Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmets

Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmets

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Safety on two wheels is something we should all be concerned about, especially when it comes to our children. And while accidents cannot always be averted, you can at least curb the danger by taking the right precautions.

That is why it is important to choose a quality youth dirt bike helmet so as to minimize the risk of head injuries and the need for medical intervention.

However, not all crash helmets are safe. With so many choices in the market, it’s important to make the right investment. After all, the number one requirement when it comes to helmets is safety.

For this reason, we have shortlisted some of the best youth dirt bike helmets for your little one. Depending on your budget, we have listed some of the cheapest as well as the most high-end ones. So, let’s take a look at them without further ado.

5 Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmets

HJC Youth CL-XY 2

HJC Youth CL-XY 2

The first kids’ dirt bike helmet we will be discussing is the CL-XY 2 from HJC.

Built specifically for young enthusiasts who love to indulge in extreme motorsports or enjoy riding on the trail, the CL-XY 2 is the ultimate motocross helmet that offers both protection as well as comfort to the kids.

Its shell is constructed from an advanced polycarbonate composite material that is both lightweight as well as durable.

With a slightly shorter front and back and more spacious on the sides, the HJC Youth CL-XY 2 is best suited for slightly oval shaped heads.

Plus, you can choose from a variety of different colors, starting from plain black and white to multi-colored ones. And if your kid wants something really fancy, you can opt for Batman or Marvel graphics.

As for the size, the CLX-Y2 comes in two different shell dimensions, so there are a total of four sizes to choose from (SM, MD, LG, and XL). In addition, you get impact-absorbing, single density EPS lining, a large eye port, and a fully adjustable visor.

When it comes to the actual comfort, one of the first things we look for in any helmet is ventilation. The CL-XY 2, inspired by HJC’s premium line-up, is equipped with eight unique air intakes and four exhaust vents.

In fact, HJC offers the airiest helmets you can find in the market thanks to their cutting-edge Advanced Channeling Ventilation System. You are offered massive vents around the chin, under the adjustable visor and at the very top of the head. And owing to this technology, a multi-stage ventilation is achieved, which ensures optimal air circulation and minimal heat build-up inside the helmet.

And like all the advanced helmets, the CL-XY 2 offers room to accommodate any kind of youth goggles, a feature not common in budget helmets.

Furthermore, to ensure good personal hygiene, all the inner paddings are made of Nylex and are completely removable and washable. The cheek pads are soft and comfortable against the skin and incorporate moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties.

Also, to avoid undue compression, all pressure points on the top of the head have been eliminated, which is the reason why so many young riders are now opting for this helmet.

All in all, at this price point, the CL-XY 2 is the best ventilated helmet you can find in the junior motocross category. And that’s not all, being DOT approved, the CL-XY 2 is compliant with all the safety standards that are typical of any crash helmet.

Size chart:


Head Circumference

Cheek Pads


Youth SM




Youth MD




Youth LG




Youth XL




Price: $119


  • DOT approved
  • Weight: 3.85 Pounds
  • Advanced ventilation channeling
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Ideal for slightly oval shaped head
Fox Racing Youth V1

Fox Racing Youth V1

An entry level dirt helmet from Fox, the Youth V1 is constructed out of lightweight injection molded polycarbonate and ABS shell.

That said, what makes this helmet particularly exceptional is the dedicated shell it manufactures specially to cater the young genre. Owing to which, riders are offered nothing but a precise fit. This allows even a smaller headed rider to easily find an ideal helmet in Fox’s line-up.

Besides, Fox has put a lot of thought into the design and offers a wide variety of options in terms of styling as well.

As for weight, you will notice that it measures somewhere around 3.7 pounds, with slight variations based on the shell size.

Fit-wise, this is going to be in-between oval and round, making it slightly extended at the front and back to accommodate slightly oval heads as well. Likewise, if your child usually faces pressure points around the sides of his helmet, then Fox’s V1 will definitely work like a charm.

One of the most amazing features of this V1 youth helmet is the use of multidirectional impact protection technology, or MIPS in short. This technology is designed specifically for dirt riders allowing the interior of the helmet to slide.

So, if the rider crashes and tumbles off his bike, this MIPS technology prevents rotational injuries to the head and neck. Thus, apart from impact, your kid is further protected from angular momentum, which is why we continue to see this technology throughout the Fox’s line-up.

And while Fox has reduced the number of vents that were initially offered in this helmet, the level of ventilation has significantly increased. This is because these latest helmets have a large ventilation duct upfront and, on the sides, that allows a tremendous amount of wind to pass through.

Plus, these helmets are also very easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the inner padding and pressure wash the entire helmet.

Lastly, one of the most prominent features of this helmet is the Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS). Using this system, the visor can detach from the helmet in the event of an impact.

This serves a dual purpose, one, it prevents injuries that can occur should the broken part of the visor come in contact with the face, and two, since the visor is protected from impact, it can be used again.

So, in case your little one is a beginner rider who might be riding his first 50cc dirt bike, we suggest you give some thought to this lightweight youth helmet from Fox.

Size chart:


Head Circumference

Youth SM


Youth MD


Youth LG


Price: $139


  • Multi-directional impact protection system
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Magnetic visor release system
  • 9 air intake vents and 4 exhaust
  • ECE & DOT certified
  • Ideal for intermediate oval and round head shape
Troy Lee Youth SE4

Troy Lee Youth SE4

The brand new SE4 Polyacrylate helmet from Troy Lee Designs is the latest addition to their product line-up. While the premium range of the SE4 included carbon and composite construction, but owing to the high price (approx. $600), the polyacrylate construction was introduced.

The Youth SE4 polyacrylate boasts all the safety advancements one can expect from any top-of-the-line model. Plus, it is both DOT and ECE approved with a weight of just 3.5 pounds. Compared to a carbon fiber helmet, it weighs only 5 ounces more.

Additionally, the helmet features MIPS technology. So, by utilizing this technology, the shell and liner are separated with low-friction layers that allow the helmet to slide relative to the head in the event of a fall (the same way the skull protects a human brain).

This is complemented by triple density EPS (expanded polystyrene) and EPP (expanded polypropylene) chin bar. Together, these foams act as a great safety feature in conjunction with the MIPS system.

The beauty of this Youth SE4 is that it not only has great many safety features, but it also comes in two different shell sizes. As a result, you get a better size-to-shell match, making the fit of this particular helmet just right.

The inner lining is made of moisture wicking material that absorbs any kind of sweat, while its antimicrobial property keeps any kind of odor at bay.

An additional safety feature of the helmet is the emergency pull strap at the cheek pads. If necessary, these cheek pads can be pulled out of the helmet by the responder. On top of that, the visor is attached with plastic screws that can break away in case of a crash.

Featuring 16 intake vents and 6 exhaust vents, the SE4 directs fresh air all over the rider’s head ensuring optimal ventilation and comfort. Further, these vents are all covered with mesh to prevent debris from entering. And its cleaning is literally a child’s play!

Unlike other motocross helmets, the SE4 has a flat top on the outside. Thereby allowing riders to mount a helmet camera in order to capture some amazing footage!

Plus, its rear design allows you to easily accommodate any kind of youth neck brace.

All in all, the SE4 from Troy Lee Designs is a great looking crash helmet that offers a lot of safety features and that too at an affordable price.

Size chart:


Head Circumference

Youth MD


Youth LG


Price: $250


  • 2 shell sizes to choose from
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Incorporates MIPS
  • Expanded Polypropylene chin bar
  • Emergency release cheek pads
  • Ideal for round shaped heads
  • DOT approved
Bell Moto-9 Youth MIPS

Bell Moto-9 Youth MIPS

In the world of enduro sports, Bell is certainly one of the most well-known names. Originally founded by Roy Richter, Bell is manufacturing crash helmets since 1950s. That’s over 70 years of experience!

While the company has some of the best carbon fiber models in its line-up, which are among the best in terms of safety and performance, today we’re going to discuss about the most affordable helmet, the one that’s currently gaining a lot of attention.

For many years, Moto-9 remained the flagship model of Bell helmet series. In fact, it was extensively used by some of the best junior riders in the world. The latest model features some of the best upgrades you’ll find at this price point, and includes all the premium attributes and safety features while still being quite affordable.

Sharing the same DNA as the full-size adult version, Bell uses a Tri-Matrix composite shell that is both DOT and Snell approved. It weighs just around 3.6 pounds, making it ideal for any two-wheeled adventure your kid can dream of.

One of our personal favorite features on this helmet is the MERS cheek pads, where MERS stands for Magnefusion Emergency Removal System. The great thing about this system is that it doesn’t use any snaps or buttons to hold the cheek pads inside the helmet. Instead, they are equipped with magnets so that the cheek pads can be easily removed in case of an emergency.

Likewise, the chin strap is equipped with magnets and a D-ring closure. And once you put the chinstrap on, everything just clicks into place.

Furthermore, the visor is attached to the helmet by means of two screws. These two screws are provided with small tabs that can be opened to loosen or adjust the visor.

As for the comfort, Moto-9 features a Velocity Flow Ventilation System that ensures maximum cooling by utilizing 10 intake vents and 3 brow ports.

It is also equipped with a removable and washable X-Static XT2 silver lining, with moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties, that delivers a really very soft feel on the skin.

And beneath this lining is a layer that reduces the angular impact to the head in the event of a fall by means of the Multidirectional Impact Protection System.

All in all, Moto-9 is a rock-solid helmet with plenty of cool safety features at an affordable price. More importantly, it boasts a very stylish look!

Size chart:

SizeHead Circumference
Youth S/M49-51cm
Youth L/XL51-53cm

Price: $259


  • Lightweight Tri-Matrix shell
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Utilizes Multidirectional Impact Protection System
  • MERS cheek pads
  • Magnetic chin strap with D-ring closure
  • Roost guard
  • Washable X-Static XT2 silver liner
  • DOT & Snell certified
6D Youth ATR-2Y Helmet

6D Youth ATR-2Y Helmet

Lastly, we present the Youth ATR-2Y Helmet from 6D.

Now one thing that really stands out with 6D is that they have not simply downsized their adult version and made it smaller. Instead, they used the same shell design and made it in different densities with EPS liners. This significantly improved the overall feel and comfort.

And despite the fact that these helmets do not fall into the category of affordable helmets, their high price is due to a compelling reason.

6D uses its most advanced omnidirectional suspension, ODS, to protect the rider’s head from both linear and angular accelerations.

As per study conducted by 6D, seemingly mild concussions have the potential to cause much more serious long-term effects on the brain.

In fact, no existing helmet company addressed the low-threshold energy transfer before 6D brought this problem to light in 2013.

To achieve omni directional suspension, two separate liners are used: an EPP liner on the outside and an EPS liner on the inside. Further, these two liners are separated by a series of elastomeric damping towers that move in six degrees.

So, the moment a force is exerted onto the shell, ODS starts dissipating energy even at low and medium accelerations. This helps reduce rotational forces and impact in the linear direction to further protect the rider’s head.

In addition to the safety enhancements, the latest model features another significant improvement: Its weight has been tremendously reduced and it now measures only about 2.75 pounds. Because of this, the helmet feels much lighter than before, allowing young kids to explore the dirt trail quite freely.

Furthermore, it is narrower on the sides, making it ideal for kids with intermediate oval shaped heads.

As for comfort, a ventilation system with 11 air inlets keeps the rider’s head cool. Plus, at the top, there are additional openings for the air to flow through.

Moreover, a quick release emergency cheek pad system is located on the inside, which allows the rescuer to easily pull out the cheek pads in an emergency.

One great fact we like about this helmet is that in the event of a fall, if the EPS liner is damaged, 6D will inspect the EPS liner and repair it for you. This ultimately saves a lot of money as you do not end up buying a new helmet every time your kid damages the liner.

Size chart:


Head Circumference

Youth SM


Youth MD


Youth LG


Youth XL


Price: $469


  • Low-cost rebuilding
  • Weight: 2.75 pounds
  • Ideal for intermediate oval head shape
  • Removable & washable liner
  • Tri-Composite shell
  • Advanced O.D.S. Technology
  • Emergency release cheek pads
  • DOT & ASTM certified

Things to look for in a kid’s dirt bike helmet

  1. Shell construction: A motocross / dirt bike helmet must be made from durable yet lightweight material. In fact, the finest motocross helmets are made of Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Synthetic Reinforced Shell (SRS), ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), Polycarbonate, Polyacrylate & Lexan. These materials can ensure optimal resistance and at the same time be lightweight, so as not to strain the neck while riding.

  2. Safety: Like any helmet, motocross or dirt bike helmet must be resistant to impact, even the most extreme ones, guaranteeing maximum safety. And although the external shell construction is vital, the internal padding must also dampen the blow.

  3. Comfort: Since dirt biking entails difficult and strenuous routes, it is necessary that the helmet offers a comfortable fit, adapting well to the shape of the head, while protecting adequately. This is why the properties of the materials, including anti-microbial, plays an important role. Plus, a good ventilation system ensures a high level of comfort inside the helmet.

  4. Shape: The other thing that is typical of the off-road or motocross helmet is its shape. The chin guard should be elongated, so that it can breathe better, while the peak visor must not be missing. The latter is multifunctional, as it not only helps on a bright sunny day, but also protects against roost.

  5. Weight: A motocross helmet needs to be light in weight. This is because dirt biking is highly demanding sport, with neck being subjected to a lot of stress. This is why the most ideal ones are those made from carbon fiber, however, owing to their high price, you can also choose from Composite Fibers, SRS, ABS, Polyacrylate or Polycarbonate.

  6. Removable liners: As you probably know, a dirt bike helmet can easily get muddy, so the interior lining needs to be removable as well as washable in order to maintain a good personal hygiene. Along these lines, a removable cheek pad is an advantage and although it is not common in most motocross helmets, it is definitely good to have one.

  7. Certification: Lastly, and no less important, is the certification of the helmet. Ideally, a good dirt bike helmet will be certified by either DOT (Standards determined by the U.S. Department of Transportation), ECE (Standards determined by the Economic Commission for Europe), or SNELL (Standards determined by the Snell Memorial Foundation). And if the helmet does not have at least one of the above certifications, then you should probably double check if perhaps it’s a half-cut watermelon!

How do you measure a child's head for helmet?

Most important aspect while choosing a dirt bike helmet for your kid is proper fitting. Because a helmet is designed to protect the head from injuries caused by impacts, it is essential that the head fits snugly inside the helmet. Moreover, it should neither be too tight nor too loose.

In addition, the two-finger rule should be applied: No more than two fingers should fit between the helmet and your kid’s head. If they do, the helmet is definitely too big.

In order to determine the correct helmet size, it is best to use a measuring tape.

Determining the correct helmet size in kids
Measure the head circumference using tape measure to determine the helmet size of your kid

Now place the measuring tape around your kid’s head, ensuring that it does not reach the back of his neck, but rather runs along the head, over the ears and about a thumb’s width over the eyebrows.

Note down the result and repeat the process to be extra sure of the measurements. And if in case the result is between two sizes, it is always recommended to take the smaller measurement, provided it does not create any pressure points.

Further reading: Helmet measurement guide

While the size specifications may differ slightly between different manufacturers and brands, you can use the following measurements and sizes as a reference for basic understanding:

  • Head circumference between 49-50cm: Small size youth helmet is recommended
  • Head circumference between 50-51cm: Medium size youth helmet is recommended
  • Head circumference between 51-52cm: Large size youth helmet is recommended
  • Head circumference between 52-53cm: Extra Large size youth helmet is recommended

Note: Always refer to the brand’s size chart before picking out a size.

Bottom line

So, those were some of the best youth dirt bike helmets currently available in the market. Remember, while picking a motocross helmet for your kid, the first thing you need to do is decide the budget you want to spend on his or her protection.

Now, ideally, the minimum investment you would want to make on a kid starting out on a 50cc dirt bike would be around $150 (HJC Youth CL-XY 2 & Fox Racing Youth V1 would be ideal in this case).

However, depending on your child’s level of expertise and the number of hours he or she spends on the track, you may want to increase your budget.

That said, it’s important that you refrain from purchasing unbranded or Chinese helmets available on e-commerce platforms. These are neither capable of protecting your little one in case of a fall, nor do they provide the comfort that is essential in dirt biking.

This concludes our detailed guide to youth dirt bike helmets. We hope that you were able to pick out a helmet for your young one today. Let us know if you need any further help. And don’t forget to share this article with friends and family. Take care!