extra safety
  • Slim fit with high waist
  • Stretchable
  • UHMWPE thread technology
REAX 267 Jeans

REAX 267 Jeans

Most of you are familiar with the versatility that riding jeans provide, and along these lines, the 267 jeans from Reax is something you can wear both on and off the bike. You have got a Dyneema® single layer fabric and a CE level 2 protection at the knees that is adjustable via Velcro on the inside so you can position the knee armor depending on your height and riding position.

Aesthetically; there is a button and a zipper at the front, a total of 5 pockets, and minimal branding that makes it really an all-rounder for all occasions.

Triple stitching all throughout the entire jeans adds some additional integrity if you happen to slide across the pavement. Hip armors are not included but you have space to add additional inserts if you want to add extra protection. All in all, at this price, you are getting the best of both worlds.

Price: $199


  • Made from 68% cotton, 13% Dyneema, 10% nylon, 8% polyester, and 1% Elastane
  • 5 Pockets
  • CE level 2 knee armor
  • Abrasion resistant fabric
  • Triple stitched seams
  • Single layer denim for enhanced breathability in summers
Dainese Denim Slim Tex Pants

Dainese Denim Slim Tex Pants

Dainese denim Tex pants come in two different fittings, the slim and a regular version. The main benefit you get with Dainese riding jeans is that they are providing you with additional level of abrasion resistance as well as impact protection while keeping that casual style that you like with your everyday jeans.

It comes with a classic five pocket and you get a button and a zipper at the front. When it comes to the fabric, these jeans are woven with elasticated Denim and cotton together to form a single layer that is ultra-light in weight and very comfortable to wear in hot weather. Besides, the fabric helps minimise the heat build-up around your legs.

Coming to safety; you get a pro shape armor around the knees (CE level 1), which is adjustable via Velcro.

The rear of the jean looks very straightforward with a minimal of branding. So, if you’re looking for a summer jeans that’s a bit more on the casual side, this $200 riding jeans is a great combination of styling and abrasion resistance with a bit of impact protection.

Price: $209


  • Pro-Armor 2.0 knee protectors
  • 5 pockets
  • Slim fit, regular cut and mid rise
  • Breathable and comfortable single layer fabric
  • Abrasion resistant
Bull-it Eclipse Tactical Slim Fit Women's Jeans

Bull-it Eclipse Tactical Slim Fit Women's Jeans

The Bull-it women’s tactical riding jeans is one the best-selling women’s jeans in the motorcycle apparel segment. But what makes them so popular, apart from its really curvy design, is the single layer Covec construction that allows a lot of stretch-ability (making them ideal for almost all the body types), low heat transfer, and resistance to abrasion. Besides, an overall casual appearance makes them versatile for riding as well as for urban wear. When it comes to fitting, we recommend going two sizes up of what you normally would wear for your regular pair of jeans.

Tested to CE EN17092, these jeans comes with a traditional button and zipper fly closure at the front, five pockets which is pretty typical across a lot of regular denim, a single layer fabric that is both abrasion resistant as well as breathable, and a knee and hip armor pocket if you would like to add an additional insert for safety.

Moreover, these jeans have a double stitched seam and a reinforced belt loop which is superior to the previous models of the brand.

Price: $129


  • Stretchable mid-rise jeans
  • Moisture repellent
  • Stitched from high grade Covec fiber
  • Tested to CE EN17092
  • Optional knee and hip inserts
Rokker RokkerTech Tapered Slim Jeans

Rokker RokkerTech Tapered Slim Jeans

The tapered slim jeans are another great pair of riding jeans from Rokkers. It is similar to a Levi’s 512, which is also a tapered jeans. You get an abrasion resistant fabric, a classic five pocket design, button and zipper main entry, triple stitching along the side, and a D3O Ghost knee and hip impact protector as a standard.

But what amazes most of the riders is the ultra-soft feel that ensures a total riding pleasure. They are incredibly comfortable even though they are not stretchable and yet offer an absolutely relaxed fit. The fabric is made of 12 oz. denim with highly abrasion-resistant UHMWPE fibers, 61% cotton, 19% polyethylene, 11% polyamide, 8% lycra, and 1% elastane.

The Rokker RokkerTech Tapered single-layered pair of jeans is a fantastic choice if you are living in a warm country. These are a simple pair of jeans that is totally comfortable to wear in warm weather and provides maximum breathability. At the back, you have a nice chunky thick Rokker logo going above your belt line. The bottom of the jeans is tapered towards your boots (hence the name) and is surprisingly light in weight.

Price: $449


  • UHMWPE construction
  • D30 impact protectors included
  • Single layer denim ensures breathability during summer season
  • Very soft and durable fabric
  • Abrasion resistant
  • CE rated riding jeans (AA level)
REV'IT! Lombard 3 Jeans

REV'IT! Lombard 3 Jeans

The Lombard 2 is a step ahead of the original Lombard and we think it’s one of the best jeans REV’IT has ever produced! Priced at just over the $200 mark, it is a premium motorcycle jean that passes the slide test with flying colors (62 MPH for 6 seconds). It’s a 12.5 oz. Cordura infused denim, and the denim itself is protected by armors around the knees & hip (optional). Additionally, it has a Coolmax infusion which actually allows the jeans to stay cooler against your skin. So if you’re wearing this on a hot summer day, the Coolmax will eliminate any kind of heat build up during your ride.

When it comes to safety; the CE rated armor at the knees, which is quite flexible, further improves its impact protection. The fitting has been redefined to make it more stylish and versatile and is a little tapered at the bottom, positioned for the US market. So if you wear these jeans and walked into the bar, nobody is going to realize you’re wearing a motorcycle pant!  It’s a zip fly with a button towards the top, and the rivets are flattened, that prevents any kind of scratch on your motorcycle tank. The triple stitched sides provide additional resistance to abrasion.

Price: $239


  • 5 oz. Cordura infused denim
  • CE-level 1 protection at knee and hip
  • Moisture resistant
  • 5 pockets
  • Made from 50% cotton, 30% polyester, and 20% polyamide
  • Coolmax infused jeans that keeps your skin cool in summer
Rokker RokkerTech Slim Jeans

Rokker RokkerTech Slim Jeans

Based out of Switzerland, Rokkers have been around for a long time and are known for manufacturing premium motorcycle jeans. Talking about RokkerTech Slim Jeans, the pants are made up of a single abrasion resistant and water resistant layer which is very thin and light in weight. This quality makes these jeans enjoyable and breathable in summers. It is specifically designed to ensure maximum comfort in hot weather. The jeans is made of 12 oz. denim bonded together with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), a material that is 10 times stronger than steel!

It is designed as a single layer Jeans that has no interior lining of Kevlar or Dynatec. Yet, thanks to the UHMWPE molecular binding, it’s tremendously stronger than your typical riding jeans. However, it will not be as abrasion resistant as the typical double layered riding jeans, but it’s going to give you more breathability and an ultra-light feel.

Price: $269


  • UHMWPE construction that makes it durable and strong
  • Single layer jeans
  • Slim fit
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Optional hip and knee armours
Riding Culture Tapered Slim Jeans

Riding Culture Tapered Slim Jeans

Riding culture is a freshly launched brand from Rokkers and is a little bit more budget friendly in the motorcycle jeans line up. Priced around $250, it is currently available in two colors and many different sizes. It is a very articulated slim fit jean with a traditional five pocket design. The fabric consists of around 90% cotton, 9% polyester, and 1% elastane.

The jeans are very light in weight, thin and really stretchable due to the presence of elastane. The fabric itself is CE AA rated and comes with CE rated (level 1) knee armor as a standard.

In case you need an additional hip protection, there is a slot available at the rear to place the inserts. You can also check out Riding culture’s website in case you prefer a dedicated armor that fits right into the pockets. These jeans also include a giant shoelace that act as a belt and looks very stylish, typical to the BMX & Skating culture. However, these are removable in case you are not so much into it.

Price: $250


  • Stylish and urban street jeans
  • CE rated fabric (Level AA)
  • 5 pockets
  • Knee armor included
  • Single layer breathable fabric
  • Tapered and stretchable
  • Abrasion resistant
Knox Brittany Women's Jeans

Knox Brittany Women's Jeans

Knox has numerous motorcycle jeans for summer; however, we decided to pick Knox Brittany due to its high-waist cut. The brand currently offers two color choices between black or blue denim.

When it comes to safety, Knox has combined Cordura denim with additional Kevlar reinforcement and an optional hip & knee protectors.

The main highlight of these jeans is that the knee protectors can be removed from the outside! You won’t come across any brand that offers this feature. This means that the knee protectors can be removed once you have reached your destination within seconds without the need of getting naked. This makes it completely versatile and thus can be worn on and off the bike.

In our opinion, these jeans are stylish, value for money and completely safe for urban commuting.

Price: $179


  • Elastic fabric
  • Knee pads can be removed from outside
  • Stylish urban wear
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • 4 deep pockets
iXS Classic AR Jeans Cassidy

iXS Classic AR Jeans Cassidy

The all new Classic AR Jeans Cassidy for men and women comes in the trendy stretch denim material. The 2-layered jeans ensures a lot of comfort and abrasion protection. It is ideal for summers, thanks to its Coolmax fiber, which ensures a cool and comfortable ride. When it comes to safety; the original DuPont Kevlar™ fabric is extremely abrasion-resistant and heat-resistant.

The Swiss iXS development team has worked really hard in manufacturing these quality denim biker jeans! The inner layer facing the body consists of a Coolmax fiber which can absorb a lot of moisture from the body and keep the temperature of the wearer cool and dry on hot days, while simultaneously providing insulation in cold days.

The middle layer consists of high-quality, original DuPont Kevlar™. This fabric is extremely abrasion-resistant and generates little heat in the process. In addition, the extremely thin and soft knee protectors can be adjusted as per the rider’s height and meet the latest safety standards (tested according to EN 1621-1: 2012, Level 1).

An elastic fiber has been incorporated into this stone washed denim jeans, making them stretchable and comfortable just like any ordinary pair of jeans.

The regular fit, classically structured with 5 pockets and a concealed zipper allows these jeans to be used as a daily wear while providing utmost safety and comfortability.

Price: $299


  • Upper material: 98.5% cotton, 1.5% elastane
  • Aramid reinforcement: 50% aramid, 50% cotton
  • Regular fit
  • 5 pockets
  • Concealed zipper strip
  • Height-adjustable knee protectors

Bottom Line

Like any regular jeans, you can get good motorcycle jeans in a variety of fittings. In addition to women’s and men’s motorcycle jeans, you can choose between straight cuts or slim fit jeans as well. Many riding jeans are not only available in classic denim look, but also in casual black or dark gray tones. However, in addition to the look, you should pay attention to safety-relevant aspects when choosing them. Most importantly, they should have protectors on the knees as well as hips.

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We have come to an end of this review guide and if you intend to choose an ideal motorcycle pair of jeans for summer season but do not know which brand to opt for, we suggest you to pick one from any of our shortlisted jeans mentioned above. This list is always constantly updated based on the recent technological advancements, buyer reviews, and from our own personal experiences (being amongst the renowned motorcycle tour operators for a decade). If you need more information related to any motorcycle gear, please feel free to write us back. Thank you for reading, cheers!