Dirt Bike Gloves For Trail Riding

Dirt Bike Gloves For Trail Riding

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The world of Dirt Biking is definitely fascinating and includes endless possibilities as to how you can enjoy with your dirt bike.

And while, there are certain disciplines that are similar to each other, there are few that are completely different and thus demand a distinctive riding style as well as equipment. Amongst these, the most distinct yet most popular is trail riding. And unlike conventional dirt riding, this type of adventure sport demands a robust set of protective gear that can protect you from the obstacles encountered on the way.

As such, a robust chest protector and neck brace are a must while riding in the trails. Likewise, you will also have to upgrade from a regular motocross glove to a more durable off-road glove. These types of gloves are equipped with different levels of protection that can literally prevent any sprain in case you run into tree branches.

In fact, these heavy-duty dirt bike gloves should be a part of essential riding equipment of every trail rider.

So, in today’s article, we will highlight some of the most popular dirt bike gloves that can be utilized in the trails. Alongside, we will evaluate these gloves against several factors including the presence of padding, closure mechanism, material, and the level of freedom they offer. And of course, we will include the most premium ones as well as the most economical ones to cater every rider’s needs.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Best Dirt Bike Gloves For Trail Riding

Fox Racing Bomber Gloves

Fox Racing Bomber Gloves

Fox Racing’s Bomber gloves are the ultimate trail riding gloves featuring a sporty look and feel. They are inspired from both motocross as well as adventure gloves and thus incorporate the finest features of each type.

But at the end of the day, Fox is a dirt-off-road company and so the style reflects the same. However, they have incorporated adequate functionality and comfort in these gloves to make it easier for you in the trails.

These gloves feature a rugged and durable double-layer Clarino palm. In addition, they are equipped with molded TPU knuckle protectors instead of rubber that further increases its resistance against abrasion and impact.

Moreover, with its perforated goatskin leather back, you are offered a lot of stretchability as well as comfort. So, these gloves are ideal not just for trail riding, but also for street riding.

It features compression molded neoprene cuffs with hook-and-loop fastener for a secure fit, stretchable nylon finger gussets that allow adequate flexibility, and silicone prints at the tips that ensure a secure grip around the clutch and brake levers.

Besides, they offer an excellent ventilation for moisture-free grip and a comfortable feel all day long.

And while Fox typically designs their gloves to have an American cut, but owing to leather construction, these gloves might fit a little snug initially. However, with time they will loosen out a bit. So, keep this thing in mind.

As for the colors; you have multiple options to choose from including Flo red, black, red, blue, and green. Besides, these are available in wide range of sizes starting from Small to 4XL.

And, in case you are looking for a glove that is slightly less beefy, there is a lightweight version as well in the Bomber series (Bomber Light gloves) that features a premium D3O® knuckle protector.

All in all, these Bomber gloves are the most robust dirt bike gloves you can find in the market, delivering total protection to riders while they hit the trails.

Price: $69

Alpinestars Techstar Gloves

Alpinestars Techstar Gloves

With a design optimized for trail riding, Alpinestars’ Techstar gloves offer a big leap in terms of protection as compared to the traditional motocross gloves.

And what you get from Techstar is an improved knuckle protection, neoprene padding, reinforced palm, and a stylish Velcro fastener for a safe and secure closure.

Moreover, these are available in wide range of sizes ranging from Small to 2XL, plus, you have 6 different color options to choose from, including black, white, orange, red, yellow, and blue.

Technically, the Techstars are a step up from the lightweight dirt bike gloves, as they offer extra protection and comfort while costing around $40.

As for construction, the back of the hand is made from a combination of spandex, neoprene and TPR reinforcements. In addition, the index, middle and ring fingers are also padded with neoprene and TPR protectors that resist both abrasion as well as impact.

As such, these gloves are ideal for off-road riding, as they offer all kinds of resistance against branches, bushes, twigs or whatever comes along the trail.

To provide comfort, there is Lycra stretch material in between the knuckles and the fourchettes, which also enhances the overall flexibility.

Moreover, at the front, there are silicone gripper inserts on the index and middle fingers that make it easier to operate the clutch and brake levers in wet, slippery situations.

Furthermore, the palm is padded with Clarino that prevents the glove from pressing on the index finger and thumb.

All in all, the Techstar gloves are a nice step up from the traditional motocross gloves. With advanced engineering and thin material construction, they provide a responsive, precise feel around the levers and drivetrain.

Price: $39

100% Brisker Gloves

100% Brisker Gloves

We all know that 100% has made a name for itself among dirt bikers with its eye-catching motocross goggles. And when it comes to dirt bike gloves, this brand has certainly surprised us again!

The Brisker gloves from 100% are a wonderful pair of gloves for cold weather riding. Featuring a minimalistic design and a softshell construction, these gloves are lightweight, padded, insulated and are very comfortable on the skin.

So, they keep your hands warm when you are out and around riding in cold temperatures.

Another great thing about this glove is that they incorporate an advanced technology that breaks down bacteria and keeps the glove fresh during the day.

In addition, these gloves have touchscreen capable index finger and thumb. So, if you have a GPS device, you can easily swipe through the screen without having to take off your glove.

Further, it features a perforated double-layer padding on the palm that improves comfort, protects against blisters, and is both breathable as well as warm. Plus, the moisture-wicking microfiber interior ensures a perfect amount of insulation. These gloves, thus offer thermal comfort, and as such are ideal for trails located in colder regions.

However, their overall thin construction provides a good tactile feel around the handlebar. Besides, you get silicone prints as well around the fingers to offer some kind of traction around the levers.

At the wrist is a standard Velcro closure for easy slip-on and pull-off mechanism, while the TPR material provides a secure and comfortable fit.

At the top, there is a nice reflective graphic with a 100% logo that extends to the first two fingers. And as for the colors, in addition to camo, these are also available in yellow, orange, white and black.

All in all, the 100% Brisker gloves are a perfect all-round glove for mild winter riding. With its comfortable fit, it is suitable both for motocross tracks as well as off-road trails.

Price: $34

Klim Mojave Gloves

Klim Mojave Gloves

Klim is well known for its contribution to the motocross world. With the introduction of Mojave series, Klim presented a lightweight dirt bike glove to the off-road category intended for riders seeking a highly breathable glove.

This new Klim Mojave is an ideal piece of gear for hot summer riding, as it offers a high level of ventilation to deliver a perfect blend of comfort along with protection.

Moreover, you can choose from three different color options: Gray, yellow and sage. While, the size ranges from Small to 2XL.

And being a hot weather glove, it is designed in a minimalist fashion so as to ensure optimal air circulation.

At the back there is a stretchable 3D mesh fabric that provides the necessary freedom of movement while riding. Plus, perforated inserts on the palm, wrist and finger fourchettes deliver plenty of comfort. Furthermore, the cuff is equipped with a single Velcro brand closure covered with synthetic leather.

At the front there are silicone grippers, which are designed to give you a really good feel around the handlebar. And on the two fingers (index & middle), there are silicone prints that ensure a firm hold on the brake and clutch levers at all times.

Another upside to these gloves is that they have touch enabled fingertips, so if you’re using a GPS device, an action camera, or a smartphone, you can operate them on the go.

As for protection, this glove has a padded back with TPU knuckle protectors. In addition, the thumb has been further reinforced to eliminate blisters and increase its durability. Also, the little finger has been padded with extra foam to protect it against abrasion as well as impact.

Additionally, these gloves feature an hourglass finger design that reduces fatigue, whereas, wrapped fingertip construction provides a high level of resistance while you are out hitting the trails.

All in all, a great pair of summer riding gloves for all trail riders out there looking for decent protection as well as comfort at a reasonable price.

Price: $34

Leatt Moto 4.5 Lite Gloves

Leatt Moto 4.5 Lite Gloves

The Leatt Moto 4.5 Lite gloves are designed for all the riders out there looking for a low-profile yet protective trail glove.

For those of you, who are new to dirt biking and are hearing about this brand for the first time; Leatt was one of the first manufacturer to emphasize the importance of neck brace while dirt biking. As a matter of fact, the brand is acclaimed worldwide for its advanced riding gear both in Motocross as well as MTB category.

The Moto 4.5 Lite gloves offer excellent tactile feedback and are a bit beefier than traditional motocross gloves, making them ideal for trail riding.

It features a textile construction with plenty of elasticity, at the same time the TPR knuckle protector resists against any kind of abrasion while still offering the softness that you need against the skin.

Also, this knuckle protector provides adequate resistance against impact, as it incorporates a 3D molded AirFlex impact gel, that extends around the third and fourth finger of the glove.

At the front, you are provided with a nano-grip material. This material is ultra-thin and ideal for getting the best tactile feel around the handlebar. And if the palm does get wet, these gloves still provide the same level of feedback and grip as they do when they are dry.

In addition, these gloves offer amazing attributes such as pre-curved design, snug fit construction and seamless palm reinforced with synthetic suede. Moreover, these gloves also boast multi-row technical stitching that improves their durability and robustness.

And while the SlideLock wrist strap ensures a secure closure, the stretchable mesh fabric at the back provides excellent air circulation and high degree of comfort.

On top of that, these gloves are approved as per European testing standards and are deemed to be equivalent of personal protective equipment (89/686/EEC).

All in all, the Moto 4.5 Lite glove from Leatt offers optimal breathability, comfort and resistance to any type of impact or abrasion, all while providing excellent wet and dry grip properties.

Price: $59

Klim Dakar Gloves

Klim Dakar Gloves

Klim Dakar is a short cuff warm weather dirt bike glove that is a step up over the Mojave glove we discussed above. And although these might look like conventional street gloves, they are in fact designed for motocross and trail riding!

These gloves are available in sizes from Small to 2XL, and for riders with big bulky hands, the brand also offers a 3XL version in black color. So, there is something for every rider out there.

Klim is renowned for its contribution to the world of off-road motorsport. With its Dakar gloves, the brand aimed to incorporate the features of an off-road glove inside a standard motocross glove. So, as a result, riders are offered the best of both worlds.

These gloves are lightweight and offer a good tactile feel thanks to their slim design. At the same time, they offer adequate protection against roost, debris, branches and twigs.

Further, the palm is made of Ax™ suede, which provides a comfortable feel on the handlebar, unlike conventional leather.

At the wrist, there is a single Velcro brand closure and the same Ax™ suede material that is used on the palm.

Moving to the back, you get a breathable stretch corded nylon that expands with respect to the hand movements. So, even when your wrist is in closed position or when you are working around with your levers, these gloves will provide a lot of flexibility.

Additionally, these gloves feature TPR knuckle protection, a fully flexible thumb construction, stretchable finger fourchettes and a reinforced thumb overlay that provides extra protection in the trails.

On the most recent model, Klim eliminated double-padded reinforcement on the palm of the hand. Instead, you get silicone grippers around two fingers as well as on the top of the palm.

Furthermore, these gloves are equipped with touch tech fingertips and thumb. So, you can operate all kinds of electronic devices on the go.

All in all, a very durable and versatile trail riding glove intended for all the dirt bike riders out there who have an aggressive riding style.

Price: $44

Alpinestars Megawatt Gloves

Alpinestars Megawatt Gloves

Moving on to the next pair, we have the Megawatt gloves from Alpinestars. Now these are the finest trail riding gloves from Alpinestars, and what you get with these Megawatts is an all-out protection of your hands and an optimum level of comfort whilst retaining the ruggedness that is required in an off-road glove.

With a price tag of just $60, these gloves are considered to be the top-of-the-line dirt bike gloves from Alpinestars. Besides, you can choose from sizes ranging from Small to 2XL with two color options, of which black is the primary color.

It is constructed using a combination of both perforated leather and stretchable polyamide fabric. In addition to this fabric, you also get suede reinforcements around the palm that is further padded with foam to provide adequate resistance against abrasion as well as impact.

It also features a pre-curved finger design that prevents fatigue and arm pump.

Furthermore, the Megawatt gloves are equipped with numerous safety features such as: reinforced thumb and palm, polymer protectors on the knuckles, and 4-way stretch inserts on the back of the hand that allow unrestricted movement and simultaneously ensure resistance against any type of impact.

And by eliminating the leather construction, the robustness of these gloves has been significantly improved, while the breathability has also been substantially maximized.

In addition, the first three fingers and the knuckles are provided with an accordion stretch, which makes them easy to use. Whereas, the silicone prints on the fingers provide an ideal grip on the clutch and brake levers.

All in all, the Megawatt gloves are packed with reinforcements and are engineered using premium quality components to provide excellent comfort and all-round performance on the dirt trail.

Price: $59

Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves

Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves

One of the most popular and best-selling gloves from Fox, the Dirtpaws are a high-performance glove but without the premium price tag. These gloves come in a variety of colors including black, white, yellow, orange, blue and red.

Plus, this glove can accommodate any wrist size, as it offers choices ranging from Small to 4XL! So, one thing is guaranteed, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to sizing and style.

On top of that, they are priced right under the $30 price tag!

Featuring armored knuckles, these gloves come in handy while riding around those tight trails.

And one of the most important features is its padded, single-layer Clarino palm, which provides a good feel and dexterity while riding. In addition, the compression molded neoprene cuff on the top provides a secure fit.

These gloves are designed to be both flexible as well as comfortable. As such, they offer a great fit all around, keeping your hand snug and secure at all times.

It has silicone prints on the index and middle fingers that allow plenty of grip around the brake and clutch levers. There is also the added benefit of stretch mesh finger gussets that allow for a lot of flexibility.

In addition, the gloves are equipped with a Velcro closure, which ensures a secure fit. And unlike conventional slip-ons, the hook-and-loop fasteners are sturdy and reliable.

Last but not least, these gloves have a conductive palm so you can operate your touchscreen devices on the go.

Altogether, these gloves offer some advanced features and a good fit without costing a lot of money. Moreover, they boast armored knuckles that make it easier to tackle branches and other things the trail throws in your way.

Further, the padded palm and superior flex-point comfort makes them an ideal go-to glove for all the riders out there.

In fact, our riding team personally enjoys using these gloves while conducting an adventure tour in the trails. Thus, we guarantee that these will not disappoint you at all.

Price: $29

Bottom line

So, these were some of the best dirt bike gloves you can find in the market. Please note that these gloves are not ranked from top to bottom, instead, this is a list of all the most popular dirt gloves that can be utilized for trail riding. Thus, depending on your requirement, budget, and your riding style, you are free to pick any one amongst them.

With this we have come to an end of our editorial guide. Hope you found this article insightful and helpful. Please feel free to reach back in case of any concerns. And don’t forget to share this article in your biking community.