Dirt Bike Boots For Big Calves

Dirt Bike Boots For Big Calves

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Being an avid dirt bike rider myself, I always make sure to wear proper boots before hitting the trails. However, during one of our recent rides with my two riding mates, I noticed that both of them were complaining about some discomfort around their calves.

The thing is – they do not have an average build but rather bulky and have particularly large calves (both are size 12 US). This is the reason perhaps why they were finding it difficult to wear standard dirt bike boots.

As someone who understands the importance of comfort while riding, I suggested that we head to a nearby store and review the available options that could accommodate calves wider than 20 inches.

We explored everything – tried different brands, styles, and sizes (12, 12.5, 13) until we came across the ones that matched our requirements. And while we were about to leave the store, I saw two more riders looking for some wider calf boots. It became quite clear to me that this is a serious cause of concern among many riders.

So, in today’s blog, I will be listing some of the most ideal pairs of boots for all my fellow riders out there who have massive calves.

Best Dirt Bike Boots For Big Calves

SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS Boots

SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS Boots

My first recommendation is Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Boots – the third generation from Sidi that offers a perfect fit for seasoned riders who want to push their limits.

While this boot may not be waterproof and lacks light ventilation, it more than makes up for it with its durability and sturdiness. The Crossfire 3 are a bomb-proof option for those who want to feel confident when they hit the trails.

These are actually a revamped version of the Crossfire 2 – obviously with some nuanced functionality changes that make it even better. The redesigned toe cap, for instance, provides a better tactile response, making shifting smoother and more accurate.

Also, the TPU has been raised on the kick shift panel for a secure meeting with your dirt bike, especially when you are standing on the foot pegs. The medial side malleolus protector has a screw that serves as a stopping point for hyperextension and hyperflexion, protecting your ankle from going past a certain level of stress.

However, you may feel that this boot is a little on the heavier side for the first few days (or till the time you get accustomed to them).

The sole has four bolts instead of seventeen in the previous model (Crossfire 2), making it simpler and easier to replace. The toe and heel on the other hand are fixed and not fully replaceable, which I think is a minor drawback.

Nevertheless, the center point of the instep of the sole of the boot is fully replaceable, adding to its longevity.

Another advantage of the Sidi Crossfire 3 is its perfect fit – they mesh well with a broader American foot (comes in 8 different sizes starting from 7 to 12.5). And I like the fact that these have an adjustable calf up to 22 inches! So, these are an excellent choice and are quite comfortable to wear, making them a great choice for anyone with larger calves.

Not to forget that the beauty of this boot is that it’s an heirloom product. Almost everything is bolted on this boot, so the chassis can be replaced, tuned, and tweaked over time. All you need to do is invest in these MX boots once and they will reward you for several years.

Note: I would recommend going up one size just to help you get a little bit more width out of the boot.

Price: $488


  • SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS Boots are a redesigned version of the Crossfire line
  • The boots feature state-of-the-art cam lock buckles and straps, and an adjustable calf system to accommodate riders of different sizes and knee brace systems
  • The Dual Flex ankle system limits lateral hyperflexion and features hard stops to prevent hyperextension of the ankle joint
  • The boots have a non-bootie design for a slimmer and cooler fit, and include a protective plastic toe and shift and brake lever guards
  • The sole boat has a more cupped and thicker design for a better fit and features removable arch support
  • The boots are made of laminated Technomicro material and include an inner heat shield made of high grip material
  • The buckles are micro-adjustable and have a memory retention system, and all bolt-on parts are replaceable
  • The boots are stitch-free and fully assembled with screws, and include replaceable shin plates and inner kick starter/foot peg nylon guards
Gaerne SG-12 Boots

Gaerne SG-12 Boots

Coming to my second recommendation: We have the SG-12 from Gaerne. Honestly, I was confused between choosing these and the Crossfire 3 since both of them are great choices for riders looking for wide-calf boots.

It’s worth noting that if you’re ordering online, the boots tend to fit slightly larger than expected. Even my friend who typically wears a size 12 or 12.5 found that size 13 fitted him better.

In terms of construction, this Italian brand combines microfiber and TPU with TPR rubber grippers on the inside panels for added grip. In fact, SG-12 is considered to be top-of-the-line in comparison to other dirt boots on the market (Tech 7 or Tech 10 Boots from Alpinestars for instance).

The SG-12 is a highly protective wide calf boot that sits at the top of their product line and is quite popular among many professional riders (Malcolm Stewart, Zach Osborne, and Wade Young to name a few).

But just like Crossfire 3, these are quite heavy as well. And obviously, this weight is justified by the massive amount of protection you get.

The major upgrade in the latest model of SG12 includes its new dual hinge system. There is a hinging bracket on both sides and a pin in the back, which prevents the boot from crushing or hyper-extending. This feature enhances the boot’s protection and comfort, making it more comfortable to wear despite its weight.

Plus, the toe is reinforced with a massive amount of TPU, making the boot quite stiff. So they might not be overly comfortable to walk around in, but yes they provide the necessary protection.

Moreover, the boot’s interior is very breathable, similar to what we’ve seen from Garnier in the past, with a tall mud flap to keep dirt out of the boot. While not waterproof, the boot is suitable for all riding conditions – MX, enduro, or rally racing (the boots are offered from size 7 to 14, and there are 5 colors to choose from).

Price: $639


  • The boot opening can be widened by removing three screws, making it easier to accommodate larger legs or knee braces
  • Gaiter made of Swiss breathable fabric ACRONOS, stretches but stays in shape to keep out debris
  • Toecap redesigned and reinforced for tougher performance
  • Heel cup designed to absorb shock during rear compression
  • Toe box slimmer for better shift lever feel, wrapped in lightweight plastic for added comfort
  • Anatomically shaped thermoplastic shin plate for perfect fit
  • Four lightweight alloy buckles attach to adjustable strap for secure fit
  • Inner side has grip guard to help with bike grip and heat-resistant pad to protect leg from exhaust
Fox Racing Instinct 2.0 Boots

Fox Racing Instinct 2.0 Boots

The above two of my recommendations are the safest bet for anybody struggling to find a wider calf boot, period. But in case you are looking for some lightweight option and feel that your calves are not that massive in comparison to those huge body builder-type physiques, you can also consider the Instinct 2.0 Boots from Fox Racing.

Frankly, these are a great pair of boots and you can definitely give them a go if you are a female rider. And if you are concerned about their durability, don’t be because I have personally seen them last just as long as any other boot.

More importantly, with 2.0, Fox has addressed three key areas that were previously a cause of concern: fit, support, and design. So, the 2.0 boots now feature a wider toe box, stand true to their size, and feel more comfortable.

And unlike Crossfire 3 and SG-12, these boots allow more nimble movement around the trails.

To add more support, these boots even feature nylon-fiberglass cuff, which provides a stiffer, more supportive feel.

Moving on to buckle – the new design provides at least 2x better leverage than the previous model and is much more reliable.

The only thing which in my opinion is a shortcoming is the thickness of the sole. A thin sole allows you to feel exactly where the feet are on the pegs. This helps in proper foot positioning and enhances the overall riding experience. Unfortunately, the sole on these boots is slightly thick and does not provide a good level of peg feel.

Though it’s not a significant disadvantage, but it is something that I feel should be present on a 600$ boot.

Nevertheless, if you’re considering purchasing a pair of semi-wide calf boots, I think you’ll be quite pleased with them. They are wider at the top, feature 10 different sizes starting from 8 to 14, and include 7 different colors in their line-up (including pink😉).

Price: $559


  • ULTRATAC compound for high grip outsole and inner side of boot
  • Hinge lockout prevents hyperextension and enhances mobility
  • Forged metal buckle system for secure closure and precise fit
  • Microfiber synthetic leather upper for superior fit, flex, and durability
  • TPU plating on shin, toe cap, heel cap and calf guard for fullest coverage
  • Sleek medial design for close contact with the bike
  • Less volume in toe box for easy shifting and sleeker profile
  • Antimicrobial liner controls odor
  • Composite nylon-fiberglass insole board provides stability and flex
  • Anti-shock midsole and heel pad for impact resistance and support
  • Resoleable outsole for longer lasting boot
  • Composite nylon-fiberglass cuff secures and protects ankle

Bottom Line – My Recommendation

Riders with big calves have faced a longstanding challenge in finding the right boots that can accommodate their legs properly. This is because designing boots with enough room around the calves reduces the comfort for riders that have average-sized calves – which is the actual target market for most brands.

Despite this, you can find some models available that work well for riders with athletic or bodybuilder calves. Among these, Sidi stands out as the most adjustable boot in the market, with separate adjustments in the calf and front area. The durability of Sidi boots is also noteworthy, as they are built to last with interchangeable parts.

So, for riders seeking the best bang for their buck, I would only (and highly) recommend Sidi as they offer an ideal combination of adjustability, durability, and versatility.

But apart from Sidi & Gaerne; TCX and Alpinestars are also suitable for wider calves, however they may have some limitations in terms of adjustability and overall height. I recently contacted Alpinestars to know what size they would recommend for a bigger calf rider. As per them, the opening for size 11 can easily accommodate a 20-inch calf.

Now for those who are looking for some width around their toes, there is another article that you might find useful. Check this out: Dirt bike boots for wide feet

That’s a wrap for now on this blog. Hope I was able to provide some useful insights today. And hey, if you are a first-time buyer, you better read this guide for choosing the perfect pair of MX boots before you shortlist anything.

Ride Safe!