Best waterproof motorcycle riding pants for beginners

Best waterproof motorcycle pants

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While riding in the rain, it is not only necessary to be particularly careful on the road, your clothing must be waterproof as well in order to reach your destination dry and protected. Waterproof motorcycle pants are equipped with a special membrane that offers optimal protection against moisture and a high level of comfort. These come either with a retrofitted water-resistant outer layer or with a removable Gore-Tex or Hyper-Tex membrane.

We know for a fact that finding a model that meets all your requirements, such as protection, safety or style, is a daunting task. But the days when there were only ugly, bulky, unrealistic, and impractical motorcycle pants are long gone. The design and characteristics of motorcycle pants have evolved with changing times.

In today’s article, in addition to showing you the most ideal and practical waterproof pants, we will also discuss the most popular models right now.

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Pants

Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Pant

Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Pant

The 7.0 version from Joe Rocket Ballistic is an upgrade over its previous models. It is a three season over pant that allows you to wear it over any of your normal size jeans or your everyday pants.

The nice thing about Ballistic 7.0 is that it has a fully removable waterproof liner that directs the venting straight to your legs. This makes it ideal for summers as well since you can pull the inner liner out completely making it truly versatile. And if you plan to wear this in winters; the outer shell is made from heavy duty 630 Hitena Twill Nylon which has heat retaining properties ensuring a warm ride throughout your journey.

All in all, it’s very light weight motorcycle pant with a decent thermal property without being overbearing. However, it is not entirely made for strong winters; there is no formal thermal layer as this is strictly a waterproofing pant with an outer shell that’s beefy with armor and direct ventilation.

You get a CE armored knee protector, basic snaps along the top with Velcro, beefy pockets on the side, two-way zipper for ventilation, removable layers, belt loops, and an eighth inch connection zipper with a strap.

Priced at just $154, the Ballistic 7.0 is the most ideal waterproof pant for beginner motorcyclist.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Removable waterproof layer
  • Three season pants
  • CE rated knee guards
  • Available in small, regular, and large sizes.
Klim Latitude Waterproof Pants

Klim Latitude Waterproof Pants

Most of us already know about this premium brand from USA. For those who don’t; Klim was founded in Rigby / Idaho in 1999 and belongs to the Polaris group (including Indian). It started with outfits for snowmobilers, and since 2004 clothing for motorcyclists has also become their specialty. Initially, the focus was on off-road and adventure products, particularly for the US market, recently, however, gears for touring are also offered.

The Klim Latitude waterproof motorcycle pant is equipped with D3O protectors on the knees as well as the hips. The pant has four vents and two deep pockets. There are 3M Scotchlite reflectors as well as elegant kidskin inserts on the inside of the knees.

Equipped with a laminated Gore-Tex membrane it is 100% waterproof. However, it has a significantly different effect when it is worn: lighter, airier, and the outer material is thinner and less stiff.

Incidentally, you also have to take into account two special features of Klim: the lifelong guarantee on water resistance as well as a promise that products damaged during an accident within the first five years after purchase will be exchanged free of charge in conjunction with an accident report.

Price starts from $519 and is currently available in two colors (Black & Grey)


  • Four vents: 2 front thigh intakes & 2 back thigh exhausts
  • Laminated with 840D Cordura
  • 100% waterproofing guaranteed
  • Adjustable knee armor straps
  • D30 hip and knee armor included in the price
Firstgear Kathmandu Overpants

Firstgear Kathmandu Overpants

Whether you are planning for an extreme Himalayan adventure, or a multi-day motorcycle tour around the world, Katmandu Overpants from Firstgear will be your ideal companion. These enduro styled riding pants can be complemented with TPG Rainer or the Kilimanjaros. Additionally, these riding pants, which obviously are meant to be worn over the base layer or mid layer, also have an additional thermal liner that is completely removable.

Build for some aggressive riding, Firstgear introduced their Kathmandu overpants to cater the requirements of adventure enthusiasts who were looking for a perfect waterproof pant. Now based on these requirements, they have retrofitted some important features to assist the riders: Removable suspenders with a yoke at the back, Velcro hip adjusters, YKK zipper, waterproof & breathable 400D ripstop nylon with 300D panels, airflow intakes, ripstop 3D temper foam and D30 T5 armor around the knees (upgraded version of standard armor), waterproof stretch panel, waterproof cargo pocket, Scotchlight reflective panel, 10-inch YKK connection zipper, and D-ring closure system.

Another important thing to note is that these pants do not have any dedicated waterproof lining, instead, the outer shell is itself a laminated Hypertex membrane that’s waterproof and breathable. So, if you do get stuck in rain, make sure the air vents are closed.

You get a pass-through pocket with a water-resistant zipper (if you put your hand inside, you can pass through these overpants and reach out to your main jeans or trouser you are wearing). This feature is particularly useful in case you need to access your phone or grab some change for the toll.

Priced at around $320, if you are a type of rider that likes to embark on enduro, off-road, or multi-day adventure, we highly recommend Kathmandu’s waterproof motorcycle pants for a comfortable and safe expedition.


  • Designed to be worn over any regular pants
  • Adjustable D3O T5 CE armor around the hips and knees
  • Waterproof & breathable
  • Removable thermal liner
  • Knee patches to ensure minimal scratches around the tank
  • YKK zippers
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Dynamic styling built for aggressive riding
Scorpion EXO Zion Women's Pants

Scorpion EXO Zion Women's Pants

The Exo Zion from Scorpion is a great touring and adventure option just coming in over 200 bucks. What we liked the most about this amazing touring pant is the double padding around the knees. This ensures a solid abrasion resistance thanks to the Sas-Tec CE certified knee armor that is retrofitted in between the two paddings. So, in case of any impact, the armor becomes rigid but in normal conditions while you are riding, it provides a soft and comfortable feel.

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Available in both grey and black color, the EXO Zion is a high performing equipment made from nylon outer shell that can be worn as an overpant. Another nice thing about these pants is that they come preinstalled with hip pads. These pads cover a large portion of the hip and are completely removable in case you wish to do so.

Other essential features include; NightViz reflective material around the thighs, two zipper pockets on each side, removable waterproof and thermal layers, 8-inch-wide zipper to connect jacket, Velcro adjustments on the waist, and two air vents that ensure breathability.

Designed and styled specifically to cater the female genre, the price for these riding pants starts from $229.


  • 500 denier nylon outer fabric
  • Sas-Tec CE Level 2 certified knee armor
  • Sas-Tec CE Level 1 hip pads
  • VELCRO® waist adjustment tabs
  • 100% waterproof inner liner (removable)
  • All season pants
Alpinestars Stella Raider Drystar Pants

Alpinestars Stella Raider Drystar Pants

The Stella Raiders are a three to four season touring option from Alpinestars and the reason behind this is because they are waterproof but have direct venting and include a thermal liner. So, in terms of application and usage you are definitely good to go even in winters.

The main outer fabric is made up from 600D polyester with Dobby reinforcements at the knee. Dobby is a slightly beefier material and it is also a little bit more structured making them highly efficient around the impact areas.

You get CE level 1 armor for the knees and an option to add them around the hips as well. But what we found really fascinating about these pants is that you have Velcro around the seat. So, you can actually upgrade and include nucleon hip armor and adjust it as per your comfort.

Other noteworthy features include; Velcro adjustments around the waist, full connection zipper for Alpinestars jackets, hand warmer pockets at the sides, and vents that direct wind right to your body.

Now the waterproof liner is stitched from the inside, however, for breathability you can open the air vents around your knees. And if you wear wider boots, this is going to be a great option for you.

All in all, these riding pants, priced around $270, are a great option for multi-season touring with sufficient protection and comfort.


  • Fixed Drystar membrane
  • Accommodates bulkier boots
  • Direct ventilation zippers
  • CE level 1 knee armor
  • Adjustable Velcro around waist and legs
Alpinestars Raider v2 Drystar Pants

Alpinestars Raider v2 Drystar Pants

Just like Stella Raider, the Raider v2 Drystar is also a four-season waterproof riding pant, but for men. It is exclusively designed for sports and sports touring riders out there. The design as well as styling is a bit tapered and not quite as baggy as the conventional touring pants.

Raider v2 Drystar is better suited for riders who are looking for a dedicated waterproof pant. The characteristic features makes it very unique; you have a direct ventilation that ensures complete breathability around your thighs, multi-fabric polyester construction for increased abrasion resistance, and a removable thermal liner that makes it ideal for summers as well.

In addition, you get a snap and zipper main entry and a full connection zipper that links to a variety of Alpinestars jackets. You also get two pockets at the waistline, an additional pocket at the thigh, and a little bit of accordion around the knees that is protected by Nucleon Flex Plus CE Level 1 knee armor (it’s highly breathable & comfortable).

Priced at $289, if you’re looking for a sports oriented four-season riding pants that is a little bit more on the slim side of the spectrum with a removable thermal liner and waterproof exterior, this is a really great option to take a closer look at.


  • Dynamic Flow Control (DFC) zippered vents around the thigh
  • Accordion stretch
  • CE Level 1 knee protectors
  • YKK​ zippers
  • Waist & leg adjusters (Hook-and-loop)
REV'IT! Horizon 2 Pants

REV'IT! Horizon 2 Pants

REV’IT took the best from all their riding pants and incorporated them into a single, marvelous, three to four season, commuting, touring, sport touring, multi-purpose pant. Most importantly it is equipped with SeeFlex CE Level 2 adjustable knee armor and CE Level 1 SeeSmart hip protector. It is a versatile, flexible, breathable, and extremely comfortable pant that is ideal for rainy season (100% waterproof).

Although its laminated hydratex waterproof breathable membrane is non removable, however, Fidlock-fastener equipped flaps and VCS Aquadefence vents ensure that you remain in direct contact with air, thus ensuring maximum comfort on a hot sunny day as well.

When it comes to fitting, it does have the slidable adjustable waist belt, and is available in short as well as tall sizes giving a multitude of different fit options. The inner thermal layer is completely removable, and even after removing it, the fitting does not get overly baggy either.

Additionally, the knees and hips are protected with poly 1000D abrasion resistant material and reinforced 1000D PWR respectively from the outside. So, all in all, for around $370, the Horizon 2 pants are an excellent option if you are looking for a beefy and waterproof multi-season touring & commuting motorcycle pant.


  • Removable thermal liner
  • Knees are protected by Seeflex CE Level 2 armor
  • Hips are protected by Seesmart CE-level 1 protector
  • Inner 3-D mesh ensures maximum breathability
  • Waterproof Hydratex® membrane
Dainese Carve Master 3 Gore-Tex Pants

Dainese Carve Master 3 Gore-Tex Pants

The Carve Master 3 is a Gore-Tex three season water-resistant pant from Dainese. Priced at around $490, it’s a top-end motorcycle pant that uses premium Mugello fabric as well as 3D-Stone fabric which in turn offers exceptional comfortability and freedom of movement. Moreover, it ensures a good resistance against any kind of wear and tear, thanks to its Micro Nylon and Elastomer fabric.

The Gore-Tex membrane is 100% waterproof and comes with a guarantee of durability. Moreover, its breathable characteristic (which is above any other breathable liner on the market) ensures every drop of sweat is evaporated, yet clinching with its water-resistant abilities. To top it all, there are no direct vents, making it completely ideal for fall, winter, and spring season. And in case of extreme cold weather, you have an additional thermal lining that is removable as well.

When it comes to safety; the knee/shin armor is fully composite EE rated and it is fully adjustable as well, so you can be sure that the knee armor is in the right place when you are sitting on the bike. Whereas, on the hips, you get Dainese Pro-Shape armor with CE level 1 protection.

This classic styled pant does not offer any belt loops, in fact, the sizing can be adjusted using the eyelets located at the waist. The dynamic fabric hugs your entire legs, but still allows sufficient riding maneuverability. So, if you are looking for a waterproof riding pant that is good for winters as well, look no further than the Carve Master 3.


  • Top-end riding pant
  • Adjustable knee protectors
  • Fasteners to connect with jacket
  • Premium 3D-Stone fabric
  • Water resistant outer layer
  • Removable thermal layer
  • Reflective inserts for rider’s safety
Firstgear 37.5 Kilimanjaro Pants

Firstgear 37.5 Kilimanjaro Pants 2.0

The 37.5 is a reference to the laminated material that is used in the Kilimanjaro pants to regulate the temperature and maintain an ideal body temperature of 37.5°Celsius. This material is similar to the Gore-Tex membrane and shares the same PTFE material (synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene) that is present in Gore-Tex. This ensures enhanced breathability while resisting to any kind of moisture from entering.

However, these pants are only ideal for spring, fall, and winter due to limited number of ventilation ducts to maintain the optimal temperature (37.5°C). Another important thing to note if you’re wearing them as an overpant is to opt for one size up, and if you’re wearing them as a standalone option go with whatever size you would normally wear.

First gear is a company that is known for making quality gear. These pants are really going to hold up to a lot of abuse in both touring and the adventure world. There’s a single snap with a slide closure YKK zip, two waist pocket design, SAS-TEC CE Level 2 protection panels around the knees for extra resistance against abrasion, and most importantly integrated boot gaiter hook-and-loop adjusters owing to which you do not have to take your boots off while wearing or removing them.

Priced around $399, these cool-weather waterproof pants promise to be a perfect companion of all the adventure enthusiasts out there.


  • Adjustable pant cuffs
  • 100% waterproof construction with sealed seams and zippers
  • Ideal for riding in winters
  • Fly gusset with CNT8 YKK zipper
  • SAS-TEC CE Level 2 protection panels on the knees and hips
  • Removable mesh bib

Bottom Line

It is not always easy to choose the right technical gear, especially if you are not an experienced biker, but as you well know the first feature you need to take into account for any type of motorcycle gear is safety. So, while choosing any kind of motorcycle pant, make sure it has all the safety features in order to protect your legs from abrasions that can occur in an accident or in the event of a skid.

Leather pants are good for all seasons, especially for jackets and gloves, but surely the weak point of this material is waterproofness. Dedicated waterproof motorcycle pants, on the other hand that are equipped with Gore-Tex membrane, repel water from its surface while simultaneously allowing water vapor to pass through. This characteristic makes waterproof motorcycle pants versatile, practical for everyday use, in the city, on the road and for long distance tours, without compromising the safety.

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Hope you found this article insightful, feel free to let us know in case you wish to get some more information on any of the riding pants we have mentioned. Ride Safe!