Youth Dirt Bike Gloves

Youth Dirt Bike Gloves

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Just like a gallant knight dons his armor before setting foot on the battlefield, a young rider must gear up with the right kids riding gear to dominate the motocross track. From helmets to youth boots, every piece of equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring the rider’s safety and comfort.

Among them, the mighty motocross gloves hold a special place as they not only shield the hands from roost but also provide an unbeatable grip on the handlebars. These gloves have become a staple accessory for every rider, and even professional motocross events now make it mandatory for participants to wear them.

This makes the selection of motocross gloves quite crucial. They must be elastic in order provide complete freedom of movement. At the same time, they must be resistant to scratches, skids and impacts, which are quite common in this discipline.

Finding these two characteristics in a single pair of gloves is a complex task, added to this is the amount of padding they offer and the level of ventilation they allow.

In order to find the most ideal dirt bike glove for your kid, we are here with a comprehensive buying guide which includes premium motocross gloves as well as the most economical ones.

So, without any further ado, let’s check them out.

Best Youth Dirt Bike Gloves

100% iTrack Youth Gloves

100% iTrack Youth Gloves

The roots of 100% brand goes back to the early 80’s, when the popular logo adorned the factory racing gear worn by the greatest riders of motocross.

Primarily known for its comfortable kids goggle and professional motocross goggle, the brand turned its attention to the glove category a few years ago.

And just like with their goggles, they have done a great job with all of their dirt bike gloves as well.

The iTracks’ are an ideal pair of dirt bike gloves for any beginner or intermediate youth rider seeking a true protective glove which offers much more protection than the typical lightweight gloves readily available in marketplaces.

iTracks feature a seamless mesh at the back of the hand, which ensures plenty of flexibility and promotes air circulation to wick away all excess moisture. Plus, these are pull-on styled gloves, with the cuffs made of Airprene fabric that offers a very soft feel against the skin and prevents chafing of the hands, while still maintaining a firm grip against the wrist.

On the palm is a perforated, single-layer stretch suede that is both lightweight and durable. On top of that, it allows air to flow around the palm as well as the fingers making it just perfect for riding on a hot sunny day.

On the thumb there is a 3 mm thick foam reinforcement, which increases the durability of the glove as well as prevents blisters.

In addition, silicone graphics are printed on the palms, which significantly improves traction while throttling and operating the levers.

Besides protection, a good motocross glove should be able to provide a lot of comfort while riding. As such, the iTrack gloves have gussets between the fingers that give the hand a lot of stretch and flexibility. This allows your kid to manoeuvre with more freedom and ease.

And one of the most striking features of this glove, considering the price point, is its tech thread fingertips. And because of this, your kid can operate a touchscreen device while wearing these gloves in case he/she wishes to record the lap time.

All in all, the iTrack gloves are a perfect companion for any beginner or intermediate rider who simply desires an easy and inexpensive way to protect his/her hands.

Price: $24

100% Youth Airmatic Gloves

100% Youth Airmatic Gloves

The Airmatic motocross glove is the most robust kids glove in the 100% line-up.

It features a double-layer Clarino for added durability and a double-layer thick palm to protect against blisters. Moreover, the palm is perforated to ensure optimal comfort.

At the top, the gloves are equipped with Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR). As a result, the knuckles as well as the surrounding areas are adequately protected, whilst still retaining full flexibility and freedom of movement.

And unlike any other motocross gloves, these gloves have a slightly tighter feel due to the double-layer padding. So, you may have to opt for one size larger than what you normally get for your child. Please keep this in mind in case you are shortlisting this particular model.

It also features a nice Airprene cuff and thumb inserts with Poron padding that allows both snug fit as well as breathability.

And unlike the iTrack gloves, the Airmatics’ feature a Velcro closure system that allows the rider to adjust the fit as per their needs.

Now, utilizing the same technology and engineering found in the iTrack gloves, the Airmatics also offer touch tech fingertips and thumb. This allows your young one to access any type of touchscreen device, whether it’s an mp3 player or an action camera, without taking off the glove.

And thanks to the mesh finger gussets, riders are offered improved mobility and moisture wicking functionality. In addition, Airmatic is equipped with silicone prints on the fingers, allowing the rider a firm grip and traction at the same time.

And even though the gloves boast a minimalist design, their multi-panel construction is designed to provide maximum comfort in any riding condition.

Additionally, 100% offers its Airmatic gloves in a wide range of color options that can literally match any type of youth helmet.

Altogether, these youth gloves are a versatile and comfortable option for all-round riding needs, so your young one can give his “100%” while riding. And all of these features and functionalities coming at such an affordable price, is definitely a plus.

Price: $26

Fox Racing Youth Dirtpaw Gloves

Fox Racing Youth Dirtpaw Gloves

The Dirtpaw gloves from Fox Racing are one of the most popular dirt bike gloves in the Fox’s line-up. Featuring armored knuckles that help tackle against tree branches or anything else the trail throws at your kid, a padded palm, and a comfortable grip; these are in fact the most ideal piece of riding glove for any entry-level biker out there.

As a matter of fact, these are the most popular gloves in youth category owing to their slim construction. So, kids with particularly slim and soft hands will find these gloves really very comfortable and easy going (fits true to size).

Their design incorporates a textile exterior with rubberized elements around the fingers for protection and a light padding on the knuckles.

With a simple hook and loop Velcro closure, your kid is offered nothing but a secure fit. Moreover, the stretch material at the bottom ensures maximum maneuverability as well.

With Clarino palms, the Dirtpaws’ allow for breathability around the fingers and thumb. Furthermore, an elastic material between the fingers provides plenty of room to stretch, and the silicone prints on two fingers ensure a good grip over the levers.

Plus, you get a touch screen compatible index finger and thumb that can be utilized to operate any touch screen device.

Compared to the 100% gloves we discussed above, these gloves are not perforated. Instead, the gloves feature heavy padded insulation that prevents blisters and at the same time offers a lot of comfort. This characteristic feature is particularly suitable for kids who are very aggressive on the handlebars.

For ventilation, stretchable mesh finger gussets are incorporated to provide optimal air circulation, while preventing moisture build-up.

Further, the front of the glove is protected by a durable nylon material, while the TPR knuckles provide resistance to impact.

All in all, these Dirtpaws’ are an ideal pair of dirt bike gloves for all young enthusiasts with slim hands who are seeking comfortable protection along with a pleasant feel. Additionally, there are multiple color options (black, yellow, orange, blue and red) for riders to choose from depending on their style.

So, your kid gets a combination of high-performance features and an attractive color scheme, with an affordable price tag.

Price: $24

O'Neal Youth Element Gloves

O'Neal Youth Element Gloves

The Element gloves from O’Neal are a great pair of entry-level motocross glove that are durable, while still maintaining the soft feel that your child needs while racing.

To achieve this, O’Neal has integrated a thick padding over the palm that provides a lot of cushioning around the handlebars. In addition, this padding also ensures a high level of dexterity making them an ideal choice for a young inexperienced rider.

As for the construction, these gloves are made of 42% synthetic leather, 35% nylon, 15% TPR and 8% polyester, which collectively provide a durable and long-lasting performance.

There are silicone prints on the first two fingers to facilitate the rider’s use of the lever. While, the TPR strips provide additional protection against tree branches or impacts of any kind.

At the front, there is a ventilated mesh construction that allows for increased air circulation whilst keeping the area cool and moist-free. Plus, reinforcements around the thumb, especially in high-wear areas (those that rub against the throttle grip), prevents any kind of blistering while simultaneously offering a firm grip.

Its lightweight construction and 4-way stretch Lycra® inserts on the inside of the fingers ensure enough freedom of movement. Furthermore, the ergonomic padding and the seams on the palm provide optimal comfort and dexterity.

When it comes to fitment, they are perfect in every sense owing to the simple adjustable Velcro closure, which makes removing and wearing literally a piece of cake for your child.

Finally, one of the most outstanding features that distinguishes O’Neal from the rest of the brand is the pre-curved design, which ensures a good fit, prevents fatigue, and reduces the possibility of arm pump. On top of that, the fingertips are also compatible with touchscreens.

All in all, these gloves have a ton of character and an amazing price!

Price: $21

Thor Youth Spectrum Gloves

Thor Youth Spectrum Gloves

Another great glove for our young dirt bike enthusiast comes from Thor Racing.

The Spectrum is actually a classic motocross glove, and is usually preferred by parents who train their kids for extended period of time or those who are likely to be involved in challenging events.

Constructed from a combination of different materials, including nylon (90%), rubber (5%) and other textiles (5%); Spectrum gloves feature a stretchable mesh lining all around, that simultaneously promote quality ventilation as well as freedom of movement.

These gloves are also a bit beefier when compared to the traditional lightweight motocross gloves. You will notice just by the feel of it that these gloves have more padding throughout the front and back.

In addition, the Velcro openings are wide allowing an easy slip-on and pull-out mechanism, which is something that is usually difficult to do when the hands are damp. In addition, the mesh and Airprene construction ensures optimal air circulation and ventilation at all times.

As for the safety features, the rubber backhand on this glove is definitely heavier and stronger. Plus, this rubber extends all the way to the knuckles and the wrist. As a result, this strategically placed TPR protects the fingers in case your child accidentally runs into bushes or branches.

On top of that, the thumb is reinforced with padding to provide protection from flying roost, while ensuring plenty of comfort on long rides.

The palm is also reinforced with Clarino lining, which ensures both a pleasant feel as well as resistance to wear and tear.

While the silicone on the fingertips provide traction on clutch and brake levers, the perforations ensure optimal ventilation and a moisture-free grip.

All in all, these gloves are highly recommended for long motocross events owing to the extra rubber protection and reinforcements all around. Plus, the high level of comfort offered by these gloves is definitely an advantage. However, do note that in comparison to the earlier models we have discussed, these gloves might offer less room for maneuverability owing to their thick construction.

Price: $21

BILT Amped EVO Rapid Youth Gloves

BILT Amped EVO Rapid Youth Gloves

The Amped Evo Rapid youth glove by BILT is designed for off-road use, both on the trail or on the motocross track.

Featuring 4-way stretch mesh, these gloves run true to their size. So, you don’t have to buy one size larger for your kid.

However, the most amazing thing about these gloves is their price. These Evo Rapid gloves include all the basic safety features and comfortability, yet they retail for less than $15!

Currently, they are offered in six colors: Gray, Pink, Red, Blue, Orange, and Green, all paired with Black as a secondary color. So, you can pair them with your kid’s helmet or motocross jerseys as per your choice.

In addition, the Amped Evo Rapids feature a breathable fabric along the entire back of the hand. This provides optimal air circulation and simultaneously keeps the riders hand comfortable, relaxed, and up for riding all day long.

At the back, there are silicone grippers on the index and middle fingers for better lever control. There is also a single layer of reinforced synthetic material on the palm and thumb that adds to its durability.

At the same time, BILT designed these gloves to be very minimalistic so as to allow maximum feedback and feel around the handlebars. So, if your youngster is not yet accustomed to wearing gloves, these Amped Evo Rapids’ can be utilized to introduce him/her to dirt bike gloves category.

Plus, these gloves have a neoprene cuff for added comfort and durability & TPR wrist closures that ensure a perfect fit. All in all, a great breathable glove for beginner riders that is very reasonably priced.

Price: $14

Bottom line

Motocross gloves are a part of the most essential safety gear, be it for a professional motocross rider or an entry level one. These gloves are characterized by different levels of protection, and are technically designed to prevent bruises or sprains in the event of an accident. Furthermore, the more padded they are, the greater the level of protection they will offer.

In order to choose the right gloves for kids, parents should take into account all the factors such as the presence of padding, the closure system, materials used, design, as well as the level of freedom they offer.

So, this was all for now. We hope you were able to shortlist a dirt bike glove for your kid today. Let us know in case you need any further assistance.

Take care!