Motorcycle Riding Jeans for Women

Motorcycle Riding Jeans for Women

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When you think of a motorcyclist, the word leather immediately pops into your mind. This is because motorcycle clothing is usually made of leather. Recently however, many riders are increasingly looking for more breathable options like denims, that promise to offer the same amount of abrasion resistance in an urban riding style.

And just like men, the 21st century women also enjoys riding a motorcycle, prompting the manufacturers to start producing specialized motorcycle jeans for the female genre as well. These motorcycle jeans are more sophisticated than the regular pair of denims and are appropriate for motorcycling. The material is in many cases enhanced by the use of aramid fibers, which makes these jeans much more resistant to wear and tear.

Furthermore, while the jeans for men usually have a straight shape, women’s jeans are designed to be a little wider around the hips and narrower around the ankles. In fact, some of the widely renowned manufacturers of motorcycle gear like Alpinestars, REV’IT, and Dainese are now offering a huge selection of motorcycle jeans in various designs and styles for women. So, without more ado, let us take a look at them.

Best Motorcycle Jeans For Women

REV'IT! Orlando H2O Women's Jeans

REV'IT! Orlando H2O Women's Jeans

The Orlando H2O riding pants is the first waterproof full stretch jean in the REV’IT collection offered exclusively for female riders. It is a fully stretchable denim that is completely waterproof and breathable thanks to its hydratex membrane, which makes it one of the premium jeans from REV’IT.

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Built for all season riding, it has a regular fit with a light taper around the bottom. You get all the essential characteristics that is required in a motorcycle pant; starting from the basic belt loops at the top, flat rivets that do not to scratch your bike’s paint, waterproof zipper, and pockets for knee and hip armor (you have to buy the hip armor separately).

The most amazing thing about REV’IT is the built quality, if you take a closer look at these pants, you will notice a triple stitch on any of the impact seams. These stitches are very subtle and hard to pick with a naked eye but makes these jeans extra sturdy. The fabric is more breathable than Kevlar, and is by far the most technical riding jeans from REV’IT (Priced at $239).


  • CE-level 1 protection at knee
  • Five pockets design
  • Waterproof & breathable
  • Skinny, low-rise pant
  • Triple stitched seams
REV'IT! Maple 2 Women's Jeans

REV'IT! Maple 2 Women's Jeans

Redesigned and upgraded for the season, the new REV’IT Maple 2 motorcycle jeans for women has a body-hugging fit. Thanks to the stretch content in the fabric, the pants offer enough freedom of movement. And instead of Kevlar/Aramid fabric, REV’IT uses a tear-resistant Cordura denim fabric.

Although Cordura is less resilient than Kevlar/Aramid, nevertheless it offers decent protection against abrasion. The construction allows REV’IT to forgo an additional second layer in the pants here, this makes the Maple extra comfortable to wear off the bike as well and thus suitable for everyday use.

In addition, the jeans includes removable knee protectors (Seesmart CE level 1 protectors), and an option to add hip protectors in case you need to be extra safe. Priced at around $209, these jeans are ideal for women bikers who prefer skinny fit.


  • Good safety features (PWR|shield around seat and knees)
  • Triple stitch
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Skinny fit/slim fit
  • Elastic stretch fabric
  • 3M Scotchlite reflectors
Knox Brittany Women's Jeans

Knox Brittany Women's Jeans

There are many women’s motorcycle jeans in the market, but you won’t find anything lighter than the Brittany’s. Look wise, these jeans are similar to the Revit Maple we discussed above, however, they fit slightly higher due to their high-waist cut.

To ensure complete safety, a combination of Cordura denim with additional Kevlar reinforcement in the fall zones is included in the Knox range. In addition, it also includes hip protectors and knee protectors, which in itself are exemplary.

One of the highlights of Knox Brittany jeans in general are the knee protectors, which are accessible from the outside. By far, this is the best feature in any riding jeans, which makes it completely versatile as an everyday jean. After all, no matter how comfortable a pair of motorcycle jeans may be, while doing anything apart from riding, sooner or later the protectors do tend to annoy. This feature allows you to remove the knee protectors within seconds when you reach your destination.

In our opinion, Knox offers a top-class motorcycle jean with their Brittany variant, at an affordable price ($179), that outsmarts any other riding jeans in this segment.


  • Cordura/Aramid + knee protectors + hip protectors
  • YKK zippers
  • 30” Inseam
  • Elastic fabric (Stretch 10oz Cordura denim)
  • Adjustable and removable knee pockets
  • CE approved (EN 17092)
  • High-waist skinny fit
Bull-it SR6 Straight Women's Jeans

Bull-it SR6 Straight Women's Jeans

Bull-it recently introduced an entire line of new jeans using an entirely new material called Covec. This material ensures prolonged resistance to abrasion due to low friction heat transfer, which further allows SR6 to give you a 6.26 seconds of slide protection and thus ensuring better safety at times of crash.

Now the previous versions of Bull-it jeans were not too flattering in terms of fit, but the upgraded lineup known as the SR6 are more fine-tuned, more refined, and give you an ideal fitting. However, compared to the other variant (SR6 Slim), these have a regular fit to give you a more relaxed biker feel.

Now Bull-it is calling these jeans mid-rise, however, we feel that it still tends to be a little bit on the low-rise side. Two different colors are available; you have the ocean light blue and the vintage blue. Talking about the sizes; it ranges from 24 to 42 and you have 3 different inseams available (31, 33, and 35).

When it comes to safety; the entire front of the jean is covered with Covec impact prevention layer, you also get a redesigned hip armor and knee pockets with Velcro that folds underneath. Other noteworthy features include; 5-pocket design, Rivets locking mechanism, 12.5-ounce denim with 2% elastane that makes it stretchable, high melting point, triple safety stitching, water resistance, and belt loops. In addition, the presence of Covec makes it breathable and an ideal summer motorcycle jean.

There are a lot of women out there utilizing Bull-it jeans on their motorcycles and if you are a type of rider who prefer a straight regular fitting jeans with great safety features, we highly recommend the SR6 Straight Jeans (priced around $150).


  • Straight jeans (mid-rise)
  • Extra protection guaranteed with Covec
  • Water resistant
  • Triple stitched
Dainese Casual Slim Tex Pants

Dainese Casual Slim Tex Pants

Anyone looking for an eye-catching pair of motorcycle jeans in a chino styled look can grab the casual slim women’s textile pants from Dainese. The brand uses Armalith (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) fiber as the protective component in the fabric here.

These jeans have a tear resistant fabric practically made for every day casual riding. One big advantage of Armalith is that it can be utilized as a single layer fabric. As a result, the pants do not need another protective layer, as is usually the case with Kevlar jeans. Besides, for everyday wear, single-layer jeans are much more comfortable than the usual relatively thick Kevlar jeans.

Additionally, safety features include knee protectors and hip protectors which come retrofitted as a standard. When it comes to style and fit; besides black, these pants are also available in green and blue and the fitting is tailored as a regular pair of jeans.

So, if you are looking for a premium motorcycle jean with a stealthy appearance, this $260 priced pant is a perfect fit.


  • Armalith single layer
  • Comfortable and breathable for everyday use
  • Regular fit
  • Available in 3 colors (black, green, blue)
  • Belt loops
  • Pro-Shape 2.0 hip and knee protectors
REV'IT! Madison 2 Women's Jeans

REV'IT! Madison 2 Women's Jeans

The REV’IT! Madison 2 Women’s Jeans are a casual enduro styled jeans with a lot of safety features. The main construction for these jeans is around 12.5-ounces of Cordura denim to give it a little edge over ordinary denim pants while being comfortable.

In addition, you also get REV’IT’s signature power shield which makes them a little bit more abrasion resistant around the seat and knees. This combination of protection amalgamated with Cordura gives you an extra slide time (approx. 6 seconds), which is quite astonishing for a motorcycle jean!

Other noteworthy features include; CE level 1 Seesmart armor which is extra comfortable and flexible, low-rise styling, belt loops, three pockets in the front and two at the back, accordion stretch above the knees, and tapered cuff.

Another thing to note here is that REV’IT has included all the premium features in these jeans, so not only you’re getting all of the power shield, Cordura, and the armor, but you are also getting triple stitching along the side. Truth be told, the side seams are most prone to impacts, so triple stitched seams ensures that the jeans don’t tear every now and then.

Overall, REV’IT Madison has a really simple design that makes it look like a casual black wash denim jean. In short these $199 jean from REV’IT, are ideal for all the ladies out there who are looking for something that’s a little bit more structured.


  • Seesmart CE level 1 protection at knees
  • Optional hip protectors
  • 3M Scotchlite reflectors
  • Tapered low-rise jeans
  • Triple stitched
  • Feels like standard regular denim pants
Alpinestars Banshee Women’s Leggings

Alpinestars Banshee Women’s Leggings

Designed to look like leggings, at the same time offering the protection of a full-fledged motorcycle jeans; the Alpinestars Banshee leggings are a tight-fitting, elastic motorcycle pant made from cotton, polyester and a protective layer of aramid blend (50% aramid). For additional protection, there are removable protectors on the knees (level 1) and an option to install hip protectors.

The Banshee leggings are around to 2 to 3 season warm weather option, ideal for women who are looking for the comfort of leggings but the protection of modern motorcycle jeans. Size tip; if you are opting for these leggings, we recommend you to select one size down from your normal jeans.

The main construction includes poly blend and 9% elastane, so this makes them really stretchy and that’s great because it makes for a better fit which is essential while riding. You get two pockets on each side at the front, and two at the back. Underneath this poly elastic blend is a Kevlar twill lining that ensures resistance against abrasion throughout the leggings. Around the knees you have accordion stretch panels which ensures freedom of movement. And beneath the accordion panels you are offered with CE level 1 Sas-Tec armor as well. The bottom is tapered, which is pretty standard for leggings and they can fit in or over the boot. So, all in all, at a price point of $189, we think these are really solid option from Alpinestars.


  • CE-certified Level 1 knee armor
  • Hip protectors can be retrofitted
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Skinny fit (elastic stretch fabric)
  • High rise
  • Velcro insert for optional hip armor (sold separately)
Spidi J-Tracker Women’s Jeans

Spidi J-Tracker Women’s Jeans

The Spidi J-Tracker jeans are an everyday jean option from Spidi that give the convenience of external armor and the abrasion resistance of Cordura. They are more of a structured jean, with only 1% of elastane, and unlike the high waist jeans, the styling of J-Tracker is a little bit on the lower side.

The main construction of this jeans is Cordura; this ensures more resistance to abrasion (around 2 seconds of slide time) in comparison to normal denim pants. It has a five-pocket design that makes it look completely like a casual every day jean. For safety, it includes Warrior Lite knee armor (CE level 1) and shin protectors with an option to include hip protectors.

The bottom of the jean is tapered, giving it a traditional skinny style look. This makes them ideal for riding boots that are worn over the jeans. Another noteworthy feature is its low-key zipper located on the outer side of your knee to remove the protective padding. It is almost invisible and makes this jean completely versatile.

So, all in all, for $199, we would highly recommend this jean if you’re looking for convenience of removable armor and are typically an every-day commuter.


  • Removable armor
  • Low rise
  • 28” inseam
  • Elasticized fabric
  • Slim jeans
  • Optional hip protectors
Pando Moto Kusari 02 Women’s Jeans

Pando Moto Kusari 02 Women’s Jeans

With the Kusari 02, Pando Moto offers a very interesting women’s mid-rise motorcycle jeans made of 9-ounce heavy-duty power-stretch waxed denim with Kevlar reinforcement. These skinny jeans are durable, versatile, and promise to offer a superior comfort without compromising on the styling. Around the legs, the pants fit tightly, but at the waist Pando Moto gives you a little more space.

Speaking of protection; there excellence in safety standards have earned them a CE Level A certification. Special reinforcement made of DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber around the impact zones protects the rider from any kind of abrasion, and can withhold a slide of up to 16 meters.

Besides, it comes retrofitted with SAS-TEC TripleFlex CE Level 1 knee armor that can be attached in two different positions; a nice detail since you can position the protectors in a better way while riding. Furthermore, you also have inserts for hip protectors, however, the armor needs to be purchased separately.

The Pando Moto Kusari 02 is an everyday motorcycle jean that is a bit more extravagant than the other jeans in this comparison due to the subtle shine. In terms of price, however, they are a bit higher than the competition ($265).


  • SAS-TEC TripleFlex CE Level 1 knee armor
  • YKK zipper
  • Skinny fit & medium rise
  • 2 positions for the knee protectors
  • Ideal for daily use
  • 8-ounce power-stretch waxed denim
Icon 1000 MH1000 Women's Jeans

Icon 1000 MH1000 Women's Jeans

The MH1000 is a part of Icon’s Motorhead lineup. It is a straight fit, relaxed cut motorcycle jean for women. What you are offered is a Cordura based denim jeans with Kevlar around the knees, this means you are getting a reinforcement of Kevlar in your impact zones. Basically, it has a traditional 5 pocket look with flat rivets. You have D3O impact protectors as knee armors with a side zip pocket to access them. You also get three positions of height adjustability, so if you feel the armor isn’t sitting exactly where you want it to, you can actually move it up and down in three different positions.

The side zippers allow you to remove the armor out in case you want to wash the jeans or if you want to replace them. In addition, you get a CE rated hip armor included in the jeans as a standard. You can also cuff the bottom to make it look similar to the regular Levi’s you have in your wardrobe.

So, for just $150, you really are getting a lot of bang for your buck, considering the fact that you are getting CE rated D3O hip and knee armor included as a standard.


  • Relaxed fit (regular riding jeans)
  • D3O Impact protectors (knees & hip)
  • 3-point adjustment system for knee armor
  • YKK zippers
  • Budget friendly
  • Accompanies wider boots
Alpinestars Daisy Riding Women's Jeans

Alpinestars Daisy Riding Women's Jeans

Last but not the least! The all-new Daisy Riding women’s jeans from Alpinestars. It is one of the newest additions to women’s motorcycle jeans from Alpinestars. Made from 13-ounces of denim, these are much beefier than the regular every day jeans and have an additional layer of Kevlar to offer more resistance to abrasion. It comes retrofitted with fully adjustable knee armor (CE certified) and an option to add or remove the hip armor that comes stock with it.

The Daisy is more of a premium motorcycle jean that’s great in style with a classic cut and taper at the bottom. The 13oz of denim is mixed with 2% elastane to give it a little bit of stretch that is required while riding. So, it’s not going to be as stiff as you might be expecting and that’s great for a jean that’s going to fit a lot of different body sizes (24 to 34).

Other noteworthy features include; Five pocket design, button and zip up closure, CE rated armor, low rise fit, Aramid fiber reinforcement panels, sleek and modern appearance.

With a price tag of $199, Alpinestars Daisy riding jeans is perfect for all the ladies out there who prefer a laid-back riding style on a low-rise, slim fit jeans.


  • Regular cut, low-rise
  • Removable knee protectors
  • Made from 13-ounces of comfortable denim
  • Perfect for weekend getaways

Bottom Line

There are plenty of motorcycle jeans available for women, however, the most important thing to keep in mind is the design of the jeans, the type of protection (what type and if it is adjustable), and the features that may be useful to you: the number of pockets, the locking mechanism, their compatibility with boots, etc.

Speaking of which, there are motorcycle boots that go perfectly with jeans, such as Dainese Motorshoe D1, TCX Street 3, and many more. These boots are very comfortable, ventilated and have ankle protectors. So, in case you have shortlisted your riding jeans from our list, now is the time to pair them with matching boots!

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That’s all for now. Have a wonderful motorcycle journey!