Best motorcycle jackets for hot weather

Best motorcycle jackets for hot weather

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A good motorcyclist knows that the important thing is not the destination, but the journey itself. Getting around by motorcycle is and will remain one of the best ways to travel around the region. However, a road trip in summers can be a lot more demanding compared to any other season of the year. You need motorcycle jacket that offers comfort, freedom of movement, and breathability during the hottest part of the day as it may get quite difficult to travel around in scorching heat with your gears on.

Moreover, natural thermoregulation may get disturbed in case your jacket is accumulating a lot of heat. The symptoms may get adverse when you are riding at a temperature of above 35°C for more than 2 hours. Additionally, city traffic and exhaust gasses contribute to the extreme heat conditions, which can aggravate your body temperature.  As per research, body temperature of a motorcyclist wearing standard safety equipment can rise to a level (40° degrees) which increases the risk of motor accidents dramatically. Fortunately, modern jackets allow you to drive without risking hyperthermia.

In today’s blog we will discuss about some of the best summer motorcycle jackets that are available in the market and we will put some light on buying guide that will help you choose your ideal jacket this summer.

What distinguishes a good summer motorcycle jacket?

Individual tastes and available budgets weigh on the choice, but knowing how to orient your mind is essential to make a wise decision. Let’s see the basic requirements that must be looked at while choosing a summer riding jacket.

  • A good motorcycle summer jacket has to let through as much airflow as possible. They usually achieve this through breathable mesh material (in textile jackets) or through perforated holes (leather jackets).
  • It should have a certain level of protection in motorcycle jackets. That is why protectors over shoulders and elbows are mandatory. Also make sure that there are protective inserts at the back (or at the least a space available for them to fit).
  • In order to have a well-fitted jacket for different body types, it should be adjustable. This usually happens through Velcro fasteners, buckles or buttons on the waist, wrists, arms and neck.

Top motorcycle jackets for summers

Summers are certainly a perfect time for adventurous motorcycle trip which motorcyclists find very difficult to resist. The high temperatures, however, must not at all provoke you to give up on wearing essential motorcycle gear that always guarantee maximum safety on two wheels. For all those who want to take the advantage of beautiful summer season by embarking on a motorcycle tour, here is our recommended list:

Alpinestars T-GP R v2 Air Jacket

Alpinestars T-GP R v2 Air Jacket

If you want a sporty cut jacket, to be used essentially during the hottest days in spring, and especially in summers, you can consider the T-GP R V2 model designed by Alpinestars.

Thanks to large mesh panels present around the torso and arms, the jacket guarantees optimal air circulation.

On colder days though, you can fit the removable wind liner, making it ideal for spring, autumn, and moderately cold climate as well.

The elbow and shoulder protectors are CE level 1, but for the back, certainly the most important area of the body to protect, it is possible to insert level 2 CE protectors. The jacket is not waterproof, but only water repellent, but in case you encounter heavy downpours, you can count on totally waterproof internal pockets, which leaves everything inside completely dry.

Price: $299


  • The Alpinestars jacket can be worn for most of the months, as it is suitable from spring to autumn, as long as there are not very cold days. It is perfect for summer, thanks to the perforated mesh fabric.
  • To keep smartphones or other objects safe inside the jacket, a watertight pocket is also provided.
  • Thanks to Velcro, different body parts on the jacket can be adjusted according to your needs.
Dainese Bora Air Jacket

Dainese Bora Air Jacket

Another interesting summer jacket is Bora Air jacket that is designed by Dainese. It is a part of the family of Air jackets, a series that combines innovative design with comfortability and  breathability. 

It is particularly designed for young bikers who are looking for jackets that are not only of high quality but also comfortable in hot weather.

Bora Air is in fact made of mesh, which together with the removable protectors on shoulders and elbows guarantees excellent ventilation and breathability. The model is equipped, in addition to two external pockets, with an internal pocket for double chest protection along with G1, G2 pockets for back protection. Wrists and waist are adjustable to allow you to alter them to your liking and thus arriving at the right fit.

Currently the jacket is available in four variants; Black/White, Black/Fluo-Yellow, Black/Fluo-Red, and Magnesium/Fluo-Yellow.

Price: $199


  • Manufactured by one of the well-known brands in motorcycle clothing industry.
  • Offers maximum comfort and breathability in hot weather.
  • The jacket looks very sporty and is aesthetically beautiful making it ideal for young riders.
  • The mesh fabric ensures that the body temperature is regulated.
Dainese Hydra Flux 2 Air D-Dry Jacket

Dainese Hydra Flux 2 Air D-Dry Jacket

If you are looking for a perfect summer jacket, Dainese Hydra Flux is an ideal product in our opinion. This jacket is practical, aesthetically beautiful and available in many sizes. In fact, it is the number one model in the European market that is suitable for both men and women.

You will find this jacket really well made. It is very light in weight but, at the same time, will protect you optimally when you are on your motorcycle, even during the hottest part of the day. It has a removable D-DRY membrane that gives it total waterproofing for all your needs.

Being perforated, it offers optimal breathability to guarantee maximum comfort and an air passage that allows you to stay cool.

You can say goodbye to the sweat that drips on your back during your ride. Suitable for all seasons and all types of physique, Hydra Flux is a good quality, water resistant jacket, ideal for summers. You will hardly find a similar product on the market that matches its standards.

Price: $299


  • Very light but also offers very high protection.
  • Perfect to be used during the 4 seasons thanks to the D-DRY membrane.
  • Being perforated, it guarantees excellent ventilation and breathability.
  • Suitable for both men and women and available in many sizes.
REV'IT! Eclipse Jacket

REV'IT! Eclipse Jacket

The all-new Eclipse is a very simple yet stylish mesh jacket from REV’IT!. What we love about this jacket is that it’s both economical in price yet fully featured and performance oriented.

As an added advantage, it incorporates 600D around all the impact areas and offers maximum breathability to overcome a warm day.

When it comes to the fitment, it is going to be more of a sport touring fit with light articulation making it not overly baggy. And although it has a mesh construction, this jacket does not incorporate any thick heavily padded protection, rather it is a very casual motorcycle jacket to be utilized in everyday riding.

As for the construction, Eclipse incorporates a nice tricot fleece liner which feels great against the skin especially if you are sweating. Moreover, it comes stock with Knox CE Level 1 armor around the shoulders as well as around the elbow regions with an option to install a CE Level 2 SeeSoft back protector.

In short, the REV’IT! Eclipse is your day-to-day jacket ideal in hot weather conditions for all the sport commuters out there who need a basic, breathable yet protective jacket.

Price: $189


  • Durable 600D polyester construction
  • Premium Euro quality
  • Mesh construction for enhanced breathability
  • Ideal for sport touring
Dainese Air Frame D1 Jacket

Dainese Air Frame D1 Jacket

In an extremely hot weather, you need a jacket that can put you at ease. The best jacket, in this case, is the Dainese Air Frame D1 Tex, which also excels for its unbeatable value for money.

This summer jacket is very breathable and allows you to stay cool without sweating too much, thanks to its light and perforated materials.

It is made of Quick Dry fabric that allows air to pass through. The removable windproof lining favors the perfect thermal adaptation of the body to summer temperatures, while the various protection systems, compliant with standards, ensure maximum safety while traveling by motorbike or scooter.

Price: $269


  • Complies with European safety standards.
  • The jacket has 2 external pockets, a pocket for the G1 or G2 back protector and spaces designed for reflective inserts. Carry your smartphone, house keys or wallet with you in complete safety, thanks to the zips that keep your belongings safe.
  • The D1 line uses excellent materials and is characterized by an innovative design.
  • It will keep you comfortable even when you are around beaches, cities or highways.

Fly Racing Street Flux Air Jacket

After a very long time, almost after 10 years, Fly Racing came up with an updated version of their mesh jacket which was first introduced in 2014 as a most affordable motorcycle jacket. It soon became one of their best selling items owing to its simple construction that offered optimal breathability in summers.

Coming to its upgraded version, not much has changed in terms of design. But yes, the brand decided to include all the primary protective attributes that are required on any motorcycle jacket.

As such, you can find abrasion impact panels around the shoulders (CE level 1), yoke and back of the arms that prevent vital organs from getting hit in case of any impact.

Furthermore, there are adjusters around the sleeves that helps keep the armor in place. You also get Velcro® straps around the waist area that lets you adjust the jacket as per your requirements.

All in all, for just $120, you are getting a much more protective option that provides a massive amount of air flow owing to its mesh fabric and still delivers that optimal amount of impact protection required in case of mishap.

Price: $119


  • Mesh construction ensures 100% breathability
  • CE Level 1 protection at elbows and shoulders
  • High abrasion impact panels
  • 3-step adjustable sleeve volume control

Alpinestars AST Air v2 Jacket

Dedicated to those who prefer a sporty look on the bike (it has pre-curved sleeves), the AST Air Jacket is an excellent companion for riding on hot days. The main structure is made of breathable Mesh to guarantee excellent ventilation, while the back and chest are designed to house back protector and parapet respectively.

The jacket is fully CE certified, and the shoulders and elbow protectors are CE Level 1 certified. Currently it is available in three colors (black/white, black/fluorescent yellow and black/red fluorescent)

Price: $199


  • Exceptionally durable and ultra-light jacket featuring a main mesh shell for superior ventilation.
  • Increased comfort and performance in the riding position.
  • Made from 600 Denier poly-fabrics.
  • Auto locking zippers for secure closure.

Leather jackets versus textile jackets for summers?

When choosing a summer jacket, you have to consider whether you prefer to wear a textile jacket / mesh jacket or whether you prefer the properties and look of leather jackets.

On hot days, the idea of ​​being in a thick leather suit is not very appealing. Moreover, you won’t be able to feel the wind and the leather might stick to the sweaty skin. However, there is a workaround; perforated leather jackets combine the advantages of leather (extremely tear-resistant and safe) with the advantages of textile jackets / mesh jackets (airy).

A textile jacket, on the other hand can have three layers (with waterproof membrane and padding) making it suitable for dealing with various temperatures during a day on the bike. There are places where you can experience extremely hot afternoons and unbearable cold mornings in a single day, a textile jacket with multiple detachable layers can work very efficiently in these environments.  So in our opinion, textile jackets are ideal for summers as they are breathable and more comfortable in the scorching heat, but if you still prefer the look of a leather jacket over textile, make sure you are purchasing a perforated one that has a room for breathing.

Things to look for in a summer motorcycle jacket

Those who have been riding motorcycle for many years probably don’t need it, but some advice on how to choose the motorcycle jacket will help the less experienced. Here’s how to choose your motorcycle jacket:

  • A good summer motorcycle jacket must have large air vents to increase the aeration of the body. These vents should be positioned in areas around arms, chest, and back, where the “cooling” effect is amplified.
  • The vents provided in the jackets should be adjustable or completely removable, to modulate your jacket according to your needs.
  • When choosing a summer jacket, you must necessarily answer these questions: How long will I use it on my motorbike and on what kind of trips? If you only do a few day outings on weekends, you can choose a versatile model (with a detachable padding).
  • If you are planning a summer trip in very hot climate, or a long distance trip through multiple temperatures, it is better to buy a fully perforated jacket which includes breathable windproof membrane. This way, if the temperature drops, you will still be protected from the cold winds and you can enjoy the ventilation from the perforated areas when it gets warmer.
  • Do you suffer a lot in the heat? There are people who don’t suffer much in the heat, and there are others who just can’t stand it. If you are among the latter, then you must necessarily choose a perforated jacket suitable only for the summer.
  • What style to choose? A motorcycle jacket with many pockets and removable layers (such as padding and waterproof membrane) is better suited for trips with many stages. This allows you to always have what you need on hand. There are also stylish summers jacket, that fit more snugly and do not necessarily look like motorcycle jackets, so make sure you make up your mind before deciding on one.

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