Dirt Bike Gloves For Women Riders

Dirt Bike Gloves For Women Riders

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Participating in motocross events, especially on a 250cc dirt bike or higher possess certain types of risk. This is why riding gear have become mandatory to participate in these types of extreme sports. Then again, as a woman, you might have experienced some hiccups when dealing with the fitting of these riding gears.

One particular reason is because these outfits are mainly sewn for male riders. Lately however, owing to the rising number of female riders participating in these events, manufacturers finally decided to design dedicated pair of riding gears to cater female genre.

Today, we will be discussing about one such important piece of riding gear; a pair that is specifically designed and tailored for female riders. Yes, we are talking about dirt bike gloves!

And although the characteristic and protective features remain same as found in the regular or ‘male version’ of dirt bike gloves, but because of their revised geometry, they are more likely to suit a female rider’s hand.

As such, almost all the brands have come up with something or the other owing to the rising demand, but we decided to showcase some of the best amongst them.

Let’s take a look.

Best Dirt Bike Gloves For Women

O'Neal Element Women's Gloves

O'Neal Element Women's Gloves

A well-known saying goes, “What costs nothing is worth nothing!”, and although this adage is often true, there are some exceptions. Among these exceptions is the O’Neal Element Glove!

With a price tag of only about $25, these gloves literally stick to your hand and feel like nothing is there. Yet, they offer exceptional protection at times when most premium gloves fail.

These lightweight motocross gloves are designed to gently hug a woman’s soft hand, while still providing maximum durability and resistance to abrasion and impact.

Speaking of construction, the mesh on the top of the hand provides good ventilation and breathability, while the TPR extends from the top of the hand to the fingers for added protection from branches and debris.

On the inside of the palm, there is ergonomic padding and stitched seams for added comfort and dexterity, while the suede material provides an excellent tactile feel of the controls.

Additionally, there are silicone prints on the first two fingers that make it easier to operate the clutch and brake levers.

And visually, these Element gloves also score well. In fact, these gloves look pretty darn chic and have absolutely everything that a good dirt bike glove has to offer.

As for the fit, they do not press or restrict the hand movements, nor do they flutter in the wind like a loose pair of shorts. So again, we can say they are top notch.

Moreover, the palm is made of Clarino and is slightly anatomically pre-shaped to reduce fatigue and possible arm pump.

Plus, these gloves incorporate stretchable Lycra® inserts for added comfort and flexibility.

To top it all off, the gloves feature a simple hook-and-loop closure on the bottom with a Velcro strap for an optimal fit. What more can you ask for from such an affordable glove?

Price: $24


  • TPR strips to protect against tree branches
  • Ventilated front to ensure breathability
  • Ergonomic padding on the palms
  • Pre-curved fit for less fatigue
  • Silicone prints
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
REV'IT! Volcano Women's Gloves

REV'IT! Volcano Women's Gloves

Now the second glove in our list is the REV’IT Volcano; a glove that doesn’t look like a motocross-only glove due to its rugged construction, yet, is perfectly suited for trail riding.

In fact, due to its versatility, it can also be utilized for adventure touring as well as urban commuting.

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Made from a combination of polyamide, polyurethane and polyester, these are super lightweight warm weather gloves designed for both spring as well as summers.

The knitted fabric on the back has an open, three-dimensional structure that provides good ventilation on hot sunny days. It features an ergonomic construction and has a microfiber feel throughout to provide optimal comfort, thus ideal for long distance riding.

Meanwhile, the underside of the palm features the state-of-the-art PWR|Shield, an in-house production of REV’IT, which provides unmatched cut, tear and abrasion resistance.

In addition, the knuckles are equipped with a TPR material that offers excellent resistance to tears as well as flex fatigue. In fact, this TPR is quite light in weight, as it combines the throughput of plastic and the durability of rubber, making it ideal to be used as shell protector.

In addition, the gloves are equipped with Temperfoam®; a self-contouring foam that provides impact protection while ensuring adequate mobility to the rider.

And by utilizing a unique tricot lining, the gloves retain their shape for a very long time.

Furthermore, the Velcro closures at the bottom allow for a snug fit, while a pull loop on the side of the strap makes it easy to put on.

Also, with the touch tech fingertip and thumb, riders can access their GPS devices, cell phones or action cameras without remove them.

A choice between 4 colors is also available to you: Black, Black/Hi-Viz Yellow, Gray/Red and Sand. In addition, it comes in 5 different sizes, ranging from extra small (XS) to extra-large (XL).

Altogether, we think for the price, they are hard to match if you are looking for something really lightweight for trails, city riding, or adventure touring with a lot of protection, quality, and dependability.

Price: $74


  • TPR knuckles provide all-around protection.
  • 3D air mesh provides breathability
  • Temperfoam® palm sliders
  • CE certified
  • Touch screen on index finger and thumb
  • Ideal for trail riding and adventure touring
BILT Amped EVO Rapid Women's Gloves

BILT Amped EVO Rapid Women's Gloves

BILT has been relentlessly committed towards satisfying the needs of motorcyclists. So, it designs its gloves with an eye on both practicality and durability. In fact, the brand focusses primarily on functional protection rather than flashy graphics and designs.

With the Amped Evo Rapid women’s gloves, BILT incorporated a short cuff design that is specifically made for off-road use. So, whether you are riding on a motocross track or on a wild dirt trail, with these gloves you are well equipped.

Priced at around $15, BILT currently offers the Amped Evo Rapids in single color (black & pink). Whereas, there are five different sizes to choose from starting from “S” to “2XL”.

Furthermore, these Amped Evo Rapids are made of four-way stretch mesh that is not just downsized from men’s glove. Rather, they feature a women’s specific tailoring that allows for a snug fit. So, as a woman biker, you will find them true to your size compared to most dirt gloves.

Moreover, this 4-way stretch mesh promotes air circulation and keeps your hands relaxed and comfortable all day long.

Featuring tapered finger construction that provides maximum feedback and feel as well as a TPR wrist closure to ensure a secure fit, these gloves wrap around your hand perfectly and prevent any debris from entering inside them.

Furthermore, you get silicone reinforcements on the fingers as well as the thumb, but a very minimalistic palm construction (single layer) to maximize the feel of the controls.

In addition, they feature a lightweight design with subtle graphics of pink that makes them chic. While the neoprene wrist cuff adds to the comfort as well as the durability. Plus, an adjustable Velcro closure with hook and loop strap is an icing on the cake!

All in all, these gloves are a worthy addition to a women’s riding gear; with excellent grip, tactile feel, and breathability – at a price that is affordable by all.

Price: $15


  • Four-way stretch at back
  • Single layer palm
  • Lightweight construction
  • TRP closures
  • Silicone grips on index & middle finger
  • Tapered finger construction
Fly Racing Dirt Women's Lite Gloves

Fly Racing Dirt Women's Lite Gloves

The Fly Racing Lite gloves available in black / aqua and mauve are specially designed to complement lightweight motocross apparel in your closet!

It is basically a minimalist pair of dirt glove with no TPR protection and no added weight from thick padding. All you get is a single layer construction that feels like an extra skin on your hand.

However, to protect the palm area, you get a lightweight, single-layer, perforated Clarino liner that serves to both protect as well as ventilate. Plus, the palms have a nice stretchy feel that allows for plenty of mobility and comfort.

So, once you put these gloves on, they fit very snugly and protect you from all kinds of minor bruises as well as flying roost from other dirt bikes.

In addition, these gloves come with touchscreen compatible fingertips. So, you can access your smartphone while riding.

Moreover, these are equipped with stretchable spandex mesh around the sides of the fingers that ensure enhanced ventilation, especially useful in summers. In fact, this lightweight construction and so much air circulation makes them an ideal pair of gloves for riding in the sun.

Also, the first two fingers are equipped with silicone grips that assist in operating the clutch or brake lever. Plus, the thumb is reinforced with additional layer of reinforcement to provide extra durability and robustness, as this area is heavily stressed by constant throttling.

Another special feature of these gloves is that they are not equipped with Velcro closures, rather, they boast a slip-on mechanism that easily adapt to any size of wrist. And owing to this design, the wrist movement is not altered in any way and the soft fabric snugs around your hand in a comfortable manner.

On top of that, these gloves feature a Clarino palm that is very soft on the skin and performs slightly better than leather as it does not shrink when washed. They also have antimicrobial properties that simultaneously provide a soft and cushy feel to the rider.

So, if you are looking for a glove that is not too thick and offers a good feel over the controls, these are a great go to option.

Price: $24


  • Minimalist and lightweight glove
  • Perforated palm with high breathability
  • Silicone grip panels
  • Air permeable finger fourchettes
  • Touchscreen compatible fingers
  • Slip-on mechanism
Thor Spectrum Women's Gloves

Thor Spectrum Women's Gloves

Another great pair from Thor Racing! The Spectrum gloves are slightly heavier than traditional dirt gloves with thick padding on both the front as well as the back.

Featuring wide opening Velcro on the bottom, these gloves make it super easy to get your hand in and adjust it down, depending on the size of your wrist.

The mesh material used in these gloves, also known as “dimple mesh”, allows for a high degree of hand stretch while providing at the same time, a high air flow rate to ensure optimal comfort.

In addition, these gloves are significantly heavier and feature rubber reinforcements at the knuckles that extend towards the wrist.

As for the fingers, the rubber panels that are placed over the fingers do not extend to the knuckles. Instead, they wrap around the fingers in the form of small rubberized strips to protect the area in case you accidentally run into a wild bush or a tree branch, while still providing plenty of freedom.

Plus, the thumb is wrapped in thick padding to ensure long lasting durability as well as resistance against tearing. And thanks to this thick padding, you can practice for extended time without experiencing any signs of fatigue.

Moreover, the lightly padded Clarino palm provides a comfortable grip on the handlebars and the silicone prints on the index and middle fingers provide plenty of grip when working around the brake or clutch lever.

As for breathability, the glove is equipped with perforations that provide good air circulation to keep your hands dry and comfortable throughout the day.

But that’s not all: The glove is available in three different color patterns (gray/charcoal, midnight/white and pink/black) that can be paired with practically any kind of motocross jersey, goggle, or a helmet, giving you the best of protection as well as style.

And as for fit, each of these color patterns are available in four different sizes, ranging from “S” to “XL”.

All in all, a great glove that features thick padding all around to provide resistance against abrasion as well as impact. And if you are looking for something that is robust, thick, and padded, these gloves are definitely a good option to consider for an all-day long trail ride.

Price: $24


  • Strategically placed TPRs
  • Rubberized strips on the fingers
  • Mesh construction
  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Silicone grips
  • Double padded thumb
100% Brisker Women's Gloves

100% Brisker Women's Gloves

And the final pair in our list comes from one of the most popular brands in the world. Presenting the Brisker Women’s Gloves from 100%.

So far, we’ve discussed everything from padded gloves to lightweight, ventilated gloves for summer, however, not one of the gloves we have mentioned will protect your hands on colder days. Well with the Brisker gloves, we have you covered!

As subtle as they might look, these gloves are designed to act as a barrier against cold winds thanks to the insulated softshell exterior. But make no mistake, even with this insulated shell, they allow for exceptional dexterity and control around your handlebar.

On the sizing side, they might be a little tight at first due to their construction, but over time they will stretch out a bit. So, keep this in mind while making your pre-selection between sizes ranging from ‘S’ to ‘XL’.

Plus, there are two color options to choose from: Neon Pink/Black and Black/Gray to complement your riding suit.

In terms of features, this riding glove is suitable for cold weather right from early spring to fall. The insulation on the top of the glove blocks wind from entering your hand, keeping you a little warmer. So, for riders who prefer to practice early in the morning, these gloves are just about right.

Moreover, the insulated padding inside offers a decent amount of roost protection as well. And even though these gloves do not feature hard knuckle protectors or rubber reinforcements on the fingers, they still provide adequate protection just like any conventional motocross glove.

In addition, the gloves have a single-layer Clarino palm that provides good feedback against the handlebars and offers good resistance to abrasion.

Aside to this, the palm boasts a stylish silicone graphic print that aids the rider in damp conditions. So, not only are they ideal for cold weather riding, but in fact, they can be utilized in wet conditions as well.

Moreover, the inside of the glove incorporates a moisture-wicking microfiber material that serves two functions: First, it provides perfect insulation from the outside environment, and second, it keeps your hands dry and warm.

Also, the gloves feature reflective graphics that flaunt the brand’s name, adding a pretty snazzy look while enhancing the rider’s visibility. And not to forget the integrated tech threads that allow you to operate any type of touchscreen device on the go.

All in all, a great low-profile glove that can be used in moderate winters on any type of motocross track.

Price: $34


  • Perforated double layer palm.
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Silicone printed graphics at palm
  • Insulated softshell upper
  • Touch-tech fingertips
  • Ideal for moderately cold winters

Bottom line

So, these were some of the recommended dirt bike gloves for all the women riders out there. However, before coming to the conclusion, it is important to analyze the purpose of your purchase.

For instance, riding conditions should play a major role in your buying decision.

As such, you should be clear about your needs and that should form the basis of your decision.

The amount of padding or insulation you require in case of cold weather riding or the amount of perforation or breathability you want in case of summer riding should be seriously considered before arriving at a conclusion.

And in case you are the type of rider that prefers riding in the trails rather than a dedicated track, you should compare the level of protection and the resistance to abrasion a particular glove is offering.

With this we have come to an end of our editorial guide. Feel free to reach out in case you need more information.

Ride safe!