Youth Dirt Bike Boots

Youth Dirt Bike Boots

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Dirt bike boots are an essential part of kids riding gear. Be it long, intense, short or a leisurely ride in the trails, a rider should be equipped with a pair of dirt boots to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

But buying riding boots for your kid is a bit like buying a youth helmet. You can either buy a great pair of boots the first time or you can waste your money until you finally get something of quality that will last for years.

So, without wasting much time, we will get straight to the point. In this section you will find a handpicked list of best motocross boots for both kids as well as youth riders, in order to give you a basic understanding of the options currently available in the market.

But before we proceed, let’s take a look at the size guide, which is somehow very confusing in the kid’s category.

Dirt bike boots for little enthusiasts are divided into two categories: Kids & Youth. So, you will come across many boots that are referred as “Kids Dirt Bike Boots”, while the rest will be referred as “Youth Dirt Bike Boots”.

Youth Dirt Bike Boots Size Chart
Size chart for kids dirt bike boots

By kids, the manufacturers are referring to the pre-youth category. Their sizes are represented by either “K10, K11, K12 and K13” or “10, 11, 12, and 13” or “Youth 10, Youth 11, Youth 12, Youth 13).

Likewise, for youth category, the sizes are represented by either “Youth 1, Youth 2, Youth 3, Youth 4, Youth 5, Youth 6, Youth 7, and Youth 8” or simply “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8”. So, keep this in mind while shortlisting.

Now, that you are clear with the sizing guide, let’s quickly dive into some of the best dirt bike boots.

Best Youth Dirt Bike Boots

Answer Youth AR1 Boots

Answer Youth AR1 Boots

Answer Youth AR1 are an entry level dirt bike boots that are priced just under $110. These are available in sizes from Youth 1 to Youth 6, and come with 3 different color options to choose from (black, white, and red).

Its main chassis is made of a synthetic leather that is guaranteed to last over time.

You are also offered with some flex at the top of the foot and around the Achilles’ heel to increase the overall comfort.

However, owing to the rigid construction, these are a really stiff pair of dirt bike boots and your kid may find them a bit hard initially. But, with time these will definitely open up and provide more room to the feet.

These boots offer high impact protection starting from the toe. And this protection extends all the way to the ankle and goes up to the calf. And on the calf, the boots are covered with a suede heat shield that protects your kid from the heat of exhaust system.

At the back, you have a molded plastic guard, and likewise at the front, you have a molded shin guard that ensures adequate frontal protection.

At the top, these boots incorporate some really nice flat TPR material that provides a little bit of flexibility and comfort. Plus, Velcro brand fasteners ensure a snug closure.

Also, the medial part of the boot is completely flat, so this allows a better contact with the dirt bike which ensures a better feel and control.

In addition, all the stitched seams are embedded in the molded part. Which is a great advantage, as this prevents the stitches from breaking out.

The Youth AR1 boots adopt a three-strap buckle design, and these straps are very easy to use. Besides, they have a two-step closing mechanism, which means, after your kid puts them on, they snap down twice to ensure a secure fit.

Further, these boots are equipped with steel toe caps, that provide an enhanced impact protection and also increase the overall life of the boot.

The insoles are very well padded and perforated to improve air circulation. They have D3O® inserts that dissipate the energy that comes through the bottom of the shoe to protect the lower limbs.

Moreover, the 3D mesh interior provides good air circulation and offers both protection as well as comfort.

All in all, a very decent youth boot that offers great value for money.

Price: $109

Fox Racing Youth Comp Boots

Fox Racing Youth Comp Boots

Another entry level dirt bike boot for all the little enthusiasts out there. The Youth Comp boots are a great option for your kid if he/she is looking to get out on the trails for the first time.

You get a great combination of comfort and flexibility, plus, these are available in many different sizes starting from Youth 1 to Youth 8. Besides, you get a wide variety of colors to choose from that can blend perfectly with any kind of youth glove.

As for the fitment, they stand true to their size. However, we recommend buying one size up, as kids tend to outgrow their riding boots pretty quickly.

One great thing Fox offers in their Comp boots is a very wide calf opening. So, even if your child is wearing a knee brace, these boots can easily fit over them.

As far as the construction goes, these are made of synthetic leather and a lot of TPU to improve the durability as well as robustness.

They have a large TPU shin plate for impact protection and a protected calf guard on the back. Also, the toe area is surrounded by TPU all the way to the back of the boot.

Another feature of these boots is that they do not have an overly aggressive sole. And despite this, they offer a decent grip with a good impact and crush protection.

As for the closure system, it consists of three buckles with a design inspired from high-end motocross boots. Furthermore, the buckle closure system is adjustable on the shin, which allows for a better fit in all kinds of situations.

On the inside you will find a lot of 3D mesh. As a result, it promotes a lot of air circulation and keeps your child’s feet comfortable all day long.

That said, the most notable feature offered by Fox Racing is the internal lacing system that allows a custom fit around the ankle.

Basically, what you get is a sock incorporated into the boot with a lace and cord system. And once your little one puts his feet inside, you can pull the cord tightly around the ankle. Thus, this lacing system keeps the ankle in place, provides plenty of comfort and a stable riding posture.

In our opinion, these boots are a great entry level option for your young one. They are very comfortable to wear and offer a great amount of flexibility, thus, ideal for trail riding as well.

Price: $169

Fox Racing Kids Comp Boots

Fox Racing Kids Comp Boots

Another great entry level boot from Fox Racing and a perfect go-to option for little kids out there. So, if you, as a parent, are running out of options when it comes to kids’ motocross boots, we have some great news for you!

The Kids Comp boots from Fox Racing are available in sizes K10, K11, K12 and K13. And as already explained, these kids (‘K’) sizes can be opted in case your young one is yet to enter the youth category (‘Y’) of sizes.

Moving on, you have two color options to choose from. While the first one is all black that can be utilized by both boys as well as girls, the second one is a mix of pink and black which is specifically made for little girls out there.

Priced at around $110, these boots offer a great combination of comfort and flexibility. They are made from synthetic leather and TPR that provide resistance against abrasion as well as impact.

And because these boots are primarily designed for the little riders who have just started riding their 50cc dirt bikes, there happens to be few compromises in the protection area in order to deliver ample amount of comfort.

But make no mistake, these boots do offer a decent level of protection all around. The sole provides not only an excellent grip, but also a good level of impact and crush protection. Plus, the toe and the back sections are reinforced with TPU as well.

As for the closure system, there is a simple buckle closure at the ankle and an additional closure on the shin. Together, these two straps offer a wide range of adjustability.

One important point to note here is that Fox has intentionally reduced the overall height of the shoe. As a result, it adapts very well to the calf and offers a lot of freedom and flexibility.

On the inside you will find a 3D mesh lining that facilitates a lot of air circulation and thus ensures a dry and comfortable environment.

And because kids outgrow their riding boots very quickly, Fox has incorporated a removable insole into these boots. Thanks to which your child will have more space inside in case he/she experiences any discomfort after couple of months.

But to get the best bang for your buck, we suggest you pick the boots one size up from what your child normally wears. This way, these boots can last for many years before your kid can upgrade to a more rugged and professional motocross boot.

All in all, the design, flexibility, comfort, and value make these Kids Comp a great entry-level pair of dirt bike boots.

Price: $109

Thor Blitz XP Youth Boots

Thor Blitz XP Youth Boots

The Blitz XP from Thor are another great option for young riders who have just entered the world of motocross and are looking for a robust riding boot. Priced around $140, you are actually getting a lot of protection with this boot.

As for the fit, these come true to size and are available in 7 different sizes. Starting from Youth 1 to Youth 7, a wide range of sizes are available for you to choose from. In addition, a choice between 5 different color options is also available for you to consider, including black, white, charcoal, flo-acid and red.

Aside from that, these boots are slightly wider around the toe area to provide plenty of freedom and comfort. So, if your kid has a slightly wider toe, these boots will be just about right for him.

As for construction, the main material used in these boots is microfiber topped with durable TPU. And this durable material is incorporated throughout the boot, including the shins.

On top of that, the shin is reinforced with injection-molded plates that provide complete resistance to any type of impact.

The thermoplastic rubber insole ensures a comfortable base support, while the rugged unidirectional outsole with steel shank inserts delivers optimal protection against impacts.

Furthermore, a metal cap is attached to the outsole, making it suitable for both off-road and trail use.

Speaking of closure system, these boots incorporate a very innovative positive-lock buckle system! Made from injection molded plastic, these buckles offer a lot of adjustability. Besides, 3 fully adjustable straps allow a lot of customization as well.

And while the closure system keeps the leg upright, the Velcro closures at the calf wraps around the entire leg for total security.

Meanwhile, the interior is lined with 3D mesh, which provides good air circulation and maintains a moisture-free environment.

Furthermore, the Blitz XPs’ are tested and certified according to the European standards (EN 13634:2015). This assures the protection they offer while still retaining the entry-level price.

All in all, the Blitz XPs’ from Thor are a great pair of dirt bike boots for all the entry level riders out there, who prefer safety to be their top most priority.

Price: $139

O'Neal Kid's Rider Pro Boots

O'Neal Kid's Rider Pro Boots

The Rider Pro are another great pair of entry level tall riding boots from O’Neal. These are designed to be great all-rounders (MX, Enduro, Trail, ATV, etc.) thanks to their microfiber and TPU main construction.

As for fit, these boots are available in 4 different sizes (Kids 10, 11, 12 and 13) and fall true to their size. So basically, they are meant for Pre-Youth riders who are still very young at dirt biking and can’t find their size in the Youth category. Please note that these sizes are also referred as Youth 10, 11, 12 and 13, but basically mean the same thing.

Another important thing to note is that these boots also come in 6 different youth sizes (Youth 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) and are retailed by the name Youth Rider Pro Boots (see size chart above for sizing guide).

It includes a steel toe cap at the front, which is attached to the boot with 3 screws. This makes the toe very robust against any kind of impact or abrasion. In addition, the TPU surrounds the entire toe as well as the medial side of the boot to provide complete protection against friction from the dirt bike.

Furthermore, the heels are padded with excellent crush protective inserts. The rubber sole is carefully stitched at the bottom and intentionally made low profile to provide a better feel against the brake pedal. As a result, these boots offer high stability, enhanced protection and increased comfort without tearing a hole in your pocket!

Speaking of the closure system, you get three easily adjustable buckles with a 2-stage closing mechanism that is very efficient and can be used even with gloves on.

In addition, the lowest buckle is protected with a rubber bump, considering that abrasion against rocks and branches are common in this area. Besides, O’Neal also provides replacement straps and buckles which can be purchased as a separate accessory.

On the inside, there is a 3D mesh lining that increases overall comfort by dissipating any heat build-up. While, at the top there is a Velcro closure that ensures a snug fit once your kid secures the buckles.

And on the medial side (the side that rubs against the bike), the boots are reinforced with grippy materials and an additional TPU at the bottom to protect the boots from premature wear.

Last but not least, these boots are tested and certified according to European safety standards (EN13634: 2017).

All in all, these are a great option for your kid because they offer all the features a beginner needs, are true to size, have a reasonable price, can be used on dirt as well as trail, and are available in many sizes both in the kids as well as youth category.

Price: $139

Moose Racing Kids M1.3 MX Boots

Moose Racing Kids M1.3 MX Boots

With a history dating back to 1980s’, Moose Racing has dedicated itself to providing the highest quality of safety gear with the best possible performance.

The M1.3 MX kid’s boot are available in two color variants (Black and Hi-Viz) and in 4 different kid’s sizes (10, 11, 12 and 13).

And if you’re looking for a youth size, these are also available in Youth 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Besides, in addition to the two-color variants of the kid’s category, there is also an orange variant in the youth category. However, the price for the youth boot is $30 more due to taller height and additional buckle strap.

Constructed with polyurethane coated synthetic leather that is both abrasion resistant as well as flexible, these boots are designed to provide ultimate protection, stability and style.

Further, the multi-layer synthetic rubber outsole is durable and provides excellent traction. Plus, the rigid steel shank reinforced sole eliminates flex and is engineered to improve stability without sacrificing mobility.

And aside to this, its low-profile compact toe box improves tactile feedback and the ability to shift.

In addition, these boots are tested and certified according to European standards (EN 13634:2015) and offer excellent impact and cut resistance.

As for the closure system, the M1.3 MX boots feature a hard polyurethane plastic closure strap with an adjustable metal buckle for a secure and comfortable fit. These buckles are quite straightforward and feature a single-step closure mechanism.

Now let’s take a look at the safety features; the M1.3 MXs are designed to maximize the protection from debris and hard rocks. They feature heavyweight suede inner calf guards which provide excellent abrasion as well as heat resistance. Moreover, the internal impact areas are reinforced with soft EVA foam to maximize the overall comfort.

Plus, the polyester inner lining wicks away any kind of moisture, ensuring adequate ventilation and comfort.

And just like Fox Racing, you also get an internal lace loop system along with these boots. This allows secure hold of the foot which also increases the ankle stability.

All in all, these M1.3 MX boots are a perfect option to keep your little one protected in an affordable way.

Price: $89

Bottom line

This brings us to the end of our detailed guide. We hope you were able to make a selection for your child today. If you’re still struggling to find the perfect fit for your young one in the youth and kids category, then perhaps it is time to consider adult boots category. You can check out some of the recommendations for beginners in this post: Dirt bike boots for entry-level adult riders.

Do remember that this is only one piece of safety equipment and that there are many more things to consider before taking your child to a motocross track.

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Let us know if you need any help in choosing the youth gear. Simply write back to us any time. And don’t forget to share this article with someone who might find it useful. 

Take care!