Dirt Bike Boots For Trail Riding

Dirt Bike Boots For Trail Riding

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Get ready to saddle up, because trail riding is no easy feat for your feet! Pointy rocks and tree branches are lurking everywhere, just waiting to trip you up and turn your ride into a disaster. And let’s not forget the muddy mess that can turn your boots into soggy, cold prisons for your feet.

But you don’t have to suffer through the pain and discomfort of regular boots. No, sir! What you need is a pair of badass, dedicated dirt bike boots. These bad boys are made to take on the roughest terrain and keep your feet protected and cozy while you conquer the trails.

I have been there, done that, and got the dirt stains to prove it. So, trust me when I say that dirt bike boots are a game-changer for any serious trail rider. Not only do they look cool and rugged, but they also provide top-notch protection for your feet and ankles, as well as the support you need for a smooth and comfortable ride.

In this post, I will share my personal favorites that have been tested and approved by me and my riding buddies on some of the most challenging trails in the Himalayas.

Let’s get started!

Best Dirt Bike Boots For Trail Riding

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots

My first recommendation which I have been personally using for years and one of my favorite go-to options for trail riding is Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots.

These boots were actually recommended to me by one of my touring mates when we were out on an adventure in the Himalayas. You can call these enduro boots more like a twin brother of the Tech 7, which are gold standard motocross boots known for snug fit and comfort.

And in this enduro version as well you will find an unbeatable level of protection as well as comfort that too at an unbelievable price.

Wondering how?

Being one of the top dirt bike boot brands, these pair offer a great amount of flexibility forward and backward with a hinge system on the side that provides both comfort and protection without sacrificing either. Moreover, they have a very short break-in period due to the biomechanical links – allowing you to adapt to them pretty easily.

As for construction; the boots feature microfiber construction with hard plastic and TPU materials. Both the left and right boots have texture pads that provide grip when shifting. And it has four self-aligning buckles with plenty of adjustability and replaceable parts.

For a proper snug fit, the top of the boot has Velcro to allow a generous calf opening no matter the size of the rider’s leg or the knee brace he is wearing.

The bottom of the sole is beefier and grippier, making it suitable for dabbing and riding through rocks. As for the shin protector, it is quite rugged!

And for those who would like to compare its weight with the Tech 10s – these are much lighter, making them a preferred choice for someone who values lightweight gear.

Another great thing about these boots that I have observed is that even after wearing for several years, they still feel great and provide the necessary protection while ripping through the trails.

Priced around 400 bucks, these boots are tough to beat, making them an incredibly versatile and great option for trail riding. And if you are looking for some waterproofing capability – Alpinestars also provides a Dry Star variant, that is waterproof (you can check them out on RevZilla buy clicking on this link).

Price: $429

Top Features:

  • Flexible, abrasion-resistant, and water-resistant upper material
  • Replaceable sole designed for durability, grip, feel, and structural rigidity
  • Replaceable footpeg inserts
  • TPU shin plate and medial protection for structural integrity and stability
  • Wide entry aperture
  • Buckle closure system with high-impact aluminum bridge closures & quick release/locking system
  • Contoured calf protector plate with blade flex system for precision control, heel and Achilles tendon protection, and hyperflexion prevention
  • TPU ankle protection system
  • Internal 3D lining with anti-slide microfiber suede on the heel
  • Soft foam reinforcement on ankles and collar
  • Dual compound, removable anatomic footbed with EVA and Lycra top for weight distribution and reinforced heel
SIDI X-Power Boots

SIDI X-Power Boots

My second recommendation is yet another premium option but this time from SIDI. The X-Power Boots are constructed with the highest quality and most durable fabrics, making them an excellent choice for trail riding.

And ladies – there’s a version just for you! The Sidi X-Power Lei Women’s Boots are identical to the original X-Power with the only difference being sizing and color. Available in sizes 7, 8, 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5, you can get your pair from RevZilla by clicking on this link.

Now let’s talk about the fit: Sidi boots are known to be narrow, but the X-Power features a wider toe box for those of us with wider feet. Plus, the ankle area is packed with ample padding to keep your ankles secure and supported.

The only disadvantage I have observed is that they are pretty stiff out of the box, so they will take some time to break in. However, the pivot on the medial and lateral sides offers excellent flexibility after a couple of rides.

As for the build quality – it is on par with the rest of SIDI’s offerings.

The X-Power features the proprietary Techno Micro material in the base, which is synthetic leather that’s lighter and more durable than traditional leather. Hard plastic covers the toe box and shin area for added impact protection, while the reinforced heel cup provides excellent shock absorption.

Plus, the rubber insert on the burn guard adds grip and durability, and the microfiber used throughout the tongue and back areas enhances comfort.

Buckles are cam lock style and all replaceable, with unique teeth feature that allows for easy adjustment.

Safety features are built in as well, including a mechanism that limits hyperflexion and a groove and shelf that limits hyperextension.

And with a replaceable sole and nylon midsole for added safety, the X-Power is a great option for any off-road rider looking for a little extra grip and feel on the foot pegs and brake pedal.

Price: $449

Top Features:

  • Stay cool and stylish with the slim, non-bootie design
  • Enjoy breathability with the anti-abrasion Cambrelle lining
  • Tackle any terrain with the TA sole’s anti-skid rubber
  • Get a customized fit with the removable arch support and memory straps
  • Keep dirt and debris out with the inner gaiter
  • Protect your toes with the plastic toe area
  • All bolt-on parts are replaceable
O'Neal Rider Pro Boots

O'Neal Rider Pro Boots

If you are looking for a decent option without breaking the bank – check out the O’Neal Rider Pro Boots – the number 3rd on our list. These boots pack a punch with full protection and a microfiber main construction reinforced with TPU – all for a price point below $150.

And while the X-Power boots which we discussed above do offer half sizes, these boots lack somewhat in this area (sizes range from 7 to 15). But yes, they do come in women-specific sizes ranging from 5 to 12. Do note that none of the protection or features are missing in the women’s variant – just the size range changes to cater to specific needs.

So, if you are a female rider, you can snag your perfect fit by clicking on this link to the women’s variant on RevZilla.

Now one thing I would like to tell you upfront – don’t let the affordable price tag fool you. These boots come with an impressive list of features, including a reinforced steel cap toe with 3 screws, TPU reinforcement, crush protection up top, stitched rubber sole, metal and nylon reinforcements inside, and injection molded plastic plates for impact protection.

And the Velcro at the top of the boot provides a secure grip and keeps debris out during your ride.

Moreover, the 2-stage buckle design is adjustable and replaceable, allowing for a customized fit for every rider. Plus, the inner material is lined with mesh for enhanced breathability and airflow, ensuring your feet stays cool and dry all day long.

In terms of stiffness, I would rate these boots a solid 10 out of 10.

Do note however, these boots don’t offer torsional or lateral protection nor do they have any waterproofing capabilities, but yes, they still provide a good level of protection and comfort.

In case you are not a beginner or if you feel that you are ready to take your riding skills to the next level – you can check out the GX-1 from Gaerne (our next recommendation on the list).

Price: $134

Top Features:

  • Injection molded plates for impact protection
  • Metal and nylon reinforcements for stability
  • Four adjustable buckles for easy on and off
  • Toe and sole protection for safety
  • Air mesh and padded insole for comfort
  • Heat protection with synthetic materials
  • Perfect for trail riding
  • Replaceable straps and buckles
Gaerne GX-1 Boots

Gaerne GX-1 Boots

If you are an intermediate rider, you will probably agree that the market has plenty of premium boots and beginner-level boots available, but not many bootmakers think about someone who is an intermediate rider. This is where the Garnier GX1 boot fits in perfectly.

The GX-1 has been tried and tested by the brand itself for its quality and protection (owing to its in-house production in Italy) and is a go-to option for anyone who does not have a budget of $500 for a pair of trail boots.

Some of the nice things about these boots are that the toe box has a great shape with decent reinforcement, making it strong enough to cover the rider’s foot if they knock it on something while riding.

The boots have high-quality compounds on the inside and an ankle strut pivot system that protects the ankle from over-flexion. The upper cuff is adjustable, and if you want to take any play out, you can move the buckle back by moving two screws.

Also, the metal toe cap and toe box shape are a little taller than Sidis’.

We have personally tested them in traditional riding scenarios, including water crossings, dirt trails, as well as mountains and surprisingly they performed equally well.

Another good thing about Gaerne is that they incorporate traditional sewing techniques while stitching their sole (these are not injection molded) which as per them is more durable and rugged. Which is true by the way since these boots can withstand any amount of abuse while you are out on the trails.

And with so much protection and comfort – they still remain really light in weight.

As for styling, the GX1s’ have a great style, you can wear them on with any jersey or riding pants and they will blend in perfectly with the rest of your gear.

Personally, I have been always positive when it comes to Gaerne – be it the SG-10, SG-12, or the GX-1 we are talking about. The durability of these boots is just great, and the replaceability of all the buckles is really a bonus.

And when it comes to riding feel – the insole is of high-quality rubber, giving you great contact with the bike.

In short, these boots are perfect for you if you want quality, durability, and protection – all within a $300 price point mark.

Price: $329

Top Features:

  • High quality premium boots
  • Stamped suede upper side for increased grip
  • Anti-torsion structural for added stability
  • Equipped with replaceable buckle closure system
  • Accommodates bigger legs or knee braces
  • Rubber sole is designed to provide excellent traction
TCX Comp EVO 2 Michelin Boots

TCX Comp EVO 2 Michelin Boots

Next, we have the TCX Comp EVO 2 Michelin Boots – an upgraded version of Comp Evo Boots in the TCX lineup. This premium offering is targeted towards trail riders who demand maximum protection and comfort.

One of the key features of these boots is the high-performance Michelin rubber sole. This sole provides exceptional durability and protection, ensuring that your feet remain safe from any impacts or branches on the trail. The slim profile of the sole is also designed to give you maximum control and feel, allowing you to stay in complete control of your bike.

But the sole is just the beginning of what sets these boots apart. The double flex control system is another standout feature, designed to provide maximum comfort and protection.

The two-way tongue-and-groove system slows down the movement of the boot and helps absorb shock, preventing hyperextension and hyperflexion. This feature is especially important for riders who push their limits on the trails, as it helps to prevent injuries that can result from sudden impacts or movements.

Despite this safety feature, the boots still allow for a full range of motion while riding. This means that you can move and shift freely without sacrificing protection or comfort.

The adjustable shin plate is made from PU material, which is a high-impact zone that requires maximum protection. And the inside of the boot is designed to be smooth and incorporates a high grip zone heat guard, so your feet stay comfortable even during long rides. The boot also has a wrapped sole and a shift panel with accordion that wraps around the boot to provide additional protection.

Additionally, these boots feature a reinforced steel toe cap on both sides for maximum durability. And the pivot aids in mobility, further adding to the boot’s protective system.

When it comes to size and color, the boots are available in a wide range of options. Sizes range from 38 to 49, and they run true to size, so riders can refer to their standard shoe size as a benchmark. And with a variety of color options available, you are free to choose what’s best as per your style.

Price: $549

Top Features:

  • Michelin edition of Comp EVO 2 brings Michelin tires’ off-road performance to the soles of feet
  • Gives riders unparalleled control and feedback
  • Adjustable PU shin plate
  • Constructed of breathable water-resistant microfiber material
  • Reinforced with a polyurethane frame
  • Internal high grip zone heat guard
  • Double Flex Control System wards off torsion injuries and supports ankle
  • Calf adjustment system for customized fit
  • Provides a wide range of motion without compromising protection
Fly Racing Maverik Enduro Boots

Fly Racing Maverik Enduro Boots

The Fly Racing Dirt Maverick Boot is a game-changer for dirt and trail riders, providing more value and protection than ever before. While the previous version was a fan favorite, the new Maverick boot boasts impressive improvements that sets it apart from the competition at this price point.

Constructed with microfiber and TPU, this entry-level dirt boot has a reinforced toe area and added protection from the back all the way up to the top of the calf. The molded sole is a standout feature that allows for better and easier shifting while keeping the foot lower in the footbed.

The latest version has been beefed up even more and now has enhanced 3D molding to stiffen it up, and the number of buckles has been reduced to three, making the boot lighter. The medial side features good grip with TPU reinforcement to prevent wear in the area where the rider’s foot hugs the bike frame.

The inside of the boot has more padding and foam for increased comfort, with a smooth layer and a good interface between the boot and the rider’s leg.

However, same buckles from previous models have been retained for their ease of use and engagement. Moreover, they are CE (level 2) rated and tested on the trails by several ex-racers. So, it is not just an entry-level boot but a race-ready one with a lot of protection for the rider.

As for fit; it runs true to size. So, if you wear 9.5 – a size 10 will fit you perfectly.

All in all, it’s a decent boot that is well within budget. But in case you prefer advanced protection, it may be worth looking into more premium boots with additional features such as an ankle pivoting system for improved torsional and lateral protection.

Note: Maverick boots are narrow from the toe area. So, these are not for you in case you have wide feet. If you are specifically looking for a boot that can accommodate broad feet – check out my recommendation on some of the best motocross boots for wide feet.

Price: $139
Top Features:

  • 3D molded plastic shift panels with added grooves and texture for durability
  • Articulated rear ankle for flexibility and support
  • CE approved
  • Molded enduro outsole for a modern and lightweight look
  • Durable outsole rubber with good grip
  • Long-lasting rubber heat shield for added protection
  • Adjustable quick-lock buckles for a locked-in feel
  • Elastic gaiter for debris-free riding
  • Durable and flexible inner ankle panel
Forma Terra EVO Dry X-Series Boots

Forma Terra EVO Dry X-Series Boots

My last recommendation is an updated version of the previous Terra Evo boots with a stiffer sole and reinforcement towards the back with TPU material.

I am talking about the new Forma Terra EVO Dry X-Series – a masterpiece that seamlessly blends the functionality of a dirt boot with the comfort of a touring boot. These are just perfect for adventure seekers who like to stand up on their pegs frequently, require excellent protection, and prefer something that can withstand the abuse of trails.

Terra Evo Dry is the stiffest boot in Forma’s adventure lineup, it has the FCS system for added ankle support making it ideal for aggressive riding.

As for the construction, it has a full-grain oiled leather build that is very durable, with hard plastic pieces over the toe box for added protection.

It also has a three-buckle design with replaceable aluminum buckles that work well, a Drytex waterproof liner that eliminates any water ingress, and a 3D mesh that promotes airflow. So, these are quite comfortable to wear all day long if that is what you prefer!

Do note, however, these boots are stiff, which is why these are not ideal for someone who prefers walking around in the boot.

As for fitment: they are spacious, have a nice wide toe box, and are offered in 12 different sizes to choose from (38 to 49).

Coming to safety features: These boots are packing some serious grip power with their rugged lug sole, which means you’ll have unbeatable traction on any terrain. They are equipped with a steel shank, which helps to protect your feet from impact and crush injuries. Plus, the ankle brace provides torsional and lateral protection, as well as allows forward and backward movement.

Lastly, the Velcro 3-strap closure system ensures a secure fit and the injection-molded shin plate offers complete protection to the lower leg area.

So, if you are looking for top-notch protection and durability – These bad boys are the bee’s knees, the cream of the crop, and the top-notch choice for you!

Price: $379

Top Features:

  • Made with full-grain oiled leather
  • CE level protection
  • Drytex waterproof technology
  • Lightweight construction for maximum comfort
  • Adventure lug sole for excellent traction
  • Ankle Malleolus TPU and steel shank for extra protection
  • Injection molded shin plate for added safety
  • Velcro 3 strap closure system for a secure fit
  • Reinforced heel and toe to protect your feet in case of impact
  • Technical insole for added comfort

Importance Of Dirt Bike Boots For Trail Riding

Wondering if you really need dedicated dirt bike boots for trail riding? The answer is a big, fat YES! You can’t skimp on safety when it comes to dirt biking, and that’s where these trail boots come in.

According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, compared to other types of vehicles, three-wheeled ATVs and dirt bikes were associated with a higher percentage of fractures in the lower leg, foot, and ankle. This is why it becomes of utmost importance to protect the lower extremities of your body – especially the feet from any kind of impact.

But why opt for dedicated dirt bike boots if you ask?

Well for starters, these boots are like knights in shining armor for your feet, ready to shield and defend you from any unexpected obstacles and hazards that come your way on the trail. They are made with durable materials that can withstand a lot of abuse and still work around to protect you.

The sole of these boots is heavily profiled to give you a sturdy grip even on the muddiest, most uneven terrain. So, you will have total control over your bike, and won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding around.

Plus, they are packed with impact and crush protectors to keep your ankles and shins safe from rocks, twigs, and other gnarly obstacles. Besides all this – these specialized boots are made with breathable materials to keep your feet cool and dry and have padding in all the right places for extra cushioning and support.

Most importantly – they offer flexibility yet provide excellent lateral and torsional protection, so you can ride like the wind and be safe while doing so.

For more on this: Importance of dirt bike boots and why we should wear one.

Tips To Choose Dirt Bike Boots For Your Next Trail Adventure

When heading out on an off-road trail adventure, having the right footwear is essential. Trail boots offer superior grip and protection, making them the ideal choice for these kinds of rides.

But since you will be wearing these boots for long periods, it’s crucial to find a pair that fits perfectly and won’t cause discomfort. By doing so, you will be able to focus on your performance without being distracted by sore feet. So, before considering the safety aspects, ensure that the boots of your choice fit comfortably (for more on this check out this section – Dirt bike boots fitment guide).

Remember, trail riding boots come in different specifications – Always opt for high-quality construction, as they protect against anything that comes your way.

The best pair would be having both water-resistant and breathable properties, ensuring comfort on longer rides. However, the choice of upper material is usually a matter of personal preference.

Now comes the safety aspect – Here sole design is very crucial. The outer sole should be robust and should provide a secure grip, while the soft inner sole should allow optimal transmission of your movements over the dirt bike. This is because, without a secure hold on your machine and the necessary sensitivity, it would be quite difficult to stay firmly in the saddle.

Shin guards are another crucial factor that should be kept into consideration as they protect against rocks or any kind of impact in case of a mishap. A good shin guard will extend just below the knee protectors and will have a robust outer side and a well-padded inner side.

Coming to the bottom, the boots should have padding on the ankles, heels, and toes to cushion against impacts.

As for the locking mechanism; a well-designed closure is essential to keep the boots securely on your feet, even during demanding descents. So does the Velcro at the top, which ensures a secure and snug fit around the calf area.

There are dedicated dirt bike boots designed for kids and female riders as well.


Because women riders have a different fit, especially in the calf area, so a dedicated female boot ensures a secure grip on slimmer legs. They are also cut slightly lower than the typical male boots.

As for kids, their boots boast the same features as men’s boots, but the comfort, design, and padding are slightly altered to accommodate their teeny tiny toes.

A dedicated boot for trail riding will offer superior grip and protection to ensure optimal performance and safety on uneven terrain. So, while shortlisting your options, prioritize comfort, quality, and safety features before coming down to less important things like color or price point.

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Good luck!