Dirt Bike Gear For Youth & Kids

Dirt Bike Gear For Youth & Kids

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We all know that dirt biking is an extremely demanding and, above all, dangerous sport. And without the necessary equipment you are putting your child at great risk. Moreover, he/she will not have the necessary comfort or freedom to perform well without basic equipment.

But how to shortlist all the essential riding gear at once?

Truth be told, there is hardly any other topic that is discussed as heatedly as that of protective equipment for young novice riders. After all, almost everything seems scary when kids hit the track or the trails for the first time. Yes, we’re such parents too. In fact, it’s not uncommon to fear the worst.

We are often approached by parents requesting a detailed guide to the right dirt bike gear. And so today we finally decided to take up this topic for the whole community.

In this blog post, we will highlight all the essential riding gear, along with our recommendation, that a young novice rider should be equipped with before he sets his foot on the track for the first time. So, let’s get started.

Best Dirt Bike Gear For Youth & Kids

HJC Youth CL-XY 2 Helmet

HJC Youth CL-XY 2 Helmet

First and foremost, let’s talk about the helmet.

The CL-XY 2 from HJC is specifically designed for all the young motocross enthusiasts out there who love riding in the dirt or trail more than anything in the world!

It has a slightly oval shape that allows children with long and narrow heads to easily fit into this helmet without feeling any pressure points.

Plus, this model is available in variety of colors, including solid black, white, gray, and multi-colored graphic patterns featuring Marvel characters.

And speaking about its construction, the shell is made of advanced polycarbonate composite material with two different sizes. So, the first shell caters small and medium sizes, while the second shell is used in large and extra-large sizes.

Besides, it is pretty lightweight – weighs only around 2.10 pounds, making it realistically easy to move around while wearing this helmet.

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Aside to safety, the other important aspect is the comfort. And with the CL-XY 2, you do not have to worry about that either. The helmet features 8 unique air inlets that draws in outside air from different parts of the helmet and circulates it throughout the entire area to deliver the best riding experience.

And to complement these air intakes, there are 4 different exhaust vents that remove warm air from the inside and further increase the breathability.

However, in order to do this effectively, HJC developed an in-house technology called “Advanced Channeling Ventilation System”. So, by using this technology, HJC added massive openings around the chin and beneath the peaked visor to allow a large amount of air to flow into the helmet.

So, there are basically two things that you need not have to worry about in this helmet. First, the protection that HJC offers, and second, the comfort it delivers while wearing one.

Next, let’s talk about some of the features that contribute to its overall efficiency: The peaked visor is fully adjustable, so you can flip it up or down and also remove it completely from the helmet. You get a goggle surround that allows you to fit any type of youth goggle over it. Plus, it features a Nylex liner that is removable and completely washable, and lastly, an extremely easy pop-out mechanism to remove the cheek pads.

There is also a moisture-wicking and antimicrobial lining, and a single-density, shock-absorbing EPS liner incorporated in the helmet.

In addition to the features, the helmet is certified and approved in accordance with DOT standards.

All in all, the HJC CL-XY 2 is an excellent choice for your child compared to other helmets in this price range.

Price: $99


  • Advanced polycarbonate composite shell
  • Available in 2 shells and 4 different head sizes
  • Advanced channeling ventilation system
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Lightweight and shock absorbent
  • DOT approved
100% Youth Strata 2 Goggles

100% Youth Strata 2 Goggles

Next, we have the youth goggles.

So, the Strata 2 is an entry-level eyewear, however, its price/performance ratio makes it one of the best youth goggles of its kind.

It has a plush, dual-density foam around the lens that provides great comfort while simultaneously wicking away any excess moisture around the face.

As a matter of fact, the shape of this Strata 2 guarantees a good fit with any full-face helmet.

Additionally, the Strata 2 incorporates high-impact Lexan lenses. And these lenses are treated with an anti-fog coating that helps minimize the amount of fog that accumulates inside the goggle.

And to firmly secure the lens around the frame, the goggles incorporate a 9-pin lens retention system, the highest in the industry so far!

Perhaps the best thing about these goggles, we believe, is their reasonable price. So, you are getting a lot of value for just 25 dollars. Which is why we really recommend this goggle, because we want you to invest wisely in kids’ gear, while still making sure your little one is protected from all sorts of risks associated with this sport.

But do not be surprised by the fact that despite the price, these goggles offer all the protective features you expect from a premium motocross goggle.

For starters, they come in six different colors that can match almost any type of motocross helmet. And you also have the option to choose between two kinds of lenses; clear or tinted. In addition, these lenses are fully interchangeable between the Strata 2 and Accuri 2 youth line-up from 100%.

That’s not all! They are equipped with three tear-off posts: two on the sides of the lens, while the third is located on the strap. This allows you to install tear-off films if your child really likes to ride on damp trails or tracks where mud splashes or flying roost are prevalent.

100% also offers an injection molded lens that is pre-curved and compatible with Strata 2, so you can purchase these separately if you want an optically correct lens for your child.

Also, the strap that comes with these glasses is about 40mm wide. And this strap is lined with silicone prints that grip securely to the helmet.

A micro-fiber bag is also included in the package, which serves two purposes: first, you can safely store these goggles once your child is done practicing, and second, the micro-fiber cloth can be used to clean the lenses.

Altogether, these goggles offer excellent protection from flying roost and provide decent all-around comfort at an incredible price.

Price: $25


  • Clear Lexan lens
  • 40mm strap with silicone prints
  • Double layer foam around the lens
  • 9-pin retention system
  • Interchangeable lens between all Accuri 2 and Strata 2 models
  • Microfiber bag included
Leatt Youth GPX 3.5 Neck Brace

Leatt Youth GPX 3.5 Neck Brace

The third gear in our list is the GPX 3.5 neck brace from Leatt: A brand that is universally acclaimed for manufacturing very high-quality safety equipment, predominantly neck braces.

In fact, in the early 2000, it was Leatt who introduced the first two-wheeler specific neck brace, emphasizing the importance and necessity of wearing one while riding.

In essence, the GPX 3.5 is a smaller version of their flagship model, the GPX 5.5.

So, the one thing that is of primary importance apart from protection, is the weight of neck brace, given that it will be resting above your child’s shoulders. And with the GPX 3.5, you do not have to worry at all!

Weighing just under 600 grams, it literally leaves us to amazement as to how light and easy it is to carry around despite its impressive functionalities.

As for the construction, it features a very rigid frame that is built to disperse as much energy as possible caused by the impact. In addition, at the sides you get very flexible shoulder pads that serve as a suspension for the brace. Moreover, the material used for the construction and padding is completely waterproof, allowing your young one to ride around the trails even during downpours.

In addition, the frontal area includes chest mounts that have a split design to avoid stressing the vertical T-bone (sternum) of the chest. Likewise, the cut-outs around the shoulder pads prevent pressure points on the collarbones.

As for the closing mechanism, there is a red tab at the front that needs to be pressed in order to open the brace. Thanks to this, kids can put it on and take it off within seconds.

Another brilliant feature you will find on this brace is the thoracic strut, which serves two functions; firstly, it features a split design to keep all the dispersed pressure of impact away from the rider’s spine, and secondly, it is designed to snap-off if enough force is applied. Moreover, these are adjustable in case you need to fit them basis your kid’s chest protector.

And as far as the fit is concerned, this neck brace can accommodate any rider with a chest size between 29.5 inches and 32.5 inches. But in case your kid falls outside of this range, we have a detailed guide to youth neck brace, featuring a wide variety of collars for all young enthusiasts. So, do take a look at it for an in-depth insight.

And that’s not all, the GPX 3.5 complies with the European standards and is certified as a personal protective equipment (89/686/EEC).

In short, you get one of the best protectors for your child, made by one of the world’s leading manufacturers, at a price that seems very reasonable given the amount of features it incorporates!

Price: $199


  • Polyamide reinforced EPS construction
  • Rear thoracic strut designed to snap off under excessive pressure
  • Includes chest strap
  • Easy to clean foam padding
  • Lightweight (575 grams)
  • CE approved
Fox Racing Youth Dirtpaw Gloves

Fox Racing Youth Dirtpaw Gloves

Next, we have an absolute must-have piece of equipment for all dirt bike enthusiasts: A motocross glove is a great way to protect your young one’s delicate hands while simultaneously maximizing their comfort as well as confidence.

The Fox Dirtpaw are motocross inspired dirt gloves and are specifically tailored to provide maximum safety and traction.

In other words, these are no-frill gloves that are perfect for riding on a dedicated motocross track.

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And not only do the Dirtpaw gloves impress with their price and looks, but also with their very good fit. They are currently available in 4 different sizes (XS, SM, MD, and LG) to accommodate all the age groups. As well as 6 different color options to match with any type of MX helmet or riding boots.

As for their construction, they are made of a stretchable polyester with a single layer padded conductive Clarino palm. Thus, these gloves offer your child both a comfortable grip and ample air circulation, much needed on a hot sunny day.

And thanks to the single-piece construction, there are no sore spots or chafing caused by seams or overlaps, making the palm extremely tactile and comfortable.

In addition, the back of the hand incorporates direct injection molded TPR knuckles as well as rubber reinforcements around the fingers.

Furthermore, silicone inserts are also present on the top of the index and middle finger to ensure a good grip on the brake and clutch lever.

Plus, the gloves boast a Fox rubber logo that looks pretty chic while simultaneously serving as a reinforcement against minor bruises or abrasions.

As an added bonus, you get a compression-molded neoprene cuff with a hook-and-loop closure that offers two advantages. First, it delivers modest protection due to its ability to absorb shock, and second, the stretchable fabric allows the glove to expand effortlessly in order to accommodate all sizes.

Lastly, to ensure your little one can operate any touchscreen device, these gloves feature a touch compatible index finger and thumb.

Altogether, these are a great pair of gloves that will protect as well as assist your young one as he rides around his dirt bike.

Price: $24


  • Velcro closures
  • Padded Clarino palm
  • Tactile index finger and thumb
  • TPR knuckles
  • Stretchable mesh finger gussets for improved airflow
  • Silicone graphics on first two fingers for easy grip
Leatt Youth Chest Protector 2.5

Leatt Youth Chest Protector 2.5

Moving on to chest protection, we once again present the very same brand that is recognized worldwide for its neck brace. Followed by the huge success of Leatt neck braces, the company decided to venture into full body protection, starting with the chest protectors that could accompany the neck protectors.

The Leatt 2.5 Youth Chest Protector performs a marvellous job shielding your little ones in the event of a fall while keeping them comfy and safe. Honestly, the chest protectors are a must have for any novice rider out there, as falling off your bike while learning to ride is pretty common.

So, make sure you are not letting your child anywhere near the bike until you have purchased a decent chest protector that offers some sort of protection on the frontal area.

Designed to fit perfectly around your child’s chest, the 2.5 has a pre-curved design. Also, the base layer is padded, which provides plenty of comfort while ensuring that movement is not restricted.

In addition, the neckline does not sit too high, preventing any kind of discomfort during the ride.

Besides, the Velcro fasteners around the waist are adjustable in width, so the protector can be perfectly adjusted to any size and shape.

There is a full-length back protector as well, that dissipates the impact of a fall evenly around the entire body. Plus, there are recess areas at the front as well as at the back to accommodate any kind of neck brace.

Another important aspect of this chest protector is that your kid won’t feel constricted in it, as it offers good air circulation inside to ensure optimal riding temperature. This means that it can be utilized without any problems even on a hot sunny day.

In addition, there is thin padding around the ribs to provide a bit of comfort as well as some level of impact protection. Do note that Leatt deliberately skipped the heavier padding in order to avoid giving a bulky feel to the riders, thus offering a decent level of protection in a lightweight armor.

In terms of safety, the 2.5’s are CE approved and certified for roost protection. This means that they serve as an excellent roost protector while offering a decent level of impact protection. And if you are looking for a dedicated impact protector, you can check out our detailed guide on youth chest protectors to get an in-depth rundown.

In terms of fit, the 2.5 comes in three different sizes. So, you have the option to choose between 110-134cm, 134-146cm and 147-159cm, depending on your kid’s height.

All in all, this is a great roost protector that offers a decent level of frontal protection at a reasonable price.

Price: $89


  • Hard shell protector
  • CE certified roost protector
  • Padded base
  • Pre-curved construction
  • Recess areas to accommodate neck brace
  • Adjustable waist straps
EVS Youth Option Knee Guards

EVS Youth Option Knee Guards

The EVS Youth Option Knee Guards are a great and affordable way to keep the impact or abrasion off your child’s knees in case they go down and hit the ground.

These knee guards are fairly affordable and are very easy to use as a beginner rider.

They feature a Velcro strap that simply goes around the leg and secures itself. So, your kid can just wear them over their pants while the guard keeps them protected from serious knee injuries.

On the back of the calf strap, neoprene is incorporated to keep the strap away from the calf area. This prevents any kind of irritability while riding. Also, the design of the left and right knee guard is asymmetrical to accommodate the knee-specific shape of each leg.

Made from an injection molded plastic that incorporates bio-foam inserts to absorb energy and deliver comfort, this knee guard adds great value to your child’s riding gear and will definitely help protect his/her leg in case of a fall.

Plus, they come in three different color combinations: black, white and Hi-Viz yellow to match any type of riding suit.

As for fit, there are two different sizes to choose from: Youth size can be utilized by riders who weigh between 75 and 115 pounds and measure between 4’6″ and 5’5″ in height, while Mini size can be utilized by kids who weigh less than 75 pounds and measure less than 4’6″ in height.

All in all, we can say that for just 20 bucks, you can provide your kids with a decent protection that will help absorb high impact forces and prevent any kind of abrasion during a fall.

Price: $20


  • Lightweight impact protector
  • Hard molded plastic
  • Velcro closure with hook and loop
  • Asymmetrical design for both legs
  • Highly breathable comfort lining
  • Reasonably priced
Answer Youth AR1 Boots

Answer Youth AR1 Boots

Given that the rider’s legs are subjected to a lot of abuse and are constantly exposed to mud and rocks along the way, it is important to choose the most durable pair of riding boots available.

The Answer Youth AR1 Boots are a step up in performance from traditional or standard boots, offering plenty of protection and safety features. And still, they are moderately priced, despite being one of the most popular in this segment.

In addition, the features and characteristics offered by the AR1 are more utilitarian when compared to other entry-level boots. For example, its flat medial part allows for more feel and contact with the dirt bike, making it very easy to use, especially for beginners.

They are also slightly larger at the entrance to accommodate any type of kneepads or knee brace in order to provide complete protection.

Furthermore, they are intentionally designed to be slightly wider around the toe area so that a young beginner rider does not feel constricted and can move his/her fingers freely as they would in any other shoes.

For added protection, there is a D3O insert in the heel area that absorbs all kinds of impact in the event of a crash and gives the rider a soft, comfortable feel when riding.

There is also a ventilated padding near the ankle and forefoot area, which allows a lot of air circulation and breathability to provide optimal comfort.

Moreover, the closure system consists of a Velcro strap on the top and three replaceable buckles that provide a snug fit around the foot.

Plus, they come in six different sizes, from Youth 1 to Youth 6.

Parents who are new to kids riding boots and are unsure about which size to go with, you can check out our detailed guide on kids’ dirt bike boots for an in-depth breakdown of the best dirt bike boots along with sizing guide.

All in all, the AR1 are one of the best riding boots for young beginners at a very competitive price point.

Price: $109


  • Plastic/steel buckles
  • Injection molded shin guard
  • D3O sole insert
  • Wide toe area
  • Velcro closure at the top
  • Ventilated padding on ankle and forefoot
Fox Racing Youth 180 Lux Jersey & Pants

Fox Racing Youth 180 Lux Jersey & Pants

Last but not the least, we recommend a complete riding suit for your kid.

The Fox 180 riding suit is the entry-level performance kit from Fox’s line-up. It consists of jersey and riding pants that are both very durable as well as breathable.

Speaking of the jersey, it offers a relaxed fit with plenty of room on the arms and chest area to accommodate chest protectors in case your child wants to wear one underneath. It also features a polyester main construction that allows for good air circulation while still providing a good overall protection.

On the inside of the arm there is a loose weave mesh, while the outside is somewhat reinforced. So, if your little one runs into tree branches, this jersey won’t rip off, unlike normal clothing.

As for the riding pants, it features a polyester stretch as the main construction so that it can move freely along with the rider. Plus, it incorporates 600D reinforcement that is strategically placed over the hips.

The pants also feature a RAP (Rider Attack Position) construction for an improved ergonomic fit, as well as a zippered main entry, and a silicone bead that goes around the top of the waist to keep the jersey in check.

Furthermore, there are some leather inserts on the inside of the legs as well, since this area is prone to a lot of wear among dirt riders.

So, all in all, we highly recommend this combo for your kid.

Price: $29 (Jersey) & $89 (Pants)


  • Jersey made of moisture wicking material
  • 100% polyester
  • Ventilated mesh inserts
  • 600D reinforcements
  • Hip pad included
  • RAP construction (Rider Attack Position)

Bottom line

So, these were some of the best possible combinations of all the essential riding gear you might want for your child. As you may have noticed, we tried to make this guide a one-stop-shop by also keeping in mind the right color combination (which is most important to kids, by the way!).

In addition, we tried to keep the whole package as economical as possible (under $700). So, if you stick to our recommendations, you will save a lot of money on kids’ gear and still be able to provide comprehensive protection to your little one.

All the while, if you still have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Happy Parenting! 😀