Mid-Season Motorcycle Gloves

Mid-Season Motorcycle Gloves

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As the winter is drawing to a close and the weather is getting slightly warmer, a dedicated pair of summer motorcycle gloves might not be the answer. You may need a pair of gloves that is neither too warm nor too cold. So, what can be done here?

Mid-season motorcycle gloves are the perfect answer for this scenario. They maintain a balance between being neither too warm by eliminating the long cuffs that are typical with winter motorcycle gloves while still being adequately lined with membranes unlike summer motorcycle gloves that are generally perforated and non-waterproof.

In fact, they are versatile enough and have everything that a glove could have. And one can easily compare these gloves with high performance gloves that combine the advantages of a racing glove with the features of a waterproof glove that are designed to resist the ravages of weather.

What are mid-season gloves?

Mid-season gloves are typically reinforced with padding and may or may not be waterproof depending on their characteristics. They are little warmer than the traditional summer gloves, but are not necessarily adequate to combat extreme cold weather. In short, they are designed for the intermediate season that fall in between extreme summers and winters.

Mid-weather or mid-season gloves usually incorporate a combination of leather and textile, offering multiple possibilities depending on the weather to protect your hands effectively. They feature good abrasion resistance, a number of reinforcements, and are comfortable for all types of rides and duration. They are real touring gloves designed to resemble racing gloves, while remaining more comfortable and flexible.

In today’s article we will be listing out some of the best mid-season motorcycle gloves that are short cuffed, waterproof, and yet, not lined with any kind of thick insulation to offer a great tactile feel and comfort typical of the intermediate season. Let’s check them out!

Best Mid-Season Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars S-Max Drystar Gloves

Alpinestars S-Max Drystar Gloves

For a motorcyclist who enjoys the feeling of a summer glove but would also like to use them in mid-season, the Alpinestars S-Max is the perfect glove. It is because these gloves have a light insulated layer and are also equipped with a waterproof and breathable membrane to offer you complete dryness in case it rains.

Speaking of safety, these CE-certified gloves are constructed from a combination of mesh fabric on top and leather on the inside that ensures durability and comfort at the same time. Around the outer side and around the pinky finger, you get additional reinforcement of suede material, thereby ensuring some extra resistance in case of an impact.

The inside of the fingers have small breather holes that allow some amount of breathability as well. Rest assured, due to their construction, any ingress of water is not possible. And thanks to the Drystar® membrane, these gloves ensure that there is zero perspiration while riding.

Not to forget, the touch sensitive fingertips, stretchable inserts on the palms, and the hook & loop closure around the wrists that make them an ideal mid-season motorcycle glove.

And for our women motorcyclists, the same model is available with a slightly different ergonomic fit. You can check out Alpinestars Stella S-Max Drystar gloves in case you are looking for a dedicated women’s glove.

Price: $74

Dainese Tempest D-Dry Short Gloves

Dainese Tempest D-Dry Short Gloves

The moment you put on this pair of mid-season gloves in your hands, you will realize that your search is completed. These are an excellent pair of motorcycle gloves that truly deserve to be ranked in our list.

There is nothing you will find that is lacking in these pair of gloves. To begin with, they are easy to put on. With adjustable closures and a wrist cuff they are extremely comfortable, regardless of how many hours you’ve been riding. Moreover, they are incredible when it comes to operability of the controls. With the built-in protectors, there is a sense of security as well.

Another thing to note about the gloves is that they have a touch-sensitive index finger that allows you to navigate on the screen of your bike, your GPS, or your smartphone without taking them off. And as an added bonus, the pair has a wiper pad to clear off water or dirt from your helmet visor.

Speaking about the features; these are made from a combination of Amica Suede and Digital Suede, you get a breathable waterproof D-Dry membrane that keeps you dry, a thin thermal insulation to keep you comfortable, reinforced palm, Comfortech knuckles, and a pre-curved finger construction for added comfort.

Besides, these unisex gloves can be used by both men & women and are certified with European standards (CE EN 13594 level 1).

PS: Remember, these are the short gloves in Tempest series that are ideal for mid-season riding. The Tempest D-Dry Long gloves from Dainese fall under winter category and should not be confused with the one we are discussing here.

Price: $109

Alpinestars T-SP W Drystar Gloves

Alpinestars T-SP W Drystar Gloves

The Alpinestars T-SP W Drystar gloves are mid-season waterproof motorcycle gloves with a medium sized cuff (neither long nor short), and are constructed out of a stretchable polyamide fabric.

Featuring a goat leather palm as well as the Drystar® Performance waterproof membrane that keeps your hands dry using its triple-layer sealed construction, this combination ensures dexterity and sensitivity over the controls.

And you get dual Velcro® closures on the wrist and an advanced polymer hard joint that offers premium protection without compromising the flexibility or movement of the hand. Also, you get a bridging feature on the third and fourth fingers, and a Clarino® reinforcement that extends to the palm for added abrasion resistance.

As an added safety feature, you also get synthetic leather reinforcements and foam padding around the palm and edges of the hand that are prone to abrasion. There is a reflective insert that makes the rider more visible to other road users and touchscreen compatible fingertips that assist the use of electronic devices. And lastly, these are certified as per European regulations (CAT II level 1).

Price: $119

Dainese Carbon 3 Short Gloves

Dainese Carbon 3 Short Gloves

These are a pair of gloves that have proven to be very soft and comfortable. Carbon 3 Short gloves offer a very comfortable grip on the throttle thanks to the elastic inserts around the fingers and the palm that are made out of mesh fabric.

Designed as a short pair of gloves, the protection is definitely not neglected here. They feature a carbon fiber knuckle, reinforced fingers, and a slider palm that resists abrasion very well. And as with any of the Dainese’s gloves, Carbon 3 Short is also equipped with DCP technology, which prevents the pinkie from twisting during a fall. You also have the option of using the touch technology with your index finger and thumb on your electronic devices.

These short sport gloves ensure maximum ventilation, thanks to the mesh inserts on the back, while the combination of sheep skin and Amica suede palm guarantees comfort as well as great tactile feedback. The palm has Clarino® on the inside, and they have updated their recent model with Velcro® and a pull tab on the bottom, which makes it much easier to remove and wear without any problems.

Their innovative leather construction offers the highest level of safety, to conquer every route with maximum protection and confidence, thus making them ideal for mid-season touring.

Price: $127

Dainese 4 Stroke 2 Gloves

Dainese 4 Stroke 2 Gloves

When you will first try the 4 Stroke 2, you might feel certain amount of stiffness due to their construction, however, once you have covered few kilometers with them, you will be amazed by the amount of comfortability they can offer.

These goatskin racing gloves offer real resistance to abrasion. Besides, their Velcro® closures ensure a snug fit around the wrists. And of course, due to their construction, they can be worn both before & after the winters as well as summers in accordance with your needs. However, keep in mind that they are not a dedicated summer glove, as the warmth of the gloves may be too much for you to bear in peak summers.

Featuring a professional design and secured construction with thermoplastic panels and an outstanding ventilation system, these gloves are equipped with stretchable inserts on the fingers and top of the hand. Moreover, they have padded knuckles and reinforced thenar with preformed stainless steel and thermoplastic resin shells and a double layered leather palm for extra impact protection.

Additionally, you get a short cuff that keeps the perspiration in check and also lets you style the sleeves of your jacket over them. The pre-curved finger design makes it easy to ride for multiple hours in a single stretch and the accordions around the fingers allows you to operate the controls over the handle bars with ease. And lastly, these are approved as per European standards (CE certification according to EN13594: 2015).

Price: $279

Alpinestars Café Divine Drystar

Alpinestars Café Divine Drystar

Built specifically for the classic touring riders, these mid-season motorcycle gloves are made from 100% leather. The Café Divine, part of Alpinestars Oscar line of gloves, are an insulated pair with a Drystar waterproof membrane. They represent a blend of both touring and vintage styled gloves apt for the intermediate season with plenty of functionality.

Featuring 80 grams of Thinsulate insulation on the front as well as back and a Drystar waterproof membrane bonded to the outer layer. These gloves offer an improved sensitivity towards the controls as you wear them.

Moreover, these gloves eliminate the big, cumbersome, and puffy feeling that you might otherwise experience from standard waterproof gloves.

Their full leather construction incorporates a long gauntlet and an accordion stretch at the back of the knuckles. There is also an additional padding on the back of the fingers for added impact protection. And besides being certified as per European standards (CE level 1), they are equipped with knuckle protectors as well as touchscreen fingertips.

The palm has been reinforced with leather, and the area around the thumb and index finger, where ideally a lot of riders experience certain amount of discomfort, has been covered with a stretch fabric. And lastly, the Velcro® wrist adjuster allows you to customize the fit as per your comfort level.

Price: $129

Rukka Ceres Gore-Tex Gloves

Rukka Ceres Gore-Tex Gloves

Yet another short glove for mid-season riding with elastic on the back, allowing you to wear your favorite motorcycle jacket along with it; The Rukka Ceres Gore-Tex gloves are completely waterproof and breathable, featuring a full-grain cowhide leather construction.

And just like the Café Divine we discussed above, Ceres’s Gore-Tex material also bonds with the outer lining, restricting both layers to move independently of each other, thus aiding in a greater tactile feedback.

Moreover, you can ride in all kinds of conditions with these gloves, all the while staying comfortable and dry. On top of that, you will not be subjected to perspiration owing to the breathability of the liners. Altogether, this is an excellent pair of gloves for the intermediate season.

Speaking about the features, they come with reflective stripes across the back of the hand, carbon-reinforced knuckles, visor wiper on the index finger, Top touch sensitivity for flawless control using Gore-Tex X-Trafit technology, and touchscreen fingertips that lets you use your electronic devices on the go.

Available in sizes from 7 to 13, these gloves come with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.

Price: $153

REV'IT! Mosca H2O Gloves

REV'IT! Mosca H2O Gloves

The Mosca H2O Gloves are, as the name suggests, waterproof gloves intended for mid-season riding. That said, the one thing we really like about these gloves is that they are summer-oriented and have no thermal insulation, which keeps them low profile. This characteristic feature enables them to have excellent tactile feedback.

On the other hand, thanks to their patented Hydratex Z-liner, these gloves offer full protection against both rain and wind. So, if you are looking for a lightweight waterproof mid-season glove, we would definitely recommend the Mosca H2O.

It features a 3D air mesh as the main construction and a goatskin leather on the inside of the palm which provides excellent resistance to abrasion while simultaneously ensuring a great tactile feel. At the same time, it has a very fuss-free Velcro® tab to get inside and out of the glove. In addition, these short cuff gloves also have a TRP knuckle protector (visco-elastic knuckle) that is both comfortable and soft.

Also, the top of the fingers have accordion stretch, which makes them easy to operate around the controls of the handlebars. And that’s not all, you get a light foam padding around the palm, laminated reflection that ensures rider safety in low light conditions, EVA padded finger knuckles & thumb, and an elastic wrist with adjustment tab.

Made to last, these Mosca H2O gloves are available in 8 different sizes and 3 different colors, so you can easily blend and match them on any outfit.

Price: $74

Icon Tarmac2 Gloves

Icon Tarmac2 Gloves

The ICON Tarmac2 gloves feature an Ax Laredo synthetic leather on the inside of the palm that extends along the wrist closures. And everywhere else you are protected with a textile stretch fabric that allows for adequate freedom of movement required to work around the handlebars.

In fact, we would describe these Tarmac2 gloves as medium-cuffed gloves since they go up around 1.5 inches from the wrist, blending perfectly well under a jacket.

About their construction, on the inside you will not find a thermal liner, rather the gloves are lightly insulated with a fleece lining to offer you a mild protection from the early morning chills that riders usually experience in the mid-season.

You additionally get a Hipora® waterproof lining on the inside that helps to keep the rain at bay during your long ride.

But that’s not all!

We have good news for all our animal-friendly bikers out there. These motorcycle gloves are completely vegan and are made from 100% animal-free material.

Some of the other noteworthy features include; an easy Velcro® access around the cuffs, textile stretch across the knuckles, soft D3O inserts that can withstand multiple knocks, Touch-tech capable thumb and fingers, reinforced outer edge for increased slip resistance, and double-stitched seams for added durability.

Price: $65

Alpinestars SMX-Z Drystar Gloves

Alpinestars SMX-Z Drystar Gloves

The SMX-Z Drystar gloves are an excellent option for someone looking for a low-profile waterproof glove with a decent level of protection.

Ideally when riders are looking for a waterproof glove, these are usually accompanied by a thermal liner, but such is not the case when it comes to SMX-Z gloves! In fact, you will find no thermal liner in these gloves at all. This characteristic property renders them as an ideal mid-season glove, and of course, these can be utilized in warmer weather as well.

Featuring a single Velcro® closure around the wrist, these are engineered to be fuss-free and basic, while still delivering plenty of stretchability for effortless riding.

Besides, these premium short cuff gloves are equipped with a waterproof Drystar Performance technology that ensures high amount of breathability and resistance against water ingress.

The back of the gloves is lined with goatskin leather and padded with TPU knuckles for added abrasion resistance. Furthermore, they feature accordion stretch around the ring finger and an additional reinforcement around the fourth finger. Also, these gloves offer touch tech capability, which can be utilized either with the index finger or the thumb. And to add to the overall comfort while riding, Alpinestars has also implemented additional elastic stretch over the thumb area.

Price: $89

Bottom Line

Choosing the right pair of mid-season motorcycle glove is a significant step contributing towards your safety as well as comfort. This is why we strongly encourage you to evaluate them basis a predetermined set of purchase criteria in order to pick the most ideal pair. This criteria should include; accreditation or the certification level of the glove, comfort, weight, safety features, protective mechanisms, size, waterproofing capabilities (if required), number of linings, material used in construction, resistance to wear and tear, and lastly its after sales service.

You can read more about the selection process in our article: How to choose the right motorcycle gloves

So, these were the best pair of mid-season gloves including the most popular ones and the most economical ones. Please feel free to drop us a mail to give us your own opinion and do let us know your favorite pair of mid-season motorcycle gloves!

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That’s all for now folks. Take care!