What’s The Best Dirt Bike Boot For A Beginner Adult?

Dirt Bike Boots For Beginner Adults

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In this blog, I am going to share my top picks for entry-level (adult) dirt bike boots. Honestly, finding the right pair of MX boots can be a challenge, especially when you are just starting out, but my recommendations will offer the perfect combination of protection, support, and comfort.

And the best part? All of my picks here are priced in between $100 – $200!

I will also give you a quick overview of each boot’s key features and explain why it’s a top choice for beginners. And when you find the perfect pair, just click on the link provided at the bottom of each boot to get your hands on them. So, let’s dive in and get ready to hit the trails with style and confidence!

Best Dirt Bike Boots For Beginner (Adults)

Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots

Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots

My first recommendation for a beginner looking for his first set of dirt bike boots is the Alpinestars Tech 3. Agreed it’s a little pricier than some other entry-level boots, and many of you would say that it’s out of their budget – but hear me out first. This $200 boot is definitely worth your investment due to all the impressive features it boasts.

The first unique feature of the Tech 3 is its biomechanical flex blades on the medial side. These provide a pivot point for improved flexibility and movement, which is a rare find in entry-level boots.

Secondly, the fit of the Tech 3 is on point – true to size and incredibly comfortable. And owing to its wide footbed and padded ankle area, you can ride all day without discomfort (they come in wide variety of sizes as well from 5 to 16).

Speaking of materials, the Tech 3 boasts a mix of microfiber synthetic leather and TPU (hard plastic) for added protection. The front of the boot even has stretch bellows and large stretch zones to improve flexibility and prevent any pinching. You’ll also notice the narrow and low-profile toe box, which is great for braking and shifting.

Of course, protection is a key aspect of any riding boot, and the Tech 3 delivers in this regard as well. The TPU extends from the toe box all the way up to the top of the boot, with additional coverage on the heel, calf plate, and shin plate. This makes it a great choice for beginners looking for solid support and impact protection.

Moving onto the buckles, the Tech 3 features three plastic buckles that are easy to operate and adjustable. While they may not be as durable as aluminum, they are replaceable and do the job just fine. And with a moisture-wicking liner and removable/replaceable EVA footbed, the Tech 3 has everything you need for a comfortable ride.

One thing to note, however, is that the calf opening on the Tech 3 is smaller than some other boots in the Alpinestars lineup, so riders with larger calves or thick knee guards may want to consider other options (you can check out some of these options in our section: Motocross & dirt bike boots for big calves).

All in all, the Alpinestars Tech 3 is an excellent choice for newbie riders who want comfort, protection, and flexibility without breaking the bank.

Note: The Tech 3s are also offered in a women’s specific variant. You can check them out by clicking on this link.

Price: $214

Top Features:

  • Made of super cool microfiber that’s tough and flexible
  • Toe box is like a tank, ready to take on any abrasion
  • Comes with its own extended synthetic gaiter to protect against water and dirt
  • Designed with TPU’s all around for support and protection against any impact
  • Equipped with a biometric blade system that will make you feel like an iron man as you flex your ankles
  • Triple TPU buckle straps let you move freely, while the ratchet and quick-release system keeps everything in place
  • The one-piece TPU foot shell is reinforced with a metal shank
  • Soft foam padding around the ankles and collar makes for a comfy fit
  • Replaceable EVA footbeds and soles
  • CE certified to EN 13634:2010, which basically means they are safe and legit
Fox Racing Comp Boots

Fox Racing Comp Boots

My second recommendation is a game-changer for all the beginner riders out there – the revamped Comp boots from Fox Racing!

The brand has gone all out to revamp its entire boot lineup by introducing sleek new design and safety features. And let me tell you, as a gearhead, I am beyond excited about the improvements made to this boot.

While the previous version of the Comp wasn’t bad per se, it needed some tweaking. But boy, oh boy, did Fox deliver!

One of the biggest changes Fox Racing made across the new lineup is their commitment to the perfect fit. Now the brand boasts a single mold for all of its variants. This means whether you are rocking the Comp, Motion, or Instinct, the fit will be the same. This is good in case you want to upgrade to a higher-end model once you advance with your riding skills – the fit will be consistent across the board.

But Fox didn’t stop here – they also widened the toe box on the Comp and made sure that all their boots fit true to size. So, if you wear a size 8 or 9 on your running shoes, you will need the same size in Fox. And wait, there’s more! Fox is now offering half sizes! No more struggling to choose between a 9 and a 10 because now you can snag a 9.5!

And it gets even better – this half-size upgrade isn’t just for one size, it’s for 9, 10, and 11!

Moreover, Fox has widened the toe box just a smidge.

And while it may not have the ultra-premium feel of some high-end boots, you will definitely love the overall design.

Even the calf opening is generous, which is perfect for big-calf riders or those who rock knee braces. Plus, there is this a suede piece at the heel that keeps your feet from slipping off the footbed!

Coming to construction: These boots are made of microfiber, TPU, and hard plastic, including a big shin plate for extra protection. And speaking of its flexibility – It will give you all the feels you need when shifting gears.

The plastic buckle design is on point too and is easy to snap up and down.

As for the liner – it is moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, so your feet won’t get stinky. The medial side has TPU wrapping around it for durability, but if you compare it to the Motion or Instinct boots (premium models from Fox), there’s no hinge system, so it won’t be as flexible. But hey, if you are not an aggressive rider, these boots will have you covered.

The sole is amazing as well, made of Fox Positac rubber that is as grippy as it can get. And get this, Comp has something you won’t find in most entry-level boots – an adjustable closure that lets you customize the fit to your liking.

So, these boots are top-notch, and if you are a new rider with a mid-budget, they are worth checking out.

Price: $259
Top Features:

  • Burn guard and calf guard to prevent damage from heat and debris
  • Internal composite insole board that provides stability and support to your feet
  • TPU shin plate ankle, toe and heel caps for added protection against impacts
  • Air mesh lining that offers superior comfort and breathability to keep your feet cool and dry
  • Fox Positac rubber compound on the outsole, which offers excellent grip and durability
  • Resoleable rubber outsole, which means you can replace the sole when it wears out and extend the life of your boots
  • Adjustable four buckle closure system for a customized and secure fit
TCX X-Helium Michelin Boots

TCX X-Helium Michelin Boots

Third on our list is the X-Helium boots from TCX – A tough rigid boot that can handle even the most extreme rides.

At just $250, the X-Helium boots are an absolute steal for riders looking for something that works as an enduro, dual sport, as well as a motocross boot.

And with sizes ranging from 38 to 49, you will definitely find the perfect fit for your feet. In fact, TCX has made their boots to accommodate the American riders (boasts a more standardized width). That’s right, these boots are made with the US of A in mind!

Let’s kick things off by talking about the construction of this boot: It’s all made up of synthetic leather and TPU. This boot has a massive amount of protection, with TPU covering the entire toe box and working its way through the medial side. This makes it tough, durable, and ready to handle anything thrown at it.

Speaking about the sole, as the name suggests, these boots incorporate a Michelin design, so you know the grip is top-notch. But what really sets this sole apart is its rigidity. It’s molded for maximum support when you’re standing up on the pegs all day.

And when I say rigid, I mean it. It gets a solid 10 out of 10 in rigidity.

However, owing to its rigidity – there is not a lot of flex to it. So, if you’re looking for a boot to walk around a bit, this isn’t for you.

Moving on to the toe, you get a toe guard that works its way up to protect your tootsies. The reinforced steel toe cap is covered in TPU for extra protection, and there is even double stitching, so you don’t have to worry about ripping them out while you are out there riding.

As for closure system – They are something that other brands envy!

The TPU on the bottom does a fantastic job of deflecting debris and sticks up and over the buckles, so you don’t have to worry about them catching and ripping off.

And while we’re on the topic of TPU, do note that TCX has done away with it at the heel on this boot (unlike its previous generation model). A bit of a downside for this boot, but definitely not a deal breaker.

All in all, this boot is built to last. It’s strong, it’s rugged, and it’s made for beginners who demand the best.

Price: $249

Top Features:

  • Microfiber upper for a comfortable fit
  • Steel toe cap for maximum safety
  • Michelin Hybrid MX sole for ultimate grip
  • PU heel, ankle, and toe guards for extra durability
  • Air Tech breathable lining to keep you cool
  • Padded front and ankle for extra cushioning
  • Interior microfiber heat guard for added protection
  • Shin plate to protect shins
  • Aluminum buckles that are adjustable and ergonomic
  • CE certified for your peace of mind
Leatt 3.5 Boots

Leatt 3.5 Boots

The Leatt 3.5 boot is the latest offering in Leatt’s boot lineup, which includes the 4.5 and 5.5 FlexLock models. So, the 3.5 is also a budget-friendly, entry-level option for those who are new to dirt bike riding and are looking for comfort as well as standard protection.

Speaking of fitment; Leatt wouldn’t probably agree to this, but the toe box area is a little narrow. So, if your feet are on the slender side, this boot is a match made in heaven for you, and if you have a regular size, opt for one size up. But if it’s neither of the case – head to this section that lists some of the widest dirt bike boots.

In terms of stiffness, the 3.5 is surprisingly stiff for an entry-level boot. There are no hinges on this model, unlike the 4.5 and 5.5 models which are premium models from Leatt. But yes, these boots will eventually break in overtime and will become more flexible after a few rides.

As for construction: The boots include a synthetic leather base and plenty of hard plastic for protection. They also feature a reinforced toe box, a TPU shin plate, and a heel cup with additional hard plastic to help withstand impacts. Even the medial side has some hard plastic at the bottom and a suede burn guard at the top.

For breathability, you get vents at the back of the boot to allow hot air to escape.

And while the buckles are made of plastic, their bases are metal, plus they are replaceable in case they break or snap off. Moreover, their design works pretty well – the strap can be easily snapped down through the buckle even with the gloves on.

Another outstanding feature the 3.5 boasts (common in the Leatt lineup but not in any other brand) is its slide lock cuff system. This system has a one-directional Velcro that slides and locks in the other direction. This prevents the Velcro from binding up when doing up the top buckle strap, which is a small but nice touch on a beginner-level boot.

Coming to the interior of the boot, you get a moisture-wicking antimicrobial fabric and a steel shank equipped footbed. The sole is a dual-compound (DualZone hardened sole) that offers good grip, and it’s the same one used in the pro variants of Leatt as well.

But much to my disappointment- this sole is not replaceable. Then again, it would be your first step into dirt biking, and at this price point, it is quite obvious you won’t be getting everything out of everything.

All in all, a decent boot that offers a good level of protection and comfort at a mid-range price point, making it a worthy option to take into consideration.

Price: $219

Top Features:

  • Keep your feet snug with the auto-locking one way sliding closure
  • Allows to shift gears like a pro
  • Ultimate riding experience with the DualZone hardened sole
  • Total control with the extended foot peg riding zone
  • Steel shank reinforcement for added support and stability
  • All-day comfort and protection with the soft padding
  • Reinforced shin protection
  • Impact protected heel design
  • Good quality polymer buckles with over-lock system and stainless-steel base
  • Flat inner side profile and protective TPU panel for extra grip
  • CE tested and certified to prEN 13634:2017 standards
O'Neal Rider Pro Boots

O'Neal Rider Pro Boots

For my 5th recommendation, I have selected the Rider Pro boots keeping in mind the specific needs of my fellow mates who are really low on budget.

These boots are priced under $150 and boast a main construction of microfiber and TPU, making them ideal for entry-level trail or MX riding.

Now, let’s talk about why I chose them to be a part of this list. First, they feature a steel cap toe bonded with three screws arrangement to provide solid impact protection from the front. Plus, the TPU wraps around the toe and the inside of the heel to provide excellent crush protection. So, they offer a good level of protection overall for someone who is not riding at a lightning-fast speed.

Speaking of its sole – it is a stitched rubber boasting a low-profile pattern and in terms of its stiffness – I will rate it 10 out of 10 (quite stiff actually and will take some time to break in).

The buckles on these boots are a two-stage system that takes a bit of getting used to, but once you have got the hang of it, you can adjust all four buckles for a customized fit.

There is also a bit of brush protection to prevent damage from rocks or branches. And a good thing about these straps and buckles is that they are replaceable in case you break them off.

Speaking about comfort; the inside of the boot incorporates a light mesh material to aid in airflow and circulation. And by using synthetic materials, you also get a decent heat protection.

Just to be clear – don’t expect the same level of torsional and lateral protection you would find in more expensive boots I have discussed above. You are sacrificing a bit of safety features for the price.

Price: $134

Top Features:

  • Four adjustable buckles for easy opening and closing
  • Suitable for all types of terrain and activities (MX, Enduro, Trail)
  • Plastic plates that keep your feet safe from impacts
  • Sole reinforcements of metal and nylon for better stability
  • Metal protection on the toe and sole at the front of the boot
  • Heat protection inside using top-notch synthetic materials
  • Air mesh interior and padded insole for added comfort
  • Replaceable buckles and straps for added convenience
Thor Blitz XP Boots

Thor Blitz XP Boots

Next, we have Thor Blitz XP boots – honestly, if I have 100 bucks to spend on a dirt bike boot, I would look no further than this pair. And you can get a lot of bang for your buck with these dirt boots – which I have covered in detail below.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the fit – These boots run true to size, so you don’t have to worry about guessing or measuring your feet beforehand. However, if you have wide feet, you might want to consider a different option, as these boots tend to run a bit narrow in the toe area.

But, if you have high arches, then these boots will work perfectly for you!

Now, speaking about the construction: The Thor Blitz XP boots are made with a microfiber main construction, with hard TPU all around the boot and up to the shin. The sole is made of thermo-rubber stitched insole, which is sturdy enough to withstand the abuse of your foot pegs.

Moving on to the medial side of the boots: While the TPU does wrap its way around the entire boot, I would have loved to see a little more grip around this particular area. This is where you will be hugging the bike or frame, and a little more grip could go a long way.

But, for entry-level riders, this might not be a significant concern. Nonetheless, it’s not a deal breaker considering the price point, isn’t it?

Now comes closure system – the Blitz XP boasts four buckles, which are adjustable and can easily be cinched down as needed. And while these buckles are made of plastic, they do their job just fine.

As for the interior of the boots, you get a simple Velcro at the top and 3D mesh on the inside that helps to create some space between your body and the boots so that air can circulate more freely.

In short, an excellent option for beginner-level riders who are looking for a boot priced around hundred bucks. Of course, you can’t expect these boots to have all the bells and whistles, but they do get the job done.

Note: They come in women’s specific sizes as well (Check them out here).

Price: $99

Top Features:

  • Tested and certified to ensure quality and safety
  • Pre-curved shin plate enhances comfort
  • Adjustable straps for boots that fit like a glove
  • Synthetic calf overlays for durability and grip
  • Metal toe cap for extra strength and style
  • Uni-directional outsole with steel shank for serious support and stability
  • Injection molded lock buckles to keep your boots locked and loaded
  • Injection molded abrasion plate for protection when you need it
  • Mesh liner to keep you cool under pressure
Answer AR1 Boots

Answer AR1 Boots

My last recommendation is the AR1 boot from Answer. Priced at just around 140 bucks, these boots won’t break the bank. And with sizes ranging from 7 to 14, you will surely find a perfect fit.

Although currently only available in a few color options, the AR1 boasts a ton of decent features. To start with, you get a synthetic leather chassis that is flexible in all the right places, with added shock-absorbing properties from D3O® technology (coming to that in a while).

The toe box and medial side of the boot provide complete coverage, while a molded shin protector and heat guard keep you safe and comfortable on your ride.

The four-strap, four-buckle design is easy to use and adjustable, and the recessed stitching ensures durability and longevity.

At the top of the boot, you get an added flexibility and a secure fit owing to Velcro closure. The flat medial part of the boot allows for better contact with your dirt bike, giving you superior control and feel.

As for the bottom: The traditional sole is stitched on with added rigidity from a steel shank and toe cap.

Now coming to the D3O® technology – This is what really sets the AR1 apart from other beginner boots. The D3O® light insole provides excellent cushioning, while simultaneously dispersing the energy to protect you from impact. So, if you are looking for maximum comfort around the footbed, nothing beats this boot in this department.

Moreover, the heavily-padded liner along with 3D mesh provides ultimate breathability.

In short, this pair will knock your socks off with its jaw-droppingly low-price tag and awesome features!

Price: $119

Top Features:

  • Articulated ankle construction for maximum flexibility
  • Motocross style sole for unbeatable grip on the trails
  • Four replaceable buckles for extra security and durability
  • Injection-molded shin guard plate to protect those precious shins
  • Vented padding at the ankle and forefoot for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight textile and performance sole for a seriously smooth ride
  • Injection-molded leg protector at the rear of the boot for added safety

Bottom Line

As a beginner adult looking to get into dirt biking, one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need is a good pair of dirt bike boots. However, with so many options in the market, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Before making any purchases, it’s important to take some time to reflect on your needs and preferences. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of what’s trendy, but ultimately, you should invest in a boot that will meet your specific needs.

One thing to keep in mind as a beginner – you don’t need the most advanced boot. While these boots may offer added protection and features, they can also be heavier and more difficult to maneuver, which can be a challenge for someone who is just starting out.

It’s also important to consider where you will be riding your bike. Different terrains and environments may require different types of boots. If you will be riding in wet or muddy conditions, look for a boot with good waterproofing and traction. On the other hand, if you will be riding in drier conditions, you may want to prioritize breathability and ventilation.

And remember, as a beginner, it’s okay to start with a more budget-friendly option and upgrade later on as you gain more skills.

But if you were to ask me to pick one dirt bike boot that would be best for a beginner adult, I would highly recommend the Alpinestars Tech 3. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they also provide a great combination of comfort, support, and protection. And they are flexible enough to allow for easy movement while riding, making them an excellent choice for anyone new to dirt biking.

Ride Safe!